Once engaged, the Liner lock, RIL/frame lock, Caged Ball Bearing, Lockback, Compression...they are all amazing and very tough when done by Spyderco. Frame locks are perhaps a step up from a liner lock in the strength department. This year, however, CRKT has given it new life by removing the thin liner lock of the original and giving it a more serious frame lock. What’s a frame lock?A frame lock isn’t a million miles away from a liner lock mechanism. With the "frame lock," the frame rather than the liner acts like the leaf spring/lock bar. That’s impressive. The liner has not sagged since i put it on 6 weeks ago. The liner lock was invented by Michael Walker, who altered the electrician's knife to create this folding knife, with a ball bearing as its detent. A recent few posts I did regarding frame locks, but many of the same principles apply to liner locks geometry. A liner lock is just that.....in the liner of the handle you will see a thin piece of metal to lock the knife. Feel free to skip this step if you know what a liner lock knife is. The titanium used in most frame and liner lock knives is much softer than the steel of the blade, and over time the titanium can "There are a few things I want to cover, based on my talking with custom makers and reading Bob Terzuola's book: The Tactical Folding Knife (hereafter BT), where he explains in detail the aspects of a good liner lock … The general open and close methods don’t vary much; the only real difference between the two variations is that with a liner lock as the blade opens a separate liner engages to lock the blade, however in a frame lock a whole portion of the frame engages to lock … This step is just to familiarize those who do not know, and also give an overview of what we will be making. And be A frame lock is really what you want for strength and is located on the frame of the knife. Smith & Wesson Liner Lock Folding Knife Let’s cover some of the features and why I like the knives. But don't fret, with its skeletonized stainless steel frame it's still a lightweight knife, weighing only The Frame Lock is sometimes referred to as the R.I.L. One example would be the frame lock, sometimes called the Reeve Integral Lock and used on the Sebenza. Before I get into this I just want to say that lock strength doesn't really matter for most of us, and this is just more of a curiosity for me than anything else. Frame lock, Axis Lock, Liner Lock in that order. This gives the skin effect. und wenn ein teil dieser auskleidung die klinge verriegelt, ohne dass sich an den haptischen eigenschaften des griffes etwas ändert, ist es ein liner-lock. Per concludere, il liner lock è una soluzione affidabile, semplice da usare e collaudata, ma che come tutti i sistemi If you’ve ever shopped around for a pocket knife for everyday carry, you’d know there’s a staggering amount of options to choose from. В его конструкцию входит минимум составляющих, которая отличается высокой прочностью. I don't see much similarity with a liner or frame lock… Many people, faced with either a lockback or liner lock for the first time, simply don't get it, as hard as that may be to believe for many Liner-Lock Im Gegensatz zum Frame-Lock ist bei dem Liner-Lock zusätzlich eine Platine zwischen den Griffschalen montiert, welche die Klinge arretiert oder freigibt. Diese Platine ist leicht nach innen gebogen und ist im vorderen Frame Lock Zero Tolerance Zt 0095BW Purchase: $225 Operating very similarly, frame locks are kind of like the bigger and stronger version of the liner lock. 折りたたみナイフ ロックと開閉 ブレードのロック 折りたたみナイフのブレードを固定する方法を「ロック」と言いますが、色々なやり方のものがありますね。初心者にはどんなロックタイプがいいでしょうか? ロックには主に以下のものがあり … This frame-lock folder is one of the most popular large folding knives in the Woody's series. To begin, it came from the factory razor sharp. The frame lock is common on higher-end knives, such as the titanium frame lock on the Zero Tolerance 0630. Don't be too complacent just because a liner lock has a thick liner. Home > All Products > Knives > Folders > Frame Lock > Artisan Hornet Liner Lock Folder ATZ1810PBKC Artisan Hornet Liner Lock Folder $113.40 $126.00 Out of Stock This item is not available for online purchase. It would normally take a liner lock It also dressed up the area between the liner and the Pool Coping. IMO it depends upon who made the liner lock and how thick the Ti liner is on the knife. Another variation, known as the ein liner ist eine "auskleidung", hier also die metall-verstärkung des griffs. However I don't abuse folding knives, and I don't use cheap knock offs either. I only have 2 liner lock and axis lock, and they are the Kershaw Blur and Snakehead brand and Ganzo from China, whereas my other knives are framelock, with 2 ZTs and plenty of China-made knives. or Reeve Integral Lock. Tweet The Michael Walker "liner-lock" that has changed forever the folding knife world. However, the The chief difference between the two is that, rather than being a separate If we are talking a lower cost mass produced folder with a thin liner vs a a large volume frame lock then I would probably side with the frame lock. That is, a steel bar rests behind the blade, locking it in place until the user releases the lock. The lock is naturally and easily operated, it is obvious even to those not mechanically inclined. I normally cut the locks of liner lockers (not frame locks) with the Dremel and use 2-3 0.6mm discs per lock on 1.2mm thick liners. The way to close a liner lock is similar to how to close a frame lock. I came across this video today, and it sums up the argument of whether frame locks or liner locks are better. I'm so used to liner locks that the frame lock being stronger is just completely natural for me. The reason why some people consider a frame lock to be stronger (or at least more secure) is because when it is locked open and being held in the hand, you are actually providing redundancy in the system by holding the lock in place with your … The 4.125" stainless steel frame has a SARGE logo-medallion inset into the partial maple burl scale handle. Mid-Lock The mid lock is an older method of locking the blade into place, but it still operates similar to liner and frame locks. This knife is so much easier to produce with unskilled or somewhat skilled workers than the slipjoint, midlock or lockback knives that require highly skilled workers and expensive tooling to produce. Still, they operate on the same basic concept as the liner lock, the only difference being they use the frame instead of the liner to hold the blade Roll Liner Lock for Above-Ground & In-Ground Swimming Pool Beaded Liners 120' ft $66.34 $ 66. Lets see the frame lock vs. the liner lock, I like the frame lock better but that does not mean a liner lock is bad either. Frame Lock After liner locks, frame locks are probably the most common form of lock type on modern folding knives, especially at the higher end. мов ножевых фиксаторов. Prefer frame lock as to me, easier to disengage over liner lock or axis lock. It's hard to beat the patented AXIS mechanism from Benchmade, however. This mechanism is stronger than a liner lock, using a thick piece of the handle frame as the lock bar instead of a thin More substantial than a liner lock, and properly set up, a framelock does a very effective job of keeping the blade where it belongs. Trying to make sense of the many types of knives and their subtle differences can get Different flavors but all very tasty. This Liner Lock solved my problem of having to go in the pool weekly and re-attach the the liner. My method is similar to yours and I also drill holes and then guide the cutting disc against a never had a failure with liner, lock back , or frame lock. In un coltello frame lock il principio è lo stesso, ma la flangia è a vista dal momento che non ci sono le guancette. See here for a simplistic explanation. A liner lock is basically a frame lock with a second scale on the lock side. This is a known issue with frame locks and liner locks, and it’s related to another problem: lock rock. With a liner lock, the flesh of your hands sinks around the lock, and can degrade the lockup to make the lock more prone to accidently disengage -- and can even completely disengage it. Making a Frame Lock Folding Knife: The knife is called Skinlock because it's made out of a 3mm titanium slab with a laminated layer of Flax-Fibre on top of it.

liner lock or frame lock

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