As these men trace Minos’ steps, they seek to discover what the best political system and laws are. Guardians/Soldiers: Those who keep order in the society and protect it from invaders. The sailors don't even know that there is such a thing as the craft of navigation. Socrates proposes that the Guardians should mate and reproduce, and that the children will be raised communally rather than by their biological parents. But the most astounding aspect of Plato (written in the Republic and that has erupted the world) was his “political philosophy”. Plato's involvement to the western political thought is immense. Summary: Plato (ca. Plato’s political philosophy is the first great theoretical examination of political life and is arguably the core of Plato’s philosophy generally: his most comprehensive and well-known work, the Republic, centers on the basic political question of justice. One of the greatest thinkers in the history of philosophy, Plato was born in Athens as the son of a noble family. Plato’s arguments in favour of the Theory of the Ideas. He also argues that in a system in which everyone has a right to rule all sorts of selfish people who care nothing for the people but are only motivated by their own personal desires are able to attain power. II. He had given it a direction, a basis and a vision. 2. By coincidence, CGP Grey just released a video on his YouTube channel summarizing the thesis of a modern day revisiting of “The Prince,” called “The Dictator’s Handbook,” by Alastair Smith. Plato was a great philosopher as well as a teacher whose most renowned student, Aristotle, holds differing views. The second argument was that there would always be so many competing factions in a democracy that they would cancel out their worst elements and only the best policies would survive. Producers or Workers: The laborers who make the goods and services in the society. Political philosophy, branch of philosophy that is concerned, at the most abstract level, with the concepts and arguments involved in political opinion. Platos Contribution In Political Science Philosophy Essay. By contrast, suppose your physician told you that she knows nothing of medicine, but the free market lets anyone practice so she thought she would give it a go. They cannot. 8. Plato was the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms in philosophy. Seems relevant to this post. The more experienced graduates could also be candidates for appointed offices. In Plato's Republic, Socrates is highly critical of democracy and proposes an aristocracy ruled by philosopher-kings. B.C. The idea here is that somebody who has gone through this educational process would earn a bipartisan seal of approval that should provide an advantage in electoral campaigns. And like Plato, I believe that persons applying to hold a political office should have to pass some kind of exams to demonstrate knowledge of the relevant issues, in the same way, one must pass medical boards (physicians), or the bar (attorneys), or comprehensive examinations (PhD) in order to practice in those realms. What is PLATO'S POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY? They could start at any level they choose: local, state, or federal. Have you mounted some sort of high-horse? To understand why we need intelligent and knowledgeable individuals occupying the most important positions in society, Plato invites us to consider the following: if we want good health care we consult physicians and nurses; if we desire legal advice we consult attorneys; if we want to construct buildings or bridges we consult engineers and architects; etc. These three men are walking the path that Minos (a legendary lawgiver of Crete) and his father followed every nine years to receive the guidance of Zeus. While Republic can be read, as a whole, as a work of formal political philosophy, Plato’s specific thoughts concerning the nature of the supposed ideal city (his political philosophy) come out in Books… He also claims that democracies have leaders without proper skills or morals and that it is quite unlikely that the best equipped to rule will come to power. Before we start harumphing at you. In either case, you would not feel good about the situation. Politics, his work on political philosophy major result of these experiences, which sit the legitimacy of this work. You can view samples of our professional work here. As we say in the suburbs, “tut, tut, indeed.” That is, get a grip, sir. III. Until his mid-twenties, Athens was involved in a long and disastrous military conflict with Sparta, known as the Peloponnesian War. He claims that democracy is a danger due to excessive freedom. But surely the fact that physicians, nurses, attorneys, physicists, and philosophers endure long periods of training and must pass multiple examinations makes them more likely to be qualified to do their jobs than if they were chosen randomly or by a vote of the ignorant. You want those who practice to be qualified. [1], In the Republic, Plato's Socrates raises a number of objections to democracy. If you want to know about the merits of a lawsuit you would consult an attorney, not a pharmacist or plumber. Philosopher Kings: are the most intelligent, rational, self-controlled, in love with wisdom, and well suited to make decisions for the community, and who promote the interests of the society as a whole. Plato's political philosophy has been the subject of much criticism. Even so, current developments in European parliamentary systems demonstrate that even parliamentary systems are vulnerable to popular frenzies. Plato's political philosophy has thus often been considered totalitarian. ), auxiliaries (warriors), and guardians (rulers); a society is just when relations between these three classes are right. The first was that, however bad democracy was, it was always superior to the alternatives considered viable at the time: monarchy or aristocracy or some combination thereof. Plato’s political philosophy is much discussed and debated. And if you want to understand the science of climate change, you would consult a climate scientist, not a scientifically illiterate politician. In Books II, III, and IV, Plato identifies political justice as harmony in a structured political body. I have corresponded with a few professional philosophers who are always saying things like “I’m meant to reply but alas …” And I always thought that was a bit pompous. This second argument was nullified by the two-party system. He concludes that democracy risks bringing dictators, tyrants, and demagogues to power. Now all of this is relevant to the American political system where those who run for political office often have no relevant knowledge of the issues; often they are ignorant of economics, science, political theory, history, religion, nuclear weapons, and more. He then asks us to imagine the sailors, all of which are arguing about who should have control of the helm while none of them have studied navigation. It is an identical quality which makes man good and which makes him social. The true captain represents a philosopher-king, who knows the forms of justice and goodness.[2]. Based on ancient sources, most modern scholars believe that he was born in Athens or Aegina between 429 and 423 BC.