A wardrobe solves a lot of storage problems, but if you have mold in or behind your wardrobe, you have a much bigger problem that requires immediate action because mold can cause or exacerbate respiratory illness and allergies. The house is heated on a regular basis, and also aired regularly. It is a white fluffy mould and also darkish mould that covers an exterior wall. Leaky roofs are also problematic and usually aren't detected until it's too late. All habitable rooms should have a vent of some forms (trickle vents in window or wall vent). If I scrape it of the wall tho the plaster is still clean and dry. Hi, where the wall insulation is missing or settled. To remove mildew stains sponge rugs and carpets with thick, dry soap or detergents suds and wipe clean with a damp cloth, or clean them with an electric shampoo machine. After no problems during the summer now the cold weather is back the problems have reappeared with green mould appearing on shoes and back of wardrobe. It’s black and seems to around the skirting board and about 3 to 4 inches above. Others have suggested that nothing will fix the problem and we won’t ever be able to put things up against the single brick wall in winter… Hi, If a closet has a door that does not have louvers on them, there may not be proper air exchange. hi there, i have a white powder like mould on my walls, what is it and what causes it , and how do i get rid of it. AC closets are ideal for mold growth because the spores thrive in warm, wet, dark places. I live in south Ruislip, middlesex. Limit the drying of clothes internally and if clothes are dried inside they should be dried in well-ventilated rooms (with windows open) and with the doors closed to other parts of the dwelling. The internal rooms of the shed have been insulated with a foam plaster backed and then skimmed and painted. There is not much information to go on. Bear in mind that water entering a leak can penetrate in one place, track along a surface and exit in a remote spot. Hi there Is the crack outside on gabel end the cause of the mould? Great tips will use them to treat the mould problem in my ensuite. Its hard to say without seeing it in person but it sounds like it could be a cold bridging issue, i.e. Many thanks, I have just stumbled upon this article as this weekend we noticed that shoes in our wardrobes had some mold on and a couple of clothing items in the wardrobe next to the exterior wall also had some, we know our drains need clearing and also the window under the wardrobe has loose guttering, meaning water runs down the exterior wall, could it be these factors causing the mold issue? Condensation can occur almost anywhere the conditions are right. Does this sound like it is caused by bad insulation or a different problem? Can you tell me why this might happen on ceilings? 5) Re plaster (skim) walls & ceilings. It’s got worse since I had a vent put in bathroom when I switch the light of it comes on. Its located at the highest point on the wall on both sides of the corner (just below the roof). Leave the closet door open for ventilation and allow the dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture from the air. We don’t know where to start to fix the problem. 2. Who would be the right tradesman to call for this in particular would it be a structural engineer ??. I am currently looking for a ‘specialist’ to help us identify the cause of a musty smell in a number of rooms in our house and mildew in one wardrobe. Follow the instructions on using the dehumidifier, close windows and doors, cover vents etc. I hope I don’t have a sick house What would you recommend to do? Symptoms include: Mold typically looks fuzzy. Mold spores can be breathed in easily and can cause a lot of problems: breathing; congestion; asthma attacks; coughing and more. I keep the ensuite very well vented when the shower or sink is being used. After some advice if possible.. None downstairs only up. Older homes often have problem closets. Is this very high? My council have been out and used anti mold paint in my porch with no success. That seems odd to me. It is not a particularly damp house, although there are no ventilation bricks in any of the rooms, and the house is built into a hill, so half of it is effectively underground, but not one of the rooms with a mouldy mattress! We recently had a lot of rain (caused flooding for the city..was bad) . I have a louvre vent and vented windows that I can open and shut. I have hovered as best I can but don`t know what to do. – Excessive moisture on the building element itself because of defects in the building and/or flashings. 