He lives in the Pride Lands. Ushari bites down with his fangs but falls regardless. Later Janja meets another hyena named Jasiri to whom he had said never to come to his territory. He was a very lean lion, especially in comparison to his brother.In The Lion Guard Magazine, Scar is shown as a burnt orange lion with a black mane and paler fur on his muzzle, toes, and underbelly. Cute Snake Le Roi Lion Disney Lion King Disney Junior Anime Characters Fictional Characters Disney And Dreamworks Live Action Cartoon Art. Info Relationships. Ushari is a red Egyptian Cobra with a creamy-tan underside and narrow purple markings. Despite the Lion Guard's victory over Scar's forces, Ushari's poison leaves a negative effect on Kion, who fears being driven insane by the poison and becoming like his great-uncle, Scar. Disney Villain Death: Sure enough, Ushari dies by falling into boiling lava. I was about to send the skinks to find you.”, “It will cut out a major water supply in the middle of the dry season.”. Dude, Where's My Respect? share. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://thelionkingfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ushari_(The_Lion_King:_Revisited)?oldid=479747. Ushari ends up getting caught up in the duo's game and gets the Baobab fruit wedged in his mouth. He is also manipulative, as revealed when he tricks Kiburi into thinking he'll rule the Pride Lands once he wins a mashindano, and how he persuades Janja's clan into helping him summon Scar. Trivia Ushari is the first character to die in a Disney Junior show. explained Ushari. The hyenas kidnap Kiara and take Makini's bakora staff. AT THE SAME TIME, the Lion Guard could've and should've made sure that Ushari would feel safe in the Pride Lands. My venom has a tendency to do that." Company Credits Mwoga and Ushari become friends. 0 comments. Ushari is an African cobra who serves as a very minor character in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, a neutral character in the first season and one of the two secondary antagonists in the second season of its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard and Mac Grimborn's archenemy. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. His eyes are black. “They all will be astounded when the Lion Guard’s done and our victory won!”, “You’re late! 10. Ushari attempts to kill Kion for destroying Scar. Ushari is a cobra from The Lion Guard T.R. : Scar not receiving a hero's welcome leads to him beginning to scheme to get Mufasa off the throne. Ushari expresses doubts about Scar's plans and Janja's loyalty to their cause after hearing Nyeusi and Nyata's reports, but Scar reassures him and Zira that he is always two steps ahead. Set after the film, Janja and his clan continue terrorizing the animals of the Pride Lands, but only to be stopped by Kion and his Lion Guard.In \"Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots\", Janja, Cheezi and Chungu chase a herd of oryx until the guard arrives. And later, Jasiri will suffer this pain when Janja knocks her up. However, rather than following down the same path Scar chose, Kion forgives his great-uncle and summons the Great Kings of the Past, who send rain to rejuvenate Scar into his healthier body. When the Lion Guard accidentally awakens a hibernating Kiburi and his float, Makuu decides to speak with Simba about a solution. Not long afterward, the Lion Guard assaults the Outlands, and Ushari with Zira slash Kion on the eye, giving him a scar and injecting him with venom. After reporting the news to Zira, Janja and his crew see Ushari and decide to eat him. Trivia Ushari is the first character to die in a Disney Junior show. In the Pride Lands, Ushari summons his skink friends to spy on Makini and reveal what Rafiki tells her about Scar. "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie" Kiburi faces off with Makuu. You should have died ages ago. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed - Presumably burned to death on Pride Rock (they could have escaped offscreen). Posted by 15 hours ago. Ushari says his poison gives effect, Bunga silences him by pushing him to the ground. Not long afterward, the Lion Guard assaults the Outlands, and Ushari with Zira slash Kion on the eye, giving him a scar and injecting him with venom. When left to his own devices, Ushari is calm and quiet, with an inclination to keep to himself. save. He adds that if the hyenas want to stop the soon-coming Lion Guard assembled by Kion, they should find a way to talk to one of the Great Lions of the Past. Warrior Prince: He assembles a group of animals to protect the Pride Lands, known as the Lion Guard. He also doesn't like it when other animals trample over him. Bunga merely stared after the snake with a puzzled expression. Earlier, he belonged to the Helga’s Group and was her mate. Lion Guard Coloring PagesUshari printable and free for kids and adults. Posted by 10 hours ago. Ushari sings "Bring Back a Legend", during which he plots to summon the spirit of Scar. Didn't See That Coming: Scar (and the rest of the Lion Guard) are clearly caught off guard when Kion says he forgives Scar. Ushari falls to his death. Images of the vengeful snake named Ushari from the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. It is unknown what happened to Shupavu after Ushari's death, however it's likely she fled the Outlands, or abandonded her partnership with the cobra. save. The lion guard will it be Kions death or will he survive Lion Guard AU 3.4K Reads 36 Votes 5 Part Story. After sending Janja to distract Kion, Scar explains to Ushari that he has double-crossed Janja. The Lion Guard r/ LionGuard. Unable to accept his master's defeat, Ushari tries to attack Kion, but Bunga knocks them both into the lava pit. share. 