This has not been the case. This fact has not been fully grasped, because most of the gains of the past decade were obtained at bargain rates. Words. But, I repeat, the recent curative steps that have been taken are, at best, inadequate. But when the door began to close on the few avenues of progress, then hopeless despair began to set in. Intelligent men of good will everywhere must see this as their task and contribute to its support. Reform was thwarted when the legislation was inadequately enforced. The memories of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and too many others — the legacies of all those who suffered and sacrificed before us — deserve no less. And from that point on, I no longer needed a gun nor have I been afraid. For much of the fervent idealism of the white liberals has been supplemented recently by a dispassionate recognition of some of the cold realities of the struggle for that justice. The American Marines might not even have been needed in Santo Domingo, had the American ambassador there been a man who was sensitive to the color dynamics that pervade the national life of the Dominican Republican. Of the ten titles of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, probably only the one concerning public accommodations—the most bitterly contested section—has been meaningfully enforced and implemented. H Renaissance Dancers Prepare For The Big Night-- L to R: Itzel Alaniz, Chet Gibson, Olivia Williams, Kobie Bowling, EmIlie Holland, Ethan Stokes, Aubrey Sannar, Tylor Myrick. A Gift of Love: Sermons from Strength to Love and Other Preachings... Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? I’m sure that most whites felt that with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, all race problems were automatically solved. "A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.," edited by James M. Washington, is an impressive volume. The past is strewn with the ruins of the empires of tyranny, and each is a monument not merely to man’s blunders but to his capacity to overcome them. And what do you think this knowledge does to his soul? New York is already spending more on its special summer programs than on its year-round poverty efforts, but these are only tentative and emergency steps toward a truly meaningful and permanent solution. Top Tag’s. We will eventually achieve this, but it is going to be much more difficult for us than for any other minority. Nonviolence. And one of these roads to escape will be a more equitable sharing of political power between Negroes and whites. Just three years ago, a Negro could be beaten for going into the county courthouse in Dallas County; now Negroes share in running it. Part 3 Political - wedged between democracy and black nationalism: facing the challenge of a new age (1957); the rising tide of racial consciousness (1960); equality now - the President has the power (1961); the time for freedom has come (1961); in a word - now (1963); hammer on civil rights (1964); negroes are not moving too fast; civil right no.1 - the right to vote (1965); next stop - the North (1965). Martin Luther King's Testament Of Hope First published in 1986, "A Testament of Hope" remains the most comprehensive single-volume edition of the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. Without this magnificent ferment among Negroes, the old evasions and procrastinations would have continued indefinitely. Schools, transportation, water supply, traffic and crime would have been municipal agonies whether or not Negroes lived in our cities. But the American Negro has in his nature the spiritual and worldly fortitude to eventually win his struggle for justice and freedom. And I think that this has led, as Senator Fulbright has said, to such a strengthening of the military-industrial complex of this country that the President now finds himself almost totally trapped by it. Another theory to justify violent revolution is that rioting enables Negroes to overcome their fear of the white man. If transportation systems in American cities could be laid out so as to provide an opportunity for poor people to get meaningful employment, then they could begin to move into the mainstream of American life. They fail, however, to perceive the sense of affirmation generated by the challenge of embracing struggle and surmounting obstacles. The book consists of 57 selections from King's books, essays,sermons, speeches, and interviews, all of which work to give a broad picture of the thinking and accomplishments of this great American civil rights leader. Were he a white lawyer, I have no doubt that he would be in a $100,000 job with a major corporation or heading his own independent firm. Although American Negroes could, if they were in decision-making positions, give aid and encouragement to the underprivileged and disenfranchised people in other lands, I don’t think it can work the other way around. It seems glaringly obvious to me that the development of a humanitarian means of dealing with some of the social problems of the world—and the correlative revolution in American values that this will entail—is a much better way of protecting ourselves against the threat of violence than the military means we have chosen. Millions of Americans are coming to see that we are fighting an immoral war that costs nearly 30 billion dollars a year, that we are perpetuating racism, that we are tolerating almost 40,000,000 poor during an overflowing material abundance. Americans as a whole feel threatened by communism on one hand and, on the other, by the rising tide of