You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or YouTube. With lenses that are optically stabilised, such as the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS supplied for review, SteadyShot is controlled from the lens. But I’m not at home right now, and can’t remember for sure whether or not it can be safely collapsed ..but – as far as I think I remember – I did NOT collapse it ..just in case! Regarding lenses for A7S II, does the choice matter if you are more into video or more into stills? I NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP THIS WEBSITE RUNNING, IT IS SO EASY AND FREEE for you to HELP OUT! Here is the definition of the word “rumor” according to Merriam Webster dictionary: Pronunciation: \ˈrü-mər\ It will even change the magnified position from shot to shot magnified scrolling to match the moving AF selection from Eye-AF. Sony have really thought through their proposition with the A7 series and realising one camera can’t cater for the needs of all photographers offer three differing options. Leave a Reply 1. They are both GREAT in this capacity and for IR! Oh, and it also does DAMN well in great or good or decent light! Look at DPreview, Imaging Resource…or ANY larger review site. But is it worth the upgrade if you own an a7S? Thanks a lot!! For me I shoot mainly for web/screen images and smallish prints (11×14 or smaller). Are there any specific differences i might care about? We can wonder why Sony didn’t add a few extra MPs..”. Also, be sure you click the images for the real deal, to see them larger and better and to see the real noise. Hard to read red type on such a dark background Steve. @ David Babsky, For RAW it does not matter. Now if shooting at 409,000 forget about shooting in color. Is this the best ever Sony full-frame compact system camera? The a7SII can go on to ISO 400,000+ so 25,600 should be a piece of cake. All trademarks and brands belong to their respective owners. Al Harp, Steve, But overall, all camera sales are down and DSLRs still outsell mirrorless by a factor of more than two to one. Sony A7II LCD has 1,230,000 dot resolution with 107/41° tilt vs 921,000 dot resolution with 90/45° tilt on Sony A7, but to be honest, I lost my count at a hundred and one… Battery Life. My review of that lens is HERE. So then it is always a minor cost for the upgrade. If you would be 100% happy with 28, go for the Leica as it has beautiful IQ. are you sure this is zero noise reduction? Is it the new Sony A9III? I DID like all of the previous Sony’s, but was desperate for image stabalization. Now I wonder, if we consider this extra package and add it to the A7S MK1, what does the MK2 has more yet to justify the extra $800? What I do not like is the 24-70. PLEASE! This body is the same as the new Mark II versions, and as I have said before, it is a pretty substantial improvement. I always keep them in pristine condition, have every original component that came with the packaging, always throw in something extra, and I sell them at the time that the next iteration of the same camera comes out. I’d say no, by all means. I am planning to upgrade my a7 to one of the mark 2s. All was shot inside at normal room temperature. B&H PHOTO LINK – (not bookmark able) Can also use my search bar on the right side or links within reviews, anytime. The product’s highlights are likely well known by now, even though shipments have just started. It has shown me the versatility of this camera to the type of shooting I look to do with it. This Sony A7 II is Sony's best buy in a full-frame camera because it's half the price of the mostly identical A7S II or A7R II, and this A7 II has the optimum resolution of the three.. I also do not want large files on my computer and alternate storage. Nice images and thanks for the review. The price point for the Sony a7sii is a bit high ($3,000 for the body). Great job, you did. But at the end of the day, did Sony pack enough in the Mark II to make it a worthy upgrade to someone who has an a7S already? Wie das Vorgängermodell begnügt … P.S: Picture shows a bed outside the ICU. Click them for larger and see them correctly! 1-2 stops less noise? Sony A7sii - Review There are enough technical reviews of the Sony A7sii out there that I won't discuss the specs of this instrument. Sony Alpha A7SII Review. I still have my Sony A77m2 and I’ll eventually make the jump to full-frame someday. Great review. The M9 might better for a few things, and the A7rII will be better for a few things, etc. Thanks Steve. “Have you tried this and what are you thoughts?”. The Sony A7SII Review. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, some cameras might be a bit better for sports or for commercial work, but the A7sII does everything well. Read the full SonyAlphaRumors privacy and cookie policy by clicking here. The Sony A7S II is a new compact system camera that can literally shoot in the dark. It’s going to be for travel photography, some portraiture and some casual studio portraiture. If you missed the original a7S review, see it here as this will not rehash the things that are the same there. $700 maybe, $1500 no”. My Camera of the Year 2020. I own the original Sony A7S Why to choose Summicrom APSH 35mm f2 and f1.4 APSH Summilux 50. But, at the risk of repetition, here are the main points again… – 35 mm full-frame back-illuminated 42.4-Megapixel CMOS sensor – [Read More] Is this for a new RX model? The A7 III has a newly developed 24MP Back Illuminated sensor. Something to point and shoot that will give them pictures they are perfectly satisfied with.
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