line1 is orange in color and it uses 8 car trains. Whether you need Metro maps, tourist maps, monuments maps, neighborhood maps, bike maps and more — Moovit can help. Busan Metro Map; Interesting facts; Connection to the airport; Lines and stations Line 1 ( orange line ) It has a total length of 32,5kms and 34 stations. Work offline Internet connection is not required. A map of the Busan metro. Including the BGL and the Donghae Line, the network covers 168.4 kilometres (104.6 mi) of route and serving 150 stations) The construction of line 3 began in 1997 but the opening was delayed many times. You put up your card to be recharged or insert it. The costing of tickets also depends on how many divisions one is travelling through. Initially serving just 17 stations in the year 1985, it now has 5 lines serving 121 stations in total. Fully up-to-date for 2017 Accurate metro map and metro information. a user can use it sixty times for 30 days without any limit in a section. - No Settings Required. Route-planner A really easy route-planner. Busan Metro Map PDF File Download a printable You select the card you want out of many card types on the right. You can use a traffic card auto recharger in a station when you want to purchase your traffic card or a season ticket. Easy to understand, convenient for travel and business! Map of Busan Subway | Busan Metro Map Last updated: August 2012 Fares are based on the distance travelled. refunded sum=recharged sum of a season ticket-(one section traffic ticket fee×how often to use)-100won. There is an English-language option on the machines. Share. Busan Subway Entrance by LERKBusan Metro Train on Line 1 by LERKBusan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Train on Line 1 by LERKBusan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier. a user can be refunded after the cost he already spends and the service fee are deducted. Busan Metro MapFile Type: png, File size: 20467 bytes (19.99 KB), Map Dimensions: 950px x 1176px (256 colors) Moovit has easy-to-download transportation maps in PDF format from around the world. The future metro headquarters was built prior to this, on January 8, 1981. The metro will bring you to a lot of underground shopping malls in Busan. Photography in the Busan Metro is permitted. For more information on the rules to be followed while using the metro network, you can visit the official website at: The Busan Metro (Hangul: 부산 도시철도; Hanja: 釜山 都市鐵道; RR: Busan dosicheoldo) is a subway system in Busan, South Korea.Busan is one of four cities in South Korea with a subway system; the others are Seoul, Daegu and Incheon.Subway systems are also being built in Gwangju and Daejeon. Busan Metro map showing lines and stations. - From main subway route map (Seoul subway route map, Busan subway route map, Daejun subway route map, Gwangju subway route map, Daegu subway route map), it is possible to find the exact route even to the exit number by setting the final destination. The Metro map includes information on which station, and which numbered exit from that station, to use for main attractions. As for walking map still usng kaokao Map... Busan. Are you visiting Busan and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity? That being said for short to medium trips of 3-4 people, taxi is easily as … Car parking facilities are available during subway opening hours. Line2 runs along the shores of Haeundae and Gwanganli and further towards the north of Yangsan. FARES You can purchase both ordinary tickets and term passes from an automatic ticketing machine in each station. Nampo Station & Jagalchi Station. In case of one time use ticket, you don’t need to take the ticket back when to get off. When you select a line, you need to select your destination on the screen to show every station. A boarding ticket and your change will come out. ; Time Table You can check out the time table of each subway route. To keep public order is the safest and the quickest way to use an urban train. foldable bicycles can be carried on the train folded on every day, the location to place a bicycle: the last room of a train, You need to move it very carefully when to carry a bicycle not to hit other passenger, adult : older than or equal to 19 in an official age, adolescent: older than or equal to 13 and younger than or equal to 18 in an official age, child(discounted price) : older than or equal to 6 and younger than or equal to 12 in an official age, an elementary school student or member of multichild family who live in Busan, free ticket(privileged ticket is provided), senior citizen with a benefit(older than or equal to 65 in an official age), the disabled(his or her care provider is included in case of 1-3 geup(level)), a national man of merit(1-7geup(level)), independence related man of merit, 5ㆍ18 independence movement related man of merit : his or her one care provider is included in case of 1geup(level). The more trendier malls are probably in Seoul. Busan Metro Timings and Schedule A popular means of transportation in the city, its daily ridership is 890,108 people (2014). Date of experience: February 2020. You can use a traffic card auto recharger in a station when you want to recharge your traffic card or a season ticket. Download Busan Metro Map apk 1.7 for Android. This offer stands for the disabled as well. Derrick Wong wrote a review Jan 2020. Good for Busan locals and Tourists. Busan (formerly transliterated as Pusan) is South Korea's second largest city (3.6 million inh. How To … For information on the detailed schedules of the trains according to the lines, you can visit the official website at: Line 2 will be further extended towards east and the planning is going on. y lo más importante:No hay anuncios en absoluto!Esta aplicación ayuda a guardar sus datos mientras está en viaje.Si perdiste la señal de tu teléfono móvil, ¡esta aplicación seguirá funcionando! - Double Tab to Zoom and Focus. Busan subway map. © 2018-2020 Do check out which are the trendy one because almost everyone looks the same. Four lines are operated by the Busan Transportation Corporation and the Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit (BGL) operator is B&G Metro. We got a card from our home country before we arrived (Taiwan) and it was super-easy to load up once we were in Busan. Busan Metro Map Tags. After selecting the number of a ticket you want on the lower side, you need to confirm the fare, and insert a one thousand won bill or coins. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other APKPure … Busan Haeundae with on change but easy to manage . The Busan Metro is a rapid transit system that serves the city of Busan, South Korea. 4. Route Map attached or see the Busan Metro website. For updated / official map, click here. 29. If you lost your mobile signal this app will still work ! You can’t carry your bicycle during weekdays(Mon. Read more. A user selects a line on the upper side of the screen or a section on the right side of the screen to purchase a paper type ticket, and to buy a one day pass, he selects [one day pass] button on the lower right side of the screen. Main article: Busan Metro Line 1. You can carry your bicycle on the train only in case of a holiday or weekend. Subway map for an easy day-trip in Busan. in case of one month pass and 7 day pass, there will be no refund in 30 days and 7 days, respectively. Metro Map Busan. Metropolitan Busan opened the summer of 1985. The Busan Metro is a urban rail system in Busan, South Korea. A customer buys a paper ticket and one day ticket using the touch screen for himself. Ordinary tickets may be one-way or return tickets. The trains come on time, and it is easier to move about using this subway. Lines Line 1. : Line 1:: Sinpyeoung - Nopo Dong (40.5 km): Basic plans for the Busan subway were drawn in 1979 and construction started in 1981 on Line 1, a north-south route. over 30 flat rate boarding tickets(effective from 5,000 won), over 200 paper boarding tickets. The price of a paper boarding ticket for an adult travelling through 1 section is 1200 won, for an adolescent it is 1050 won and for a multichild family and a child it is 650 won. ; 4.4 million in metropolitan area) and an important sea port on the southern tip of the peninsula. After selecting the number of a card you want using the number button, push [confirm] button. It crosses the city from Sinpyeoung in the north to Nopo Dong in the south. The 1 section tickets for an adult cost 1200 won, for an adolescent it costs 950 won and for a child it costs 600 won. Busan Subway English Map, You can also get timetable of Subway. You can purchase a ticket using the vending machine in the station. In case of one time use ticket, it comes out again from the opposite side and as you need to use it when to get off, you need to take it. The length of the route is 45.2km and the route serves 42 stations. A full ride from end to end takes about 1 hour. Show More. Does Busan Metro have the above map in which it is interactive to show the travel distance time & fare? Elderly men of the age 65 or above can make use of the metro service for free.
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