aspirations among the undeveloped nations. America must change because 23,000,000 black citizens will no longer live supinely in a wretched past. I can foresee the Negro vote becoming consistently the decisive vote in national elections. As long as there was some measurable and steady economic progress, Negroes were willing and able to press harder and work harder and hope for something better. No President has really done very much for the American Negro, though the past two Presidents have received much undeserved credit for helping us. Actually, it’s my guess that the statistics are very, very conservative in this area. They are stirring the mass of smug, somnolent citizens, who are neither evil nor good, to an awareness of crisis. Title: A Testament Of Hope Author: Durr-2020-10-06-00-12-11 Subject: A Testament Of Hope Keywords: a,testament,of,hope Created Date The problem is so tenacious because, despite its virtues and attributes, America is deeply racist and its democracy is flawed both economically and socially. And according to a recent Department of Labor statistical report, 24.8 percent of Negro youth are currently unemployed, a statistic that does not include the drifters who avoid the census takers. This is a situation that cuts across this country’s economic spectrum. American Negroes have greater economic potential than most of the nations—perhaps even more than all of the nations—of Africa. Even our emotional life has been disciplined and sometimes stifled and inhibited by an essentially European upbringing. I think that the place to start, however, is in the area of human relations, and especially in the area of community-police relations. I know, in my own experience, that I was much more afraid in Montgomery when I had a gun in my house. Hence, there is a tremendous hostility and resentment that only a difference in race keeps him out of an adequate job. The President’s Riot Commission concluded that most violence-prone Negroes are teenagers or young adults who, almost invariably, are underemployed (“underemployed” means working every day but earning an income below the poverty level) or who are employed in menial jobs. The past record of the Federal Government, however, has not been encouraging. We have always enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect. Author: Martin Luther King. DARKNESS CANNOT DRIVE OUT DARKNESS: ONLY LIGHT CAN DO THAT. Rioting and violence provide no solutions for economic problems. to. This situation is social dynamite. More than a few died by our side; their memories are cherished and are undimmed by time. LibraryThing Review User Review - erock71 - LibraryThing. A New Testament of Hope. It is a long chapter, but we’re not going to be literally ragging our way through this chapter. Webshop powered by beeline///web - bpm consult ag. There is something stirring us to action — demanding that we trade confusion and bewilderment for a fight for change that only hope and radical optimism can sustain. It is a moral fortitude that has been forged by centuries of oppression. Publisher: Harper Collins. Negroes have always held the hope that if they really demonstrate that they are great soldiers and if they really fight for America and help save American democracy, then when they come back home, America will treat them better. So there are some changes. New methods of escape must be found. Millions of people have fought thousands of battles to enlarge my freedom; restricted as it still is, progress has been made. The need for solutions, meanwhile, becomes more urgent every day, because these problems are far more serious now than they were just a few years ago. And white people are sadly unaware how routinely and frequently this occurs. They are a product of this period of identity crisis and directionless confusion. I remember that was true when our staff went into Rochester, New York, after the riot of 1964. The implications of true racial integration are more than just national in scope. 15, Rom. Yet of the some 900 counties that are eligible for Federal referees, only 58 counties to date have had them. ISBN: 0060646918. I have known too many people in my own parish in Atlanta who, because they were living in overcrowded apartments, were constantly bickering with other members of their families—a situation that produced many kinds of severe dysfunctions in family relations. Many of them go into the Army risking death, in order that they might have a few of the human possibilities of life. In our efforts to dispel this atmosphere of violence in this country, we cannot afford to overlook the root cause of the riots. What is unique to this period is our inability to arrange an order of priorities that promises solutions that are decent and just. Now, just looking at it, you get the picture. The Chicago Urban League recently conducted a research project in the Kenwood community on the South Side. “ HATE CANNOT DRIVE OUT HATE: ONLY LOVE CAN DO THAT. The black surge toward freedom has raised justifiable demands for racial justice in our major cities at a time when all the problems of city life have simultaneously erupted. The book consists of 57 selections from King's books, essays,sermons, speeches, and interviews, all of which work to give a broad picture of the thinking and accomplishments of this great American civil rights leader. So, although in one sense we are neither, in another sense we are both Americans and Africans. The January 1969 issue of Playboy contained a symposium: The Decent Society ("11 contributors have done no less than create a blueprint for