5. I washed off the mould using shop bought mould and mildew remover which did the job temporarily, however one room in particular seems to get it worse than the others and recently whilst clearing out a chest of drawers which lies near the outside wall of this bedroom I noticed a wicker basket that I have on top of the chest of drawers had mould growing on it on the side closest to the outside wall of the room, as I have young children I am very concerned about this as a potential health hazard. Much appreciated. We have patches that seem to occur in some places on the wall. Many Thanks I’m in the galway area. In the bedroom I get a musty smell on clothes that are in the bottom drawer. A phone number would be appreciated. In the winter mornings there is a lot of condensation on the windows. There is mould in the upstairs bathroom, the wall over the sink is badly mould damaged. There is a fireplace in our bedroom which must give some ventilation for moisture, and extractor fans in all our bathrooms. But this is a temporary cosmetic solution and the cause of the appearance of the mould, the damp environment, needs to be dealt with prior to redecorating. More examples of mold growing on just about anything in … People can have negative reactions to mold. We have treated this with a fungal treatment, but the problem has started again. We also have had a dehumidifier on during the day for the last couple of weeks and hasnt improved, just got worse. Sorry for the long comment but am desperate for a solution. In these, too, airborne substances can affect the upper respiratory tract. Closets are an excellent place for mold to start growing. Typically the ceiling over a car port within a house is a reinforced concrete slab. This green mould just keeps coming back. 4) Seal background with water tight plaster sealer Hi, we moved in to our house in September. Is this very high? Items such as thick towels, comforters, heavy jackets, shoes and boots can take a while to dry after getting wet. Could it be consendation? the external lateral wall is somehow dump because we get an awful mouldy smell in the room underneath the stairs and lately just noticed in my wardrobe which is agains the same wall. I did get the structural engineer back thinking that it might be that the cavity wall insulation had been wrongly injected, he said that the damp meter was reading normal and that in the lounge it was that there was only one layer of board under the window which covers the whole of that wall and the coldness from outside hitting the warmth of the radiator was causing condensation, and suggested that I get some insulating paper on that wall and also to use a dehumidifier. Over the years i thought i noticed the brick work and one of the ceiling beams slightly wet. When you open the closet, warm moist air from the house flows into the closet and condenses on the cold wall. 2. Why Mold Tends To Grow More On Contents In A Closet. Could this be the problem? Dry Rot is also a big issue along with mould and damp! The shed has never had any heat go into it so i now have two small heaters to try and heat it up.I have now noticed on two of the walls black mould/mildew and its starting to spread across the walls.Could you let me know what you think could be causing this and what i could do about it. House is 4 years old & theres damp mould on one ensuite door & on wooden set of drawers in ensuite. We have mould behind our chest of draws we have washed it off with a fungal wash, but cant understand where it’s come from its nowhere else in the bedroom . I came across something similar once and it was caused by penetrating damp in a solid brick wall. We had built in wardrobes fitted in the master bedroom 6 weeks ago. Could this be as a result of poor insulation in the attic? The plaster has never seen this problem and has lightly skimmed over the pitted areas. We have vents in all of our rooms which are constantly open. We are currently experiencing a problem with mould in a number of rooms in our house. Use 1 tsp baking soda with 1 cup water. Use gloves and take care none falls on carpet/ clothes etc. please can u advise what to do about mould on clothes and shoes in my wardrobe? Hi, I’m looking at purchasing a house but on viewing the property today I can see the upstairs bedrooms (3) in corners of these rooms and above Windows there is Mould, the estate agent told us that the owners have been abroad for 3 years and the property had been left like this to fend for itself. The bathroom is also against this wall, no extractor fan! Mold takes hold on all sorts of things around your home. - Created by Slicejack. I am also paranoid now that it is growing in the insulation, as they left a hole in the bathroom wall where an electrical cable comes out and I have not had time to get this finished! At a loss at this stage! Kind regards Its hard to comment on limited information. My living room had internal cladding of some sorts put on it with a fresh coat of plaster. I have to seal the Windows in the sitting room because of the amount of dust, but the mold is in another room, the windows have ventilation holes. Wash mildew-stained articles once with soap and water, rinse them well and dry them in the sun. clothes in wardrobes)and there is a patch of mould in one of the bedroom walls (in a top corner of the wall). I imagine, from your suggestions we should “provide additional insulation to avoid cold spots on walls” before re-doing our kitchen. The Helpful Engineer © 2020. He got 4 rooftile vents installed this year and the loft is cold and airy. Humidity’s goal in life is to be water again and what it needs is a cold surface to achieve this. Mold and mildew are health hazards to everyone exposed. The spores from mold become airborne every time the mold is disturbed. The bedroom that has the mould is an extension to the house (was once a big house, converted to two massionettes) the bedroom is alot colder than the rest of the house, but we have the heating on to try and keep it warm (currently about 20C) We have quite a lot of mould on one wall, seems to go across the wall in patches and also up two corners of the wall. I am now very worried that