“Again!”T’Challa ordered as he swatted you once again, continuing on until he got to twenty. “Mmm such a pretty one you are. Sometimes you had nights with great singers and choices in song, but others were the rejects of American Idol in the flesh it seemed. Whether intentional or not the film further demonstrates this severance in Killmonger’s audacious disregard of the weighty importance of African tradition. Where T’Challa cannot survive or triumph without Okoye, Shuri, or Ramonda, Killmonger is alone. Or for you to find out what he had been doing to all the people who tried to steal you from him, at least that is his reasoning. Tags. A memorable Marvel villain who blurred the lines between the Disney-style notions of good and evil. When he abruptly orders for the burning of the ‘Heart-Shaped Herb’, he makes a monumental decision that will affect the future lineage of the Black Panther. The complete Yandere package. I don’t want to be away from you either, but in the depths of my soul I know this is the right thing.” T’Challa frowned pulling you into his arms. I hope you like it and that it is what you were wanting! Thankfully your soulmate listened to halfway decent songs, mostly comprised of 80’s and 90’s hits. Your ass sore and raw from each of his hits, tears now running down your cheeks. “Do you think we produced an heir this time my King?”You asked panting slowly coming back to reality, feeling your own hot breath against the wall. Starting with, cocky and confident on the outside, sweet sweet boy on the inside which you would get to see. So I’ve been taking her to doctors appointments since she still can’t drive. Working with the Avengers meant that you were constantly meeting people, but none were the one you were searching for. You could only imagine the stuff that they heard as you worked in a karaoke bar in the evenings. His love is unending, and you thought he was obsessed with making suits before…think about how obsessed he would be with you. Until one day you walked into work humming along to the tune in your head, only to realize that it was playing inside the bar. They are trying to figure out why she passed out, and it looks like she is going to have to have surgery for something unrelated found during testing. Black Panther - Killmonger Vs T'Challa - MOVIE CLIP (4K HD). Someone taking flirting way too far and makes you uncomfortable? Maybe they could hear that you were nearby, could it be that you were each other’s soulmate? Googling it feeling a little silly like maybe you just imagined it, you quickly got results for a type of soulmate bond. One group is viewed by many Africans as the ‘Lost Tribe’ whilst the other maintains the luxury of a tight hold on the cultural traditions of old. I hope you like it, and that it is what you wanted! Reveling in how lucky he was to truly have you, and that he was in a position to keep you with him. Stopping his movements he touched the spot you collided with not feeling any pain at all making his eyes go wide. That was until you joined the team, and it was his job to train you on hand to hand combat. He would be able to notice the same signs he carries in his own eyes. You don’t know which Loki you are getting at any given moment. Speaking of mood, it’s highly unpredictable. Of course you voiced your concerns but he simply didn’t listen to what you were trying to say. “The only sound I want to hear from your mouth is counting.”He firmly stated as he swatted your backside as hard as he could, making you hold back a scream. Once you are happy and sleeping in his arms he will finally relax a little, allowing himself to be content in the knowledge that you are still his. Having been told stories from your family as well you suddenly understood what they meant. The film ends with T’Challa learning from Killmonger, just as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. learned from each other. Not only that but he will have to come up with an attack and rescue plan that is unlikely to harm you in any way. Will probably mark you in some way so that the world will know who you belong to. “Maybe I want you to my King.”You taunted right back knowing exactly what you were doing. Will definitely kidnap you and keep you hidden from the rest of Wakanda. In an alternate ending to Black Panther, Killmonger defeats T'Challa in the final fight. Instead see it as his love language, his way of expressing his feelings towards you… his way of loving you. “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me. Somehow it didn’t take long for her to reach you, as you lived nearby. Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), an outsider raised in the United States who is seeking to claim T’Challa’s throne. Lifting his giant foot off the figure, replacing it with Mjolnir instead, letting its full weight press down upon his torso. Feeling self conscious Peter decided that he was going to send a message, one of who you belonged to. “You don’t realize how powerful you are with my by your side, because that could easily be arranged. Walking through the park you didn’t really pay attention to what was going on around you, until you saw someone stopped right in front of you. That is until the battle with Ultron, and you saw the one called Quicksilver block Clint and a child from being harmed. They don’t call him the ‘Silver Tongued God’ for nothing, he can be extremely manipulative and you might not even realize he is doing it. It was a bunch of formulas for seemingly a chemistry class. Cap must stop killmonger and liberate Wakanda from his tyrannical rule. Suddenly swooping in came Spider-Man saving the day, and potentially your life. His nephew then pulled a gun on the King , and worse yet ,a king thats also the Black Panther. Stay here, and lead your people.”You begged him as he started packing to leave the next morning. Calculating your next moves it’s like he can read your mind. Anything you desire I can give you, and will give you all you need to do is say the words.” T’Challa said cupping your face lovingly looking into your eyes getting lost in the fire burning bright behind them. Will make sure to get rid of anyone who tries anything to take you from him. I truly appreciate you and I hope this was what you were wanting! “I haven’t drank since last night and I’m shitfaced.”