Kluson Double Line Tuner for Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar. **** For different models like Pawn Shop '51, '72, Mustang Special, Precision Bass '70s, Jaguar Bass, Geddy Lee and Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, the "T + 6 digits" serial was used with "Made in Japan" decal up to 2011. Top Cash for Vintage & Rare Guitars & Gear - Free Verified Appraisals! The (usually) lightish weight, the high level of personality, zing, zest and responsiveness, the precision build, the pretty aesthetics, and the affordable price. Andy Summers uses the same kind of bridge on his Telecaster as well. 1997 transparent blue, with ivory white double binding, Jerry Donahue Signature Model Telecaster. The Bridge PU and the Neck PU in parallel. The Utimate Telecaster! The new-for-'85 Squier Tele was clearly inferior to the Fender MIJ '62 Custom reissue. beening upgraded with USA Fender slotted Kluson LOCKING Tuners. I guess I had Stevie Ray Vaughn in mind. Here is how the STOCK switching works: Position 1). $250. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. This is a black, with ivory white double binding. This Tele has had a specially selected pickup upgrade to enhance the tone. Leo Fenders' Best. This particular model was never imported into the US from Japan. For instance, many of the MIJ/CIJ Telecasters have the serial number on the bridge and they start with an "A". Even the routing on the Tele bodies is accurate. Fender Player Telecaster - Butterscotch Blonde with Maple Fingerboard Solidbody Electric Guitar with Alder Body, Maple Neck, Maple Fingerboard, and 2 Single-coil Pickups - Butterscotch Blonde $699.99. to go to the Foto-Flame page, as most of those were also Reissue guitars. Fast & Free shipping on many items! This is a STOCK FENDER CIJ SUNBURST 1967 "Keith Richard's Sonny" REISSUE TELECASTER. beautiful natural finished split Ash body. every detail was reproduced, right down to “Fender” being written on the Bridge Saddles to the routing in the bodies and the slotted vintage Kluson style tuners. Please see listing for full photos. CIJ Fender Jerry Donahue Signature Model Telecaster made in 1997, but this time in a transparent red color. You can also mix and match sounds. Looks super cool with the tooled leather pickguard, natural ash body, '52 Tele stylings, and a fat 50's feeling neck. The one above is a FENDER CIJ SUNBURST 1967 CUSTOM SONNY REISSUE TELECASTER. Take a closer look at a guitar with country mojo and stories to tell. Would a pickup that was made famous by Yngwie and used in a Strat in the bridge position sound good as a Tele bridge pickup? 2004-2005 Fender Japan '52 Tele with Factory B-5 Bigsby! When you think of this guitar, think a 52RI Custom with a 67 C style neck! The JD feature I liked, was the bypassing of the tone control in position #5, but it seem kind of like a waste of a switching position. $1,556.00. Speaking of 62 Tele Reissues, here is a nice example of a 1999 Fender CIJ 62 Custom Telecaster Reissue with white ivory double binding on a BLACK body and a matching black pickguard. Then there is the Fender Custom Shop (CS) 62 Custom Telecaster, the Made in Japan (MIJ) and Crafted in Japan (CIJ) 62 Custom Telecaster, and the Squier Classic Vibe 60s Custom Telecaster. This JD Teles come custom wired from the factory with a 5-way switch. Position #5: is the Neck Humbucker in all its humbucking glory—delivering a Les Paul sound. You will consistently find this accuracy and quality with all the Reissue and Signature model MIJ and CIJ guitars. Turn it to 10 and you bypass the tone control completely, thus giving you the middle pickup with no resistance. They took a 62 Tele bound body, plus the added touch of a vintage Stratocaster sound with a Strat Pickup in the neck position, along with the extra touch of the famous "out-of-phase" Strat sound by using some tricky custom wiring—thus you have a JD Tele! Telecaster Deluxe Pickguards // Fender Tele // Black, Gold, Tort, Fender USA American Performer Telecaster Hum, Gibson Les Paul Classic trade for Double Cut DC Pro 22 fret model, Paul Reed Smith PRS USA Mira 2008, Comes With Original hard Shell Case, Squire / Fender Telecaster guitar with case, Custom Built Fender Telecaster guitar made by Glaze Guitar Works. Up for sale, a 2004 Fender '62 Telecaster Custom with factory-installed Bigsby vibrato, custom color Ocean Turquoise Metallic finish, and a pair of original USA 2004 Fender Telecaster Custom '62 Reissue Ocean Turquoise w/ Bigsby, USA Pickups, Japan CIJ It has that true 1969 - 72 soft, slim, C shape, with Gotoh tuners. Here is how the Fender Super Switching works: Position #1: is the Bridge PU alone, creating a traditional Tele sound with more power and a bit more midrange and bottom end. The neck is made from a beautiful solid Maple, with a Maple capped fret board. This pickup is a rare bird for a Tele. Every one I have bought either was shipped from Japan or was brought over by some one, thus making this model rarer in the US. It runs at a hot 23.72k! I was somewhat hesitant and skeptical when I first saw this pickup. The NECK pickup is a high output Seymour Duncan (STL-2R). I guess I had Stevie Ray Vaughn in mind. Famous Players When I rewired this guitar, I started out with a new set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups. This gives you the 3 true vintage Telecaster voices, plus a Stratocaster out-of-phase and a humbucker type voices. The BRIDGE pickup is a Seymour Duncan (APTL-1) Alnico II Pro. ... Fender Japan TL62B-BIGS Telecaster 3 Tone Sunburst CIJ 2007-2008, v0124. