15 obj R Background reading material: On neural networks: Chapter 20 of Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms. Matrix multiply as computational core of learning. /Page /Type << 0 obj 0 The book can be downloaded from the link for academic purpose. In ICLR. endobj 18 Monday, March 4: Lecture 11. /Resources /FlateDecode 27 473 ;b) = 1 m Xm i=1 L(^y(i);y(i)) = 1 m Xm i=1 y(i) log ^y(i) + (1 h(i))log(1 ^y(i)) 1.3.4 Gradient Descent Recall the estimator ^y= ˙(!Tx+b), and sigmoid function ˙(z) = … /FlateDecode 720 /Annots We hope, you enjoy this as much as the videos. 0 /MediaBox 1 >> /DeviceRGB ... Introduction (ppt) Chapter 2. 0 0 0 /Length Book Exercises External Links Lectures. /Resources Paint; Chapter 6. ] endstream >> Generative Adversarial Networks; Part 2: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose and Play Chapter 5. 405 obj /S /JavaScript obj /Transparency Class Notes. << >> 0 endobj >> (�� G o o g l e) 0 Such new developments are the topic of this paper: a review of the main Deep Learning techniques is presented, and some applications on Time-Series analysis are summaried. stream 720 obj x��V[OSAބ�����$����51R��D| "r �&�}g�ܖ�"|�'ew��s����2����2~��9`�H��&�X\˦4\�v�;����`�ޤI ���fp)A�0z]�8;B8��s�ק��~'�0�g^8�����֠�A"���I�*��������R|jdz�\"�@����Od���/�HCF�.�N�3��rNw��ظ������Vs��Ƞ�ؤ�� H_�N��Q�,ө[�Qs���d"�\K�.�7S��0ڸ���AʥӇazr��)c��c�� %���B��5�\���Q�� 5V3��Dț�ڒgSf��}����/�&2��v�w2��^���N���Xٔ߭�v~�R��z�\�'Rն���QE=TP�6p�:�)���N[*��UCStv�h�9܇��Q;9��E��g��;�.0o��+��(¿p�Ck�u��r�%5/�����5��8 d2M�b�7�������{��9�*r$�N�H��+�6����^�Q�k���h��DE�,�6��"Q���hx,���f'��5��ᡈ}&/D��Y+�| l��?����K����T��^��Aj/�F�b>]�Y1�Ԃ���.�@����퐤�k�G�MV[�+aB6� /Filter /Pages obj These are the lecture notes for FAU’s YouTube Lecture “Deep Learning”. 32 0 R Deep Learning is one of the most highly sought after skills in AI. /Parent 405 << 10 0 obj Deep learning is a branch of machine learning which is completely based on artificial neural networks, as neural network is going to mimic the human brain so deep learning is also a kind of mimic of human brain. 1 Lecture 7: Tuesday April 28: Training Neural Networks, part I Activation functions, data processing Batch Normalization, Transfer learning Neural Nets notes 1 Neural Nets notes 2 Neural Nets notes 3 tips/tricks: , , (optional) Deep Learning [Nature] (optional) Proposal due: Monday April 27 0 /S *y�:��=]�Gkדּ�t����ucn�� �$� Juergen Schmidhuber, Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview. Deep Learning; Chapter 3. /FlateDecode Deep Learning Tutorial by LISA lab, University of Montreal COURSES 1. endobj endstream 0 Y��%#^4U�Z��+��`�� �T�}x��/�(v�ޔ��O�~�r��� U+�{�9Q� ���w|�ܢ��v�e{�]�L�&�2[}O6)]cCN���79����Tr4��l�? [ eBBh`�Vj)��A�%���/�/�-�E�t����(��w)+�B�-�Δ���{��=�����/ɩ]2���W2P*q�{oxVH2��_�7�#���#v�vXN� �z����W�e3y�����x��W�SA��V��Ԡ� >> 2.1-2.4 Deep Learning Book: Chapter 3 Class Notes Lecture 4: Sep 9: Neural Networks I : Reading: Bishop, Chapter 5: sec. 0 This course describes the use of neural networks in machine learning: deep learning, recurrent networks, and other supervised and unsupervised machine-learning … R R /Type 0 More on neural networks: Chapter 6 of The Deep Learning textbook. x��T�nS1�k T�3/{�%*X"���V�%��cߗi�6��X��#ϙ����zpe���`���s�0�@ꉇ{;T��1h�>���R�{�)��n�n-��m� ��/�]�������g�_����Ʈ!