it is airborne. Can I too get the contact for the specialist engineer I’m in donegal, hi im looking to find a specalist for damp proofing my home. Do I have a leak I do not know about? Who do I call to get assistance that will not rip me off? I have black mould in a corner wall of my house. It’s single brick built with tiled pitched roof. We have bought a timber framed house built in the 80’s. Several weeks ago, we cleaned out the gutters and re-pointed parts of the roof, where we thought there may be leaks – we then cleaned the wall over the sink but it has since returned just as bad. Thanks. Another thing i have noticed is in a corner behind my washing machine there is also mold (where the water pipes are, could this be a leak? Could this be the cause of this mould appearing in various parts of the house. The Joices are rotten. They eventually got the problem fixed, but we have mould on the wall in the room and the wall feels damp. We have also discovered mould on the inside of a free standing wardrobe in our daughters room on the other side of the house and on the clothes inside. Our existing windows are double glazed pvc but are there since the house was built. I wouldn’t be able to advise you legally, but you should bring the issue to the attention of your landlord, if you haven’t already. hi i ave a smell of dry green powder like mould under the bed slats an bhind my frames. I just bought a place in south Florida and I find a mist of water on the laminate floor in one corner of are bedroom under a shelf and near a cabinet. How to Troubleshoot Mold on Interior Walls. Hi we have a dorma house built in the 70s. In addition to an unpleasant musty odor, molds and mildew cause considerable damage if permitted to grow. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Keep Your Closets Clean: Mold feeds off of dirt and debris found in fabric fibers. The estate agents are trying to palm us off and say it is condensation and so our problem with regards to ventilation. Our existing windows are double glazed pvc but are there since the house was built. I installed window vents earlier this year to help create movement of the air around also suggested they turn up the temperature for the central heating . any advice greatly appreciated, thanks. I am in Munster. Presuming the cavity wall insulation was done correctly (did you consider whether they missed a spot?) We got one window replaced 2 years ago, and this is the only window that doesn’t get condensation. Also there is little, if any, heat retention in the house after the heating is turned off. I have been to the doctor and he says I badly need to get out of there. I have received a quote from a friend who is a dry liner and here is the work he prescribed: 1) Removal of any defective wall, ceiling plaster IF you require impartial advice, you can contact any one of a range of building experts: chartered engineer, architect or building surveyor. Hi, What are my legal options as in sueing the landlord. I am trying to figure out what to do. The wall feels damp there. Do not attempt to brush the mould off the walls, as this will just spread it. Party wall in bedroom has marks on it like fat splashes. But if the powder is dryish and not mould like, it sounds like the wall is wet and the natural salts in the interior of the wall are being brought to the surface. Therefore the ceiling needs to be insulated to prevent the heat from the room above being lost to the cold carport. Please can you pass me the details by email. We contacted the previous owners who are friends , they are shocked as they have never had this problem. Tips for Using a Prefabricated Building Floor Frame Kit, Beautiful Gardens | Rocks, Woods, Plants and Monkey Tree. Ended up with mold forming round the corners/edges and window. The dark patches seem to follow the joists on the attic floor. Closets often provide the cool temperatures and moist atmosphere that mold needs flourish. Try HESEnergy.ie they install systems for the council and sure they’d be happy to advise. Yes it is our bedroom so we sleep in it every night, but we never get moisture building up on the windows (all double glazed, with cavity walls, although the cavity walls are not filled due to proximity to the coast). Hi, sorry to hear about your bad luck. It’s that time of the year again when the days are getting shorter and colder and that means that your house is more susceptible to mould growth. The room is always cold my dad doesn’t use the heating . This room is north facing too so gets no sunlight or heat during fine days (however my sitting room, with stove, is north facing too and has no mould issues) This bedroom never had a wall vent and when we replaced all the windows we would have blocked up all other room vents as we got vents installed within the window frames instead. hi there we have a major mould problem in our rented house we have treated it so many times and it keeps returning we think its coming from underneath the floor boards and we were told it is not insulated as the floor boards are starting to peel i was just wondering how much would it cost in ireland to get a engineer in to take a look to see what is causing it as we got onto our landlord so many times about it and nothing has been done we have 3 young kids who get sick alot thanks. Or perhaps a DPC has been installed but the ground level has been raised above it outside, thus