Unlike the other Thieves Guild jobs, which reward leveled gold, the Bedlam job always pays 500 gold. I have restarted and even loaded my last save prior to even been given the job. MajorSlackVideos 53,493 views. That quest is bugged. Ok so i got the bedlam job quest quite a while ago but i havnt started it till now. I'm supposed to be stealing 500 gold-worth of items from Raven Rock for Delvin Mallory's Bedlam Job. The former slave and Lopper/Liberator of Morrowind from the in game book “The Last Scabbard of Akrash” the khajiit guild thief Kazagh takes on a job for his Guild, this time in Raven Rock … And it says i still havnt completed the quest. PC you use the command console. i want to be a guild master for thieves guild and iv'e stolen at least two emeralds worth more from raven rock and i still can't get the job done :( (xbox 360) Try planting 500 gold or stuff worth 500 gold in a chest that it counts as stealing from, and then take it back without people noticing (using sneak). Couple gems from the temple, looted the strongbox in the wall, and even nabbed a few bottles from the markets outside. I was told to steal the 500 gold in goods from RAVEN ROCK. So I have been sent Raven Rock to steal 500 Gold etc....So I have stolen 2000g in merchandise and the quest hasn't completed itself. 16:59. I had the Bedlam Job for Raven Rock too, stole so much shit but they quest didn't tell me I completed $500 worth of stolen goods, so I looked online and it's impossible to finish it on console in Raven Rock (only possible with the unofficial skyrim patch on pc). I've found the easiest way to do the bedlam jobs is to try to get a sweep job from Vex in the same city. I took all of Grelkas enchanted armor items and more and still everytime I go to complete the mission it asks if i want to quit the mission. Steal 500 gold from Raven Rock (problem) Trying to complete my Thieves Guild job, but I just stole well over 500 gold in armor from the little guard building, and the quest won't switch over to "return to Delvin". This was already fixed in Unofficial Skyrim Patch 1.3.2. Skyrim Master #6 - How to Make a Quick 500 Gold in Markarth - Duration: 16:59. ... Get to Raven Rock on Skyrim - … The 3 items she asks you to steal are almost always enough to cover the 500 gold worth Delvin wants. I have notice has been reported … The Bedlam Job requires you to steal 500 Golds worth of Items, ... Bethesda Game Studios' blockbuster open-world RPG puts players on the precipice of determining the future of Skyrim … So im here, and i've stolen alomst 2000 gold worth in stuff. Yeah as I said in edit summary, I've done this over a hundred times and I never get 500 gold … The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim … So I went to the Morvayn Manor in Raven Rock, opened the display case in the bedchambers on the second floor, and stole the chitin armor inside, with an official on-screen value of 650 septims. Delvin gave me Whiterun. You also will have the opportunity to sell all the loot you steal, as it is not removed from your inventory upon quest completion.