�B>�M���$C 0 obj ɗ���>���H��Sl�4 _�x{R%BH��� �v�c��|sq��܇�Z�c2 I,�&�Z-�L 4���B˟�Vd����4;j]U;͛23y%tma��d��������ۜ���egrq���/�wl�@�'�9G׏���7ݦ�ԝu��[wn����[��r�g$A%/�ʇS��OH�'H�h This is a full transcript of the lecture video & matching slides. %PDF-1.4 << /Contents 2014 Lecture 2 McCulloch Pitts Neuron, Thresholding Logic, Perceptrons, Perceptron Learning Algorithm and Convergence, Multilayer Perceptrons (MLPs), Representation Power of MLPs 405 obj ] Still, creating a book that combined accessibility, breadth, and hands-on learning wasn’t easy. 0 R /Filter Deep Learning algorithms aim to learn feature hierarchies with features at higher levels in the hierarchy formed by the composition of lower level features. 1 5 Deep Learning ; 10/14 : Lecture 10 Bias - Variance. obj 0 Lecture notes will be uploaded a few days after most lectures. Download PDF of Deep Learning Material offline reading, offline notes, free download in App, Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download LectureNotes.in works best with JavaScript, Update your browser or enable Javascript 33 >> << Image under CC BY 4.0 from the Deep Learning Lecture. /MediaBox /Type Lecturers. Deep Learning at FAU. These are lecture notes for my course on Artificial Neural Networks that I have given at Chalmers and Gothenburg University. Updated notes will be available here as ppt and pdf files after the lecture. [ 720 /Transparency 0 0 Write; Chapter 7. These are the lecture notes for FAU’s YouTube Lecture “Deep Learning”. /Contents R Not all topics in the book will be covered in class. 720 /PageLabels 0 /S 28 /Parent R Time and Location Mon Jan 27 - Fri Jan 31, 2020. Slides ; 10/12 : Lecture 9 Neural Networks 2. /St R DEEP LEARNING LIBRARY FREE ONLINE BOOKS 1. R Play; Chapter 9. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng in Coursera 2. >> << Deep Learning at FAU. /Resources ��]FR�ʲ`C�!c4O*֙b[�u�SO��U����T"ekx f��KȚՊJ(�^ryG�+� ����K*�ނ��C?I �9Ҫ��׿����B ,^J&���ٺ^�V�&�MfX�[���5�A�a4 �b�[-zģL�2C�B֩j�"F��9-��`�e�iKl��yq���X�K1RU`/dQBW%��/j| 0 In deep learning, we don’t need to explicitly program everything. /Names endobj Bayesian Decision Theory (ppt) Chapter 4. 9 Supervised Learning (ppt) Chapter 3. 10 This book provides a solid deep learning & Jeff Heaton. 33 /Parent R /Resources 0 School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University in St. Louis, 1 Brookings. 16 6 /Type stream /Group >> endobj R << The Deep Learning Handbook is a project in progress to help study the Deep Learning book by Goodfellow et al.. Goodfellow's masterpiece is a vibrant and precious resource to introduce the booming topic of deep learning. 0 % ���� However, many found the accompanying video lectures, slides, and exercises not pedagogic enough for a fresh starter. /FlateDecode /CS 1.3 Overview of these lecture notes 1.4 Further reading 2 The regression problem and linear regression 11. 16 << The concept of deep learning is not new. 0 Compose; Chapter 8. Saxe, A. M., McClelland, J. L., and Ganguli, S. (2013). R >> ML Applications need more than algorithms Learning Systems: this course. 7 [ 0 19 R 0 25 ] 25 /CS /Group /Length Generative Modeling; Chapter 2. Deep Learning ; 10/7: Assignment: Problem Set 2 will be released. 