97. Ãnanda - Died of an unknown cause prior to the Season 3. He also reminds Janja that if Kion can talk to Mufasa, there must be a way for them to talk to Scar. Hot. He also appears as the main antagonist in The Rise of Scar. Hearing everything and contemplating how to use what he's learned against Kion and Bunga for his benefit, Ushari then leaves for the Outlands. Article by GreaserMcGoo. While a sadistic trickster, Ushari is capable of complete loyalty, demonstrated when he opts to serve Scar as the second-in-command of his army. OutlandersArmy of ScarPride Landers (formerly)Outsiders (honorary; formerly). Ushari - Tackled into lava by Bunga. "I'm pretty sure that we're the ones who caused his problems," Ono said. They decide to get Makini's bakora staff, since she's too inexperienced to be a threat, and to attack one of Kion's loved ones and bring them there, since Kion's Roars are at their most powerful when he's angry. Biography The Lion Guard "The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar" Kiburi can be seen being led into a hibernation cave by the Lion Guard. Hot New Top. As such, the Lion Guard decides to leave the Pride Lands to search for the Tree of Life so Kion can be cured from Ushari's venom. He also appears as the primary antagonist of "The Rise of Scar" and the secondary antagonist of season 2. Janja tells him that he would but can't because Kion drove his clan off, to which Ushari reveals that that's because Kion's been getting advice from the Great Kings of the Past, Mufasa. With that, Ushari turned and bolted into the grass, leaving the Lion Guard, sans Bunga, feeling thoroughly ashamed. Since Scar is the only being whom he truly fears, Ushari is loyal to the fallen king and remains so to the very end. Images of the vengeful snake named Ushari from the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard. He has two circular markings the same color as his underside on his hood, which is a paler shade of red than his body, with two more purple markings inside them. Ushari is an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-one of the secondary antagonists in The Lion Guard. Later, Ushari watches as Kion uses the Roar of the Elders for the first time. Ultimately, Ushari dies when Bunga defends Kion against venomous attack. His eyes were green, with a dark scar, running down the left one. People also love these ideas Ushari was an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-the tertiary antagonist in The Lion Guard. card classic compact. 10. The Great Lions of the Past are the lions that appear when Kion uses the Roar. Lion Guard SCAR IS SUMMONED Kion's Roar of the Elders The Rise of Scar HD Clip. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. "Wow. He has two circular markings the same color as his underside on his hood, which is a paler shade of red than his body, with two more purple markings inside them. They find them heading into The Lair of the Lion Guard, and Ushari follows them in after Kion has left. Donald, Goofy, and the Guard will be dead, and Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey will come with me to forge the X-Blade for Xehanort." Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery He has proven that he is incredibly intelligent and comes up with lethally efficient schemes, on par with Scar, who appears to find him a valuable minion for … Ushari gets twined up and has a fruit in mouth. Scar tells Ushari how he got his scar from a snake and assures him that the time has come for Kion to get his own scar, which Ushari himself will inflict on him. When Bunga and Kion are playing Baobab Ball, they run into Ushari, who falls into a heap with Bunga. Ushari makes a brief appearance in the film during the scene where Kion and Bunga are planned Baobab Ball. However, the Evil Lions of the Past like Scar appear in fire if they are unleashed by the Roar and the bakora staff. Ushari was an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-the tertiary antagonist in The Lion Guard. Join. Ushari confronting Bunga for stopping him eating a hyrax. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. He was Helga's mate, Hista's father, Helgari's grandfather and Kisasi's older brother. Janja immediately orders his two minions to return to Outlands while Kion pursues them to the border. He had a triangular face and a pale muzzle and underbelly. Major Character Death (2) Graphic Depictions Of Violence (1) Underage (1) Exclude Categories Multi (2) F/M (1) M/M (1) Exclude Fandoms The Lion Guard (Cartoon) (3) The Lion King (1994) (2) ビースターズ | BEASTARS (1) Exclude Characters Ushari (The Lion King) (4) Bunga (The Lion King) (3) Simba (The Lion King) (2) Nala (The Lion King) (2) He was a male Egyptian cobra. Rising. ― Ushari taunting Kion. The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Janja retorts that no Great Lion would help the hyenas, but Ushari reminds him that there was one Great Lion who always helped hyenas: Scar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Big Guy Fatality Syndrome: Scar invokes this, plotting to kill the strongest member of the Guard to severely weaken the heroes. As the months go by, the Army of Scar loses several battles against the Lion Guard. However, when provoked, he is known to respond aggressively, especially toward Bunga, whom he harbors a strong distaste for.
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