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Yet if you take the neck off they can be 1994-1997! It listed in January 1973 for $315, about $30 more than a standard Telecaster. Fender American Original 60s Thinline Telecaster *Gravity Music Gear*, Stearling Audio ST69 multipattern tube condenser microphone, Behringer XENYX X2442 USB Mixer With Rack Mounts. All the guitars below have my modified 5-way switching, but I wanted to explain the stock version before going on to the customized versions. I have played it myself at gigs and on recordings, and it is as you would expect. Fender JV models had the serial numbers engraved into either the neck plate or bridge. The Custom Telecaster was just like a regular Telecaster, but the body … I still have one tucked away and it is the sweetest, Les Paul type Tele I have ever owned!). The JD Teles came in 4 colors: transparent. (Production: 1994, Serial #O 003418). The Ultimate Word on Made in Japan vs Crafted in Japan Fender Guitars - IS MIJ BETTER Than CIJ? Read more: Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster The Player Tele instantly wins points for its satin maple-finished neck, which handles like a dream. When you think of this JD Tele, think vintage sound! The radius is like the vintage 62/67 style—a soft, slim, C shape. They come with a heavy chunk of Asian Ash (Sen) for a body in sunburst (Sonny come from sun burst) with a nice 67 type Maple D-shape neck (324mm Scale, (7.5") radius Fretboard, 21 Vintage frets, 42mm nut width) equipped with Chrome Gotoh Tuners. SQ... acronym for "Squier" These models were made by a different division of Fender and bear the Squier logo and not the Fender logo. This creates a unique sound, which is a richer and fuller. This single coil pickup was specially selected so it would have enough power to compete with humbucker in the neck. Fender Japan did make a reissue of the “Sonny” Tele minus the relic looks and the fact it has 6 strings instead of 5! Occasionally used MIJ/CIJ guitars pop up used in stores, but places like guitar center don't carry new Fender Japan guitars in their stores. $1,000. position #2 is the Bridge PU and the Neck PU in out-of-phase, which gives you a hollow Stratocaster sound. So I put in a Fender “No-load” tone control so one can still have this “by-pass” feature, but now on both the neck and bridge pickups. Full, rich and powerful! To see more of the Reissue Strats and Teles. Fender guitars produced in Japan have the serial number on the back of the neck, near the attachment to the body. From what I understand, Fender Japan doesn't have commercial retailers (or they are very few) in the US or Europe- you can only get them online. Lot’s of Tele bite! *** Transition from CIJ to MIJ in 2007/08 (it is possible to find CIJ up to 2010). Thankfully, Fender is dedicated to constructing Telecaster guitars for every skill level and budget, and this section has more than enough options to prove it. Most of the time when people talk about Keith Richards Telecasters they think of his Blonde 1953 Fender Telecaster nicknamed “Micawber.” But there was yet another famous Keith Tele that does not get talked about much. 52 Tele bridge pickup - 57 Strat neck pickup! 1972 was a magical year for the Telecaster, as the venerable design spawned options and new designs left and right. It is a modified version of the Jerry Donahue Telecaster 5-way switching. The smooth tone curves of the HS-3T produces a sweet over-drive tone without jagged edges. Few local results found. (I have owned 5 of these and customized all of them. This guitar has wonderful sustain, as it is heavy as a Les Paul. Thus USA guitar production ceased between late 1984 till October of 1985. It's hot, but not distorted. The Neck PU that gives a true-to-life vintage Strat sound. The NECK pickup is a high output Seymour Duncan (STL-2R). Schecter C-1 classic diamond series guitar Great condition! The second tone control is a Fender No-Load tone control. The NECK pickup is a NOS (New Old Stock) CHROME DIMARZIO “AIR NORTON” PAF HUMBUCKER. This nicotine-stained Telecaster saw plenty of action before finding its way to its latest custodian. 