REPORTS TO: Assistant manager or General manager POSITION SUMMARY: Directly supervises all front office personnel and ensures proper completion of all front office duties. Posting charges to appropriate guest accounts. Greet guests with a welcoming smile and friendly demeanor; Perform all guest check-in and check-out procedures; Obtain or confirm guest information, assign rooms, activate and distribute keys, etc. A front desk office assistant has a variety of duties. Front Desk Job Description. This Front Office Manager job description template includes the list of most important Front Office Manager's duties and responsibilities.It is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Assists guests and owners in a branded, friendly, proactive, and efficient manner with appropriate follow-up as necessary. A receptionist is an employee taking an office or administrative support position. Other duties listed in Front Desk Receptionist resume examples are taking phone calls, answering or referring inquiries, taking orders, collecting payments, and assisting the executive staff. Include numbers to prove your skills had impact. Front desk employees often have to work with others. Front Desk Officer Resume Examples. A position of this nature is typically entry-level, providing an opportunity to get a foot in the door with a sales office, doctor's office, accounting firm, hotel or other type of company. Being a Front Desk Manager may be responsible for front desk budgeting. Add “additional” resume sections like an NAPR membership or … Write a hotel front desk resume objective to give a snapshot of your best features. If you are looking to know what the front desk receptionist job description entails, this post provides you with the information, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that defines the role. Checking guests in on arrival and out on departure. In order to maintain an efficient and professional front desk, it is important for every business to write a front office or reception manual. Ascertains their purchasing needs. Some of these things include answering phones, making reservations, checking customers in and out, and cleaning the lobby area. Oversees the daily service operations for hotel rooms and the execution of contracts, deposits, and billing. Front Desk Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities. Front Desk Agent Job Duties and Responsibilities. POSITION TITLE: FRONT DESK AGENT / ASSISTANT. Hotel Front Desk: Operations & Responsibilities Uniformed Services in Hospitality: Roles & Responsibilities What is a Night Audit? Front Desk Agent Resume Preparation. The title receptionist is attributed to the person who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. REPORTS TO : Front office manager POSITION SUMMARY: Represents the hotel to the guest throughout all stages of the guest's stay. Your front desk supervisor job description should detail required education and experience, which usually includes a high school diploma and several years of experience in the hotel industry. All front desk employees are expected to know and perform all of the job responsibilities for each position. Part of front desk job responsibilities is receptionist, which could include office typing duties and also include acting as a link with other hotel departments. For example, if a guest has a problem during their stay with perhaps linen in their room, they would not seek out a member of housekeeping staff, but more will typically contact the front desk and explain their problem. Front desk attendant; Office assistant secretary; Receptionist Job Summary (Example) We are on the lookout for a talented individual who would act as the front face of our company. Determinate's a guest's reservation status and identifies how long the guest will stay. In some hotels in India, it is used in a more broad sense and refers to a person who has a desk called ‘The desk … Assisting guests with disabilities. Following are the most basic responsibilities a front office can handle. Assists customers in a branded, friendly, proactive, and efficient manner with appropriate follow-up as necessary. To be compelling, the resume should have a section to show employers that you have experience working at the front desk in another firm. Ascertains their lodging, purchasing needs. Front Desk; Uniformed services; Concierges; Front Office Accounting System; Private Branch Exchange (PBX), a private telephone network used within an organization; Basic Responsibilities of Front Office Department. Front Desk Manager manages front desk personnel and ensures quality customer service. Other times, they have to communicate with people in different departments within the hotel—including parking, housekeeping, and management—to ensure that guests are satisfied with their stay. Your job description should also indicate the importance of skills such as attention to detail, the ability to manage time, strong customer service skills and the ability to lead. If you are seeking to work as a front desk agent, you will be expected to send a resume to hiring managers for proper assessment of your suitability for the role. A welcoming, well-trained, and professional front desk security officer can make a strong first impression in an office building. The front desk clerk at a hotel has many different responsibilities. A typical day as a hotel front desk agent, involves registering/booking guests in and out of their rooms, while accommodating any special requests. Front Desk Receptionists greet the visitors of an organization and are responsible for various clerical and administrative tasks, such as handling mail and updating records. Requirements and Responsibilities. Front Desk Duties and Responsibilities. He or she has to attend incoming