I'm not getting the body fat measurement but at least I can see my calorie intake, activity and weight on the Garmin Connect web site. Answered! ... Withings is a registered trademark and service mark of Withings, Inc. Measures pace. E-mail. Share. ... you can add details about your workout (e.g., jogging, swimming, cycling). Go to www.withings.com and make sure that your account is set to "Enable weight data sharing" in "Share / Publish on the web" section. Withings Health Mate: a Fitness, Activity and Health Tracker App. Follow all your Health Mate data in the web Dashboard. Withings and the League Against Obesity are joining forces to host the first World Day Against Obesity on March 4, 2020, and sharing the results of their Odoxa study on French people and obesity. Continuer avec Apple. Your Withings account is forever free and the number of measures you and your family can store is unlimited. I've disconnected the link and tried resynchronization and if doesn't appear to pick up any new data/unsynchronized data. Withings also make sharing information really easy with a number of options available. Would anyone know if there's a current outage? Tweet. En cliquant et en naviguant sur ce site, vous autorisez l'usage des cookies à améliorer votre expérience et à vous fournir du contenu publicitaire personnalisé avec nos partenaires. I am trying to access measurement data for users that have shared access to my Withings account. Go to the Best Answer. Since I have a Google Health account and a Keas account, my Withings weight showed up in my Keas profile. Find out where their marketing dudes went to school and don't send your kids there. If peer pressure motivates you, you can have the scale tweet your weight daily, weekly, or after each weigh-in. Personal data may be indicated as raw data (number of steps, weight, etc. Sharing my weight data? Health Mate lets you view a complete history of your health data, including activity, sleep, weight, and more, so you can see trends, track progress, and improve over time. This enables the device to provide more accurate information, such as the number of calories burnt. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Withings (formerly Nokia Health) health ecosystem of connected devices & apps is designed to improve daily wellbeing and long-term health. With your history available 24/7, you can see what works, reinforce positive behaviors and stay focused on your goals. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. I can publish my data on the web via a link or an iFrame. Alternatively, you can click this link to export all your data at once. Withings Fact Logging 10,000 steps a day can help you control your body weight Tell me more . They do not store any personally identifiable information and enable features such as: accessing secure areas of the website; remembering what is in your shopping cart; controlling website speed; These cookies are always active on withings.com. It is necessary that your scale – the Smart Body Analyzer or the Wireless Scale – has … WiFi internet bathroom scales would achieve the balance of wow-wee media coverage at the world’s keynote gadget fair. [updated 47 days]. In the app you’ll find health data that is easy to understand, personalized, and fully leverageable by … GMail account) – and is free. Share. $47.99 ... AUTOMATIC DATA SYNC Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. My Withings scale has been syncing fine until early afternoon eastern standard time Thursday, August 20th, 2020. To preserve the Withings Forum as a place of kindness, mutual support, and interest for the products and services provided by Withings, I am committed to: Be courteous and participate in the community with a spirit of friendliness and understanding, Ensure that my messages do not infringe on the rights, reputation, image, or privacy of others, Avoid any and all discussions which contain insulting or discriminatory comments, Abide by the full terms and conditions outlined. Mon compte Je n'ai pas de compte. You’ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time. My response from FitBit yesterday makes it clear to me that they have no plans of fixing the integration. Withings Fact Logging 10,000 steps a day can help you control your body weight Tell me more . While Health Mate is sharing my Withings weight, blood pressure and temperature data with Apple Health, Health Mate is no longer receiving my steps, heart rate and exercise data from Apple Health. Once you enable sharing of your account data, FitTrend will log your weight data directly into your journal. Exist works with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Withings, Google Fit, Apple Health (and the Apple Watch), Strava, Moves, Runkeeper and more besides. However, by taking away a feature/benefit for no explicable reason and stonewalling questions and complaints they have destroyed a great deal of brand loyalty and reputation. Mot de passe. I can see FitBit as a "partner" in Withings. Get a tracker . It's a week now - the problem itself should have been fixed in a fraction of this time. Just downloaded the latest version of the Andriod app and this issue was not fixed. Sense sent back to Amazon.Never again a Fitbit product !! Tracks BMI. Bathroom scales that enable you to “share” your weight and body-mass index with your fascinated friends on the web or by Twitter – how 2010 is that? GMail account) – … Click "Download Withings Data" on the left. Add to my goals. But will sharing embarrassing weight-fluctuation info help dieters in the same way fitness data has encouraged runners? Withings shines when it comes to sharing my data. If peer pressure motivates you, you can have the scale tweet your weight daily, weekly, or after each weigh-in. Contact us Community Forum Product support ScanWatch; Steel HR; Move ECG; Move; Pulse HR; Steel; Go; Activité / Pop; Pulse; Body Cardio; Body+; Body; Smart Body Analyzer; Wireless Scale; Wi-Fi Body Scale; Smart Kid Scale; BPM Core; … I've used a withings scale for 8 years and owned multiple fitbit products for nearly as long. 21:29 ‎TOTAL HEALTH TRACKING Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with knowing where you stand. En savoir plus J'accepte. Why was this not tested and detected first? What? Same error message after confirmation that it is linked. We use this information to: These cookies are used by social networking services to track the use of their embedded features. Click on "Unlink my accounts" on the left and then relink it. The options for sharing your Withings data are comprehensive. I have a withings scale, and I used to sync my weight from Withings to MyFitnessPal to Garmin Connect. Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale comes with a free Withings account, for your weight data to be stored privately and securely. ), or as a result of specific processing (heart rate, respiration, movement which produces your … Waiting for Withings Scanwatch to be FDA approved. I can publish my weight on the web, on Twitter (130 tweets in the last 24 hours by others using the Withings scale), and on Google Health. ... Just enter a new twitter account instead of your regular one and then give this account to the people you want to share your weight with.
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