Account Name: Foraminifera Market Research Limited Castor is one of the oldest cultivated crops; however, it contributes to only 0.15% of the vegetable oil produced in the world. How Nigerians can make money from Castor seed farming. A match is a tool for starting a fire. 5.8 Viability Analysis, Report Type: Pre- Feasibility Report 1.5 Current Status of Business 30% according to the official statistics but its well over 60%, this is clearly evident in the increased and continued youth restiveness in the country. It is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.) that is mainly cultivated in Africa, South America, and India. The country of India is the leading producer of castor seeds worldwide. 3.8 Project Implementation Schedule, 4.1 Ownership of the business Product Code: FORA/07/2018/CASTOROILPRODUCTIONINNIGERIA/300994664 You can own a farm today. Castor farming has been trending since last year up to this moment I am writing this article. 1.2 Vision and Mission Statement Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. This oil is known to have been domesticated in Eastern Africa and was introduced to China from India approximately 1,400 years ago. Castor Farming Investment Potential. Omitoyin published Introduction to fish farming in Nigeria | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate It is... How To Start Bike Logistics Business In Nigeria(Despatch Rider) 1110 Vermont Ave NW, Ste 550, Washington, DC 20005, USA. of Pages: Text – 30 Pages /Excel – 6 Pages 5.5 Loan Repayment Plan It is the result of a series of national workshops, held in 2018 and 2019, on the current status and the future of the cattle and poultry sectors in Nigeria. Castor Oil Production in Nigeria; The Feasibility Report. Home → Product → Castor Oil Production in Nigeria; The Feasibility Report. No. 1.8K likes. This report examines the financial viability of establishing a castor oil processing plant in Nigeria. Castor oil, produced from castor beans, has long been considered to be of important commercial value primarily for the manufacturing of soaps, lubricants, and coatings, among others. Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved by Foraminifera. On average, worldwide consumption of castor oil increased at a rate of 7.32 thousand tons per year. Castor Oil Farming In Kenya. Castor Bean Farming In Nigeria. 3.7 Pre-Operating activities and expenses The world consumption of castor oil is very high. The production capacity of the proposed plant is four (4) tons per day and would operate a double shift of eight (8) hours each at 80% of installed capacity for three hundred (300) working day producing about one hundred and sixty (160) tons of castor oil bi-monthly. 5.6 Profit and Loss Statement Release Date: 10/01/2018; Update Every 3- Months 3.7.1 Operating Activities and Expenses After payment call us on 01 -29 52 413 / 08033782777 or email us at with the payment details. Beneficiaries become cluster leaders expanding this knowledge and breaking the poverty cycle in Nigeria. Rabbit farming can be done on a full time basis or as a part time thing, depending on your schedule. Mechanized Maize (corn) Farming (cultivation) and Corn Flakes Production in Nigeria; The Opportunity. 1.3 Business Objective Let’s take advantage. Castor Seeds. The global demand for castor oil is mainly … Our vision is to be a strong and visible global brand in the industries we operate in by providing services that adds value to our clients business and resources to develop their business into a strong and visible global brand. 2.6 Distribution and Delivery Strategy The world consumption of castor oil is very high. Is Rabbit Farming Profitable in Nigeria? Nigeria's youth unemployment rate particularly graduate unemployment (30% by very unreliable official government statistics) but which could be anywhere above 40% or even more is a ticking societal time bomb. The crude oil common wealth has been effectively hijacked by the corrupt political and millitary class leading to all forms of youth restiveness and violent agitations from Boko Haram, to Niger Delta insurgency and now IPOB. In Nigeria, castor bean is cultivated on over 6,000 ha across most of the states. Nigeria is still importing about #26 billion worth of castor … Youth unemployment is grossly downplayed in Nigeria. 2.3 The Opportunity Most of the money made from castor bean farming is from castor … Maize farming is a high-potential opportunity for Nigeria and its people, especially those who are willing to learn how to turn a business idea as this to wealth. You can easily see the effects of poverty and hopelessness in the activities of the women and youths of this Nation as they hussle perpetually for their sustenance daily. Tag: Castor Farming Business Plan. Agriculture. ACAF provides free sensitization and training to prospective women and youth castor farmers on the cultivation of castor beans and the processing of its oil. Check out our farms now. Castor oil has long been used commercially as a highly renewable resource for the chemical industry. while providing nonprofits with the tools, training, and support they need to thrive. Nigeria is still importing about #26 billion worth of castor oil yearly as at 2017. Castor Farming Investment Potential. 2.5 Target Market The good news about pepper farming is it’s multiple and continuous harvests. 