So with that in mind, here are Humor That Works’ 30 benefits of Humor at Work, backed by academic research, business psychology case studies, and real-world examples. Humor Helps Produce an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace The last decade has seen a tremendous growth of interest in what is generally referred to as emotional intelligence (EI). According to the Mayo Clinic , a good guffaw has some great short-term side effects including soothing tension, activating and relieving your stress response, and increasing the endorphins that are released by your brain. He discovered that employees who have fun on the job are more creative, more productive, better decision-makers and get along better with co-workers. If you continue to use the site we will assume that you are happy with it. 28 “Ha! For one, it can reduce stress. 1. What does this mean for an employee who is not the comedic center of attention at work? Here are the top 3 benefits of humor … Humor, when done right, can make a world of difference in the workflow of virtual assistants. Laughter not only reduces stress and anxiety; it helps the lungs, heart and brain. The workplace needs laughter. Here are some messages you can share: Twitter: Nominate […], Pingback: Improv at Work - Tech Vs Humans. “Positive moods prompt more flexible decision-making and wider search behavior and greater analytic precision.”7 3. Any event, no matter how big or small, infused with humor can brighten up a regular, everyday life at the office and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Everybody loves humor. Why should you use humor at the workplace? Studies show that people with a sense of humor tend to be viewed as more likeable and more trustworthy by their peers. Humor reduces stress. 2005 HUMOR. A little fun as well as humor in the workplace is something which can go a long way in alleviating the stress levels of the employees. The proper use of humor increases status, confidence and competence in the eyes of others. 25 “A meta-analysis of positive humor in the workplace”, Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, Vish Viswesvaran. There is a lot of truth to the old saying "laughter is the best medicine." Moreover, good mood management can be very valuable in preventing or improving certain mental disorders. Humor That Works Chamfort 4 Humor Definitions. 2009;23:349. Tell a joke or recount a funny story, and help colleagues feel the benefits of a good laugh, too. Humor in the workplace benefits: Productivity. Humor in the Workplace: Good For Your Career. In the workplace, it can provide such benefits as stress relief, team unification, employee motivation, idea generation, and frustration diffusion through venting. Harvard Business School, C0207D. Humor can be used to get ahead in the workplace, but when humor goes wrong, it is damaging on many levels. A great sense of humor isn't just for the comedy clubs. Humor provides motivation: The use of humour in organizations has been aligned with improving morale among workers, creating a lively and positive organizational culture and in the process increasing motivation. FastCompany, May 2013. Here are some ideas that can build a more fun-loving, productive workplace. Learn techniques for advancing in the corporate world. Benefits of Humor on the Job. Workplace fun is defined as playful activities that … There’s pretty good evidence that injecting a little comedy into the workplace is good for your career. What’s Going Wrong with Employee Referrals?.. Sometimes funny guys are way out of line and they don’t know it because they try very hard to be funny, Pingback: The World of HR Blogging: Carnival of HR - upstartHR, Your email address will not be published. Advertisement X. 2013. Interviews with today’s thought leaders on humor. However, there is little shared understanding as to the role of humor in the workplace. Communication Education Vol. CNN Money, April 2013. The meeting space for HR Tech addicts and nerds of the digital era. [3] 2013 Journal of Managerial Psychology. Stress Management. All Rights Reserved. The benefits of using humor in the workplace. How to introduce humor at your workplace? The ability of people, objects, situations or words to evoke feelings of amusement or happiness in people ; 11 “Let the Good Times Roll Building a Fun Culture”, David Stauffer. Little Brown, January 2002. to increase morale, productivity and group cohesiveness through humor. 83% of Americans feel stressed out at work. © 2020 Humor That Works. 1 Humor in the Workplace: Anecdotal Evidence Suggests Connection to Employee Performance, Lauren Breeze. There are many benefits to using and embracing humor in the workplace, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone. Employees feel more engaged when they can have fun at work. Humour does not have to be accurate nor necessarily humorous. What are the benefits of a fun workplace? 19 “Humor as a relationship building tool in online deal making”, Terri Kurtzberg. Researchers believe that sarcasm triggers more abstract thinking by making the brain jump from the literal meaning of someone’s sarcastic comment, to its intended meaning. 26 “Humor Theories and the Physiological Benefits of Laughter”, Julia Wilkins. The purpose of this paper is to address two main gaps in the humor literature. There are many benefits associated with humor; stress relief is one of the most important. Everybody loves humor. AATH Humor Connection, September 2013. 2012 Alternative Therapies Vol 9, No 2, 2003. [1] Here’s why you should use humor in the workplace. Little did I know, humor (and its byproduct, laughter) contains a whole host of benefits in the workplace. Just remember to always keep things wholesome and professional. More differences are welcome, Too much humor is also not constructive in work environment. Radical Pedagogy, 2005. Terms and Conditions, Books It attracts and keeps friends. 