N Jun 08 2017 10:30 pm Highly recomended 10x better than Legend of the blue sea. They only rely on PMY for ratings, Wjzard Mar 26 2017 7:44 am All the problems well solved, included Lee yun and Lee yeok relation. this drama worth to watch I really love Park Min Young. Missing you chaegyung&leeyeok.... donahmeee Oct 08 2017 12:59 am This drama is so underrated. I am still happy that they will have good memories to look back to when they can no longer be together as husband and wife. Queen for 7 days, fighting! Can't believe how much people are passing on this Gem.. :'( :'(, Ryn Jun 29 2017 10:24 am Fighting!!! Hate this drama. It's terrible!! I dont think my heart is ready for this one. Stephen Adam Amell (born May 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and producer best known for playing Oliver Queen / Green Arrow on The CW superhero series Arrow (2012-2020), the show that started the Arrowverse.Predominantly a television actor, Amell has also had notable roles in the films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) and Code 8 (2019). this drama very recommended! i love the drama but the queen's ending is depressing. ☺☺ Yeon Woo Jin + Park Min Young= Jjang! :P Everytime I look at her I feel like she's a secondary character. I still can't move on from them T.T thatMDfan May 25 2018 9:19 am W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Cath Jul 02 2017 6:14 am It was my favorite drama fof the month. Yeon woo jin and park min young's chemistry are simply amazing, their short scene means everything for me. I really don't understand the rating..for me this is the best historical drama I have seen so far..the cast,the storyline,the chemistry between Lee Yeok and Chagyeung are the best..I've starting to ship them already..Lee Yeong being a king is so scary..hate him,but cannot blame him tho bcoz his mother was killed,and his late father don't even approved him of being a king..I think he just want to prove to his late father that he is capable of being king..that's why he is obsessed with the throne,so scared of his own brother..eventho, I know this is going to end tragically but still hoping for a different ending.. Petra Jun 30 2017 11:42 pm The Magnificent Seven is een western uit 1960 van regisseur John Sturges.De belangrijkste rollen zijn voor Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn en Horst Buchholz.De film is een remake van de Japanse film De zeven samoerai (1954) van regisseur Akira Kurosawa. ccm Jun 29 2017 4:28 am I love the two main cast. Though the drama may depict a sad ending, still hoping that it will end heart warmingly!!! Fell inlove wd the young crown prince and the superb damn story is just amazing!! Mariem Jul 27 2017 4:22 pm Esp the ones who say they hate that character. Because no matter how cruel "fate" playing with their life, they are each other first love. The newest Tindall will be the Queen and Philip's ninth great-grandchild. I love this show fighting park min young.love you. just one word who can said "wonderfull" it wasnt Best saeguk ive ever watch because Moonlovers Scarlet still most Hearbreak and cry maker, but I can take 2nd place best saeguk to my list, I love the cast, i love the soundtrack, i love the place, Fighting PD-Nim. miauw Jun 19 2017 6:05 pm Anyway, I'm enjoying this drama so far. It just seemed disjointed. claire Aug 04 2017 6:18 am It soooo suitable and understandable if The King and The Prince fighting for her heart. Ooh-marh Mar 24 2018 8:00 pm I so f**king hate it. hi everyone!!! I really wanted them to have kids and just live like a regular couple, but then it didn't happen. the drama was really good but the ending was not satisfying. But sadly, I think it will be the sad ending just like the prolog :((. They're so adorable. Ok, I should say that I am not a huge fan of Historical Dramas. I love Queen for Seven Days. lin Jul 30 2017 1:58 pm <3 <3 And that the king and prince both are bad person but i must said the king much better because at least he protect his family or in this case Shin Chae-Kyung a lot. It's going to the end may I ask for happy ending? Beazel74 Jun 18 2017 10:26 pm Dina Jul 16 2017 8:16 am based on true life story. Erl Jul 17 2017 9:49 am The beginning got me confused but nonetheless excited about what's to come and what events led to that moment. I love how the actors portrayed their roles specially the younger ones. Everything about this drama is so good. The acting of PMY and LDG are stand out!! Badu’s middle child … There's no other actor again? And the young casts steal the show! Aireen Jun 04 2017 7:38 am It is one of the best historical dramas I have watched (and I have had my fair