The selected passages are ‘Sentinel’, the opening of ‘Tubular Bells II’ and a shortened version of ‘Far Above the Clouds’, which closes ‘Tubular Bells III’. Instruments, be they electronic or acoustic, are authoritatively conveyed and have a great deal of presence, so those who like to follow individual elements of an Oldfield recording will be thrilled with what’s presented here, by the multi-channel mix especially. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whatever my thoughts about the multi-channel mix and the technical merits of the disc might be, there is no escaping the fact that ‘Tubular Bells’, be it in 1972/3 or 2003 form, is a work of genius by one of the finest musicians of our time and nothing I write here will change that. - Mike Oldfield, 2014. During the main body of ‘Finalй’, instruments are announced by John Cleese from the front right channel – the exact opposite to the position taken by Viv Stanshall in the quad mix – and as each enters, it drifts from front right to front left and then back towards the centre (the bass guitar ends up over one’s right shoulder). [The 2003 bonus DVD edition included tracks mixed in 5.1 sound, as well as "Introduction 2003: 'The Video'."] Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells 2003 at Discogs. In comparison to the 2003 multi-channel mix, the old 1970’s quad version could be considered minimalist, almost to a fault, largely because there just aren’t enough instruments present during many passages to convincingly fill a three-dimensional soundstage. High Fidelity Review Febbraio 2, 2004 NOTIZIE 2004 , Articolo , High Fidelity Review , Tubular Bells 2003 Giuliano Plenevici Un interessantissimo articolo che parla dell’uscita del DVDAudio di Tubular Bells 2003 ed intitolato “ Mike Oldfield ‘Tubular Bells 2003’ DVD-Audio Release Dates ” è stato pubblicato sul sito di “High Fidelity Review”. "target=_blank><\/a>"), HighFidelityReview – Hi-Fi systems, DVD-Audio and SACD reviews. It’s not the first time that Mike has released discs in surround, and high-resolution listeners will be familiar with the SACD re-release of the 1975 quadraphonic version. Part two opens with far fewer panned elements, therefore during these passages, especially ‘Harmonics’, ‘Peace’ – where the acoustic and ‘Venetian’ guitars stay fairly still throughout – and most of ‘Bagpipe Guitars’, one can settle back, relax and appreciate the music without distraction. Tubular Bells 2003 Review by Steve Alspach. High frequencies are free from any hard edges and do not show any signs of compromise from the ‘meagre’ 48kHz sample rate, although an even higher resolution would surely have been welcomed. Tubular Bells este albumul de debut al muzicianului englez Mike Oldfield, lansat în 1973.A fost primul album lansat de casa de discuri Virgin Records.. Piesa a fost mai târziu orchestrată de David Bedford pentru versiunea The Orchestral Tubular Bells având și trei continuări în anii '90: Tubular Bells II (1992), Tubular Bells III (1998) și The Millennium Bell (1999). A word of warning here, the lighting, including innumerable neon ‘Space Canons’ and video effects is guaranteed to induce epileptic fits in those who are even remotely susceptible. Mike Oldfield, -The mark of a good musician is to play one note and mean it-, "The beauty in life is in the embracing of the variety of things. Realistically and in subjective terms however, without the aid of waveform analysis the two really are all but indistinguishable in terms of dynamic range and that’s something of a disappointment. Links | There’s a choice of audio options, either 48kHz PCM stereo or 5.1 Dolby Digital for each, just as there was when the complete concerts were first released on a double-sided DVD-Video disc back in 1999. Tubular Bells, the best selling instrumental album of all times, gets re-recorded by Mike Oldfield for the 30th anniversary of the original.Oldfield recreates Tubular Bells using a combination of the latest recording technology, software synthesizers, and vintage instruments, including many of the instruments used to record the original. A variety of instruments are combined to create an excitable multitude of rhythms, tones, pitches, and harmonies that all fuse neatly into each other, resulting in an astounding plethora of music. Tubular Bells 2003 has however brought a new light to Part 2. It is quite possible you never heard it before if you are twenty or thirty something. Some may credit the same reason as to why Mike Oldfield has remade Tubular Bells. Tubular Bells 2003 is an album by Mike Oldfield, released in 2003 by Warner Music.It is a complete re-recording of Oldfield's 1973 album debut Tubular Bells, which had been released 30 years earlier.To date, this is the most recent album from the Tubular Bells series. Mike Oldfield – ‘Tubular Bells 2003’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson October 13, 2003 ‘ Tubular Bells 2003 ’, the updated version of Mike Oldfield’s seminal instrumental album will be released by Warner Music Group as a DVD-Audio disc, complete with a newly-created multi-channel mix, and as a DVD-Audio/Video anniversary box set, sometime in early 2004. View interactive tab. Your email address will not be published. document.write("

tubular bells 2003 review

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