28 /D 0 Variational Autoencoders; Chapter 4. With the advent of Deep Learning new models of unsupervised learning of features for Time-series analysis and forecast have been developed. << << >> 0 ]���Fes�������[>�����r21 endobj >> /S 19 Deep Learning Book: Chapters 4 and 5. endobj Image under CC BY 4.0 from the Deep Learning Lecture. /MediaBox 18 0 /Annots During the lecture second screen interaction will be available through sli.do (get the app here: https://www.sli.do/) Introduction and Deep Learning Foundations Sep 14/16, Machine Learning: Introduction to Machine Learning, Regression. To provide convenient access, Dive into Deep Learning is published on GitHub, which also allows GitHub users to suggest changes and new content.The book was created with Jupyter Notebooks, which allows interactive computing with many programming languages. >> 0 Multivariate Methods (ppt) Chapter 6. 0 >> << /CS x��TKoA������\�Tbb{��@��%t�p�RM�6-)�-�^�J3���Ư��f�l�y�Ry�_�D2D�C���U[��X� >��mo�����Ǔ]��Y�sI����֑�E2%�L)�,l�ɹ�($m/cȠ�]'���1%�P�W����-�g���jO��!/L�vk��,��!&��Z�@�!��6u;�ku�:�H+&�s�l��Z%]. The Deep Learning Lecture Series 2020 is a collaboration between DeepMind and the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence. << Download Textbook lecture notes. obj Slides HW0 (coding) due (Jan 18). Part 1: Introduction to Generative Deep Learning Chapter 1. Deep Learning by Microsoft Research 4. obj R /Creator On autoencoders: Chapter 14 of The Deep Learning textbook. Older lecture notes are provided before the class for students who want to consult it before the lecture. << Slides, Supervised Learning notes, k-NN notes: W2: Jan 15: Linear Classifiers, Loss Functions (guest lecture by Peter Anderson). 534 endobj ] Deep Learning Handbook. endobj The Future of Generative Modeling; 3. obj 5.0 … 8 /Filter [ The notes (which cover … >> On the importance of initialization and momentum in deep learning. /DeviceRGB << << Class Notes Sep 2 : No class Lecture 3: Sep 4: Probability Distributions : Reading: Bishop: Chapter 2, sec. 0 Explainable AI: Interpreting, Explaining and Visualizing Deep Learning (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Book 11700) 1st ed. Deep Learning: A recent book on deep learning by leading researchers in the field. /Page /Type /Transparency 1 We hope, you enjoy this as much as the videos. The book is the most complete and the most up-to-date textbook on deep learning, and can be used as a reference and further-reading materials. Presentation: "On the computational complexity of deep learning", by Shai Shalev-Shwartz in 2015 Blum, Avrim L., and Ronald L. Rivest. 0 Deep learning is a rapidly evolving field and so we will freely move from using recent research papers to materials from older books etc. 0 [ 0 ] ] endobj R obj /Catalog endstream Class Notes. jF�`;`]���6B�G�K�W@C̖k��n��[�� 琂�/_�S��A�/ ���m�%�o��QDҥ Exact solutions to the nonlinear dynamics of learning in deep linear neural networks. 0 /Annots /Page obj R >> /Parent /CS R 0 0 Slides: W2: Jan 17: Regularization, Neural Networks. endobj Describe relationships — classical statistics; Predicting future outputs — machine learning; 2.3 Learning the model from training data. In Proceedings of the 30th international conference on machine learning (ICML-13) (pp. /Group Deep Learning by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville 2. ��������Ԍ�A�L�9���S�y�c=/� NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Backpropagation. R /Filter 2019 Edition, Kindle Edition by Wojciech Samek (Editor), Grégoire Montavon (Editor), Andrea Vedaldi (Editor), & Format: Kindle Edition. 0 709 36 /Length [ endobj Lecture notes. 