I had 3 quick ones all eat it at the beginning of the cast! From United States +C $45.73 shipping . Designed in some awesome Crappie crank colors, these baits are great for pushing, pulling, trolling or whatever you have to do to catch the big slabs! The Tungsten 2 Tap is magic on pressured waters, extremely clear water, or when an active school of fish turns off. If you really just want to catch something, tie one on and add some fun to your next fishing trip. Systematic flat areas are incorporated to send out larger shock waves important at the depths to which this bait dives. Founded in 1964, Strike King is an iconic fishing brand, offering wire baits, hard and soft plastic lures, terminal tackle, sunglasses, and related fishing accessories. Buy It Now. | Colors: Citrus, Powder Blue Back Chartreuse | Item ID: SKHCS3534, SKHCS3561, Designed to the specifications of BassMaster's Classic Champ-Kevin VanDam. | Colors: Citrus, Powder Blue Back Chartreuse | Item ID: SKHCS5534, SKHCS5561, A small-bodied deep diver, the Series 4 is designed to enhance castability, thus reaching maximum depths. Strike King Mr Crappie Jig Head Sausage 1/16oz (MRCSHJH116) Any 5 Color Jigheads. C $18.37. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Wether you cast or troll using push or pull techniques, these Crappie Cranks will help you Hammer some big Slabs! Next. Strike King Crankbait Mini 3. Sometimes a quieter approach is the key to success. Bitsy Minnow 1-1/4" Mini Crankbait by Strike King. MSRP: $6.99 Reg: $6.99 $6.29. Sometimes a quieter approach is the key to success. C $10.80. Black Tour Grade Tungsten Swinging Football Head by Strike King . Beautiful finishes, reflective eyes and enticing wiggle are irresistible to the fish. C $10.79. $3.99 $ 3. On pressured waters, extremely clear water, or when an active school turns off, try a Silent Series 5XD and see what happens! New !! | Colors: Apple Shad, Barfish, Black Back Chart, Bleu Shad, Blue Gizzard, Chart Perch, Chartreuse Belly Craw, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Chili Craw, Chrome Blue, Citrus Shad, Clearwater Minnow, Crystal Shad, DB Craw, Delta Red, Gizzard Shad, Green Back Chartreuse, Green Gizzard Shad, MM Caramel Apple Shiner, MM Copper Nose Shad, MM Moongill, MM Pineapple Smash, MM Sexy Rock Star, Natural Bream, Natural Shad, Neon Bluegill, Olive Shad, Orange Bream, Oyster, Pearl Black w/Chart Belly, Phantom Perch, Powder Blue Back Chartreuse, Pro Blue, Reel Shad, Rootbeer, Sexy Blue Back Herring, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Sexy Green Shad, Sexy Shad, Silver TN Shad, Sugar Daddy, Summer Sexy Shad, Sunrise Sexy Shad, TN Shad, Turtle Shad, Yellow Perch | Item ID: