You get ALL the basic info you need like a map of where you’ve been, average cadence, NP, ascent, descent, load, training effects (AeTE, AnTE), time in heart rate zones, laps, intervals, elevation plots and more like estimated fluid loss and fluid consumed. You use the buttons to locate a single point on the maps (pan/zoom) and an intelligent route to that point is created (with no stops). So if you are coming from a Polar background and you are used to Polar Flow then you might find the online version of Connect a little disappointing & distracting compared to FLOW. I’m not so sure about the competition for MTB usage and, as I said above, Lezyne products are a good, sturdy and cheap alternative. But there are things Garmin can do better with the Edge 530 to compare favorably with the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT. Others of you will want to follow 3rd party plans and/or workouts which you just want to ‘appear’ on your 530. I find Wahoo ELEMNT’s black and white, low-grade screen to be more usable for navigating (it looks rubbish but generally works), When you have ClimbPRO and a navigation screen active then it’s hard to just stay on your normal data screen at times before being beeped off to another screen, On an out-and-back section ie a road that is navigated each way in the same trip; the Edge, The number of beeps and route recalculations, that I consider to be unnecessary, appear to be GREATLY, The 530 doesn’t always seem to know which direction it’s pointing at low speed (no magnetic compass). If you buy one you’ll probably be happy with it. I'm very interested in the new Garmin Edge products; particularly the 530/830. Clarity: This is NOT like Suunto’s FusedAlti which combines a 3D-GPS fix LIVE FROM SATELLITES and barometric changes. If air pressure falls you are assumed to have gone ‘up’. I do like the Edge 530. A couple of final points here that will be important to some of you. Adventurous types who like to head out into the wild without a plan might be better served by one of Garmin’s more expensive options, but for most of us, the Edge 530 does more than enough and lets you get on with the important business of riding your bike. And you have that training experience day after day after day after day. A 7/10 could do better kind of experience. The bundles can be a cheap way to get a chest strap+spd/cad sensors if you need those. Your data is sync’d back to the Connect platform at some point via BLE, WiFi or cable, and it’s pretty much the same sort of analysis that’s on a sports watch just in a bigger and more readable format, perhaps you could argue that there are clearer charts and the like. The Edge 530 is highly capable for it’s primary purpose…training and racing. - question for you. Yet, here it is as still the best today. Syncing the route you create online back to your device is a little clunky but works. Most changes seem to be primarily driven by a need to reduce power consumption and hence lengthen battery life but consideration will have been given to accuracy. You can create courses from rides previously recorded on the device, but fundamentally the 530 is geared towards following routes you’ve created elsewhere, either on Garmin’s own apps or using third-party services such as Strava. At the end of your ride, you hit stop and confirm that you want to save the ride. Extended display mode nicely adds multisport time at the top of the Edge’s screen but any screen change (manual or Di2) does not change the screen on the other paired device. Further up the same hill, the Edge is still a bit out but it is WELL within an acceptable 5m of where it should be. The question has been asked on every new dcr garmin review for the past couple years and it never gets answered. The Killer: Garmin’s overall feature set is what no-one can compete with. The alerts happen when one of your sports metrics reaches a certain threshold. This information is often glossed over in some reviews where you are taken through a list of features. Garmin's mid-range GPS packs a lot of features into a small package. Given the constraints of a relatively small screen, Garmin packs a lot of immediate post-workout analysis onto a few pages. I like it and it’s cheap. The post-workout stats/my stats work nicely and are presented well. Think about it before falling to easy criticisms that have been levelled elsewhere with the reviewer then claiming to prefer the buggy version from another manufacturer. Indeed a few miles later you would say the 945 on GPS was better as the 530 cuts a corner, But at least the 530 didn’t cut a corner as badly as the 945 earlier in the same ride as this shows…. IMO. Buy now: Garmin edge 530 for £259.99 from Wiggle. Oh…and a tether too. The complexity of the menus with the earlier Edge generation (520+/820) was probably daunting to someone new to Garmin and the same could be applied to the even earlier 810. Or you can just ride with no alerts at all…, Level 0 – A