change throughout every … For the Negro, these issues were intensified. This is not a nation of venal people. They have been fed on a false mythology and tradition that blinds them to the aspirations and talents of other men. Part 1 Philosophy - religious - non-violence: non-violence and racial justice (1957); the most durable power (1958); the power of non-violence (1958); an experiment in love (1958); speech before the youth march for integrated schools (1959); "my trip to the land of Gandhi" (1959); the social organization of non-violence (1959); pilgrimage to non-violence (1960); suffering and faith (1960); love, law and civil disobedience (1961); non-violence - the only road to freedom (1966); a gift of love (1966); showdown for non-violence (1968). The Newark riots, for example, could certainly have been prevented by a more aggressive political involvement on the part of that city’s Negroes. Our education has been Western and our language, our attitudes—though we sometimes tend to deny it—are very much influenced by Western civilization. They don’t really respect anyone who is not white. The memories of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and too many others — the legacies of all those who suffered and sacrificed before us — deserve no less. It is time that we stopped our blithe lip service to the guarantees of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Do you know that a can of beans almost always costs a few cents more in grocery chain stores located in the Negro ghetto than in a store of that same chain located in the upper-middle-class suburbs, where the median income is five times as high? In this sense, President Kennedy was far more of a statesman than President Johnson. The summer poverty programs, like most other Government projects, function well in some places and are totally ineffective in others. A Testament of Hope - King Jr., Martin Luther. A Testament Of Hope. But Lyndon Johnson seems to be unable to make this kind of statesmanlike gesture in connection with Vietnam. The Negro knows it, because he works in the white man’s house as a cook or a gardener. How can you expect anything but disillusionment and bitterness? Many whites hasten to congratulate themselves on what little progress we Negroes have made. From inside the book . This is what we mean when we talk about redeeming the soul of America. 08/16/2016 10:02 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2017 Sometimes the seemingly 24/7 cacophony of news, much of it "bad", can unduly influence one's sense of hope. Sign the petition: TRUMP MUST IMMEDIATELY CONCEDE and Congress must ensure he steps down. (1965); a Christmas sermon on peace (1965); the drum major instinct (4 February 1968); remaining awake through a great revolution (31 March 1968); "I see the promised land" (3 April 1968). August 15, 2019 Coleman M says: This is the blueprint for changing the world through nonviolence and love: "It is an honor to face jail for a just cause." America has not yet changed because so many think it need not change, but this is the illusion of the damned. The riots in Negro ghettos have been, in one sense, merely another expression of the growing climate of violence in America. Part 7 Books: "Stride Towards Freedom" (1958); "The Strength to Love" (1963); "Why We Can't Wait" (1964). Children’s Hope and the GHS office. But because of this very exploitation, Negroes bring a special spiritual and moral contribution to American life—a contribution without which America could not survive. In our “arrogance, lawlessness and ingratitude,” we will fight for human justice, brotherhood, secure peace and abundance for all. Category: Religion. Part 6 Interviews: Kenneth B.Clark interview (1963); "Playboy" interview - Martin Luther King Jr (1965); transcript of "Meet the Press" television news interview (1966); transcript of "Face to Face" television news interview (1967). If you try to tell the people in most Negro communities that the police are their friends, they just laugh at you. We have put an end to racial segregation in the South; we have brought about the beginnings of reform in the political system; and, as incongruous as it may seem, a Negro is probably safer in most Southern cities than he is in the cities of the North. They still had a sense of inferiority; and not until they were bolstered by the presence of our staff and given reassurance of their political power and the rightness of their cause and the justness of their grievances were they able and willing to sit down and talk to the police chief and the city manager about the conditions that had produced the riot. There is a similar pattern in Alabama, even though that state is currently at odds with the Democratic Administration in Washington because of George Wallace. (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. ), Ways to get involved in the 2020 Election. When something positive is done, however, when constructive action follows a riot, a rioter’s despair is allayed and he is forced to re-evaluate America and to consider whether some good might eventually come from our society after all. This is a sensitive and touchy problem that has rarely been adequately emphasized. Nor will a few token changes quell all the tempestuous yearnings of millions of disadvantaged black people. Included in this book are a portion of Dr. King's sermons, speeches, … It is the most abrasive element in Negro-white relations, but it is the last to be scientifically and objectively appraised. They are dispersed in a manner that gives the appearance of change without