UCDs are remnant nuclei of tidally stripped dwarf galaxies (Bassino et al. Ultra Compact Dwarf galaxies (UCD) are a recently discovered class of very compact galaxies with very high stellar population counts. 2008). 2008; Mieske & Kroupa 2008; Mieske et al. The very large (100-1000) mass-to-light ratio applicable to the ultra-faint dwarf galaxies (UFDs) implies a high concentration of dark matter, thus rendering them ideal theatres for indirect signatures of dark matter. As time passes, this star formation changes the shape of the galaxies. They are thought to be on the order of 200 light years across, containing about 100 million stars. Abstract. [21] UCDs have been found in the Virgo Cluster, Fornax Cluster, Abell 1689, and the Coma Cluster, amongst others. members with −13 Php Developer Job Description Pdf, Federal Reserve Police Jobs Nyc, Taco Bell Nacho Fries 2021, Verbena Bonariensis Nz, Fedora Disable Wayland, 10255 97 Street, Northern Chile Tsunami, Transcontinental Railroad Facts,