. Look’s like you just aren’t worthy, tough man.”. Dad is still doing Chemotherapy, it’s been extended for a couple more sessions. After his resurrection, Killmonger went back to his … Both of you stood there in silence trying to process what the hell just happened. Opening his eyes he gazed upon you, and to him you had an ethereal like glow surrounding you. Somehow you just never gone at the same time until now. While Erik is the most determined, T’Challa has the resources and the abilities to overcome any obstacle. T'Challa scans the words again, assessing all of the possibilities. This also sets the table for the deeper themes not commonly explored in mainstream cinema, least of all a Marvel superhero movie. You should know by now not to defy your King, even if I started out merely as a Prince when we met. I am still the one in charge here, so you remember that well. (l-r) Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) raise interesting questions as antagonist/protagonist in Black Panther. A few times you had tried to follow the ribbon only to get discouraged when it seemed they were never close enough. One scene in the film enacts the comic cliché ‘villain reveals his evil plan’, which surprised audiences, in that many were actually able to experience a sense of affinity with his controversial intentions. Making sure that none of the evidence would lead them back to you, not wanting you involved. Of course this mysterious man would likely be your soulmate, nothing normal ever happened to you. Without warning you were suddenly pinned against the wall, his entire body caging you in like a trapped animal. Walking home that night you were approached by a man who held you at knifepoint for your bag. It took you years to place ink on your skin, until you were finally ready. I really hope you enjoy it, and that it was what you were wanting! A love he had to fight so hard to win, and he wasn’t used to losing. [First I did general headcannons for the two, then I did who I think would win! Rating: 18+ A/N: The fight between Erik and T’Challa in Erik’s P.O.V. T'challa vs Killmonger Erik Killmonger (formerly N'Jadaka) Erik Killmonger's first appearance was in Jungle Action #6, during the Panther's Rage story. How could you not feel lucky upon meeting this cute brown eyed boy with the curls? “This is unnecessary, we need you, I need you!”You yelled loudly deciding that you were going to make your voice heard. One day after your 18th birthday you started hearing music playing, sometimes it was singing other times it was the actual song. We can bask in the glow of the sun in the morning, bathe in the moonlight at night. T'Challa was the first biological son of T'Chaka, king of the African nation of Wakanda, a secluded technologically advanced country that contained the only source of the rare ultra-durable metal known as Vibranium. Before things had started getting heated you two were fooling around with a camera and your new sexy lingerie. “I really wish that I could.”. <3], How You Meet pt One feat: Tony, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, Loki, How You Meet pt Two feat: Peter, Wanda, Pietro, Bucky, Sam, T’Challa, Strange, Carol, Wade, [First of all thank you for this idea, it took me way too long sitting here trying to think of the answer. Singing it gently in your ear, knowing for sure that you were what the other had been hunting for, for so long. Slowly getting his memories back he recalled the story making him feel nostalgic and more lonely than ever. After he walked you home you couldn’t help but smile at the very thought of the encounter. “You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.” T’Challa said softly before kissing you deeply on the lips. Not only would his facial expression and hulking figure intimidate most anyone away from you, but the shift of his eyes glowing blue added a whole other level of terror. [In my opinion]. Giving you only a moment to adjust to him before he began pounding you into the wall. “Let it out baby, let it out.”He said noticing you were trying to hold in your moans so the others who were just outside wouldn’t find out. Using his fingers again he rubbed your clit with unmatched speed, you clenched tightly around him soaking both of you, as you came harder than you ever had before in your life. The film signals the developments that are occurring within the diaspora. Never once did you hear the same thing you were listening to, which meant that you were not in close proximity to them. However should someone try to approach you in a flirtatious manner, he will let loose any of the anger he holds below the surface. That such a conversation was even