allowing water to enter at the base of the wall. I have pulled out 5 drawer chest and dressing table and the wall where it has had brown fluff opr dust on it has now got marks in places. A. Mould remedial action necessary, based on building use, B. Mould remedial action, based on building defects. Without any further details that sounds to me like rising damp. It would be normal for a house owner to clean up small areas of mould on wall/ ceiling surfaces with little difficulty. Mold frequently collects in carpeting or drywall at the back of closets, and can spread to clothing or packed items. I do think this has increased the air quality of the apartment (might be my imagination) but 6 months later I am getting a musty smell from the wardrobe and drawers! I discoverted some very blackmould on the ceiling down one side of the wall. Keep Things Clean: Make sure your clothing, linens and shoes are completely dry before placing them in the closet. Limit the use of movable gas heaters, as this type of appliance releases large amounts of water vapour into the air, if they are used an external window should be left ajar in the room to allow fresh air to enter and the moisture produced to escape quickly. What could be causing these issues? We have a ensuite shower the house is well insulated .the window is the story and a half part of the house As winter went on the size of the residue got bigger. I will be using 38mm cooltherm boards to insulate the inside wall however this will not solve the condensation problem I have on the windows. The first and most important thing to know is that mold most commonly affects peoples health through the inhalation of the spores. When I touch with my hand it comes off like a powdery substance. Is the builder talking rubbish? Mildew is a thin, often whitish to bluish-green growth produced by molds on many surfaces. In the past year we had pvc double glazed Windows installed throught the house now we have a black mould appearing, we also have condensation on window this is happening in our bedroom only. My hubby is in denial, saying ” don’t worry it’s condensation, every house has condensation”. This wall has always been cold. When the damp evaporates, the salts come out of solution and are left behind on the wall. This solves the problem, but it doesn’t let us utilise the space very well – we’d love to have units fitted around this area to extend the useable space in our kitchen. No heat from below maybe why? Hi The main cause of mold growing on contents can be related to a problem with ventilation. Any suggestions. • Cool air holds less moisture than warm air. My AC was old (20 years) and rusty (and leaking onto the patio) and I was advised to replace them both, (one for upstairs, one downstairs) at a cost of KYD8,000. We had a leak in our master b-room but fixed it and have not had additional sings of leakage. However, we open windows during the day and have the heating on for a long period so we are doing all that we can do but we cannot heat the house sufficiently due to bad insulation. looks like its coming from ceiling downwards. Can’t stand the thought of it, please help Sheila. I am concerned as we have heating in the room but probably not ventilated . There is black mould growing around all new double glazed pvc windows and sliding doors. I’m not sure if I am 100% convinced Do you think this would be a realistic solution? I need to fix this issue once and for all. We seem to get a lot of condensation on our windows as well. Years ago its a story and half dormer and I have noticed mold in our bedroom up stairs above the window There was no issues with mold before, I keep the place heated to 18c the thermometer is in the hallway. No Excess Moisture: The first step in mildew control is to try to control the dampness inside the home. It just appears like a dew from outside. It is semi detached circa 1970. But if it was my house I would do the following: 1. Leave the closet door open for ventilation and allow the dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture from the air. The mould has really infected me. I am at loss as to what to do after spending so much money. Hi there, Where this pipe enters the attic above this room we found some insulation around it was very wet. After using the bath the windows should be kept open/ or extract fan on and the door closed until all the moist  air is removed. Is this simply a case where more insulation is required or is this more serious? Wall mold tends to grow where there are inadequately insulated exterior walls, particularly where the conditions are coolest: close to the floor (because cold air sinks) and in outside corners. My two questions are 1. Sarah Bryans. Mold and mildew can grow on closet walls and your clothing. We have a long radiator under the front window that doesn’t give much heat so we are waiting for a new radiator to be fitted nearer the recess to see if that can help. It would require a waterproof render over it off course. 6. I have a ground floor apartment. 