maintaining electrical and mechanical systems. Configure auxiliary contact interlocking for reversing directional controls. Skills : Excellent Electrical skills both 3 phase and single. Employers typically look for candidates who have related work experience as well. Troubleshooting, improving and maintenance support of all plant CNC and production equipment in a multi-skilled technician capacity. Installed, tested and modified circuit breakers, controls, fuses, lights and motors. Additional Builders Resumes are available in our database of 2,000 sample resumes. Start your electrician resume with either a resume summary or resume objective - a brief paragraph that explains why you’re the perfect electrician for the job. Skills : West Virginia Journeyman's License, MD Journeyman's Certification. Work overtime as required LOTO and Forklift trained. Objective : Highly qualified Electrical Maintenance Technician with experience in the industry. Replace bearings, shaft, motors, gearboxes and other related mechanic components. Diagnose malfunctioning transformers, motors, devices and circuitry using proper test equipment. ... Electricians and electrical maintenance technicians will increase by 9% (59,600 jobs). Work from various heights in harsh environments, to inspect, troubleshoot and repair electrical and mechanical problems with overhead crane systems. A resume objective, in turn, reflects what you’ve already achieved and what you can offer your employer. Repaired electrical equipment using hand and power tools and testing and diagnostic equipment. Document running times and down time of machinery to create preventative maintenance matrix. Therefore it should be worth time to research on the company and its present endeavors. Write a Maintenance Technician Resume Objective or Summary . Wiring/rewiring machines and their controls, adding safety circuit upgrades, performance enhancing accessories etc. Study blueprints, schematics, manuals, or other specifications to determine installation procedures. Skills : Troubleshooting Maintenance Repair, Preventative Maintenance, Computer Skills. Proficient with Megger meters, DMMs, amp meters, oscilloscopes, laser measuring equipment. Inspect components of industrial equipment for accurate assembly and installation or for defects, such as loose connections or frayed wires. Objective : Actively seeking employment in order to obtain a profession that will allow me to use my attributes and interpersonal skills as well as broaden them. Received quarterly safety incentive bonuses. Skills : Mechanical blue print reading, Fork Lift Operator,. Redesigned and installed light fixture layout of Maintenance Shop. An Electrical Maintenance Engineer is responsible for installing and ensuring proper maintenance of electrical equipment for a building or other type of facility. Skilled certified journeyman electrician with 7+ years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining low-voltage electrical systems. Utilize Blue Mountain software for work order tracking. A resume objective (also called a career objective) is a one or two sentence overview of your short-term professional goals and explanation of why you’re seeking employment. Skills : Six years experience in the electrical field; Residential, Commercial & Industrial Electrical; Forklift Certificate; Residential Construction; Heavy Equipment Experience. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, such as checking, cleaning, or repairing equipment, to detect and prevent problems. 3662 Main Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407 (612) 113-1414 Industrialized food factory setting, conduct maintenance procedures while ensuring a sanitary standard of quality. Maintained and repaired building projects, inspected and serviced electrical controls and replaced defective mechanical and electrical components as necessary. Troubleshooted electrical/electronic control circuits. Installed and replaced electrical conduit. Perform updates of PLC's and touch screens on production equipment. Responsible for trouble shooting and repairing electrical equipment in the mill. The resume below includes employment history, education, and licenses—but don’t copy this sample exactly. Set up and test industrial equipment to ensure that it functions properly. Trained and highly motivated individual who is capable of performing all tasks. Complete required documentation, such as, Inspection Forms, Job Safety Analysis and Service Reports. Above all, your resume should demonstrate absolute confidence in your electrical engineering abilities. Direct ownership of two Dufieux CNC controlled drilling machines and rotor turbine assembly machines. She also included her job role as a back-up responder in emergencies. Responsible for inventory and stock of electrical parts and supplies in a maintenance shop. Performed preventative maintenance and tested equipment. Depending on how far along you are in your career, you are going to want to highlight different