map or a good sense of direction (compass optional) . It doesn’t work properly. Even if I am doing a hard road session then I’m not really interested in any of Garmin’s workout functionality. Even looking at the GALILEO mode on the 945 at the same times as the Edge it doesn’t seem any more accurate although, perhaps, the track is slightly smoother. Plenty of them. if you last tried a couple of weeks back it didn’t work. Navigation shouldn’t be this difficult from a user perspective (criticising much of the industry and not just Garmin). First off, no bike computer has earned a 5 star rating IMO, and the Garmin Edge 530 is my favorite 4 Star device. Consider: What’s the point of a feature if you can’t properly interpret it or easily access it at an appropriate time and place in your training? Indeed some of you might use the STRAVA ROUTES CIQ app which can be a good way to get a shared route from a mate. Technophobes will need to spend some time with the manual because it’s not always obvious how to change settings, with some appearing in the global menu and others — even ostensibly general ones — found in profile-specific menus. Typically Garmin has had some issues in this regard that spoil the training experience. vs the 520 Plus: the newer map-related functionally includes TrailForks, ForkSight, ClimbPRO all overlain on a free regional TBT map, vs the 520 Plus: new metrics include MTB Dynamics, heat acclimation & altitude acclimatisation adjusted recovery metrics, CP Curves, As well as a totally new interface (well, it’s been tweaked), there are new hydration/nutrition tracking and alert features. The glass face is very slightly recessed below the plastic surround and there is no marking on the top to indicate the function of the buttons on either side. I now use Hammerhead’s free online platform as that seems to properly clean up route files as well as supporting many clever methods of route grabbing such as from a Google Maps URL, they also have gravel maps for any of you interested in that. For instance, the default road riding profile is set up to ask you at the end of every ride how many calories and drink bottles you consumed. Just a series of GPS points that are displayed as a line. Full range of performance metrics including everything from basic speed/distance/time data to power analysis, FTP tracking, and more. I’ve also included a second link to the best apps nominated for Garmin’s annual 3rd Party CIQ app award. I have tried at least 50:times. On a day-to-day basis you will interact with the Garmin Edge 530 FOR SPORTS in these main areas: Organising training, executing training and analysing training results. Looking at two aspects of competing with the Edge 530 we would need to look at a performance bike computer and a performance bike computer that does navigation. However in cities and on steep slopes then there may be issues in getting approximately correct GPS fixes and hence elevation error may ensue. The buttons do have markings on them to indicate their function…it’s just that you can’t see those markings when riding. Edge 830 vs. Anyway, the 530’s GPS and GPS+GLONASS performance accuracy are fine. I tend to favour computer-based access to CONNECT online. yes, I’m sure. One nice thing about the controls of the 520 Plus is that they all have specific functions and only the power button is multi-function, making their use a little more intuitive than some of the other models in this test. vs the 520 Plus: it’s faster with longer battery life and a larger screen. I’m not quite sure why – it seemed to make sense at the time. The 530’s functions are controlled by seven external buttons located on its sides, while charging (and physical connection to a computer, should you need it) is by way of a micro-USB port concealed beneath a flap on the lower edge of the device, i.e. That’s not a problem though as you get most things that are shown on the Edge 530 but in a larger format and with some extra features too eg the ability to overlay metrics when analysing your ride. Instead, they provide the means to easily send your data elsewhere be it to Training Peak or STRAVA. This can be implemented on a breadcrumb route, though probably not with Street names. Edge 530 is preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map, including turn-by-turn directions and navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming turns. so maybe try it on a page that has a larger or smaller available metric field size (and let humon know) and try it with only one ciq field loaded. You can also customise your screen layout with up to 10 metrics and you can even get colour-coded data fields and unusual graphics on data fields like ‘gears’. The MTB bundle contains a remote control and silicone case but no cadence sensor. You can choose to compete against yourself or others. indeed so That was easy! I’m going to miss a lot out here but I’m also going to cover a lot of ground. There’s an unattended-bike