1. I live in a detached bungalow in the countryside. Its hard to say. Closet mildew causes more than foul odor. Do you have any contact information as to who can do this, phone number would be appreciated, I live in midlands, thanks. The mold is now only on the ceiling and growing fast. Please assist. Corners that are located away from this moving air, like those in closets, become cool and allow moisture to condense. We have, what I think, White mould growing on the internal Walls of our garden brick shed. We have no idea how long this stuff has been growing. This adds much needed space to our tiny kitchen, but because it’s single brick it gets condensation and mould growth. Hi, can you give me any advice? Hi I live in a house apprx ten years old. Have you checked to make sure that there are no leaking pipes internally or is there water getting in from some source like overflowing gutters, roof leaks or cracks in the wall. Looking forward to hearing back from you with a solution to fix this ongoing problem. Could this be from the a/c ? It would mean that the internal space is not reduced and could be installed without to much disruption to your house. We have been living on our house for 10 years with no problems. Hi I have an ground floor apartment which I had rented out for a year. I have mold that keeps forming in my single bedroom I share with my partner. • You can also keep an open box of chalk, charcoal briquettes or cat litter to absorb the extra moisture in the air which can lead to mold and mildew growth. I will then let you know what I think. Mold and mildew are in areas that do not get a lot of sun and are colder, so they will be the moist places in your home. There is also some mould showing in another room on the ceiling in 2 different corners but both near the front wall of the house. Hi You could dry line it internally, install external insulation or if the walls are cavity construction pumped insulation is probably the cheapest and easiest solution. The flats on each side of me are empty and have being for 3 years since i moved in. Thanks for any help. There is a balcony above the 2 bedrooms. It is now in another bed room. There were two wood/stone spiral staircases running up either end of the property. Kind regards The mold is confined to the lower corner area. Problem is, I don’t know what I am looking for – an engineer of some sort maybe? Today, I noticed green mouldy growing on the slats of my daughters bed! Also, in our sitting room there are black patches on the ceiling from a smokey fire and a slight mouldy patch near a bay window. Would be grateful of your thoughts or advise as I do not want to spend anymore money on it unless I can be guaranteed it will sort out my problems (I spent a good bit on the new ventilation!!). Not 100 % sure what it is. Thanks for the advice! Appreciate any help you can give me! I’ve cleaned it off but his build in wardrobe smells damp too. Thanks. This helps to slow the spread of fire, as one involving a car would typically be more fierce. The tenants did not tell us about the problem 2. Sounds like a lack of ventilation in your home, but I think you need to contact a local architect/ engineer to investigate the problem and detail solutions. I am concerned that I am going to get mold back. Also your wardrobes should have vent holes to allow the warm air in the room to enter and warm the interior of the wardrobe. Drop me a PM and I will have a chat with you. An outside wall can get very cold. Can you recommend what we can do to get rid of the Mould or what may have caused it? Given the right circumstances, mold takes hold of a home and spreads throughout the interior. After skimming we treated the area with anti fungicide solution and let it dry. Leaky Plumbing – Leaks behind adjacent walls can contribute to mold in closets. When we saw the bungalow there were new floors and skirtings laid in the bedroom and the walls were re- plastered. What your rooms need are humidity tracking extract fans. I have problems with damp and mold – my gable end wall is full of green moss. Ideally not axial type as they don’t have much pushing power but a centrifugal model like the eco air or filter less models from S&P. This bedroom is usually quite chilly and has two external walls and the bathroom is quite small with a small window. Regarding your wardrobe, it sounds like your external walls are poorly insulated, which will need to be addressed. I have no idea what has caused this mould and how to prevent it happening again. Any dark area is prone to mildew growth. Can you help by advising what might be causing it? Hi there I’ve been getting mould in my bed room. To clean the mold on the walls of the closet, use diluted vinegar water (vinegar mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1) and wipe off the visible mold, discard the cloth when it is soiled with mold. Thank you. I live in the Caribbean . It is considered by some that the presence of mould within buildings can contribute to serious health risks. Also this bedroom has a very old double glazed window that will be replaced. I checked the bathroom which is next door- no problem there or anywhere else in flat. Fix the source of the water problem or leak to prevent mold growth. It can even absorb moisture to keep the mold away. Or improving our attic insulation to 300mm? I removed the box in the corresponding corner of my closet and found the green and black stuff, too. Even if the mold you see is limited to your basement, the spores from that colony can move throughout your entire house and stay airborne for a very long time. Do not use compact fluorescent bulbs in the light because they do not generate heat and will not help to prevent a mold problem.
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