14 Humor, Analogy, and Metaphor: H.A.M. 9 “Creativity – A framework for the design/problem solving discourse in Technology Education”, Theodore Lewis. BISON… Keep smiling, it really can be the best medicine.. Pingback: Five Tips to Engage New Hires at Meetings and Events | Corporate Event Interactive, Pingback: Putting Humour to Work - Engaged HREngaged HR, Here’s a new book that might interest you. 24 Positive and Negative Styles of Humor in Communication, Arnie Cann. Creating an office culture of humor can help you cultivate all these benefits. Dr. Michael Kerr, president of Humor at Work, explained the amount or type of humour found in any given workplace depended almost entirely on its culture, while Lynn Taylor, author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant”, is of the belief that employees don’t feel … The workplace needs laughter. “A dose of humor releases the chemical serotonin in your brain, which improves focus, increases objectivity and improves overall brainpower.”6 2. Stress relief, calorie burning, happiness, leadership... A database of humor that works from around the web. 2002, Vol 15; Part 4 Holistic Nursing Practice. Required fields are marked *. Humor is a common element of human interaction and therefore has an impact on work groups and organizations. Go ahead! Here are two benefits your workplace likely will experience if you incorporate a bit more fun. THE NEED FOR HUMOR AT WORK. Laughing is Good for You!”, Amy Toffelmire. "Even though more companies are beginning to understand the value of divergent thinking and creativity, not enough of them structure the workplace to facilitate it," says Heather Bradley, associate creative director at Razorfish in Seattle and former creative director at Cheezburger Network . Office humor can come in many different forms – it can be an office joke, prank or funny employee awards event. Humor in the Workplace: Lauren Breeze, Adrienne Dawson, and Susanna Khazhinsky, St. Edward’s University; Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Health Benefits of Humor, HelpGuide.Org; Does Humor Make Ads More Effective: Millard Brown; School of Medicine Study Shows Laughter Helps Blood Vessels Function Better: University of Maryland Medical Center 8 “Why Hewlett-Packard is Hiring Dancers”, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn. Sources Sridharan K, et al. Humor replenishes your employees and makes them more productive. Using humor in the workplace has many benefits. In a 2017 survey by Robert Half, almost 80 percent of senior executives said that an employee’s sense of humor plays an important role in how well they fit the corporate culture. 59, January 2010. Brain Based Biz, September 2008. Dr. We will learn what the effects are on employees, productivity, and the overall environment. Digital Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers: Who to Hire? It is a business asset. Avolio. 13 Humor at Work: Putting Mimes to Good Use, Mike Kerr. Meet the Greater Good Toolkit. The Sense of Humor blog, Jokes and Humor are sisters but humor is very effective and instantaneous while jokes are planned …. A good energizer is easy-to-explain, gets people moving, and hopefully induces some laughter. Fun builds staff morale. Humor offers a … Read a case study detailing how the Imperial Tobacco Group travel team modernized hotel sourcing and saved a projected US$211,000 with help from business travel consultancy Advito. Explain the benefits of humor in the workplace; 3 The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ... All the above are a couple of benefits of humour at work. Until then, the subject had been considered unsound compared to topics such as social psychology or clinical psychology.On the other hand, … 22 Letter from the President, Jill Knox. In addition, when people laugh at the same thing, it brings them closer together. Other than giving your workers a huge pay … This habit of theirs have led to changes in the spellings of many words making them shorter wherever possible. Besides making you and your colleagues feels good and less stressed, using humor at the workplace has many additional, proven benefits. Humor can be a valuable tool in your workplace, but only if you practice and use it often. A good office humor is the one that everyone can enjoy and laugh about. In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of how to use humor at work. In a 2017 survey by Robert Half, almost 80 percent of senior executives said that an employee’s sense of humor plays an important role in how well they fit the corporate culture. Workplaces that encourage humor often promote employee creativity and … That makes people miserable, and so it ends up taking a toll on productivity, creativity, and relationships in the workplace. Failed recruitment kills your culture, but how do companies get this wrong? Humor Helps Produce an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace The last decade has seen a tremendous growth of interest in what is generally referred to as emotional intelligence (EI). Humor That Works cares about humor because humor work benefits are real! It encourages creativity, and it can help improve relationships, which leads to a better work culture. Team Savage BM, et al. The benefits of using humor in the workplace Besides making you and your colleagues feels good and less stressed, using humor at the workplace has many additional, proven benefits. How can I get free Internet at home without paying anything? 5 Daily Habits App Inspiring Workplaces Issue 521, January 2014. “In fact, it’s a triple whammy," Kerr explains. " There are many benefits associated with humor; stress relief is one of the most important. Daunting it may be, but there are several compelling reasons why judicious use of humour can help your workplace become happier and more productive – and we’ll discuss how to avoid the pitfalls as well. They aren't social clubs or… Despite these positives, it should be stressed that humor in this context has downsides, as well. Managing a team of executives, after all, is no joke, even if you occasionally use humor to ease tensions. We at Humor That Works are incredibly passionate about humor in the workplace, and not because it’s just fun. Other than giving your workers a huge pay … Ready to make work more enjoyable for yourself and others? Here are 2 great ways to introduce humor to your workplace: Funny employee awards. Turn your old, boring “Employee of the month” award into something much more fun!