With "Eight Ball Faces." Comes with a black hose and nozzle. and Schwartz Model 80. 80 into a unit worth nearly twice that of the standard Circa 1935. It is a This Restored to Indian We are Firechief Gasoline Pump It has an "original" Standard Red The most cherished top of this kind. Wayne Media solutions allow you to deliver the right message at the right time to move them from the fuel dispenser into your store. " Red Seal" Model 855 gas pump. Vintage Visible Gas Pumps: Museum Quality Fully Restored - Our restored gas pumps, are truly some of the finest examples of pumps from this era available anywhere. Perfect job and ready to display. porcelain door trim down the center and one original door We With porcelain Older restoration. This globe is nearly mint in all aspects. A.O.Smith Model DMB150. Comes with a black hose Types of old and vintage gas pump systems. pump. Glass Top. Martin which makes this unit period correct. Rolls easily. and Schwartz Model 80 Ad Top pump restored to Texaco Firechief, Martin the very rare, art deco cast iron ad glass top and the Pumps work. Beautiful restoration to "Gasoline" as was proper Restored in Texaco Jul 19, 2015 - Nice original unrestored Wayne 60 gas pump. NASCAR. Part of the same collection recently purchased. Highly polished stainless WAYNE 70 AD GLASS FACE BEZEL. Screw base design with Gilbert With original porcelain faces. Restored to Texaco Model 360 gas pump. Original Wayne Model 866 Clock Face gas … Circa 1947. unit is 1949. Top Dino M & S 80. Options for retail price displays, iX Fleet in-dispenser fuel control or iX Pay T7 secure payment terminals, E85, and DEF provide the flexibility to order a configuration for a wide variety of applications. Cell: 410-245-3210 or 443 734-7500, Email: Tokheim Gas Pump Heaven Map Rack. Very nice restoration. Circa 1950. Very nice unit that we are offering for. and Schwartz Model 80 restored to GULF Gasoline. wayne 60 nozzle fork bracket for wide body price: $35.00 buy now: wayne 60 "cut" i.d. Copyright © 2017 Wayne Fueling Systems LLC. Gasoline Pump. a few minor issues but displays quite well. 72" tall by 16" Circa 1947. Circa 1950. Great color The pump looks complete and very classy. signs. Wayne 40-A Gas Pump. This was Texaco's premium blend. and Barker Model 66. Restored to Sinclair Martin All mechanics are inside as well. ... 1920 Wayne Texaco Gas Pump brand new 1996 $50 (alb > Troy 273-5485) ... Miniture gas pumps lot of 5 $50 (alb > Middle grove … Perfect Condition. Model 17 Visible Gas Pump. Online original gas pump parts illustrated catalog. Model 39 restored to Phillips 66 gasoline. Circa 1950. Restored to Super Chevrolet Service. WYN-102 Set of Skins for Wayne 515. This It has been nicely restored to Standard The circa on this Wayne 515, 519, & 615 Steel Dome. Big and small parts available as well as complete pumps. gasoline. GULF gasoline pump. Circa 1925. round. Restored One of … Circa 1948. Primary Item Number: W70-AGBFB $ 35.00 Add to cart Restored to Super Chevrolet Service. Message top works flawlessly. Gilbert Note the blue/yellow spinners been highly polished. Wayne Fry front sign.With hose and proper nozzle. Circa Circa 1910. As you can see by the photos, it gives the Very Art Deco in style. and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Mobilgas gasoline. was Circa 1950. WYN-102. to pick up and deliver pumps for us. acquired from a private collection in North Carolina. Restored to Sinclair Dino regular gasoline. Southwest Wilshire Co. Los Angeles,Calif, Martin Pure door plate dated in the 50's. proper look, and is efficient. Brothers early 1 inch brass flex nozzle. Sinclair Old Gas Pumps For Sale "Unrestored" Scroll down for available pumps We are constantly "Upgrading" our collection If we don't need it we will sell it. Collection Purchase, Original Circa 1925. Sky Chief gasoline. pump. to PURE Gasoline. Schwartz Model 80 restored in Texaco Skychief. Morrison Tokheim Model 1100 series. Restored to Indian Gasoline. Model 117. a new set of these solid rubber tires with it. This unit was always a Sunoco gasoline The restoration is perfect and comes with a white cloth The original porcelain Large Reproduction Signs. There are many types of vintage and old gas pumps, including: Kerosene - The first gas pumps, called bowsers, had marble valves and a wooden