So, you will lengthen the time period for the acclimatization process and explore the surrounding areas. Why the Height of Mount Everest May Change Soon ... so they returned to the north-side base camp. The walk is relatively easy from Pheriche to Tengboche as you will hike downhill for most of the part of the trek. Hence, the Everest Base Camp trek features acclimatization days to ensure your physical fitness in the trek. Everest closer reaching Everest Base Camp (5364 m) and Kala Pathar (5545 m). and the altitude of Everest base camp is 5,364 m. How Tall Is Mount Everest?Mount Everest is located on the border of Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range. However, trekking to Lukla is possible. Overland Route to Everest from Lhasa The journey to EABC starts in Lhasa (11,975ft/ 3,650m) the capital of Tibet where it’s best to spend a few days acclimatizing before heading out towards Everest. The representative from the travel agency will bid you farewell and wish you a safe flight to your destination. The Everest Base Camp height is 5,364m/17,598 ft. You can send a postcard to yourself from the world's highest post office. It takes about two days to reach the village, which is the central hub of the area. Likewise, Everest Base Camp trek is a wonderful trip to saturate your soul and mind in the Himalayas of the Everest region. After your arrival at the Hotel, a representative will transfer you to the Hotel. The ideal trek route starts from Lukla Airport at the elevation of 2,600 meters (8530 feet). Trek to the Everest Base Camp 5,364m is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the adventure in the high Himalayas. There are two base camps on Mount Everest, on opposite sides of the mountains: South Base Camp is in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) (28°0′26″N 86°51′34″E / 28.00722°N 86.85944°E ), while North Base Camp is in Tibet at 5,150 metres (16,900 ft) (28°8′29″N 86°51′5″E / 28.14139°N 86.85139°E ). Every year thousands of trekkers come to this base camp to fulfill their dreams of the journey. On average it can be done in 12 days. is 8848m . Everest Base camp is in the lap of world highest mountain Mount Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in Tibetan 8848 m). You will follow the Dudh Koshi river bank to your destination at Phakding (2,652m/8,700ft). Access to the North Base Camp has been closed to tourists since February 2019 [1]. The North Base Camp is accessed by a paved road that branches from China National Highway 318. It passes through Khumbu Icefall sited at the foot of the Western Cwm at an altitude of 5,486 meters. 10 Everest Base Camp (5,380 m/17,650 ft) and to climb the hill behind the lodges called Kala Patthar (5,643 m/18513 ft) with great views of Mt. So, you will have to maintain a slow and gradual hike to aid your body to acclimatize. All this combines to make it very hard to get lost. The This Is Us star, 35, spent more than a week trekking through the Nepal terrain to reach Everest Base Camp on Sunday, which sits at a whopping 17,700 ft. … You will hike terrains over 3000 meters on most of the part of the Everest Base Camp trek. A temporary tent platform on the Khumbu glacier at South EBC, Nepal. Everest Base Camp trek is simply one of the best treks in the Everest region of Nepal. There are no roads from Kathmandu to Lukla and as a result, the only method of transporting large and heavy goods is by plane. At the highest point, Kala Pathar, you will be at just over 5,500m – a height that allows to you experience breathtaking views of the whole region. The North Base Camp is accessed by vehicle through a 100 km road branching to the South from the Friendship Highway near Shelkar. It is the furthest that private cars can go. This Everest Base Camp height is 17,600 ft and situated at the altitude of 5,380 meters. By comparison, reasonable base elevations for Everest range from 4,200 m (13,800 ft) on the south side to 5,200 m (17,100 ft) on the Tibetan Plateau, yielding a height above base in the range of 3,650 to 4,650 m (11,980 to 15,260 ft). Further ahead, the route passes craggy mountain terrain towards a small village settlement at Lobuche. You will have longer to adjust to the altitude and to enjoy the overall experience, but this can increase the toll on your body. Your destination for today is the beautiful village of Tengboche. You can also explore the Dingboche village 4,400m and the surrounding valley. Mount Everest’s summit is 29,029 feet. Mount Everest - Mount Everest - The height of Everest: Controversy over the exact elevation of the summit developed because of variations in snow level, gravity deviation, and light refraction. After the 2 hours hike along the riverbank, you will reach the Hillary Suspension Bridge. A visit to the North Base Camp requires a permit from the Chinese government, on top of the permit required to visit Tibet itself. In addition, you must prepare yourself physically to undertake the challenges ahead on the trek. [8] The "tourist Base Camp" is located about halfway between Rongbuk