Texture: smooth. //--> 'dimension4': 'Red Grandis: A Green Cabinet Wood', Jo-Ann Kaiser has been covering the woodworking industry for 31+ years. The grain tends to be straight and even. Red Grandis is plantation grown eucalyptus that has a grain similar to Mahogany. 'dimension6': 'track', Available with FSC certification, this Red Grandis is a high quality hardwood lumber that is used for many different apllications. Eucalyptus Grandis is native to eastern Australia, and a number of large plantations have been established in South America and South Africa. The Heartwood of Red Grandis ranges from pale pink to medium pink in color. Southwest Florida reportedly is one of the areas that has been attempting to cultivate rose gum as a plantation grown commercial species. Moderate - Care needs to be taken to avoid checking and splitting during drying, warping is not common but fast grown stock may have a higher tendency to warp. Eucalyptus grandis is native to the east coast of Australia, where it is often known as rose gum. Rancho Santa Fe 2019 LeLievre. gtag('js', new Date()); [CDATA[//> "La Gran Via" 2019. Uruguay, according to Urufor, offers an ideal climate for plantation grown eucalyptus. Moderate - Works moderately well with some difficulty in planing due to occasional interlocked grain, good nailing and screwing properties. The Lancasters, Hyde Park, London, reportedly used Red Grandis from a company called Timbmet to produce some 800 doors and windows for a high-end residential development in Central London. The wood is described as straight-grained, medium textured and available in excellent widths and lengths in lumber, veneer and plywood. Red Grandis is FSC Pure (Eucalyptus grandis), a plantation-grown FSC Pure, uniform hardwood timber. URUFOR is a forest products company committed to growing, harvesting, producing, and marketing high quality Red Grandis (Eucalyptus grandis) wood products in the most environmentally sensible and sustainable way. com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.visitPage(); Red Grandis is a wood that varies in color from pink to white cream to light rose but its claim to fame likely belongs to the fact that it is certifiably green. Yet, Red Grandis may be the preferred choice in many instances as Western Red Cedar is a softwood and not … The tree can grow from 40-70 meters high, and up to 250cm in diameter, however plantation stock will generally be harvested after 20-30 years growth. Because it is so similar to these better known, more popular wood types, Red Grandis is a great, sustainable alternative that is readily available. One of the closest competitors to Red Grandis is Canadian Western Red Cedar. Red Grandis was the award winner of the Sequoia New Product Award at the 2011 AWFS convention in Las Vegas, for product innovation and leadership in the woodworking industry in the category of Green/Environmental Leadership in raw Materials.

what is red grandis wood

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