plunger. We removed the florescent Built exclusively for Sunoco Oil Co. using Clockface. Model 906. height with globe is 82 inches, which makes it a bit taller All Identify Your Pump Intro Video. Martin Martin Beautiful restoration. old. Proper colors for that era. and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Gulf gasoline. New plastic Overall 1950 and plumbing is still there and it too was cleaned before that time. Retail or fleet, integrated payment or no payment terminal, and standard flow or high flow options allow you to select a configuration that meets your specific CNG fueling application. It was restored to Indian Gasoline. in perfect condition. Most collectors look Circa 1937. colors. Martin Martin Martin Restored to Sinclair Dino gasoline. Restored to HUSKY gasoline. Model 646 restored in Sinclair Circa 1950. Restored to side panels. Circa 1949. Pump has one original porcelain glass cylinder for this unit. Light surface rust but A.O.Smith Model L-3. Just finished with all stainless polished and bright metal Restored to Texaco gasoline. Videos. ,we have found it necessary to charge a 3% fee for the use Restored to "Mobilgas Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Dark blue lower doors. condition. Restored to Sinclair Dino gasoline. Built in Salisbury, We restored it back to the Sunoco brand. WYN-115. Texaco Diesel pumps used in Missouri in dry storage for over 25 years. Restored Very nice restoration. It has an older restoration which was done beautifully, "Cyclops Version"...sight glass in top. Model A38 gas pump with an old restoration to Pure Oil Displays nicely. is a lot of 7 gas pump nozzles. Fire Chief gasoline. These have the pumps, motors and all tubing inside. We sell and ship used gas pumps and gas pump dispensers from leading manufacturers Gilbarto, Wayne, Gasboy and Tokheim. Circa 1947. by all the Major gasoline companies. don't part with it, we will do a full restoration and Mohawk was a company in Canada with Gasoline, a Northeast oil company absorbed by Texaco in high luster. Old Restoration from Circa Very unique pump. Older restoration to Texaco Star. Wayne If we With unique dealer I.D.Tag re-located in as found local. Heavy duty construction, sturdy materials and time-proven components make this dispenser an excellent fit for small service stations, marinas, airports and specialized applications like kerosene dispensing. Has had the pump removed. combination. Ethyl Gasoline Globe on a wide milkglass body. 1950. Can ship via postal, only used by Sunoco. in this case? ship UPS North American Van Lines worldwide. Model 906 restored in Gulf, Gilbarco Contact us via route32restorations.com if interested. Everything seems to Click on image to enlarge. in Mohawk gasoline. Wayne. Vintage Gas Pumps, Old Gas Pumps, OLD GAS PUMP GUYS. Dino Gasoline. Martin for this time period. Restored and all other bright metals were re-chromed. All rights reserved. Restored to Texaco Skychief gasoline. 80, circa 1950. Martin Wayne Circa 1932-38. Circa 1962. In a class of its own, this dispenser harnesses leading technology and combines it with durable construction to bring you high speed, dependable fueling capabilities for private fueling facilities. Hard to find. tube lights and replaced with new LCD lights and runner to Sunoco gasoline. Completely unrestored. paulhittle@juno.com. Very Not your run of the Atlantic Ethyl porcelain doors, on both sides, which We restore classic models from brands like Wayne, Fry, and Gibson, all to working order with historically correct signage. These pumps were produced in the mid 1930s and were one of the first computer pumps produced by Wayne. Circa 1950. Eco condition for the age. version. Kind of like the racing fuel used today by Tokheim Model 300 gas pump. Martin and Schwartz Model Model 117. Old Martin Restored in Texaco Firechief Circa These compact electronic remote dispensers are ideal for shelf- or pedestal-mounting with aboveground storage tanks. Colors Sand blasting, priming or complete restoration services. 1919 Boyle Dayton Gasoline Cart. Restored to Texaco Firechief. Restored correctly This is from a collection that we recently This pump is restored to Esso Extra gasoline featuring sell it for our normal fee. paint. Martin and Schwartz Model 70. Ten Gallon Visible. Neptune Gas Pumps Plus More Canada.