Monastery; the actual climbers' Base Camp is at the foot of Rongbuk glacier. It is a serene feeling to witness the magnificent views of Everest and the nearby peaks. You will check out from the hotel prior to your belongings and necessary travel documents. This iconic journey leads you through a few Sherpa villages in Khumbu, offering the beauty of the Sagarmatha National Park. The representative will transfer you from the airport via a private vehicle to your respective Hotel. Everest Base Camp Trek is located at an altitude of 5,354 m and takes up to Kala Patthar (5,550 m) which is a high altitude and at such extreme altitude, the layer/ level of oxygen is very low. … The Everest trek takes you through stunning mountains to the Everest Base Camp, which sits at around 17,600 feet, but that isn’t the summit. [5] Trekkers usually fly from Kathmandu to Lukla to save time and energy before beginning the trek to the base camp. The figure 29,028 feet (8,848 metres), plus or minus a fraction, was established by the Survey of India between 1952 and 1954 and became widely accepted. Note: If you scare to trek with this high altitude and still want to be at Everest base camp and get a view of Mount Everest,  find our exclusive Everest base camp helicopter tour package. The trail ahead leads you towards the raging Imja Khola River. The Kilimanjaro summit, Uhuru Peak, sits at 19,341 feet. is not a simple or easy question. Everest Base Camp is one of the highest trekking routes in the world. Most of the places to this spot go through ridges and trails, but you would have ample space to rest and have meal on your way. I'm Ram Khadka, Founder of Sublime Trails Ltd. My main focus is to help travelers plan a perfect holiday in Nepal through trekking in sacred regions of Himalayas and tours in radiant cities with various historical and cultural sites. After your hike through the dry and deserted mountains, the hike ends at Dingboche at an elevation of  4,400m. Furthermore, you will pass the Khumbu Glacier lying towards Everest Base Camp at the height of 5,364m. The route has to Mount Everest Advance Base Camp is a challenging but beautiful trek through a stunning mountain landscape. Supplies are shipped to the South Base Camp by porters, and with the help of animals, usually yaks. The Everest base camp elevation on the south side is 17,598 feet and is located in Nepal. It was also possible to trek up from the tourist camp, but only when properly acclimatized. Starting from Everest Base Camp, climbers make their first stop at Camp I which lies at an elevation of 19,390 ft. There’s a total distance of 6 km to be covered during the trek while withstand all odds including open crevasse and severe weather. Although you can use Everest Helicopter Tour, you begin the Everest Trek or Everest Expedition right from Lukla. Altitude: 3,440m/11,283ft (Namche Bazaar) , 3,962m/12,998 ft (Everest View Hotel). Both Base Camps are used by the mountaineers and hikers for camping and acclimatization. The classic Everest Base Camp trek from Lukla to EBC and back is 130km long – 65km each way – which may sound like a lot of trekking! On 25 April 2015, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the moment magnitude scale, struck Nepal and triggered an avalanche on Pumori that swept through the South Base Camp. Your trek begins after having breakfast toward the Hillary Suspension Bridge You will descend towards Phakding at an elevation of 2,652m. ", 1950–1952 British–Swiss–US reconnaissance, List of people who died climbing Mount Everest,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 19:58. The North Base Camp, located in the Tibet Autonomous Region has an elevation of about 5200m. 2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, exclusive Everest base camp helicopter tour, Everest Base Camp Weather December-January-February, What you should Know before Trek to Everest Base Camp, What is the Difficulty Level to Trek to Everest base camp, Everest Base Camp Weather September, October, November, Everest Base Camp Weather March, April, May, Why should you Trek to Everest Base Camp During November, What Is The Daily Distance Of Everest Base Camp Hike. However, there are variations of the route like Jiri to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo lakes trek which takes longer days.. So, your hiking pace will also significantly increase on the comfortable trails towards Namche 3,440m. The viewpoint at Kalapathar offers glorious views of Nuptse 7,861m, Changtse 7,543m, and Lhotse 8,516m. Some of them take the package of One day Everest Base camp Helicopter tour. Alternate return trip: From Lobuche, the trail via 11 Cho La (5,370 m) to the wonderful After our nights stay at Camp One, we will wake early and head to Mount Everest Camp 2, where we will have an overnight stay at the 6,400m/ 20,997 feet. However, you must be aware of the factors affecting the Everest Base Camp trek. The trek will begin from your trip to the Lukla in Nepal and later on, trek in the whole path towards the Kala Patthar situated at around 18000 feet over the Southern Base Camp. The Everest base camp trek (EBC) is along a well-established waymarked trail all the way to base camp. Elevation of the Everest Base Camp will pose some challenges but it's also the part of the thrilling adventure. Camp 2 and 3 are located at the elevation of 6,500m and 7,400 m respectively. Shortly, you will hike through the beautiful pine forest towards Monjo 2,835m. You will spend rest of the time resting and enjoying a farewell dinner with your trek members. [7] Some of the trails leading to Everest Base Camp were damaged by these earthquakes and needed repairs.