JANJA: Think I'd rather take it back! Unlike the devious Outlander hyena clan, Jasiri is friendly and open to making friends with lions. They get married in the swamp surrounded by other fairytale creatures, and leave on their honeymoon. Jasiri sniggered to herself "kidding" she shrugged as she lied down calmly for the night. Her face looked up to him, still dead. Noticing that he is outnumbered, Janja leaves, promising Jasiri that it isn't over. In Return to the Pride Lands, when Kion learned that there's no threat to the Pride Lands since Vitani and that Kovu and the rest of Zira's pride have joined Simba's Pride, he thanked Jasiri for everything she's done to help them during their return journey. Surrounded on all sides by other more witless hyenas, he stands out as the one clever member of his clan, as he knew the story of the Lion Guard and was able to come up wi… Jasiri and Vitani are presumably on good terms. “I kinda like you, Janja,” said Jasiri, “figured I might as well just tell ya right away. Dogo's Siblings hate Jasiri and her whole entire clan. When Jasiri offers Janja a place into her Clan, Janja refuses to join. Lioness and her pride took over Jasiri's watering hole, leaving Jasiri to seek the help of Kion. Jasiri understands and respects the Circle of Life, whereas Janja's clan of hyenas only care about themselves. She was also protective of her. https://legends-of-the-lion-guard.fandom.com/wiki/Jasiri/Relationships?oldid=65617. When Kovu grows into a young adult, and plots with his mother to take over the Pride Lands, Jasiri initially grows fond for Kion's family, however, after Zira's death, Kovu becomes Kion's brother in law. After Jasiri comes up with the Hyena Resistance and they kept on spoiling Scar's plans, Nduli tried to help kill Jasiri's clan but failed. After Scar's defeat, she thanks him for everything he and the guard have done. His nose, feet, and the upper side of his tail are black. This is my take on what Jasiri and Janja from The Lion Guard would look like as humans. Janja orders his clan members named Cheezi and Chungu to capture a honey badger named Bunga (who had entered the Outlands to get his Baobab fruit back) so he may have him for lunch, but luckily, Prince of the Pride Lands Kionis able to save his friend by unknowingly using The Roar of the Elders (which when used, causes the lions of the Pride Lands past to roar with him) which gives Bunga time to escape Cheezi and Chungu. Reirei hates Jasiri and her whole entire clan. "Janja (Shrek) 2" Part 6 - Jasiri meets Maleficent//"Whether Your Parents Like it or Not, I Am a Hyena!" She also accepts Janja and his entire clan into hers. Jasiri speaks kindly with her former enemy Janja, showing her gracious and forgiving side A natural leader, Jasiri has a strong charisma that able to sway the hearts of those around her and rally them to her cause through her encouragement, … High-level Intellect: Janja is highly intelligent and cunning. Jasiri and Janja first started out as enemies but they soon became firm friends after Janja reforms. Reirei hates Jasiri and her whole clan. When Jasiri first met Kion, her initial reactions towards the cub made it seem like she was his enemy. For several months, Jasiri helps the Lion Guard fight Scar and his army. Fuli and Jasiri … Kiburi hates Jasiri and her whole entire clan. However, her tie to her species shines through in how often she laughs, for even Kion notes that the world is like a giant game to her. After Jasiri comes up with the Hyena Resistance and they kept on spoiling Scar's plans, Nduli tried to help kill Jasiri's clan but failed. Alpha: Janja is revealed to have leadership prowess that rivals Kion. After that Janja dug a huge whole only fuli him and jasiri can fit in . After Jasiri comes up with the Hyena Resistance and they kept on spoiling Scar's plans, Kiburi tried to help kill Jasiri's clan but failed.

does jasiri like janja

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