and outgoing calls and transfer calls to various departments. Front desk officers work day shifts, evening shifts and weekend shifts. A front desk manager, usually synonymous with an office manager, is an employee of a business or office tasked with a wide variety of general administrative responsibilities. Helps guests complete registration cards and then assigns rooms, accommodating special requests whenever … Front desk employees are often the first employee that the customer or the public comes into contact with, so you’ll also be responsible for leaving a good first impression for the organization. Responsible for the running of the front desk by hiring and training all front desk agents and leading by example; Anticipate and handle any guest requests and satisfy their needs within acceptable guidelines; Assist in the development and monitoring of the budget to provide top quality customer service But that’s not the only reason why this security guard service is often implemented. The Front Desk Officer is responsible for acting as a gatekeeper, directing clients and service personnel to appropriate departments and ensuring that the proper channels are maintained in communications and personnel interaction from an entry point perspective. Anticipating and addressing guests' needs, and resolving their problems and complaints. Greet customers who approach the Front Desk in a smiling, friendly manner. During check-in, a front desk agent will verify a guest’s method of payment and run a background credit check. It’s called a resume profile, and it comes in two flavors: the front desk resume objective or front desk clerk summary. Purpose: Responsible to the Front Office Manager for Checking in and Out the Hotel Guests, assisting Our Guest Efficiently, courteously and professionally in all Front Office Related functions, and to maintain a high standard of service and Hospitality at all times. Standard Operating Procedures ensure that each staff member is aware of their duties and have the specific knowledge to perform their job satisfactorily. Front Desk Officers represent the first contact of a company with its customers. Responsibilities for Front Desk Manager. Front Desk Agent Responsibilities: Greeting and thanking guests in a sincere, friendly manner. Sometimes they have to work with other employees at the front desk to handle a difficult problem. Knows all essential aspects of our business operations. He or she works as an in charge of all front desk operations. Common duties listed in Front Desk Officer example resumes are greeting visitors, accepting deliveries, collecting payments, doing paperwork, answering inquiries and assisting the … They are responsible for ensuring that every single guest has an enjoyable experience at the hotel. Front Desk Job Description The position for a Front Desk Officer is an administrative role. Each one is 3–4 lines long, and gives the office hiring manager or HR member a brief look at your front desk background, clerk skills, office experience, and career goals. We are looking for a front desk representative to help with receptionist tasks such as greet our guests, schedule appointments, handle queries and complaints. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization or business. While many guests have reservations, some customers will be walk-ins, so you need to be able to work with the hotel’s reservation and booking system to follow established procedures for either scenario. Front Desk Agent Job Responsibilities: Welcome customers and guests in a warm and friendly manner. Add front desk skills like answering phones and scheduling. The Housing Operations Manager (HOM) and Housing Assistant (HA) supervise the FDAs. The primary responsibility of a front desk agent is to greet guests and get them checked into rooms. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees. Perform Check-in and Check-out arriving & departing guests in the most efficient manner possible, following all established procedures policies. Roles & Responsibilities Of A Front Desk Security Officer In An Office Building. Directs and coordinates the activities of the front desk, reservations, guest services, and telephone areas. You will also be required to take on clerical tasks such as receiving packages, sorting emails and … Front Desk Representative. The Front Desk Assistant (FDA) position is a part-time student paraprofessional position within the Office of Residence Life and Housing, a unit of Student Affairs. May oversee concierge or valet staff. Processing and preparing travel vouchers or other documents Duties & Responsibilities: Great all Guests at all the time in a friendly… A front desk agent is responsible for checking hotel guests in and out of their rooms. A hotel front desk agent represents the first point of contact with guests and handles all stages of a guest’s stay. Front desk officers work in hotels, health clubs, business offices and office buildings. Additional duties of a front desk operator may include managing multi-line switchboards, dispatching calls to drivers and delivery people, ordering meals, maintaining files, and handling daily mail and package delivery. POSITION TITLE: Front Office Manager / Front Desk Manager / FOM. Front Office Manager job profile Front Office Duties and Responsibilities. The duties and responsibilities of a front office executive are as follows: The main duty is to do the Management of the front desk. Management Responsibilities of the Front Desk Office Assistant. Hotel Front Desk Job Responsibilities: Welcome guests in a warm and friendly manner. A few of the main duties of a front desk agent are greeting guests at the front desk, answering any questions, recommending activities and restaurants to guests, and answering any phone calls.