SKHC5XD401, SKHC5XD450, SKHC5XD453, SKHC5XD456X, SKHC5XD458X, SKHC5XD462, SKHC5XD464, SKHC5XD509, SKHC5XD511, SKHC5XD517, SKHC5XD534, SKHC5XD535, SKHC5XD538, SKHC5XD554, SKHC5XD561, SKHC5XD562, SKHC5XD563, SKHC5XD568, SKHC5XD570, SKHC5XD583, SKHC5XD584, SKHC5XD585, SKHC5XD586, SKHC5XD590, SKHC5XD598, SKHC5XD611X, SKHC5XD648, SKHC5XD650, SKHC5XD651, SKHC5XD652, SKHC5XD663, SKHC5XD667, SKHC5XD680, SKHC5XD681, SKHC5XD682, SKHC5XD684, SKHC5XD685, SKHC5XD688X, SKHC5XD690X, SKHC5XD692, SKHC5XD697, SKHC5XD699, SKHC5XDMM1X, SKHC5XDMM2X, SKHC5XDMM3X, SKHC5XDMM4X, SKHC5XDMM5X, An extra large deep diving crankbait with unique curved bill that allows the bait to dive deeper & faster than most other deep diving hardbaits. It also helps deflect off cover to entice strikes. The Tungsten 2 Tap features all the same characteristics of the original Red Eyed Shad, but with a different sound. | Colors: 1/2 oz 18 Karat TN Shad, 1/2 oz Albino Craw, 1/2 oz Ayu, 1/2 oz Baby Carp, 1/2 oz Bleeding Chr Black, 1/2 oz Bleeding Chr Blue, 1/2 oz Bleeding Fire Tiger, 1/2 oz Bleeding Gizzard Sh, 1/2 oz Bleu Shad, 1/2 oz Blue Craw, 1/2 oz Blue Gill, 1/2 oz Blue Gizzard Shad, 1/2 oz Brown Craw, 1/2 oz Chart Baitfish, 1/2 oz Chart Belly Craw, 1/2 oz Chart Perch, 1/2 oz Chartreuse Rootbeer, 1/2 oz Chartreuse Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Chartreuse Shad, 1/2 oz Chili Craw, 1/2 oz Chrome Black, 1/2 oz Chrome Blue, 1/2 oz Citrus Shad, 1/2 oz Cl Ghost Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Clearwater Minnow, 1/2 oz Crawfish, 1/2 oz DB Craw, 1/2 oz Delta Red, 1/2 oz East Texas Special, 1/2 oz Fire Tiger, 1/2 oz Gizzard Shad, 1/2 oz Gold Black Back, 1/2 oz Gold Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Green Gizzard Shad, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 1/2 oz Green Shad, 1/2 oz Japanese Shad, 1/2 oz MM Copper Nose Shad, 1/2 oz MM Moongill, 1/2 oz MM Pineapple Smash, 1/2 oz MM Sexy Rock Star, 1/2 oz Natural Bream, 1/2 oz Natural Shad, 1/2 oz Neon Bluegill, 1/2 oz Neon Shad, 1/2 oz Orange Belly Craw, 1/2 oz Orange Bream, 1/2 oz Orange Craw, 1/2 oz Oyster, 1/2 oz Pearl, 1/2 oz Pro Blue, 1/2 oz Pumpkinseed, 1/2 oz Red Blk Back/Gold, 1/2 oz Red Craw Chartreuse, 1/2 oz Red Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Reel Shad, 1/2 oz Royal Purple, 1/2 oz Royal Red, 1/2 oz Sam Rayburn Red Craw, 1/2 oz Sexy Bl BackHerring, 1/2 oz Sexy Ghost Minnow, 1/2 oz Sexy Green Shad, 1/2 oz Sexy Lavender Shad, 1/2 oz Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Sexy Shad Chrome, 1/2 oz Sexy Sunfish, 1/2 oz Yellow Perch, 1/4 oz Blue Gizzard Shad, 1/4 oz Chartreuse Baitfish, 1/4 oz Chartreuse Sexy Shad, 1/4 oz Chartreuse Shad, 1/4 oz Chili Craw, 1/4 oz Chrome Black, 1/4 oz Chrome Blue, 1/4 oz Fire Tiger, 1/4 oz Gizzard Shad, 1/4 oz Gold Black Back, 1/4 oz Gold Sexy Shad, 1/4 oz Green Gizzard Shad, 