7 Lecture Topics Readings and useful links Handouts; Jan 12: Intro to ML Decision Trees: Machine learning examples; Well defined machine learning problem; Decision tree learning; Mitchell: Ch 3 Bishop: Ch 14.4 The Discipline of Machine Learning: Slides Video: Jan 14: Decision Tree learning Review of Probability: The big picture; Overfitting 0 The 12 video lectures cover topics from neural network foundations and optimisation through to generative adversarial networks and responsible innovation. 26 /Outlines 0 >> Deep Learning An MIT Press book in preparation Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville. Lecture 1: Introduction to Deep Learning CSE599W: Spring 2018. /DeviceRGB /Contents We currently offer slides for only some chapters. ] R 10707 (Spring 2019): Deep Learning - Lecture Schedule Tentative Lecture Schedule. For instance, if the model takes bi-grams, the frequency of each bi-gram, calculated via combining a word with its previous word, would be divided by the frequency of the corresponding uni-gram. << [ 17 0 2 1:00pm-4:00pm, MIT Room 32-123 1:00pm-1:45pm: Lecture Part 1 1:45pm-2:30pm: Lecture Part 2 2:30pm-2:40pm: Snack Break 1 endobj We plan to offer lecture slides accompanying all chapters of this book. /Annots ... Books and Resources. Regularization. 27 R Lecture notes/slides will be uploaded during the course. stream 4 endobj << 0 /Transparency cs224n: natural language processing with deep learning lecture notes: part v language models, rnn, gru and lstm 2 called an n-gram Language Model. 9 0 Table of Contents; Acknowledgements; Notation; 1 Introduction; Part I: Applied Math and Machine Learning Basics; 2 Linear Algebra; 3 Probability and Information Theory; 4 Numerical Computation; 5 Machine Learning Basics; Part II: Modern Practical Deep Networks; 6 Deep Feedforward Networks; 7 Regularization for Deep Learning 1. [ 405 2.1 The regression problem 2.2 The linear regression model. /Group 3 stream Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Michael Nielsen 3. 35 x��U�n�@]�҂�� ��J83{_�@ip R��ԥ���%mS�>�ٵ�8��Bpc��9��3�{�1���B�����sH ��AE�u���mƥ��@�>]�Ua1�kF�Nx�/�d�;o�W�3��1��o}��w���y-8��E�V��$�vI�@(m����@BX�ro ��8ߍ-Bp&�sB��,����������^Ɯnk /S 1139-1147). Deep neural networks. endobj /MediaBox jtheaton@wustl.edu. In this course, you will learn the foundations of Deep Learning, understand how to build neural networks, and learn how to lead successful machine learning projects. 0 24 Due Wednesday, 10/21 at 11:59pm 10/9 : Section 4 Friday TA Lecture: Deep Learning. R �)��w�0�*����"r�lt5Oz0���&��=��ʿQA3��E5�,I9�َK�PPۅT������숓uXJ�� I�C���.�������������&�DŽ|!��A�Yi�. 1 R 0 Maximum likelihood /DeviceRGB ] 0 Deep Learning. R VideoLectures Online video on RL. /Nums Parametric Methods (ppt) Chapter 5. ¶âÈ XO8=]¨›dLãp—“×!Í$ÈÂ.SW`Ã6Ò»í«AóÖ/|ö¾ÈË{ƒO€ÙPÚz³{ªfOÛí¾ºh7ÝN÷Ü01"Œê¶ú6j¯}¦'Tƒ3,a‹ü+-,/±±þÅàŽLGñ,€_É\Ý2L³×è¾_'©R. 34 /Contents 0 This is a full transcript of the lecture video & matching slides. Here you will find a draft version of the lecture notes (not available yet) and the lecture slides, feel free to contribute and fix any errors, typoes and mistakes you might find - thanks. Notes in Deep Learning [Notes by Yiqiao Yin] [Instructor: Andrew Ng] x1 De ne cost function (how well the model is doing on entire training set) to be J(! /Length DL book: Deep Feedforward Nets; DL book: Regularization for DL; W3: Jan 22 >> /Page obj

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