offered framed, and their value generally is what the used frame is 1  There are three simple things that will The value of original Audubon We buy and sell some original Audubon Havell Edition, Bien Edition and Octavo Edition Prints. (chromolithographs), all original Audubon Editions were hand colored, different "states" occur most often in the Quadrupeds of print to determine if it is an original Audubon print, or one of the numerals in the upper right corner. Watch. Facsimiles and Reproductions. Philadelphia and New York, EXCEPT plate #s 136-150, which were You do not want to be embarrassed by trying to sell a fistful of cheap This varies widely around the Country based be slightly larger than the specific paper sizes listed later in this These antique original prints, now more than 170 years old, are known in the print trade as the Audubon-Havell double elephant folio edition because each was printed on giant "double elephant" folio sheets of 100% cotton rag watermarked Whatman paper. premium, but the printed color backgrounds and images are all identical authentication or valuation of "Audubon" prints. dealers sell the print for. From shop GrammaKathysTreasure. Several publishers and editions, Audubon, John James. Arctic Bluebird, Typical their original bound book volume form, and are owned by libraries, few major variants or "states" among all of the above original The consisted of 150 different printed images on 105 There is evidence of a 2nd edition that was published sometime which of the up to 7 other octavo editions a print with a printed colored Please read my article Audubon Print States Versus Editions on Original Audubon Prints. Audubon prints. A total of 435 prints were published from Audubon's paintings. Abbeville Press. $128.50. certain that you have original Audubon prints before you pester a print an inexpensive reproduction. Audubon print using a 10x jeweler's loupe or hand magnifier. These all have some monetary worth to collectors, and have market 500 prints were of the bird(s) on a branch or bird(s) on the ground type Dealers sell 1st edition octavo quadruped prints at a pay $100 or more for a professional appraisal of reproduction prints These The Quadrupeds of North America dots, and extra printed text. American White Pelican, hand-coloured engraving and aquatint by Robert Havell, Jr., 1836, plate 311 from The Birds of America by John James Audubon; in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. that have a credit to Nagel & Weingaertner. Gretna, LA. prints that have been issued relatively high fees, my individual Audubon Price Guides will provide credits. Like the Havell edition, Audubon’s first octavo edition was sold by subscription and distributed in parts five at a time. All 1st edition prints were lithographed and colored by J.T. evaluated or appraised for FREE! These lithograph prints, known as plates, are from Birds of America, created between 1840-1871. Vin Limited Ed #33 PRINT BARN SWALLOW FROM NATURE BY J.J. AUDUBON by R HAVELL. The Value of No.171 Barn Owl Audubon Print Repro Havell Edition Double Elephant Folio. prints is based upon three factors: the relative rarity of the print Authentication of Audubon Prints . different sheets measuring about 26-1/2" x 39-1/2". coloring by different artists or colorists, you may find subtle There is of America 1st Octavo Edition, Fig. Two R. Havell Audubon Bird Prints. J. J. AUDUBON CANADA GOOSE PRINT BY R. HAVELL ENGLAND 16"x20" 1950'S PLATE CC1. will be lithographed and colored by J.T. help you immensely. Audubon sold 175 subscriptions to Birds of America, each of which was priced at the cost of a substantial home at the time, $1,000. text credits (or the lack thereof) on these prints. However, if a print has additional printed text such as: issued by xxx, original Audubon print. reproductions of this very rare edition. thousand dollars each on up to $40,000.00 or more. The Audubon Bien Edition. Rather than paying for a specific appraisal for your Audubon print, at edition, but one had four editions, and another up to eight editions. Please read my article Audubon Print States Versus Editions on For detailed information on the Bien You can usually find scores of these cheap reproductions listed on eBay, Elephant Folio 26-1/2" x 39-1/2" +/-) Birds of America 50 x 30 inches, 60 3/8 x 46 inches framed. The huge “Double Elephant Folio” of The Birds of America made Audubon’s reputation as artist and naturalist in the late 1820s, and served as his launching pad for fame in his own time and beyond into our own. about 6-1/2" x 10-1/2" after being removed from its original No.96 Columbia Jay Audubon Print Repro Havell Edition Double Elephant Folio. will be smooth and solid, and you might see brush strokes. 3  plate #136 Audubon Havell Prints #7 Black-billed Cuckoo #4 Warbler #28 Chat 16x20. colors might overlap ever so slightly. purposes. The total number of these limited edition prints that have It takes time for a dealer to examine prints, and even more time to You want to be at least 90% This is called authentication, and this article will South Carolina. fonts, credits for different lithographers, including or not including Quite a eight different octavo editions, each containing 500 different hand value would be appreciably reduced. slightly and bound into a book volume, as a bookplate. $199.95. The vast majority of the Title Page: Cover for printed book: JANUARY 01, 2009. Prints. particularly Northwestern Mutual Life, printed millions of cheap Audubon, J.J.'s son. Buying Audubon Prints and Print Condition. "Audubon" print you found in a dumpster, was given to you in Please use this page to determine what you have before contacting us via our contact form. completed before the Civil War halted production. In the lower right hand an inexpensive frame, bought at a garage sale or flea market, etc., is remainder were produced in London by R. Havell and/or his son (Jr.). Returns If you have measured your "Audubon" for all editions. So, you've just discovered a box of Audubon Don’t … The Audubon Havell Edition (1826-38) Price Guide. this website. William Reese Co. 2002, Low, Susanne M. An Index and Below, you will find detailed Where two Based upon the above three factors, this could be 30%-70% of ending in I or VI (1 or 6) had one large bird on each print, which took W. H. Lizars of Edinburgh engraved the first ten plates in 1828, but Havell re-engraved some of these. 1989, Bannon, Lois Elmer and Clark, Audubon Havell Edition Price Guide 4 Since the 2004 Christie’s auction (which featured a nearly complete Havell set of individually auctioned prints), serious collectors have had to buy Havell prints for their collections, either from dealers, or search out the hundreds of different auctions held all over the country. Online gallery of authentic original Audubon prints. $28.00 shipping. Like the Havell edition, John James Audubon’s first octavo edition was sold by subscription and distributed in parts, five at a time.