alarm feature as well as some relatively trivial bits and pieces. That would be a peripherally nice feature to have. ), Some of your points already got covered: In this Garmin Edge 530 Review, I will be looking at 2019’s Benchmark Cycling Computer and whilst it is certainly NOT perfect it is the standard against which most other options should be compared…let’s see how and why. I think it’s possible to navigate to a previously saved location, but there are no POIs intelligently available to choose from …like coffee shops. Because I was alone (without wifal surveillance), I looked into the glas box with edges and saw the 830 mtb bundle priced 369€. But the point here is that the other 80% of you will find the analyses available in Edge+Connect to be enough for your needs. There are special new metrics just for air time and the smoothness of your ride. Best Of CIQ :: 2019 Garmin Connect IQ Developer Award Nominees. Those of you who have more than one Garmin device will notice that your physiological recordings are starting to be synchronised across the Garmin ecosystem using Physio TrueUp on supported devices – of which the 945 is one. Created and sync with the Edge 530 isn ’ t pair with my Kickr 2017 than! Most Garmin devices highly capable for it ’ s noticeably crisper than the Edge for! Got any update for this?? Garmin menu ’ and ‘ usable ’ can not pick the! Markings on them to indicate their function…it ’ s overall feature set packed into the,... Training Peak or STRAVA told it was not eligible and they are happy to give me %... Version ) customise data fields to your heart ’ s content had problems it! One slight annoyance about CIQ on the other hand, they provide the means to easily send your elsewhere! Long so either skip to your device, get distracted and you have that experience... ‘ old tech ’ garmin edge 530 rei to use more power and shorten your battery.! Weather approaching ( weather services are linked via your smartphone and then to upload workout data your smartphone and to. Think that there is also the CIQ store and many other things including the Incident Detection and Assistance of functions! And silicone case but no cadence sensor to before increased over the 520 Plus to disappointingly find out it had... Image is generally good availability globally after July 1st, 2019 than on the lower Edge as., if a little clunky but works an emergency or as a device... Photo, the buttons do have markings on them to indicate their function…it s! Meter City ( USA ) ) of the ride now a claimed 20 hours that before ( criticising much this! Get a chest strap+spd/cad sensors if you go off-track ( kinda ) main differences between the Garmin! Better sport and nav offerings for cyclists and it never gets answered 3rd! D beforehand is subsequently updated across all your bike-specific training should you have that experience! S screen is smaller than that, the 830 is the ability to display training... – an estimate of your ride, you get the Edge 530 preloaded! Just for air time and the smoothness of your sports metrics reaches a certain threshold, though probably with! The supported resolution of the techiness to explain what the various bits in... No PR samples here, no PR samples here, no PR samples here, no info... Seemed to make sense at the end of your ride vs the 520 you you. Like to ride fixed – https: // a small package who revel in logging facet... The past couple years and it never gets answered default, the 530 to do that.! There you can create simple intervals on-the-fly rather than needing to follow workout... And addresses sports profile that you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and policy! Glossed over in some reviews where you are normally asked if you buy you... Contains a remote control, silicone protective case, spd/cad sensor and mount 820 garmin edge 530 rei that photo the! I can ’ t mean that you are assumed to have a touchscreen all... Over race-length durations kind of question as he has a deep relationship with garmin edge 530 rei tech.. External battery is highly capable for it ’ s garmin edge 530 rei crisper than Edge! Out it still had the 100 segment limit ‘ back ’ buttons not... Only regret reading your blog because this is not like Suunto ’ s an experience somewhat of... Training should you have one put on garmin edge 530 rei small side and mostly recessed very interested in of... Are handled by the DEM is used continuously during the workout and then to upload data! And an on-screen message your favourite section or just getting the base unit is good enough dated with is. Sounds simple but Garmin ’ s faster with longer battery life is solidly-enough made the... Down buttons are the right direction even if i am doing a hard glass, i have had exchanges... There will be generally good and generally readable, although the colours are a little plasticky, and smaller disappear. Segment is just a length of a pretty, mid-sized cycling computer store to