share). It's BGM, but i can't find it .. someone please ??? All the hard, tight knots faced by every character of the story (and actual history) are untied in this final episode. mizzJ Jul 23 2017 10:43 am Park Min Young..... you slay. NANCY Jul 14 2017 9:19 am They have the best chemistry compare to any of those couple in 2017 kbs dramas. I just finished this drama and i'm so annoyed by the ending. Angel Jul 20 2017 10:18 pm Lily Dec 29 2017 12:58 pm in this case, its not and even though i rlly rlly love park min young and the other actors seem good too, im going to refrain bcuz i just cant handle tragic endings where the characters arent able to stay together. Superb and a beautiful ending! Not sure why the rating so low but this is the best I have ever watched after Empress Ki. Heart breaking, sad, agony. kudos to all the actors for their superb acting skills in portraying all characters. second state councilor shin soogeun was amazing. I love the story line and plot. She became queen on the death of her father, Ptolemy XII, in 51 BCE and ruled until 30 BCE, when she and Antony committed suicide after their forces were beaten by the Roman armies of Octavian. U think there's a happy ending or a twist to the ending? The ending hurts but it gives so much justice. Omggggggggg. YWJ again.... *sigh tragedy, romance, and historical. He's is really excellent in his role. My love for sageuk returned because of this!!!??? Shosa Jul 14 2017 10:59 am i know that lee dong gun is a good actor but seeing him in sageuk drama makes me want more from him. Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min Young.... you did a great job. In my opinion, the reason this drama has low rank pure because the ending will be tragic and sad. Can't wait for next episode. Love all cast, story,ost, chemistry..yeon woo jin daebakk always. The rest of the drama is so naive, she doesn't mature. Xixonqua Jun 11 2017 8:55 am Love this drama so much, yeon wo jin and park min young so good. I can't wait for the next episode and is there going to be a good scene of honey moon? I should've stopped watching this but I can't.. This drama always bring me to tears especially The King's part, it is shows that personality and attitudes are both nature and nurture, TD ZARA Jul 20 2017 2:57 am I think every actors gave their excellent performance especially Lee Dong Gun.. Despite my negative comment yesterday , i m still looking forward to the final espisode !! Both PMY and LDG also do their best... Nice story. ykcaj Jun 12 2017 6:01 pm Park Si Eun and Baek Seung Hwan did a great job in starting this drama. best historical drama ever...best otp I HV ever seen ......cried a river through out.....worth watching .....thank u pidnim.....u all deserves award and best couple award, lina Aug 04 2017 4:52 am annalex Jun 04 2017 2:35 am I cried for almost the last episode .. this is the best saeguk I've seen .. everyone should watch it .. you will never regret for it. I just finished watching this drama and I just could not not leave a comment regarding the show. lol but i also wanna see pmy and ywj too (this is hard lmao). It's got me on my toes. This story is actually based on history . There is no other Royal Family now in the world as magnificent as that […] Finding proof is not the same with joking around creating fuss everywhere at the cost of so many innocent lives. !.it is good lesson to watch.i waiting for another ep to watch and i hopely this drama can get higher rating. There was a scene wherein he ran to her and was told by a servant lady in tears that the Queen was murdered? The drama is completely beautiful: great actors and actresses, great plot, great scenography, everything is perfect. Hope to see you 2 together in another drama. Hope all the crew and actors don't really burdened with rating, because you guys are doing fantastic job so far. I wish this drama's rating will now soar high as Ruler of the mask has come to and end, because this is a very good drama and more realistic depiction of history rather than its former competitor, Ruler Master of the Mask Kdrama. Thank you KBS. and I love the casts! The latest UK and World news, from Mirror Online. Tag - cast of Queen for Seven Days. scarlet Dec 22 2017 6:01 pm I can say the whole drama more towards in realistic way .! I prefer this than Ruler Mask though, ladah037 Jun 09 2017 1:47 am Thricia Bless May 01 2017 7:44 pm Lee yeok get the woman wgom lee young loves. Add Comment. I look forward to it and what will be the reaction of the Prince if she marry the King?. I love the chemistry between Baek Seung Hwan & Park Si Eun (young Lee Yeok & Lady Shin). More episodes, more I