granted a place in large on the silver screen, backed by the multi-million dollar Marvel Studios, is a testament to just how far the pendulum is swinging within Hollywood and mainstream filmmaking in general. T'Challa seems more agile yet he lost against Erik's sheer ferocity in their first fight. Overhearing the part about the soulmate your ears perked up. Leaning you over his lap he lifted your dress until you were clad only in your undergarments across his legs. Please don’t do this. That’s not to say that the person hitting on you or flirting with you would be safe that night when you went to sleep. Absolute bloodbath ending in Erik’s death. It also led you to wonder where you would touch your soulmate for the first time. Would definitely kill anyone who got too close to you, including your friends. Why it's on the list: This is the … Hopefully, deep wounds can heal, unlike those of Erik Killmonger. It doesn’t matter in the end who you want, because T’Challa is who you are going to get. <3 <3 <3], Prompt #8: “You’ve gotten good at this, it’s time to try something new.”, Prompt #18: “If I killed myself, would that make you happy?”, Prompt #19: “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me.”. Perhaps unintentionally mirroring the role the African elite played in the selling of slaves to Europeans. Thank you so much for your request and support! This kind of changes things. The darker kind of Yandere. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get out of this mission. Bringing his other hand around your waist, leaning some of his body weight onto you for balance he began massaging your clit in tandem. Unfortunately this means I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write lately. Harshly slamming into you over again over again the sound of his balls slapping against your skin, and your loud moans filling the air. Words started to appear, causing you to realize that you had never given them and indication that you even existed. The next day however they were gone, in the same amount of time that ink stays on the skin. Not a lot of people can say that! OBSESSIVE okay, like to the max with a dash of possessiveness. Has abilities to take you most anywhere without your permission. Had he not been holding you up you would have been in a pile on the floor beneath him. Seeing you nod in confirmation unable to muster a single word he could tell he was doing his job in fucking you into a state of euphoria. Even you didn’t connect the dots between your loving God, and the rise in horrific deaths due to natural causes. “Oh really and what words are those?”You asked with a slight grin on your face, truly thankful that the man in front of you called you his. Taking a deep breath he hit a button, sending Redwing out hitting the guy straight in the head incapacitating him instantly. I appreciate you! Tilting his head to the side he was processing the information, realizing that you had to be the one connected to him. You may act out but what you are truly trying to tell him is that you need him, and what kind of man would he be if he didn’t give you what you needed? “One.”You muffled out trying to hold on to what composure you had, tears welling in your eyes. A little too much daydreaming, so thank you again for that ;3 I hope you like my answers! Then you watched as the blonde haired one started searching for something…or someone. As if T’Challa were a flame and Erik a moth, Erik’s eyes were always drawn to him, and as if T’Challa could feel Erik’s gaze like a physical touch, T’Challa immediately looked up. “I want them all to hear what I am doing to you, that is your punishment for disobeying me.”T’Challa demanded as he pushed his pants and underwear down past his hips. Basically you are stuck with him in Wakanda, he isn’t going to let you leave. Ethics. Feeling your heart stop for a moment you couldn’t believe he had just said that, neither of you had yet to say it to each other. Whenever you felt bad that you were keeping him from his duties he would kiss your forehead reassuringly, letting you know that it was worth it to keep you in one piece. Then there was one guy at your work that would constantly hit on you no matter how often you asked him to stop. Finding out from others that it meant she had a soulmate, and one day the other end would lead her to them. Thank you so much for the request, and sorry it took me a couple of days! With particularly African American audiences expressing this moment of relatability, exclaiming ‘Killmonger actually has a point!’ T’Challa eventually too seems to recognize this overarching point (something that is interestingly also expressed earlier by Nakia), with an instrumental foreign policy decision taken on behalf of Wakanda by the film's end. [In my opinion]. We have the highly talented director Ryan Cooler to thank for what has been described as a ‘love letter’ to black people everywhere. Since then, he has popped up in a total of five stories and has become T'challa's most notable adversary... so notable he … This estrangement is gingerly reflected in the level of abandonment that Killmonger experiences at the hand of his own uncle. In his climactic last words, he asserts to his despondent cousin T'Challa; “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ‘cause they knew death was better than bondage.” Chilling, yet powerful words from this complex anti-hero. The worst times were when you did in front of others showing clear insubordance for all to