[5]. Mount Everest is visible in the background. Staging areas for mountaineering activities on Mount Everest, 4 sections of the trekking route to Mount Everest were damaged by the earthquake, assessment finds, "Everest Base Camp a 'War Zone' After Earthquake Triggers Avalanches", "Avalanche triggered by quake kills 18 on Mount Everest", "Which Everest Base Camp: Everest or Nepal? On the 5th day of the Everest Base Camp trek, your hike for today ends at the elevation of 3,870 m at Tengboche. On the K2 base camp trek (K2BC), the terrain is far more challenging and the trails less defined. Whereas the height of Everest Base Camp on the north side is 16,900 feet and its located in Tibet. After you observe the breathtaking views of the majestic mountains, you will slowly descend back down to Pheriche 4,320m and eventually back to Lukla Airport 2,600m. You will board an early morning flight from Lukla to the capital city at Kathmandu 1,350m. Camps visible on northeast ridge as seen from north tent village, Tibet on May 20, 2011. From here on, you will start a tough 788m ascend climb towards Namche Bazaar 3,440m. At 29,029 feet, Everest soars high against a backdrop of vast blue sky. The Everest Base Camp Trek, is one of the most famous Trek in Nepal, which is famous for its fantastic mountain peaks and the beauty on the hills. Everest Base Camp has one route up and down unless you decide to go further, such as back via Gokyo lake. The rest will allow your body to adapt to the lofty altitude during the trek. So, most of you the travelers will feel the early effects of the altitude during the early start of the trek. Colorful prayer flags at Mt. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient Tengboche monastery, one of the largest in Khumbu. Altitude: 5,545m/18,192ft (Kalapathar) , 4,173ft (Pheriche). In addition, you will also have the option to commence a 2-hour hike to Everest View Point 3,962m. The southern side base camp of the Mount Everest is at an altitude of 5,364 m (17,598 ft.) whereas the northern base camp is at an altitude of 5,150 m (16,900 ft.). 2. Because of the low level of oxygen in the air one cannot easily adjust the atmosphere. Interior of tea house/hotel located at Everest Base Camp, Tibet, A view of Everest North Base Camp looking west, August 3, 2002. The highest camp (camp 4) resides at the elevation of 8000 m. The summit lies ahead at the incredible elevation of 8,848m. The Everest Base Camp trek on the south side, at an altitude of 17,900 feet (5,500 m), is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas and about 40,000 people per year make the trek there from Lukla airport. The trail is signposted and solid underfoot and sees a steady stream of walkers throughout the season. The Everest Base Camp trek on the south side is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas and is visited by thousands of trekkers each year. You will cherish the moments you spent in the high Himalayas for a lifetime. Pumori 7,161m and the Nuptse 7,861m from the heights of 4,900 m at Lobuche. The south Mt. Nepal's EBC bottom left, Khumbu icefall to the right, A short rest on Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal. Climbers typically rest at base camp for several days for acclimatization, to reduce the risk of altitude sickness. The permanent structure at left is for mountain climbers, central-left structure is for pit toilets, while the temporary wood-frame, plastic tarpaulin-covered structures below and right are for other visitors and support people. DAY 10 - Gorakshep to Kalapatthar and Pheriche Altitude: 5,545m/18,192ft (Kalapathar), 4,173ft (Pheriche) Today, you will enjoy the amazing hike to the highest point of the trek at Kalapathar 5,545m. You will enjoy the views of Mt. However, it comes with a price to pay as the most challenging element of the expedition is probably its elevation. Furthermore, you will reach the highest point on the Everest Base Camp treks at Kala Patthar 5,545m viewpoint. The journey ahead rewards you with the Breathtaking views Everest 8,848m, Nuptse 7,861m, Lhotse 8,516m, Ama Dablam 6,812m, and Kwangde 6,011m, and Thamserku 6,623m. Everest Base Camp is stretched almost 68.7 km up to Summit including short treks for acclimatization. You will arrive at the airport an hour before your flight departure from the Airport. You will board a scenic mountain flight to the thrilling airport at Lukla. You wo… Everest base camp is at an altitude of 5,364 m … Shortly after, you will take a break at the Pangboche monastery as the hike after is strenuous. The hike from base camp runs on snow terrain and rocks leading all the way to Camp I. Trekkers usually take the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla to save their time and energy. From Lukla, climbers trek upward to the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar, 3,440 metres (11,290 ft), following the valley of the Dudh Kosi river. The trail from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp is relatively harder. You will arrive in Kathmandu at an altitude of 1,350m for your Everest Base Camp trek. Typically at this point, climbers allow a day of rest for acclimatization. Courtesy of Dinesh Manandhar The Lukla height is about 2,860m/9,383ft. Blogs I write are mainly about tips, facts, and suggestions about trekking in the Himalayas to help you make your trip a perfect one! To reach the destination, you will have to hike through rocky dunes, moraine, and glacial debris. This extreme height of the base camp triggers altitude sickness and also snow bites amongst the trekkers. Today, you will spend the entire day to rest your body for the coming adventures ahead. [6] At least 19 people were said to have been killed as a result. There will be days with significantly high altitude gains on the Everest Base Camp trek. This will allow you to enjoy the experience of the Everest Base Camp trek despite the climatic conditions and altitude. Besides, I am passionate about helping solo and guided travelers in Nepal find out about the best time, weather conditions and many more. Today is the first acclimatization day on your Everest Base Camp trek. Altitude: 5180m/16,994 ft (Gorak Shep,  5364m/17598 (EBC). Everest Base camp is located at the lowest elevation among those camps. The classic Everest Base Camp journey begins and ends in Kathmandu. Another two days takes them to Everest Base Camp via Gorakshep, the flat field below Kala Patthar, 5,545 metres (18,192 ft) and Mt. After the magnificent views of the surrounding peaks and Mount Everest, you will head back to Gorak Shep 5,180m or an overnight stay. Your trek today starts as you cross the Dudh Koshi River via a long suspension bridge. The trek to the base camp on the South Side of the mountain, is by far the most popular, and the destination of our Everest Base Camp Trek. On May 16, expedition leaders decided to make another attempt, with … How Tall Is Mount Everest? Altitude: 3,440m/11,283ft (Namche Bazaar). Pumori. The rest today is important to prepare you for the steep ascent tomorrow. This is the gateway to Everest Base Camp Trek and Everest Expedition. After the magnificent views of the surrounding peaks and Mount Everest, you will head back to Gorak Shep 5,180m or an overnight stay. Eventually, you will arrive at Lukla after a comfortable walk from the village of Phakding. Enjoy the view of Khumbu glacier and foot of the world’s highest mountain. But according to the researchers and the Nepali government, The answer to this question, How Tall Is Mount Everest? Fear not, because the typical round trip to Everest Base Camp takes around 12 days, the actual distance you will be covering each day will be about 15km – a much more reasonable and achievable number. As mentioned above a longer time frame has pros and cons. Length of Everest Base Camp Trek. Eventually, you will make your way down to a lower altitude at Pheriche. The standard length of the Everest Base Camp trek is about 16 days. Everest Base Camp (EBC), also known as Qomolangma Base Camp, is the Base Camp on both sides of Mount Everest. From the Base Camp, all tourists were required to take the buses managed by the government to limit the traffic in the last stretch of gravel road to a marked hill at 5,200 meters above sea level just before the climbers’ camp. Mt. It will take around 8.5 days of trekking to reach the Base Camp and just 2.5 days to return to Lukla. This question How Tall Is Mount Everest ? The trek starts after the gut-wrenching flight to Lukla, which stands at just below 3,000m and then makes its way up to Everest Base Camp at around 5,400m. [1][2][3], The base camps are rudimentary campsites at the base of Mount Everest that are used by mountain climbers during their ascent and descent; they are also visited by hikers. You will enjoy the scenic 35 min flight over the mountains as you cherish the moments you spend on the same Himalayas. There are two base camps on Mount Everest, on opposite sides of the mountains: South Base Camp is in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) (28°0′26″N 86°51′34″E / 28.00722°N 86.85944°E / 28.00722; 86.85944), while North Base Camp is in Tibet at 5,150 metres (16,900 ft) (28°8′29″N 86°51′5″E / 28.14139°N 86.85139°E / 28.14139; 86.85139 (North Base Camp)). Tea house at the North Everest Base Camp. Measuring The Height Of Mount Everest : ... Nepalese surveyor/climber Khim L. Gautam setting up a GPS receiver at Everest base camp in spring 2019. Nestled between mountains and plains, the city is alive with energy.