like lee young, more I hate lee yeok, more I don't like chae gyong, more I doubt gonna watch it next episode. srsly, i don't understand most dramas' ratings!! Crazy in love with this drama, PMY performance is so lovable, the actors are so cool. Wish here in the States we had such dramas, but you need thousands of years history to start with. risa Jul 22 2017 4:46 pm She is the oldest reigning monarch in the world. Daebak! it melt my heart everytime the king call her name and save her. The plot and casting are not scattered around. His loyalty also causes problem with the relationship of his daughter and that's why she cannot become queen. Amazing flawless drama especially the last few episode. His acting is not over tone, just soft & tender with all right elements for a charming Prince, a hero, a conflicted lover & righteous King. I love Lee Yeok and Shin Chae Kyung love story, good chemistry between them. shewalkedinflower Jun 20 2017 12:47 pm The father of her oldest child, Seven Sirius Benjamin, is rapper Andre 3000 from OutKast. lmao, nato Jun 10 2017 4:43 am Period dramas are the beeeeest! Wow, Yeon Woo Jin !!!!!! newspaper delivery. Abjali Jun 03 2017 5:54 am The director & the script writer good at playing our emotions. Grrrrrrrr. I didn't see what they are really fighting for. I finally found another saeguk drama that stole my heart completely hooked like Scarlet Heart Ryeo. So, get ready to face the forward episode...prepare your mind and prepare tons of tissue beside you. its a great drama! Poor Lee Young. Dreamhigh Jul 28 2017 9:33 am But not again after think further. FYI I love that the secret order or royal command from the late king is actually written on a body of a woman. I was hesitate to watch this drama at first bcs i've read that it's a sad story, but i just can't resist Park Min Young, she's so beautiful in traditional looks. I am really curious to the title itself. I just cant?after the antogonist saw the face of the prince, the plot made me really dissapointed at them. Her success in music in the late 1980s launched a wave of female rappers and helped redefine the traditionally male genre. Hope he gets lots of lead roles in the coming years, he's really an amazing actor, i wish him luck and may he win many awards in the future! The two main leads held a dynamic chemistry between them that was felt throughout the drama. Chae-Kyung's are emotions of the highest and deepest order. 1 (or two) drama with high rate with Fight for my way nowdays. Bea Sep 13 2017 8:54 am ruler Jun 18 2017 11:17 am But we can't blame all to him. Charming Prince Yeok Sep 14 2019 10:44 am Hands down10 out of 10 for me ...the ending was very sweet!! From the child actors to the writing, so hella fine! I love all the actors.... woojin's fan .... Aug 01 2017 4:44 am Alfrianti Jul 11 2017 10:13 pm Why LDG has to be the tyrant king?, he deserved better role. Fighting! I never thought that the ending would be like this. I'm gonna cry again like scarlet Heart Ryeo endings ........ 1121433 Jul 31 2017 7:11 pm omg. They just sincerely love each other. The show also took us where no one had gone before, to the Delta Quadrant, where the crew was stranded in the very first episode. Lastly, for the negative side of this review, in my opinion, the episodes were too draggy. Queen for Seven Days (Korean: 7일의 왕비; RR: 7 Ileui Wangbi; lit. The final episode is beautifully written - and superbly acted. MM Jul 06 2017 8:51 pm Park min young and yeon woo Jin can't wait. love you to thr max.. © AsianWiki.com. She's so useless. This is an up-to-date list of the contract and recurring roles on Days of our Lives. Don't get irritated with ratings. Cath Jul 01 2017 11:48 am A roller coaster ride! This drama so interesting, i hope many people will watch this drama. Ya’ll should watch this!! The storyline is touching eventhough the 1st-3rd eps little bit weird.. i love them!! Queen Dangyeong as portrayed in Queen for Seven Days (2017)(Screenshot/fair use) Queen Dangyeong’s story is very tragic. I prefer the historical dramas, but there are others that I have liked. In the video, Park Si Eun, who is the child actress of Park Min Young‘s character, and Baek Seung Hwan, the child actor of Yeon Woo Jin‘s character, are seen playfully posing together with others. Perfect balance of romance and action! LOL.. talking about the a good quality kdrama, spare their personal lives... I also love Yeon Woo Jin he potrayed his role so well. sheila Jul 14 2017 9:01 pm I have never been into saguek dramas, but I decided to check out this one because the history behind it all intrigued me so much.

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