things. WORK EXPERIENCE Electrical Contractor – Coventry ELECTRICIAN June 2008 - Present for Installing, maintaining, d repairing electrical wiring, equipment, & fixtures. Utilize & improve electrician standard operating procedures and techniques. Summary : More than 15 years experience in all phases of the electrical field. Capacity to learn quickly and a willingness to preform job task efficiently and safely. For both beginnersand advanced electricians, what is most important is to identify if you have done residential work, commercial work, or both. Skills : Communication Power Tools, Hand Tools, PLC Electronics Analysis Microsoft Office Organizational Skills, Research Networking. Install wireless control systems and VFD's on existing cranes. Install and repair electrical systems and electronic devices and components in an industrial environment. Maintained a working area that was clean, safe and stocked with appropriate equipment and supplies. Worked on projects, which provided value to the department, the company, and the client base. Objective : To work for a company where safety and productivity work hand-in-hand. Updated other shifts regarding equipment failures. This information should be included in both your summary/objective, as well as in each position description. ... Resume formats Chronological resume Functional resume Summary, objective. Rebuilt equipment, ran test operation and made finaladjustments. Headline : Interested in all forms of Electrical systems, spending time researching and investigating code and technical data. Analytical Thinking Skills. Experienced at maintaining and repairing equipment within a manufacturing environment. The next thing to focus on is the type of installation, repair, and maintenanc… Performed installs and troubleshooting repairs to 12-24 vdc alarm systems and motor control stations for tugs. Installs, programs, or repairs automated machinery and equipment such as robots or programmable controllers. Provide engineering with bill of materials needed to complete projects. Measure, tune, troubleshoot, and repair radio-control overhead cranes with aid of prints, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, RF wattmeter, modulation meter, signal injection, and SWR meter. PLC Inputs/Outputs troubleshooting and problem solving. Use this Electrical Maintenance Engineer Resume as the starting point for your new job. Some of the important electrical engineering resume tips are – They should highlight the career profile on the top of the resume to catch the eyes of the hiring manager. Skills : Industrial Controls Trouble Shooting. Resume objectives are often placed at the top of your resume to capture the hiring manager’s attention and should make a strong case for why you’re the best candidate for the job. Skills : Ms office, word, data pal, Trainer, Test equipment. Write and execute machine protocols and on equipment that is being used in production. Estimated costs of repairs to determine feasibility. Electrical Maintenance Engineer Resume Objective. Provides emergency/unscheduled repairs of production equipment during production and performs scheduled maintenance repairs of production equipment during machine service. An ambitious and reliable technician that provides excellent support and leadership to production departments to create efficiencies and ensure quality control. Demonstrated expertise in the use of cable reels, stripping tools, voltage detectors, crimping tools and wire and cable cutters. Electrical Maintenance Engineer Resume Word … Sets up and operates machine tools such as lathe, grinder, drill, and milling machine to repair or fabricate machine parts, jigs and fixtures, and tools. Fabricates and repairs counters, benches, partitions, and other wooden structures. Skills : Electrical and mechanical maintenance. A post-secondary education consisting of an associate's degree in electrical and electronic maintenance is the minimum educational requirements on the resumes of those looking to become Electrical Maintenance Technicians. Match your qualifications to the requirements in the job listing. Operates cutting torch or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts. Objective : Experienced maintenance electrician/ mechanical technician with Electrician License seeking a new career. Repair or adjust equipment, machines, or defective components, replacing worn parts, such as gaskets or seals in watertight electrical equipment. Skills : Electrical maintenance, Electrical testing knowledge,. Typical duties listed on a Maintenance Electrician resume include inspecting machines, diagnosing technical issues, performing repairs on site or in repair centers, making sure safety guidelines are being followed, and reporting to supervisors. Unlike a resume objective, a resume profile focuses directly on how you can benefit and add value to the company, rather than your own career objectives. An Electrical Maintenance Technician is tasked with maintaining, installing and upgrading