Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. While he was using the feather to tickle her one paw he began to lick the arch of her other paw. What was that?” She asked. Azaad’s eyes widened but he tried to keep in his laughter. He stopped. I love you so much. “How exactly am I lying? 3. “HAHAHAHA I HAHAHA CAN SWEAR HAHAHAHA I HAHAHA HEARD YOU GIGGLE!” She laughed. “No, that wasn’t a giggle…I was just..laughing at the way you laugh so cutely.” He replied and smirked as he began to tickle inbetween her toes with his tongue . Then Azaad noticed one of Ono’s feathers on the ground. A Beautiful Birth is an episode of Birth of a New Journey, a series created by LionGuardFan01. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. “Well….Yeah..” she replied. JASIRI: That's Kovu, Zira's son. !” She laughed even more. NO! Azaad commenting on how Fuli had the fire of a Cheetah made no sense to me being that IS a cheetah. Rwhos There?” Scooby asked. This made Fuli’s eyes widen even more. Just some Azuli fluff. Habibaata is Arabic for 'My Love' Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - [Fuli, Azaad] - Words: 1,064 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 3 - Published: 9/12/2019 - Status: Complete - id: … This is a transcript for Journey to the Pride Lands in Bubble Guppies' Adventures of The Lion Guard. 113 notes. After the fight, Azaad comes to Pride Rock, where he meets Simba and Nala. Azaad gulped. Azaad just continued to look up at the stars. :) EvaTheDoberman. HAHAHAHA YOU AHAHAHA ARE GOING TO HAHAHAHAHAHA BE HAHAHAHAHA SO SORRRRYYYY! See more from ph0220. Azaad: no! She was voiced by … That was until he fell onto his back. You know I am faster than you!” Shouted Azaad as he also picked up his speed. “Did you REALLY just ask that question?” she replied. His pointed nose contains two shades of brown, again darker than that of Fuli's, and also larger. “So, How about we try this on you?” He grinned. THE LION GUARD 2016. the lion king the lion guard cheetah fuli azaad ship them otp fuli x azaad tlg tlk disney cat big cat feline spoilers. … azaad; fuli; Table of Contents; Details; the Talk Memory #1 the Chat A New alias Memory # 2 The BrotherHood Memory # 3 Inside the BrotherHood End of Memories The BrotherHood vs The SisterHood The Betrayal the Danger in the Storm The Eye of the Volcano The battle on the Snowy mountain The Destiny Get notified when Fuli x Azzad story is updated. Scooby looked around, his arms were beginning to shake and his body began to sweat. Fuli is the third protagonist in The Lion Guard series. My first Lion Guard fanfic—I am so tired of seeing KionxFuli pairing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I bet we will have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” Replied Azaad. What do you think is up there?” He asked her. Azaad The Lion Guard: Fuli's competitor and friend. Azaad arrives at the Pride Lands with the Lion Guard and introduces himself to King Simba and Queen Nala.Azaad introduces himself to the royal family When the Lion Guard is reuniting with their friends and family, Fuli shows Azaad around the Pride Lands and they run into the baboons. Fuli began to cover her eyes and fell back in laughter. He picked it up and began to rub it through his for paw almost teasing Fuli. There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. Include Ratings Teen And Up Audiences (1) Include Warnings No Archive Warnings Apply (1) Include Categories F/M (1) Include Fandoms The … Author. I AHAHAAH USED…AHAHAHA A NEW METHOD I AHAHAHAHAHA LEARNED!” He laughed. “Uh, to stop you from getting your paws free? He is also Fuli's love interest. He accompanied with the Lion Guard on their journey back to the Pride Lands. Well…How about I knick name you…Azaad the liar!.” She grinned. Fuli looked back to see Azaad was almost by her tail. She tries her best to hide it, but Azaad quickly sees past her facade. a year ago. FULI: A cheetah? The Lion Guard (RP), a Studio on Scratch. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. I am defiantly going to have to convert them into chapters lol. 1. Azaad meeting Fuli in secret love Azaad encounters the Lion Guard, including Fuli, in having directions to the Tree of Life ("Hello Hello"). Ono just chuckled as he saw them running off chasing eachother. As Scooby continued his walk he started to notice objects flying. Azaad loved hearing Fuli’s laugh. Azaad rolled his eyes. He asked. KION: No, we can't be. Wow you really are sensitive aren’t you…must be from all the running you do.” He teased as he continued to lick her paw pad on her left paw. Fuli is the tritagonist (later supporting character) of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. Azaad said nothing in response and he just continued to lick her toes. Fan Art, Fan fictions, The Lion King stuff. ph0220 TheHotrodHero Commission Disney Lion Guard King Romance Shipping Kion Male Rani Female Queen Fuli Azaad Cheetah Janja Jasiri Hyena Slice_Of_Life None_Canon ★ Like ph0220's stuff? File type: Word Document(.doc) -----Could not … Kenzie_McMal Traditional Artist. Fuli let out a sigh as she relaxed and looked back at the stars. 1 Kion and Mufasa opening 2 Set the mood (of love)/Find Yourself 3 Fuli, Oona and Azaad reunite/Gil and Janja reunite/Jasiri warns everyone about Zira and her Pride 4 Oona, Fuli and Azaad's talk 5 Flying over the Canyon 6 Sliding the river 7 Gil and Janja's fun 8 As You Move On 9 Oona's confession to Azaad 10 … I Rwont!” Scooby said. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “Maybe you had a little itch hehe” he replied. He accompanied with the Lion Guard on their journey back to the Pride Lands. “Uh sure Fuli…b….but why?” he asked. “It’s so peaceful out tonight.” Said Fuli. This evil kion . “To much? After around 5 minutes of licking her paw pads he decided to stop for a while to let her have a brake., Once she had her first break He then got out his claws and began scribbling them across her arches on both of her soles. Azaad ignored her plea and began to tickle her toes faster. “W…..wait….F….Fuli! “Huh, Speak for you self…You had just enough energy when you gave me that ticklish paw massage a few days ago…” Said Rani. Fuli (The Lion King) Azaad (The Lion Guard) Jasiri (The Lion King) Janja (The Lion King) Bunga (The Lion King) Additional Tags: Fluff; Language: English Stats: Published: 2019-09-04 Words: 1021 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 22 Hits: 824. ANGA: Yes. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! “AHAHAHAHAHA OH MY HAHAHA GOSH! Physical appearance. When Bunga and Kion race through the Pride Lands playing Baobab Ball, they encounter Fuli, who flips Bunga off her back for attempting to hitch a ride with her. Kion and Fuli is a popular ship due to her being one of his close friends and the only female lion guard member. AZAAD: Mibinamet! Although on the same side, they are not above teasing each other when the … Fuli is the tritagonist (later supporting character) of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. “Oh are you? Shomari … Fuli is extremely confident in her great running abilities and shows extreme delight for being able to outpace a pursuer of any species. Eventhough they had been close friends for a while now, this was Kion's first time of being at such close proximity with his female cheetah friend. The Junior Night Pride is the animated television series and a spin-off sequel of The Lion Guard. Add a photo to this gallery thank you!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was only when Azaad was around that Fuli would expose the giddiness in her voice, obviously excited to see him. “Your never going to live that down are you?” he replied. HAHAHAHA” she laughed. Also what was with leaving me with caterpillars between my toes!? Just then Kion and Rani appeared. Azaad appears to trust the hyenas, after learning that they were trying to warn the Lion Guard. THAT IS NOT FAIR! “AHA! The top of his ears are black, and inside the ears are light gray with hazel brown lining the sides. Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. She then looked back to see that Azaad was no where to be seen. “NHOHOHOHOHOHO! She was able to hold two baboons on her back without any difficulty and succeed in defeating Vitani in a single attack. “Ahahahaha Ok…ok…please hahahaha I hahaha can’t stand this! FULI AND RANI: Azaad! #link. “I am more concerned on how they had the energy to be tickled at this hour” Replied Kion. His name means "free" in Arabic. “Right….Well should we all be heading back in the tree to get some sleep for the night? You……c…….cant…j……just tickle me….” He replied. You run just as fast as me and not only that but you have a kind and gentle heart…..well….most of the time hehe” Replied Azaad. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JUST MAKE THE TICKLES STOP! She is the former fastest member of the Lion Guard. Shomari began to slowly circle around Fuli as he explained,"I know who you are Fuli, the lone cheetah from the Pridelands turned lion guard member turned Night Pride member, but I also know that the guard, is like a family to you," Shomari noticed Fuli's suprised expression when he told her that and continued,"that is right, isn't it," Fuli became annoyed,"yeah so what,"she said defensively. Fuli locked Azaad’s ankles in her legs. Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. “Fine…But only because you won! “HAHAHAHA WHAT? “Running at this hour? She is the fastest and first female member of the lion guard. HAHAHA BEING TICKLE BY YOUR TOUNGE HAHAHAHA OR HAHAHA BEING TICKLED BY THE CLAWS!” She laughed. Character Information Azaad is a male cheetah who appeared in three episodes of the third season of The Lion Guard. “Oh really? Fuli is a confident and tomboyish cheetah cub who shows great pride in her running abilities. “Oh please.....Don’t you trust me when I say I am not ticklish? Fuli was walking more slowly than normal and seemed distracted, something only Kion noticed. Azaad then began to lick on her hind left paw pad a little. After the Pride Lander-Outsider reunion, Azaad assists the Lion Guard in fighting off Vitani and her pride. Kenzie_McMal Traditional Artist. The idea works, and Thurston frees himself. “Earlier, when you tickled Azaad’s paw, did he…or did he not laugh?” she replied. But I already told you the real reason why I giggled.” He replied with a large grin. He later helped them to the Tree of Life where he visited before and guided them down the fastest route to the Pride Lands where he later meets Simba and Nala. It is so obvious that Fuli and Azaad are very good friends, and will more than likely become mates (in my opinion), so please, no fire thank you. “You know, I was just thinking.” He said. I just told you that I am not ticklish. Now an adolescent in Season 3. “Oh and why is that? But no reply was given. Azaad just smirked. “Oh hey guys, Uh…..Why is Rani laughing?” Asked Azaad. “Maybe I could give you another knick name to” he said with a grin. BECAUSE I CLEARLY SHAHAHAW YOU GIGGLING! “Hehe…..HEY! Fuli felt strange; she felt heavier than usual and more tired. !” He yelled. His eyes are green. Character Information Fuli is one of the main characters of the show, The Lion Guard. The heroic side of the Lion Guard is often displayed throughout the series, but this episode really showcases how compassionate Kion, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte and Ono can be, including to strangers. She is a valuable member of the Lion Guard, being both brave and clever. Fuli nudged him. Personality. She'sa cheetah cub who along with her friends Kion, Bunga, Ono, and Beshte form The Lion Guard to protect The Pride Lands from threats such as hyenas. Fuli. “Sure, I was getting bored and I though I would have a bit of fun with you” He replied as a grin formed more on his face. _____ Please, ask me first before u... Fuli and Azaad .. Ahahahazaahahad!! Let's just take one of them. When Fuli decides to get Tuliza for Kion, she sees Azaad standing on top of a rock where he introduces himself to her. HUWEZI! Animal Strength: Fuli is the third strongest member in the entire the Lion Guard. Summary: Kion and Rani consummate their marriage, while Azaad decides to declare himself to Fuli. Azaad is a minor character in The Lion King: Revisited.
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