Door fans come with insulated (R-22 or R-38) panels that open every time you turn the fans on. Provided with the system is a R-5 Energy Star 1" Poly Foam industrial grade backdraft damper, sound absorbing acoustical ductwork, custom high airflow grill, on/off remote control or wall switch/timer and all necessary hardware. Which Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Spin? adroll_language = "en_US"; Ventilation Solutions for Contractors & Architects, Whole House Fans • Return Air Pathways/Transfer Grilles • Cape Backdraft Dampers. You should check your local building codes before buying one. If air can flow backwards, it can create many different problems. Another disadvantage is that during the winter, the vented opening works like an open window, giving warm moist air an easy path out and into your attic. Add to List. They push hot, stale air out through attic vents or gables while pulling cool, fresh air in through open windows. Whole-house ventilation gives you healthy indoor air quality beyond simply exhausting air from the bathrooms. Like standard fans, these units are usually installed in a hallway, but some smaller models are specially designed to fit in between or around existing trusses or joists to make installation easier. 16 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Room That Actually Work. Although they are great during mild weather, whole-house fans have caused fatalities and carbon monoxide poisoning in numerous cases. Tamarack Technologies, Inc. Working at an air conditioning company for many years, I’ve installed hundreds of units in the attics. For product availability in your area, please verify your zip code. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Maintenance of a Whole House Fan. 20 Patterson Brook Road – Suite #7 Call 1-888-757-4774. Industrial grade gravity fed back draft damper requires no power and is standard with all CentricAir whole house fans. Pros: 1. Before you buy, contact your utility company to see if you’re eligible for an energy rebate. We are proud that our Whole House Fans have been featured on Whole House Fan on Ask This Old House several times based on the ease of installation, performance and quality manufacturing materials. More information Infinity 1100 Ducted Whole House Fan specifications The main advantage of using a whole-house fan instead of an air conditioner is to save energy. See how the pros do it, including our segment from This Old House. Tie rods at each end side of shutter help to ensure uniform opening when fans are operating. A Tamarack Ventilation Whole House Fan will save you money by reducing your energy usage. Increase the home resale value 2. There are Cools a house in one hour 4. Apply. When you use a whole-house fan, it’s important to open doors and windows. Promo code BLACK20 on Select Whole House Fans. Offer 30 to 60 air change in an hour Cons: 1. Difficult to install … adroll_currency = "USD"; Simply use a damp cloth to remove any particles. The box will be 33" square with 1" thick walls (inside dimension of 31" x 31"). We only ship within the United States. Because bathroom fan ducts, dryer vents, and kitchen range hoods all allow air leakage to come back into your home. More expensive 3. Contact. A whole-house fan is an attic-mounted fan that exhausts air from a home at night, when the heat of the day has passed and the outdoor temperature has dropped enough to feel comfortable. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 13. If you don’t, the fan may cause gas-burning appliances to backdraft … Standard fan 4,500 to 6,900 cfm ($200 to $450) Because they’re the most affordable and widely available, large-diameter fans are still a good solution for homeowners living in warmer regions. Whole house fans which are large enough to create a breeze through the house can sometimes produce unintended effects such as noise, heat loss, and house depressurization. Fans require 1 sq. An attic-side box cover may be constructed from a 4' x 4' piece of 1" rigid fiberglass duct board. The R5 insulated gravity damper is designed keep attic air from entering the living space when the whole house fan is not in use. 888-757-4774 Order Status Contact Us. Efficient in cooler times of the day 3. A whole house fan is a large fan that, when properly implemented, can cool your home significantly during the summer without the need of much modern air conditioning. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Why Isn’t My Central Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air? Whole House Fans; Accessories; Return Air Pathways (Transfer Grilles) Backdraft Dampers; Weatherization-Air Sealing; Attic Ventilation; Crawl Space Fans & Basement Fans; Bathroom Fans; Garage Fan; Pool Fans & Sunroom Fans; View All Products; Whole House Fan Info. This auto-insulating feature prevents vast amounts of heat from escaping through the fan when it’s not in use. It will be 61/ 2" deep. You should check your local building codes before buying one. ft. of net free vent area per 750 cfm. The Whole House Fan draws the moisture outside and replaces the inside air with fresh, cool air. A typical whole house fan has a 30" diameter blade with a sheet metal cowling of 31" to allow for blade clearance. This rapid air exchange—large fans can purge a house of hot air in two to three minutes—not only removes built-up heat but also creates a pleasant breeze. They can’t cool inside temps lower than outside temps, nor can they dehumidify. These fans cost less up front, but installation may be more difficult. adroll_current_page = "home_page"; Using only a tenth as much power as your AC, a fan bringing in cooler night and/or morning air can lower inside temperatures by 5 degrees (or more) in just a few minutes. Instead, homes without attics, will vent their whole house fan directly with an … The backdraft damper allows warm air to leave the house but doesn’t let hot attic air enter back into the house when the whole house fan isn’t being used. These models don’t move as much air as standard fans, but they tend to run quieter, so they can be run all night.
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