1989 American Vintage Telecaster Albert Lee, Vox AC15 1x12 Tube Amplifier - *LIMITED EDITION* (AC15C1-TV-BC). From its distinct appearance to its crisp and cutting tone, the Fender Telecaster is a guitar that's often been replicated, but never truly duplicated. I no sooner plugged it in I found out! There has been a FSR (Factory Special Run) Limited Fender 62 Tele Custom in Olympic White which was part of the Telebration in 2011. Very hard to find and one of the best Telecasters ever (I have owned 5 of these.) Among the Fender Japanese guitars, there were two different logos used: There are several theories about why some Japanese Fenders have MIJ and others CIJ. '69 CIJ reissue Telecaster $850 ... Fender Telecaster Standard Guitar Body 2000 ish MIM Tele $100 (Williamsburg) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The HS-3T hum-free design lends itself to any performance situation. As mentioned already, this particular model was never imported into the US and was bought brand new by a gentlemen who was serving in Japan in the military in the early 1990’s. NOS (New Old Stock) CHROME DIMARZIO “AIR NORTON” PAF HUMBUCKER. Big and beautiful. I no sooner plugged it in I found out! The one below is a 1994 model. Fender '51 reissue P Bass CIJ Butterscotch Blonde | eBay Hi everyone! Kawi, Gen Gakki Ten, Yamara, Gotoh, Yamoto. They were never imported to the USA. This utilizes the Fender USA 5-way Super switch, which I will explain in a few moments. They are an exact replica of the original Fender Alnico V Stratocaster pickups. Great deals on Fender Telecaster Ash Body Electric Guitars. Together, they designed a Telecaster that has a vintage 52 bridge and pickup with a true 52 Tele V shaped neck. No vídeo de hoje falo a respeito reedição do modelo de 1962 fabricada pela Fender Japan. It's a great guitar! BUT, as soon as I get one of these, I custom wire them with a fender 5-way Super switch and sometimes I replace the bridge with a vintage 67 style, often with calibrated brass saddles. The Patent-Applied-For (thus PAF) magnetic structure reduces string-pull, so sustain is improved, and pick attack and dynamics are tremendously controllable and expressive. Such a cool Bigsby Telecaster with a great vibe! I love’em. As already stated, all electronic parts are brand new made in the USA. The tone control is wired with Fender TBX tone system. It runs at a 12.58K DC Resistance untapped. I rarely see these and almost every time I do, I buy them. In some reissue models it can be found on the headstock or the neck plate. Every aspect of this body is built to the specifications of a 52 Telecaster right down to the routing in the body and the straight edge screws. The HS-3T was designed to have a broad low-end while gently rolling back the top, which resulted in a warmth without a glaring high-end; just right for the guitar that needs more body and less screech. The BRIDGE PICKUP is a Fender Texas Special, which gives you some hot Texas spank and growl. If you want to see how this was wired, go to my Custom Wiring page. Correct for 1964-1967. FENDER TELECASTER '62 CUSTOM RI MIJ 2002 Japan. The BRIDGE pickup is a DiMarzio HS-3T (DP118). They also come equipped with a BRASS bridge and saddles. It is a. This is a very fine example of CIJ workmanship. Like most of the Teles I customize, Calibrated Brass Saddles, which were developed for Danny Gatton’s Tele, keep the intonation more accurate than the old stock fender saddles. Meticulous attention to detail, as you’d expect from a Japanese built Fender. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. This is a middle tuner, for A, D,G, B strings, however it will also work in either E position. RARE Vintage Korg/Univox SR-120 Drum Machine, Vintage 1960’s Harmony USA H-19 Silhouette Electric Guitar, Danelectro 1990’s DC-12 Blue Sparkle 12 String Electric Guitar MIK, Danelectro 1990’s Hodad Blue Sparkle Electric Guitar MIK, Gotoh BS-TC1 Vintage In-Tune Brass Saddle Telecaster Bridge, RARE 70's-80's Electra Corsair Bass 2289 (Rickenbacker copy) w/OHSC, Marshall 1960B “Classic” 4x12 Cabinet with Celestion Greenbacks AWESOME AND. I have listed this beauty for my sister in law. Learn more about Fender electric basses. BRIDGE pickup is a Fender 50’s Telecaster Custom Shop pickup. This single coil pickup was specially selected so it would have enough power to compete with humbucker in the neck. Renowned for his masterfully understated, yet always inventive and inspirational guitar playing, Harrison laid the path for subsequent would-be rock guitarists to follow. (, Fender 1972 Telecaster Standard Reissue in a transparent Butterscotch. Since this is a 1962 Reissue, all the wiring has been re-done with vintage cloth wire. Fender had introduced a model called the Custom Telecaster in 1959, but this guitar was merely a standard Telecaster with a bound body; it was in the Fender line until 1972 in its original run, with subsequent reissues. The neck is a Maple on Maple. Teles sometimes have too much bite. This 1967 Fender Telecaster is currently owned by blues-rock impresario Joe Bonamassa – but has plenty of stories to tell from its time with LA player Merlin Moran.
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