any real prospect of actually shifting political power or giving Negroes a genuine opportunity to be represented in the government of their state. Yet very few cities have really faced up to this problem and tried to do something about it. He was so much more than a monolithic figure of the Civil Rights movement. They expect these experiences to harden me into a grim and desperate man. Many whites who concede that Negroes should have equal access to public facilities and the untrammeled right to vote cannot understand that we do not intend to remain in the basement of the economic structure; they cannot understand why a porter or a housemaid would dare dream of a day when his work will be more useful, more remunerative and a pathway to rising opportunity. Appendix - additional interview: conversation with Martin Luther King (1968). Still, when doubts emerge, we can remember that only yesterday Negroes were not only grossly exploited but negated as human beings. Ultimately, there is a larger force at work. America must change. A testament of Hope shares his triumphs, struggles and vision of the future through sermons, essays, personal reflections, and speeches: Including “I Have a Dream”, “A Letter from Birmingham City Jail”, “Why We Can’t Wait” and other writings. When I decided that, as a teacher of the philosophy of nonviolence, I couldn’t keep a gun, I came face to face with the question of death and I dealt with it. Thus was born—particularly in the young generation—a spirit of dissent that ranged from superficial disavowal of the old values to total commitment to wholesale, drastic and immediate social reform. The kind of house a man lives in, along with the quality of his employment, determines, to a large degree, the quality of his family life. But we have seen a better and more constrictive cleansing process in our nonviolent demonstrations. The constructive achievements of the decade 1955 to 1965 deceived us. This incomprehension is a heavy burden in our efforts to win white allies for the long struggle. Even today, the Negroes in New York City strongly influence how New York State will go in national elections, and the Negroes of Chicago have a similar leverage in Illinois. Of far more significance is the fact that we have learned that the integration of schools does not necessarily solve the inadequacy of schools. The desegregation of public facilities cost nothing; neither did the election and appointment of a few black public officials. This appalling situation is probably 90 percent of the root cause of the Negro riots. Weitere Informationen finden sich in unserer, The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King. But there is no single answer to the plight of the American Negro. (1967); "The Trumpet of Conscience" (1967). Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), civil rights leader, advocate for worldwide social justice, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, inspired and sustained the struggle for freedom, nonviolence, and interracial unity. And the negative thinking in this area voiced by many whites does not help the situation. In fact, most of our concrete accomplishments have been limited largely to the South. One young man on our staff, Hosea Williams, returned from the foxholes of Germany a 60-percent-disabled veteran. America seems to have reached this point. The system has virtually no consideration for connecting the poor people with their jobs. How do you think it affects his view of the society he lives in? This book, which is edited by James Melvin Washington is made up of speeches and letters written by Martin Luther King Jr. - Montgomery, Alabama speech (1965); a time to break silence (1965); "where do we go from here?" When you add the lack of recreational facilities and adequate job counseling, and the continuation of an aggressively hostile police environment, you have a truly explosive situation. A good example of this problem is my home city of Atlanta, where the rapid-transit system has been laid out for the convenience of the white upper-middle-class suburbanites who commute to their jobs downtown. It is possible for me to falter, but I am profoundly secure in my knowledge that God loves us; He has not worked out a design for our failure. But I think a great many white liberals outside S.C.L.C. [1] Today it's available here. This is why I remain an optimist, though I am also a realist, about the barriers before us. On his way home, he went into a bus station at Americus, Georgia, to get a drink of water while waiting for his next bus. Everyone underestimated the amount of violence and rage Negroes were suppressing and the vast amount of bigotry the white majority was disguising. The necessary money to deal with urban problems must come from the Federal Government, and this money is ultimately controlled by the Congress of the United States. The rebellion of the black community forced the nation to confront the problems of society and attempt to resolve them. But it isn’t just a lack of work; it’s also a lack of meaningful work. So the party and the candidate that get the support of the Negro voter in national elections have a very definite edge, and we intend to use this fact to win advances in the struggle for human rights. When we have won these—in a spirit of unshakable nonviolence—then, in luminous splendor, the Christian era will truly begin. Together, these many documents offer insights into the life and philosophy of a giant of the civil rights movement in the United States.
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