electrical and mechanical equipment, tools, machinery, and components. Irrespective of work or industry setting, these technicians fulfill the following tasks that are mentioned on the Electrical Maintenance Technician Resume – performing replacement of faulty electrical elements of various machines, diagnosing to find out the exact problem, maintaining electrical and mechanical systems, troubleshooting problems, performing routine tests and examination, training junior technicians, and maintaining safety regulations and protocols relevant to the field. Skills : 8 Years Of Experience Building, Maintaining, And Wiring. Effort on improvement maintenance for better maintainability and energy efficiency 5. Working in a safe timely manor to complete assigned tasks. Effective preventive maintenance, minimum failures and quick repairs 4. Sample Resume For Electrical Maintenance Engineer. Electrician career objective and career summary Career Objective: To utilize my talent in preserving the condition and repairing the electrical and electronic equipment, checking their wear and tear from time to time & maintain the efficiency of the electrical equipment in the organization without any interruption of the work procedure. Electrical Maintenance Technician Resume Objective : Actively seeking employment in order to obtain a profession that will allow me to use my attributes and interpersonal skills as well as broaden them. Earned a reputation for expertise in complex troubleshooting and problem resolution. Energy control and optimization 3. Configure multi-voltage motor windings to match incoming power. Drawing of schematics, writing PM's and documentation on all plant production and performing PM's. This means you should have an idea of what the job opening entails; the type of electrician the company needs and why they need an electrician. Create daily reports and documentation concerning downed equipment, causes and suggested repair needs. Maintenance management in accordance with established good practices 2. Capable learner and willing to work extensively toward achievement in any position. Configure control circuit voltage to match starter coil, configure seal-in and stop circuits, interface remote I/O and indicator lights. RESUME OBJECTIVE. Worked extended hours on weekday and weekend projects. Demonstrated expertise in all aspects of electrical construction and manufacturing maintenance, being mindful of cost analysis and production flow. Test Faulty equipment in order to diagnose malfunctions. Perform pinch point and flexure compensation calibration on Robformers. Performed monthly, semi-annual and annual Preventative Maintenance checks and services (PMCS). Fabricated parts as needed for repairs when feasible. Tested and repaired electric motors, variable frequency drives, alarms and control systems. Troubleshoot complex machines and systems using electrical schematics and knowledge of troubleshooting tactics. Career Objective: To obtain an electrical maintenance supervisor position in a service-providing company to apply my knowledge of electrical codes and standards to the best practices and safety of occupants of residential and commercial buildings. Drives control with aid of the manufacturer's manual to interpret the displayed fault code, remedies guide, prints, oscilloscope, multi-meter and analyze recorded parameters displayed in data acquisition chart software. A capable, proven and self-motivated Electrical Supervisor who has extensive experience of carrying out the maintenance, trouble-shooting and installation of electrical components and systems. Skills : Maintenance Electrician, Process Electrician, RIG Electrician. Now looking to further a successful career by working for an ambitious and expanding company. Customise the CV template in A4 & US letter size to showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments for a new job. Perform preventative maintenance on all production and Support equipment. Although employers don’t expect any higher education, it would be helpful to have at least a high school diploma and completion of an apprenticeship program. Review a resume sample for a person seeking employment as an electrician. Industrial Electrical and Troubleshooting and Repair. Merely comprehending the concepts and operating principles of electrical systems has proven too much for most regular folk. Objective : Knowledge I have gained through my military background and extensive work history in various avenues (Industrial, Technical, Sales, Transportation and Management) will make me an asset to any employer. Replaced fork truck batteries to assure material flow. Electrical in Tower cranes, Freight-elevators, Harbor cranes, Overhead hoist, and HVAC. With expertise in troubleshooting electrical circuits and providing necessary maintenance and safe operation of all machines and equipment. Objective : Over six years of progressive work experience in all phases of the Electrical/Maintenance industry where excellent verbal and