1/4 oz Orange Craw, 1/4 oz Red Craw Chartreuse, 1/4 oz Sexy Shad, 1/4 oz Sexy Shad Chrome, 3/4 oz Baby Carp, 3/4 oz Blue Gizzard Shad, 3/4 oz Chart Belly Craw, 3/4 oz Chart Perch, 3/4 oz Chartreuse Baitfish, 3/4 oz Chartreuse Sexy Shad, 3/4 oz Chili Craw, 3/4 oz Chrome Black, 3/4 oz Chrome Blue, 3/4 oz Cl Ghost Sexy Shad, 3/4 oz DB Craw, 3/4 oz Delta Red, 3/4 oz Fire Tiger, 3/4 oz Gizzard Shad, 3/4 oz Gold Black Back, 3/4 oz Gold Sexy Shad, 3/4 oz Green Gizzard Shad, 3/4 oz Natural Bream, 3/4 oz Natural Shad, 3/4 oz Neon Bluegill, 3/4 oz Orange Belly Craw, 3/4 oz Orange Bream, 3/4 oz Orange Craw, 3/4 oz Red Craw Chartreuse, 3/4 oz Royal Purple, 3/4 oz Royal Red, 3/4 oz Sam Rayburn Red Cra, 3/4 oz Sexy Shad, 3/4 oz Sexy Shad Chrome, 3/4 oz Sexy Sunfish, Olive Shad, Phantom Perch, Sugar Daddy, Wicked | Item ID: SKREYESD12108, SKREYESD12311, SKREYESD12317, SKREYESD12391, SKREYESD12392, SKREYESD12401, SKREYESD12402, SKREYESD12406, SKREYESD12410, SKREYESD12413, SKREYESD12414, SKREYESD12419, SKREYESD12421, SKREYESD12426, SKREYESD12429, SKREYESD12430, SKREYESD12432, SKREYESD12446, SKREYESD12447, SKREYESD12448, SKREYESD12450, SKREYESD12451, SKREYESD12452, SKREYESD12453, SKREYESD12454, SKREYESD1246, SKREYESD12462, SKREYESD12464, SKREYESD12498, SKREYESD12500, SKREYESD12504, SKREYESD12511, SKREYESD12514, SKREYESD12526, SKREYESD12534, SKREYESD12538, SKREYESD12550, SKREYESD12556, SKREYESD12562, SKREYESD12564, SKREYESD12565X, SKREYESD12568, SKREYESD12583, SKREYESD12584, SKREYESD12585, SKREYESD12586, SKREYESD12590, SKREYESD12598, SKREYESD12600, SKREYESD12611X, SKREYESD12620, SKREYESD12622, SKREYESD12623, SKREYESD12648, SKREYESD12649, SKREYESD12650, SKREYESD12651, SKREYESD12663, SKREYESD12667, SKREYESD12680, SKREYESD12681, SKREYESD12684, SKREYESD12688X, SKREYESD12690X, SKREYESD12697, SKREYESD12699, SKREYESD12706, SKREYESD12MM1X, SKREYESD12MM2X, SKREYESD12MM3X, SKREYESD12MM4X, SKREYESD14401, SKREYESD14402, SKREYESD14406, SKREYESD14419, SKREYESD14421, SKREYESD14430, SKREYESD14432, SKREYESD14511, SKREYESD14514, SKREYESD14538, SKREYESD14568, SKREYESD14583, SKREYESD14590, SKREYESD14598, SKREYESD14620, SKREYESD14648, SKREYESD34401, SKREYESD34402, SKREYESD34406, SKREYESD34419, SKREYESD34421, SKREYESD34430, SKREYESD34432, SKREYESD34448, SKREYESD34450, SKREYESD34451, SKREYESD34452, SKREYESD34500, SKREYESD34511, SKREYESD34514, SKREYESD34526, SKREYESD34538, SKREYESD34556, SKREYESD34562, SKREYESD34564, SKREYESD34568, SKREYESD34583, SKREYESD34590, SKREYESD34620, SKREYESD34648, SKREYESD34650, SKREYESD34651, SKREYESD34663, SKREYESD34667, SKREYESD34697, SKREYESD34699, The KVD Jerkbait, (KVDJ200, KVDJ300 & KVDJ300D), is the perfect combination of roll, wiggle and flash to attach fish.

strike king mini crankbaits

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