to add extra resistance to your HIIT workouts. While the shape shouldn't impact their overall function too much, you might want to take note when it comes to certain exercises and storage. To climb all of the Colorado 14ers, wearing, Bowflex Unisex's 552i Single Adjustable Dumbbell, Black/Grey/Red, One Size. Lets you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next... Combines 15 weights into one, using a unique dial system. That also means no excuses for missing training, helping you to stick with your fitness routines. In terms of value for money, the versatility and adjustability of the product makes it an impressive purchase. You can enjoy a hassle-free weight change, so you don’t have to waste time between exercises. Easy to adjust with the help of four spin lock collars, this dumbbell safely avoids any dropped weights or sudden imbalances in your lifting. We’ve reviewed and rated them so you can easily find the best dumbbell set before you buy. You can still do an incredible variety of weight training, but for those who prefer to work both arms, or use two weights when working out, then purchasing an additional one would be a benefit. Dumbbells with an exposed metal bar are often more hardwearing and easier to grip. NJ508's adjustable dumbbell set is available in this 40 kilogram option (aka 88 pounds). We list hundreds of home gym equipment products from top retailers including Argos, Sports Direct, Amazon, Fitness Superstore and more. Top Choice. Choose a weight depending on your current fitness level. The bonus of this is that there’s no need to faff around adding and removing plates as you change between exercises. Luckily, whether you're gearing up to your first jog or a big race, there's a running headband for you. Want to seriously step your training up a gear? This dumbbell is built to last, so if you want something the looks great as well as being something you can use daily without worrying about wear and tear, this may be the ideal dumbbell for you! Equally, the use of plastic spin locks instead of metal ones could lead to some longevity issues but are replaceable. For those with broad shoulders and grip, there are some potential issues around the barbell being too short. ISOGYM 2kg-20kg Weight Set Editor’s Choice; Power Block Personal Trainer Adjustable; Universal Selectorized 445 Dumbbells and Stand; York Fitness 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set It has a push and pull design that means you can adjust the weight from 2.5kg to 12.5kg in an instant! You may have noticed that the weights at either end of your dumbbells come in a few different shapes. Opti Dumbbell Tree Set. You don't need to necessarily go for the lightest weight, though weights under 5kg can be useful for beginners looking to learn form or add some extra resistance to bodyweight exercises. That said, it's a great starter dumbbell to add some light resistance to your training! Having a good variety of dumbbells to choose from will allow you to train your whole body in an individually tailored way. Ideally, you should pick a lighter weight initially and gradually work your way up to heavier sets. Even better, the squared corners mean that they won't roll away when you're taking rests between reps! Since we’ve explained how to choose the best adjustable dumbbells for you (as well as covering the different types and how they work), let’s jump right into the products! To help you out, we've ranked the top 10 best dumbbells for beginners available to buy online in the UK from Argos and eBay. A high quality and easy-to-use adjustable dumbbell with convenient weight change options. Take a look at our top tips to ensure you make the perfect choice. As such they are one of the most versatile options on the market, as well as being space efficient and lending themselves to hundreds of different exercises – from clean and press to bicep curls, and deadlifts to renegade rows. This set of dumbbells for absolute beginners is guaranteed to get you into the fitness mindset. The high-quality weight discs are made of iron with a removable silicone protective cover and anti-slip handles for extra confidence.