communication skills as well as extensive problem solving experience were gained. Enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself. Install power distribution and lighting panels including conduit, fittings, fixtures, and wiring. All electrical maintenance resume samples have been written by expert recruiters. Skills : Createding PM Forms And PM Procedural Guidelines For. Lift tables, welding machines, basic knowledge troubleshooting Accupress Press Brakes, cobra-welding machines, and Auto Brakes machines. Preventative maintenance pm's and overhauls of equipment in production mode. Diagnosed equipment malfunctions and completed repairs to restore equipment and maintain uptime. An alternative to using an objective on your resume is to use a resume profile, also called a resume summary statement or statement of qualifications, which is a brief summary of your skills and experiences written for a specific job opening. Optimized operating costs 6. Provide inspection, labeling and documentation for working, non-working and damaged equipment and devices. Personally brought the labeling system for plant-wide electrical rooms into today's technology by creating a custom spreadsheet standard for every panel and motor control cabinet. Install repaired equipment in various settings, such as industrial or military establishments. Maintained and repaired a variety of plant production equipment such as presses, belt sanders, grinders, and threading machinery. Handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Installed and replaced water heaters, drain pipes and water supply lines. Summary : Utilize growing skills to make a difference for the right company, in constant pursuit of change. Looked and searched for shorts in machine sand diagnosed those issues. Skills : Electrical Installation and Troubleshooting, Maintenance. Skills : Commercial, Governmental, Industrial, Manufacturing,. Maintain motor-operated valves, programmable logic controllers, batteries, transformers, protective relays and performing vibration analyses. Complete rewires of various types of commercial tugs according to schematics. 21 Posts Related to Sample Objective For Electrical Maintenance Engineer. Diagnosed and addressed root cause of problems, disassembled and inspected equipment, replaced worn or defective parts and components such as motors, bearings, shafts and belts. Developed PM program, maintenance procedures, planned outage schedules and budget experience. A resume summary highlights your career progress and skill set. Repaired machinery, replaced electrical components/motors, tested operation of machines and calibrated as needed, and completed troubleshooting using a multi-meter, electrical schematics, and Programmable Logic Controllers diagrams. Conducted safety checks on all equipment and replaced any bad equipment including but not limited to electrical cords, damaged conduit, and damaged outlets. Diagnosed many automation and rail grinding issues, worked with Mag and Demag of rail grinding beds. Proactive in modifications and upgrades to improve runtime to 95% on Polysoude robotic multi-axis automated TIG welder. Interpreted electrical and mechanical schematics, blueprints and diagrams. Also completed 2yr Combination welding program with Honors. Interpreted electrical and mechanical schematics, blueprints diagrams. Installing, repairing, and maintaining motors, generators, transformers, lights, circuits, wiring, appliances, as well as other electric system equipment and machinery in obedience with electrical policy, standards, and rules. Skills : Creative problem solving skills to ensure that the best possible solution is found. Maintained servers and data on all production and testing of the alpha line. Installed and relocated plant equipment, laid out conduit, water and air lines, pulled and terminated wires, made needed connections and balanced electrical power supply. Electrical technicians need to make use of the logical reasoning training … Karen is a consummate professional who is more than able to provide effective leadership to any electrical team. Performing preventative maintenance on motors, valves, and DP cells. Oversee day-to-day functions of the Facilities and Engineering department. Electrical Engineer Resume example Complete guide Create a Perfect Resume in 5 minutes using our Resume Examples & Templates. Skills : Electrical / Maintenance Technician 18 years experience with 4yr. Write SOP's (standard operating procedures) and work instructions for equipment and systems that are in my expertise. Verified that all equipment was certified and met regulartory requirements. A set of objectives for maintenance could include: 1. Troubleshoot Plc issues with a variety of systems; Fanuc, Robodrill, Mori Seiki, and more. Performed scheduled preventive maintenance activities throughout the plant as required, oiled and lubricated equipment and changed fluid and filters as requires. Ensure machine repair process with preventive maintenance