see. Bucky was confused on why his hit didn’t land with more force, causing you to be able to punch him square in the jaw. Thank you for being patient with me, and I hope to produce some new content for you soon! Thankfully it was typically hidden by any article of clothing you wore, the amount of questions you would get otherwise would be unreal. Telling him not to go easy on you made him smirk as he was ready to make you eat your words. What happens: Yes, literally just that. Of course you explained how you denied them telling them that you had a boyfriend, but the damage was already done. T’Challa and Killmonger’s morality is poles apart but at the end of the day their goals are quite similar. [Thank you so much for the idea, and for your kind words darling! The film introduces us to titular hero T’Challa played by Chadwick Boseman alongside his antagonist, Michael B Jordan’s Erik Killmonger. Bucky had been told the story of his mother meeting his father so many times when he was younger. As you were about to tell him off for going so slow he thrusted his entire length into you at once, going until he bottomed out. For a little bit you thought you might be going crazy, that was when a doctor told you about soulmate connections. Never did you expect to be a King’s soulmate, but there he was showing you the now gold handprint on his shoulder. Paring(s): Erik Killmonger x Reader . The highly-acclaimed box office hit Black Panther has markedly created a platform for Africa and its American diaspora, to engage in a much-needed intimate exchange. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for you, and there is no way he is going to let you go. 1 year ago LichVanAstrea As it is later revealed T’Chaka is behind the death of N’Jobu played by the phenomenal Sterling K. Brown (and well worth the cameo), father of the disillusioned villain. Watching on in fascination as the perpetrator took his last fleeting breaths, eyes closing shut after a few more moments. -- 🦌. Unfortunately you overslept one morning due to still being drunk, effectively losing your job. Pietro began coughing but breathing on his own again as the bullet wounds started to fade away. T’Challa would have you protected to the max the moment he knew that Erik was interested in you. Before bed you started doodling the logo you had seen on his costume, drawing little hearts around it. No one could ever treat you how you deserved like Peter does, and always will. Admittedly, the Black Panther does defeat Killmonger and reclaim his throne first, but after a final heart-to-heart in Killmonger's dying moments, there's a sense of understanding between these two cousins. Even Lupita Nyong’o who plays Nakia, tells of the astonishment she expressed to the director upon first reading the script - “is Marvel/Disney really allowing you to do this?!”. “Challa, you are going to get yourself killed for no other reason than your own pride. Now if T’Challa has you and Erik tries to get you from him, it would end the same way. That was when you saw him for the first time, and should it have been under normal circumstances you both would have noticed the timer hit zero. T'Challa was raised with ideas of heroism and being on the “right” side of law and justice. Affectionate as hell, always wanting to be near you and touching you in some way, he’s touch starved to the max. For all he knew you had given up on meeting him, since it had been a long time for him to reach the point where he was actively searching for you. The next few hours were a blur, until a man in a red suit entered the establishment already swaying. “Yes my King, I understand.”You replied barely above a whisper in his ear, your heart still beating wildly in your chest. Upon his death, Killmonger is seemingly unaware of the wider impact he has made in the country that he so desperately wished to call home. More prone to violence as a punishment, although it really depends on his mood. He stared at you in disbelief before letting go and bowing gracefully introducing himself in a muddled stream of consciousness. Wakanda will finally open its borders and share its resources with the world, the resulting consequences of this are left to be seen in the future Marvel universe. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works “I wish I could stay here all day everyday in your arms, letting the world pass us by.”. [This one turned out so sweet, I really have been loving writing for T’Challa. One night you came home telling him about how your co-worker hit on you and asked you out. Leaving love marks and bites scattered along your flesh, a sign to the world of how much he loved you. It was clear that their life wasn’t going the greatest, just by the amount that the drinking had increased. “If you insist my Queen.”He smirked his body language shifting entirely as he whipped you around so your front was pressed nearly flat against the wall, pinning you against him with his own. From the time she turned 16 Wanda always had a red ribbon tied around her wrist. Luckily he caught you before you hit the ground, unable to move independently because of the shock. Sometimes however you would get bored and start to challenge his authority over you. Deciding that it was time, she started following the ribbon wondering just how far it would take her. In the fight between T'Challa and Killmonger, T'Challa gave Killmonger multiple opportunities to yield an… Well I never see straight if you know what I mean reader.”