1784; O.ovalis Miquel; Osmanthus longibracteatus H. T. Chang; O.macrocarpus P. Y. Bai.. ( Log Out /  Change ). Osmanthus fragrans naturally occurs in the Eastern Himalaya, through China and into Taiwan and southern Japan, but is now widely planted throughout the warmer parts of Asia, the USA and Europe. The flowers on those Sweet Olives are so delicately beautiful. Hello, Nice to see this, is this available anywhere else as Burncoose nursery do not have it in stock? All meanings: Cassia-bark tree; Chinese cinnamon; sweet osmanthus; bay tree. delavayi : after Abbè Jean Marie Delavay (1838-95), French missionary in China who introduced it to France in 1890. Until that happens, southern nurserymen and landscapers are encouraged to take a new look at an old friend, the sweet smelling sweet olive. Whether or not a true red exists in culture or in the wild is the stuff of legend, rumors and innuendo. While never destined for the mass market, it boasts good fragrance and growth rate. 4 Healthy Osmanthus Tea Recipes. In Chinese herbal medicine a tea made from sweet olive bark is used to treat boils and carbuncles, whilst the essential oil is considered to have insect-repelling properties. . Add flour, yeast and water to form a smooth dough. It’s very floriferous, white flowered, and is known to bloom quickly in the nursery container and over many months. China has applied to the International Horticulture Society to be the official International Registry for the genus and this certainly makes sense. I am in Zone 5 so you are right, it would not work here. When I inquired about the “name” I learned he called it, ‘Yin Bian Cai Ye Gui’ which simply refers to it as a colorful leaf version. I had to deliver a presentation on “The Status and Use of Osmanthus fragrans in Southern USA Landscapes”. I really enjoy reading this. Siringe Related Objects : Flora of China : Illustration: Illustration Chinese Zodiac Folklore S19; Wedding Folklore S19; Fall 2018. There are numerous varieties in China and most have yet to find their way into commerce there or anywhere in the world. burkwoodii : after Burkwood and Shipwith nursery in England, the raisers. Has a neutral, gentle personality and always speaks frankly about anything. Cute rabbits picnicking under the moonlight with osmanthus flowers, translation: Mid-Autumn Festival, 15th August Protective fences mark their importance. Hi Ching. The scent that greats me on my return to London is rain on tarmac and damp leaves. Native to China and enjoying a wide range, there are many old patriarchs over 1000 years old. Veg. Osmanthus Oolong is a fragrant green oolong infused with osmanthus flowers. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節 is coming around the corner! Fortunately, with the help of my friends across the South, I managed a talk that acquainted our hosts with the plant in the USA, the dozen or so varieties available, its production in the nursery industry, and its use in southern landscapes. The most exciting recent introduction into the USA is ‘Fudingzhu’, or more popularly known as ‘Nanjing Beauty’. ( Log Out /  The most ancient plant known in China rests comfortably in the grounds of the Shengshui Temple, Nanzheng County, Shannxi Province and is over 2100 years old. Botanical Name: Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus, also known as sweet olive, is one of the ten most known flowers in China. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It is also widely planted in … The plant responsible for this fruity scent is Osmanthus fragrans, known locally as guìhuā (桂花) and in the UK as sweet or fragrant olive. Thank you for the beautiful blog and amazing, professional quality pictures and tantalizing descriptions. It is ideal for tea lovers that prefer a fresh, green oolong quality and refined, floral balance to the brew. The Chinese name for this cultivar is 'Yue Yue Hong' (meaning "monthly red") and is a cultivar from Guangxi province. Osmanthus fragrans has been in cultivation in China for over 2000 years, well before it was ever introduced into the west in 1856. However, they are never rooted as they are “weak” on their own roots and need a big tree to push the top to good size. There’s a lot of that in China, and sweet olive is part of that effort. Even moving at speed along the expressways of Taizhou, the pale orange flowers of Osmanthus fragrans var. It is customary in Hong Kong for 5 star hotels to have a house fragrance, pumped into lobbies in heady clouds and sold at great expense in the gift shop. aurantiacus – Oct 17, 2004. I think Chicago would be too chilly for sweet olives, but in Alabama it would be worth try.

osmanthus chinese name

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