2.4 Pricing Strategy According to the Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, “Nigeria imports fish especially stock fish from Norway, worth over N109.2 billion Naira ($700million dollars) annually”. Agriculture, Agro – Processing, Forestry And Fishing, How To Set Up A Safety Match Box Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria, How To Set Up A Paper Bag Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria. Access to the Off-takers to international off-takers eliminating middlemen and guaranteeing full income to the farmers in US Dollars. Pepper matures within 3-5 months depending on variety, and harvesting can last up to 3months. Account Number: 101 76 603 95, Eco Bank Plc with how everything is so expensive in Nigeria. If you check the internet you will see things like “how you can make 50 million in seven years on 10 hectare of castor” or “earn millions of naira farming castor farming in a year”. The lands in South Eastern and South Western parts of Nigeria are very good for beans farming. This can be your gold. 3.6 Stock Control Process our business plan Focuses on cassava farming … The plantain farming manual is one of the best and highly downloaded materials for planting plantain. Over 30bn worth of Castor oil is imported from India alone to Nigeria every year, while Nigerians watch as foreigners come into the country to collect our money in raw cash. Poultry Farming In Nigeria & The Secrets of Making Millions Image; ABC loves you. Ecological requirements. Account Number: 274 20 569 37. Castor Bean farming with its high dollar income is the paliative. 5.4 Security of Loan Rainfall: 500-600 annually. As you`re reading this tutorial today Mon, 17th October 2016, I will be taking you by the hand and showing you how to start and make money from poultry farming in Nigeria and other Africa countries. Maize is perhaps the most common food crop in Nigeria, and also the most important as it is eaten in various dishes and forms the basis for most of the meals … Castor Seeds are valued mainly for their oil, which is used in pharmaceutical products. Access to funds for procurement of the best high- yield and early maturing Castor seeds variety. It should a… Pepper farming in Nigeria PDF KC1, KC2, KC3 and KC4. If you’re looking for a farming business to venture into, the castor farming business in Nigeria is a great option to explore. Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.) is an important oil crop with little research attention in Nigeria. Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria 2020 PDF. 24,THOMAS SALAKO STREET, OGBA IKEJA, LAGOS (5,444.24 mi) Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Catfish farming activities is one of the most lucrative but mind tasking business; the Catfish farming business is one you can actually venture into today. Ranging from Niger-delta unrests, Boko haram and most recently IPOB. 1.1 Description of the Business In this cucumber farming pdf book, you will learn the basics of cucumber cultivation and how to identify cucumber plant diseases on the field. Account Name: Foraminifera Market Research Limited In general, the current rate of castor oil production is not considered sufficient to meet the anticipated increase in demand. 5.2 Startup Capital Estimation Long-Term Impact. v This report has been drafted by Emmanuel Odunze (FMARD), Hiver Boussini (FAO), Orsolya Mikecz (FAO) and Ugo Pica-Ciamarra (FAO). The large, tropical, palmately-lobed leaves make this naturalized plant unmistakable. About The Plantain Farming PDF. 4.4 Details of salary schedule, 5.1 Financial Assumption … is a platform for academics to share research papers. 3.5 Production Cost *MG makes available good castor seed (finest quality of hybrids)* ... Also invest in castor farming and earn 420-500k monthly for good 7yrs from an hectare of castor farm. Mbah and C.I. In rainfed situations, seed priming with 1% … Chilli plants can live and bear fruit for 2-3years. Publisher: Foraminifera Market Research Ezeano 1Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria 2Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication, University of Makurdi, Nigeria The castor farming business in Nigeria can be a lucrative and profitable venture to start-up, due to its vast market demand and on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. Jagdish Reddy The history of paper dates back to the history of human culture and... Nigerian agriculture is characterized by considerable regional and crop diversity. Even though castor oil accounts for only 0.15% of the world production of vegetable oils, worldwide consumption of this commodity has increased more than 50% during the past 25 years, rising from approximately 400,000 tons in 1985 to 610,000 tons in 2010. United Bank for Africa (UBA) 3.2 Raw Materials 5.7 Cash flow Statement Consequently snail farming is not a way to make money quickly! Castor Cultivation Information Guide. To join whatsapp 08084637475. Foraminifera Market Research Limited is a Nigerian market research and consulting company that partners with clients to support the development of innovative growth strategies. 2.7 Promotional Strategy YES, Rabbit farming is a profitable business in Nigeria. Get the best knowledge on plantain cultivation in Nigeria by downloading this plantain farming pdf on this page. Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. Find a vetted, verified project that you want to make a donation to: Beneficiaries become cluster leaders expanding this knowledge and breaking the poverty cycle in Nigeria. Analysis of this... Business Start- Up Training Opportunity in Nigeria, Business Legislations and Resources in Nigeria. We offer one of the safest ways you can benefit from agricultural farm investment opportunities in 2020. Table 2 shows the quantity of Castor imported into Nigeria as estimated by FAO (2013). The project will educate and empower at least 100 women and youth certified Castor beans farmers to cultivate and own an acre of Castor beans farm which will produce 2.9 tons of castor beans every year. Delivery time: 24– 48hours. 