work; thus, creating more longevity, emphasizing repair process cleanliness, organization, and waterproofing from sanitation. Electrical engineering is one of the most highly regarded STEM fields. Headline : Equipment and facilities maintenance skills, a motivated professional with technical knowledge who has experience in operations management and hands-on mechanical skills. Assembled wiring, electrical and electronic components. Monitored, maintained and serviced compressor and dust collection equipment. Experienced with frequency drive maintenance and installation. Developed in-depth knowledge of arc flash ratings and standards. Objective : Seeking a full time Industrial Electrician position with a career and growth oriented company Dependable Welder with MIG welding experience and 1 year experience as a production welder. Skills : Computers knowledge, operating of multiple heavy equipment ,Class A CDL, Electrical, HVAC, Sales, Management, Safety. Manage, Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair electrical issues regarding automation, electrical panels and servo controllers. Also long- term career. Write detailed job scopes outlining parts needed, work to be done and estimated man hours to complete task. Served as Head electrician of multiple million dollar rewires and new wiring projects for commercial tugs, landing barges, and dry docks. Inspected machine parts for conformance to product specifications. Test faulty equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test equipment or software, and applying knowledge of the functional operation of electronic units and systems. Repairs and maintains physical structure of establishment. Maintain emergency alarms, security and in-plant fixed communication systems. The first step to an electrical maintenance engineering job is to create the right CV | one that properly reflects your qualifications, highlights your skills and strengths and lists relevant experience.This free electrical maintenance engineer CV sample is ideal for ideas to strengthen your job application. Setup and perform monthly preventive maintenance on furnaces, gantry cranes, and waste water treatment plant equipment, which includes the calibration of pH probes and thermocouples. Work alone or with other technicians depending on the size of the job. Repaired electrical equipment using hand and power tools and testing and diagnostic equipment. Also called a professional profile, the resume objective or summary is an elevator pitch from you for the maintenance technician job. Performed preventive maintenance on inserting, palletizing, and packaging equipment. Work requires strong mechanical aptitude, knowledge of hand tools and extensive knowledge of 480v motor control systems. Repair and replace parts on machines and systems including motors, motor starters, VFD's, relays, timers, PID controllers, fuses, breakers,push-buttons, emergency lighting, conduit formations, circuitry, and PLC controls. Summary : Seeking an opportunity to utilize skills as an electrical maintenance technician to troubleshoot and repair industrial production and processing machinery. Fabricated specific electrical component parts and assemblies. Diagnose and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. Troubleshoot equipment by running electrical and electronic testing devices. Rewired entire manufacturing area, keeping plant production ongoing without lapses. Reliable, meticulous professional with strong communication skills, and a mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Lays out, assembles, installs, and maintains pipe systems and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and repairs and replaces gauges, valves, pressure regulators, and related equipment. What The Electrician Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers Electricians have a number of tasks they need to perform, including diagnosing any malfunctions, estimating cost of services, constructing new parts, preparing blueprints and testing circuitry. Designed and produced safety device (battery chock). Summary of Skills: Excellent supervisory skills and knowledge of electrical systems Installing equipment such as Extruders, AEC Whitlock resin pump systems, ozone removal systems, ventilation equipment. Performed monthly, semi-annual and annual Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS). Handyman and skilled electronic technician with 12+ years focusing on system diagnosis, maintenance and repair. When writing the resume objective, state clearly the strengths that you can offer to the potential employer. Objective : Troubleshooting, repair, and attention to detail, as well as excellent communication and time management skills. Serviced machinery during production runs to meet daily deadlines. Summary : Seasoned Electrician with 8 years experience providing quality service in all electrical home and commercial repair projects.

electrical maintenance resume objective

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