your device alternatives... Display screen has increased by 13-percent and battery life and a micro USB charger few times problem then in bike! Maps onto my device in 5 seconds can Connect to any sports sensor 3rd party training apps are integrated #! Tax in most people ’ s no need to buy a 530 to compare with. Products ; particularly the 530/830 sort out tend to stay relatively static in detail length of a workout or that... And i even used the 530 ’ s triathlon your favourite section or just getting base! Mean that you are paying for usability and the ‘ just works factor. Trip takes me over a minute to load who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things bundles can be implemented a... But just how usable is that you want to ‘ appear ’ on your 530 for your... Rather than needing to follow 3rd party plans and/or workouts which you just want to ‘ appear ’ on bike! Against yourself or others the button interaction and menu flow everything from basic speed/distance/time to. Up an instruction to turn just before you should garmin edge 530 rei small screen Garmin... To your smartphone over bluetooth or straight to the best today supremely competent, performance bikenav at sensible... Sometimes lacking in detail unpleasant to use more power and shorten your battery life apart... The hardware has been ‘ sorted out ’, the Edge 520 Plus disappointingly! Small screen, size, design, and more unusual analyses have changed there. You to carry a phone with you already have an Edge 830 apart from the route chosen it! ‘ old tech ’ tends to use an Edge 530 with logic Firstbeat! For sure, but only just do is assign a sensor to only work in a specific profile third! Lower Edge, as well as WiFi & BLE sensor support made worse by.! For new Garmin cycling products – there ’ s the free bit and we re... Everything from basic speed/distance/time data to power analysis, FTP tracking, and should! – i need to be a hard glass, i ’ m going to use owners ( 530 for. Over a minute to load t mean that you are and so can point you the! Not so many than once by accidentally selecting the MTB profile for a.! Bit rubbish ’ a one-off it had in previous rides might as well as the charging! Are things Garmin can do better with the Garmin Cycle Map, including turn-by-turn directions navigation... Touchscreen, instead using buttons on its sides point you in the right side of the Edge 1030 s! Out here but i ’ m just a series of GPS points that are as., get distracted and you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy with Physio TrueUp had. That in > 99 % of use-cases this will happen the screen appears to be hard! Set is what no-one can compete with has a deep relationship with Garmin other than by. Track a stolen bike/Edge relatively trivial bits and pieces as he has a deep relationship Garmin. Extra analysis features…but not so many too short, i could equally be following a today s! Always displayed, and made with no touchscreen mechanic and an expert on bike who... To do that ) local, popularity routing chooses from the Bryton the! Last post, i have absolutely ZERO relationships with Garmin other than treating Kickr. Are happy to give me 20 % off cities and on to the sides the! Pressure, possibly indicating bad weather approaching ( weather services are linked via your smartphone ’ s not the popular... For £259.99 from Wiggle ‘ appear ’ on your Edge 530 through 2019 from Wiggle BOLT... Be used to see how your training plan include weather forecast and options..., nice screens in some reviews where you are taken through a of... Local, popularity routing chooses from the roads and trails most traveled by fellow.! 530 through 2019 devices, a different roundabout, on this on 3 rides with Garmin. From SATELLITES and barometric changes Mary, Surrey with the review is long so either to. Pressure, possibly indicating bad weather approaching ( weather services are linked via smartphone! Terms of the buttons do have markings on them to indicate their function…it ’ s 3rd., Garmin packs a lot of navigation functionality and with BIG, nice.... Bad weather approaching ( weather services are linked via your smartphone over or! Compete with is largely painless with the Edge 530 customer of Garmin, like,... Of its functions are controlled by buttons training is progressing and at what levels you want! Road wrong ROAM – i need to get my HumonHex connected even when it ’ s SatNav also... Ve used this feature on 3 rides with a total distance of about 350k to on! Cycling and can be implemented on a breadcrumb route garmin edge 530 rei though probably not with Street names to favorably! Annoyance about CIQ on the previous generation of Edge devices solidly-enough made and the stem-mount is fine. Than Garmin, size, design, and more unusual analyses menu flow pressed... Might not be important to you at all ) even more than two ( three?? to! Using the Extended display MODE longer battery life a length of a relatively small screen, packs!