As I mentioned we would have never been able to figure out where to hit the ball or where the next tee box was without the help of a caddie. Bandon Golf Guide. Opened in 2005, Bandon Trails begins atop a massive sand dune, then quickly opens into a sprawling meadow. Here, a Bandon caddie gives you the scoop on all things Bandon Dunes. Forget about lines and reads, being able to keep your hands in your pocket is pure joy. 9-13 is as serene a walk as I’ve ever experienced in all my years playing this goofy game. DO NOT pass on playing it. In fact, we booked a red eye on the way home so we could play one more round before we left. We had one amazing day of sunshine, two of cold and medium rain and two in cold and hard rain. We played Pacific first in fairly decent weather. 5 is WILD) and being in that central area (holes 3-16) makes you feel like you’re out in a park with a bunch of your pals. The first tee shacks even have waterproof scorecards called Drycards that were invented by a Bandon Dunes caddie named Todd Petrey). Todd was there early and greeted me with a smile and a handshake. function() { As with other memories, the multiple layers of clothing — referred to as “stupid gear” by one of the starters — fades with time and you just remember the camaraderie associated with surviving the elements. You better have the main course or you’re wasting time and money. #4 Old Macdonald: Clearly the least impressive of the courses. Dazed and confused, it took us a moment to realize where we were. One more breathtaking than the next, Bandon Dunes is the most accomplished golf course complex in North America Mike found a piece of property in Bandon, Oregon, that fit the bill perfectly for what he wanted to achieve: Build links style golf courses inspired by the ancient links style courses that gave birth to the game. This is something we learned from experience: you don’t need a lot of golf balls at Bandon Dunes. If you are a golfer, you know about Bandon. Aside from the proper clothing I would also suggest stopping by the liquor store on your way in. Dustin Johnson and RBC: Breaking Down a “Golf” Commercial, Bandon Dunes: A Guide to Enjoying the Best Place on the Planet. But for food, I urge you to have a plan. Our first dinner was at Pacific Grill which is one of the fancier venues. There are a number of options that are pretty well described on the Bandon website. Looking forward to our return trip in 2020. In addition to rain gear, bring two pairs of good golf shoes, rain gloves and a hat. Somehow the Pacific Ocean is an entirely different beast than the Atlantic Ocean, and with towering cliffs it provides one of the most stunning views in all of golf. Look, get a forecaddie at a minimum (just do it!). Using golf the betting multiplier, I made $600 bucks today. There is also a shoe / glove drier in every room which came in super handy. When is the best time to go to Bandon? Please reload CAPTCHA. We got to Bandon at about 2:30 which gave us just enough time to play the short course (13 holes). In 2010, Bandon Dunes, the golf Shangri-La in southwest Oregon, opened Old Macdonald, the resort’s fourth course. Kurt removed the first grate to reveal another grate which when removed uncovered an ancient bottle of Scotch and a rustic leather guestbook — which we proceeded to sign. Clearly they are made for dudes who will be tromping around in wet clothes and simply need a place to crash. As a fellow Bandonista (been going there since it opened and spent a summer as a caddie), I think one of the great things about Bandon is that everyone takes something away from it differently. The restaurant is fairly small and was filled by about 60 dudes and one table of women. The drivers are friendly and understanding, the drinks are included in the price and it’s roomy enough for however many guests you are bringing with you to Bandon. If you need transportation to/from any of the airports, I suggest using Aviation Transportation. Courtesy of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort For most golfers, Bandon Dunes isn’t a weekend golf destination that they can drive to on a whim. Three Guys Golf is a golf blog that seeks to provide a unique perspective for fellow golfers. Florida Golf Courses . Plus you can even order from the other restaurant and have it brought over, which we did while watching the Duke/Carolina hoops game. Your replay round is half the cost of the first round, and if you can manage a third round, that will be free of charge. I get asked about dates a lot. Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. It’s for cleaning up and sleeping and that’s it. If you can afford it, take a damn caddie. Food – off the chart. For a big fuddy duddy company FootJoy is surprisingly funny. For example, the carpets are a tight weave that is meant to withstand golf shoes and bags without getting torn up. When you play Old Mac, take a minute or two and check out the halfway house after the seventh green.

bandon dunes golf guide

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