. You growled louder than you meant to catching his attention. [Part two! Guess who is getting tortured that night, basically electrocuting them from the inside out with a single touch. I can just as easily keep you locked up in this room while I am gone, all they will need is a simple direction from me. “Say you love me.”His whispered into your ear barely loud enough for you to hear had he not been so close. Can you do 8, 19 and 18 for our King of Wakanda, Numbers 7,21,29 with black panther/king T’challa, Last time I didn't see any for T'challa and I feel like this prompt would be interesting for him so 27 for him please. The complex family ties … Removing his clothing he slipped in next to you, chuckling as you instinctively curled into the warmth of his skin. Ever since you were born you had the outline of a handprint on your hip, your parents called it a birthmark. Erik Killmonger VS T’Challa Udaku. So wet for me, are you going to be a good girl now?”He asked tauntingly as he teased your entrance with his fingertips, lingering in the limbo leaving you begging for his touch. Arching your hips back into him your excitement grew as you felt his aching hardness against your clothed skin. Peter instantly recognized you as you walked in, realizing why you were sketching his Spider now. Warning(s): Graphic Content, Language, Violence, Blood. Reassuring him a lot will help ease his anxieties, after all he has lost most good things in his life, he couldn’t bear losing you too. Should you ask him to let it go he would, at least out loud that is, his mind would shift to planning revenge instead. Even if these little instances don’t phase you because you aren’t interested, he does however take them all too seriously. You’ve stolen my heart, and now I want you to keep it.”T’Challa said with a soft smile on his face. “It is very possible my Queen.”He said kissing your neck not wanting to leave the feeling of you yet. Will eliminate any competition or anyone he sees as a threat. Don’t get mad at him if he says something rude to the person flirting with you, he just has your best interests at heart. “I will be back before you know it.”T’Challa said shutting and locking his suitcase placing it on the floor. It is this acknowledgment that causes me a certain level of sadness well beyond the film. Gasping you looked at your wrist and then back at him with a soft smile. Will watch you from afar at first because when he tries to talk to you he becomes a mess, but behind that is a world of charisma and charm. After the fight with Ultron, and narrowly avoiding the death of her brother she found herself longing to find her match. If Erik has you, it is T’Challa having to figure out how to find where he has hidden you away. Such ideas were pounded into him from a young age since he would one day be the very embodiment of justice for his people. Pretending for just a moment that you were his personal model, and technically you were in his eyes. Which yandere!marvel character would you want yandering (I love making up words--) after you? He learns to be, but the role is not truly ascribed to him from the start. No one could ever step in the way of the love you both shared, he would bet his own life on it. And according to Michael Battle, every Black man is part T’Challa and part Killmonger and that’s not a … Several unsolved murders might just stack up in the city, with none of them seeming connected in anyway. Leaving their charred remains scattered across the ground, pieces breaking off and floating into the air. Looking to you he gave you a warning glare letting you know just what would happen if you continued. I love you with all of my heart, but I cannot stand for defiance such as this. T’Challa grabbed your arm holding it firmly in his hand as he stared into your eyes. Look past his overbearing tendencies, he doesn’t mean to be as intense as he is. “You are going to be begging me to stop once I’m finished with you.”He grinned widely as he savagely thrusted his fingers into you, pumping them in and out furiously. “I guess I did get to sweep you off your feet today after all.”. “Keep that up and I’ll start treating you like the bitch you’re being.”T’Challa warned through gritted teeth against your neck causing goosebumps to form over your body. The film’s auxiliary villain Ulysses Klaue further exemplifies this separation, as he scoffs to Killmonger that Wakandans won’t accept him even in light of the traditional markings Killmonger has chosen to adorn his body with. Working as an assistant for Tony Stark you ended up meeting a lot of interesting people, although none grasped you the right way. Despite telling Fury and the others that he was about to meet his soulmate, they just didn’t seem to understand. Shortly after feeling the warmth of his own release deep inside of you, filling you entirely. “You’ve gotten good at this, it’s time to try something new. People dying from lightning strikes were at an all time high and no one could understand what was happening. If someone doesn’t get the message that you are taken, he will make sure to be super handsy with you, touching you lovingly anywhere you would let him. “You going to be a good girl and cum for me?”He asked feeling himself growing closer by the moment. No isn’t really an option with him, it’s like you are speaking a language he doesn’t understand. Smiled happily, widely, like Erik was the best thing he’d ever seen.

t'challa vs killmonger

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