5.3 Source of Capital Seed Treatment in Castor Cultivation:-It is recommended to treat the seeds with Carbendazim @ 2 grams/kg of seed for preventing seed borne diseases like root-rot and Alternaria blight.Soaking the seeds in water for 18 to 20 hours is advised. The cucumber farming in nigeria pdf is a perfect book that students and farmers can combine to achieve maximum output at low cost. Business: Cattle Rearing and Sales Industry: Agriculture (Animal Farming; Cattle Rearing Business plan in Nigeria) PATILAD Cattle Farm is a start-up Farm that is involved in production of quality and affordable beef, milk, cheese, cow skin for leather companies, cow … 3.3 Production Equipment Pawpaw farming business requires little or no capital that is if you can handle the labour by yourself and own a land. Ricinus communis T he castor plant is a robust annual that may grow 6 to 15 feet (2-5 meters) in one season Nigeria has been found to have the best land for the cultivation of castor bean seed but we are yet to take advantage of this golden opportunty. For these reasons it must be emphasized that snail farming should be seen as only one component in a diversified farming … So, it has a high Return of Investment. The oil produced from this crop is considered to be of importance to the global specialty chemical industry because it is the only commercial source of a hydroxylated fatty acid. The crop grows in the wild even where it is not cultivated. Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria-cassava farming and processing business plan. Are you interested in purchasing this report? We have arable land suitable for Castor seed farming. 2.8 Competition, 3.1 Description of the Location No. After payment confirmation, the soft copy of the report would be sent to you within 24 hours. 1.9K likes. However, beans don’t grow well in areas with too much rain. This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf). Castor bean plant ( ) growing along the edge of San Elijo Lagoon in coastal San Diego County, California. Agriculture Castor seed farming in Nigeria is a profitable money-making agribusiness investment that few Nigerian farmers know about. January 19, 2018. In the case of cattle farming in Nigeria and how lucrative it can be, a simple check on the rate of cow meat consumption in Nigeria is a testament of how lucrative the business can be, a report once revealed few years back that in Lagos of Nigeria alone, about a hundred thousand (100,000) cows are slaughtered on a daily basis. 4.3 Key Management Staff is a platform for academics to share research papers. Nigeria has been found to have the best land for the cultivation of castor bean seed but we are yet to take advantage of this golden opportunty. 4.2 Profile of the promoters 1.6 Description of the Business Industry This report examines the financial viability of establishing a castor oil processing plant in Nigeria. 2.2 Product Packaging and delivery Hence the reason why not many farmers are into this very lucrative business. The project will educate and empower at least 100 women and youth certified Castor beans farmers to cultivate and own an acre of Castor beans farm which will produce 2.9 tons of castor beans every year. Request PDF | On Jan 1, 2007, B.O. India is a net exporter of castor oil, accounting for over 90% of castor oil exports, while the United States, European Union, and China are the major importers, accounting for 84% of imported castor oil. 4.3.2 Management Support Units The first thing you have to do before you embark on farming to ascertain the viability of the land. Major castor oil-producing countries include Brazil, China, and India. The business has been billed as one of the most profitable businesses in the agricultural farming business. Business Description of Cattle Rearing Business Plan in Nigeria. The proceeds from the farm will help provide for their families' health and well-being. In a May 2012 report, the Chairman of Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) Rivers State chapter, Dr. Awoteinm George revealed that “Nigeria … Snails as a pest Snails that have escaped from a farm, or been dumped by a farmer, may quickly develop into a serious pest in agriculture. Ground seed cakes are used as fertilizers (castor oil pomace) Varieties . Castor oil farming is as good as moringa farming. We don't have good castor seed in Nigeria but we have the best land for castor plant. 3.4 Production Process Formats of Delivery: EXCEL / MS WORD 1.7 Contribution to Local and National Economy, 2.1 Description of products 1.4 Critical Success Factor of the Business The soil should have pH of 6-7 (neutral to slightly acidic). Castor (Ricinus communis L.) is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of its oil. are you going into cassava farming then you are in the right place because with our standard cassava farming and processing business plan. A Review of Small holder Farming in Nigeria: Need for Transformation 12 3R.N.Mgbenka, E.N. A moderately distributed rainfall of about 300-400 mm per crop cycle is ideal for beans farming. Language: English From the breeding stage, rabbit farming is not as expensive as other livestock production including poultry production. GlobalGiving makes it easy and safe for you to give to local projects anywhere in the world.
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