Cinnamon, surprisingly, is great for fighting acne. If you find yourself allergic to cinnamon, then it is recommended you stay away from it. Experience a unique shopping experience like you have never had on the Pricepally app. PMS and cramping associated with menstruation can be eased by using cinnamon. A.T. Mbaveng, V. Kuete, in Medicinal Spices and Vegetables from Africa, 2017. Cinnamon is another nigerian spices and culinary herb taken from the inner barks of several trees used in both savory and sweet foods. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations. ","empty_login":"ERROR: Enter a username or email address. cinnamon is everywhr o! Sprinkle the salt and cinnamon powder in the flour mix and combine. Compare prices and shop online now. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. These sticks are then further grounded to form cinnamon powder. Lastly, direct application of cinnamon essential oil directly to the skin can help reduce skin inflammation, swelling, pain, and redness [19]. "publisher": { Cinnamon essential oil can be used as a natural food preservative because of the anti-fungal properties. }, It belongs to the family Lauraceae and there are more than 250 species and sub species. To make cinnamon, the stem of the Cinnamomum tree is cut down and the inner bark is extracted from it. Legend Tea & Herbs Green Tea & Cinnamon price from jumia in Nigeria. The distinct scent, colour and flavour of cinnamon come from the oily part of the tree, which is rich in the compound cinnamaldehyde [1]. "name": "Benefit of Cinnamon & Where to Buy Cinnamon in Nigeria (Cheap! Cinnamon has been linked with the regulation of blood pressure. Pls confirm. } Growing best in USDA zones 9b through 11, it reaches a mature height of 35 to 50 feet, with 45- to 60-foot spread. What is the igbo name of, basil, clove, cinnamon, hyssop, rosemary, agrimonia. Now, what are differences between the two types of cinnamon? Some of the symptoms include weight gain, infertility, decrease in breast size, pain in the pelvic region, acne and excess growth of hair on the body.Now, although cinnamon cannot cure the syndrome, it can only help manage it. "inLanguage": "en-US", Legend Tea & Herbs is a major supplier of tea and coffee with origins dating back to the early 20st century. Your email address will not be published. It might harm your liver and increase cancer risk  (1, 2, 3). At the moment, test only limited to animal studies and test tube experiments, cinnamon is suggested to protect against cancer. Thousands of years ago, cinnamon bark was more valuable than gold. }, t.src=v;s=b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0]; Generally more expensive and harder to find in stores, less expensive, and is more widely available, contains trace amount of coumarins compound, contains higher level of  coumarins compound. Let’s checkout some of them: There so numerous mouth-watering benefits and uses of cinnamon. Can u provide cyelon cinnamon to my country? { However, I suggest you go for organic Ceylon cinnamon because it contains less coumarins and you get most of the juicy health benefit cinnamon has to offer. 1 Introduction. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} ("hidden"==x(a.parentNode,"visibility")&&"hidden"==x(a,"visibility"))},T=function(a,c){var d,f=a,g=S(a);for(F-=c,I+=c,G-=c,H+=c;g&&(f=f.offsetParent)&&f!=b.body&&f!=e;)(g=(x(f,"opacity")||1)>0)&&"visible"!=x(f,"overflow")&&(d=f.getBoundingClientRect(),g=H>d.left&&>500?500:370:d.expand,c._defEx=r,s=r*d.expFactor,t=d.hFac,J=null,O2&&o>2&&!b.hidden? Although Inflammation is important to the body, however chronic or long-term inflammation that affects the body’s own tissues can be dangerous. That’s why it’s used as an ingredient in some chewing gums to add natural flavour. 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This is due to the powerful antioxidant property of cinnamon, which can aid protection against cancerous tumour growth, DNA damage, and cell mutation. This compound (cinnamaldehyde) is responsible for many of the impressive health and metabolic benefit of cinnamon. The distinct scent, colour and flavour of cinnamon come from the oily part of the tree, which is rich in the compound cinnamaldehyde [ 1 ]. /* ]]> */ /* */ (function(e){"use strict";if(!e.loadCSS){e.loadCSS=function(){}}var t=loadCSS.relpreload={};{var t;try{t=e.document.createElement("link").relList.supports("preload")}catch(e){t=false}return function(){return t}}();t.bindMediaToggle=function(e){var||"all";function a(){}if(e.addEventListener){e.addEventListener("load",a)}else if(e.attachEvent){e.attachEvent("onload",a)}setTimeout(function(){e.rel="stylesheet";"only x"});setTimeout(a,3e3)};t.poly=function(){if({return}var a=e.document.getElementsByTagName("link");for(var n=0;n