He’s never been in a hospital before, he’s as confused as you are. And my wife said, “Yeah, you can make fun of me. I’ve been talking through burps. Thank you for coming. "No lie John Mulaney has helped me get through some of the saddest moments of my life," wrote Yahoo Sports NBA reporter Seerat Sohi. He’s played to stadiums of 20,000 people cheering for him like he’s a god for 50 years. John Mulaney: Trump Is 'A Horse Loose In A Hospital' - YouTube No robot could ever read these. I want you to do it. John Mulaney is undeniably one of the funniest stand-up comedians working right now. Hello, how do we find the ISBN # for this piece? Knock, knock.” I say “knock, knock” out loud. “Ladies and gentlemen, Salt-N-Pepa!”, Like he was surprised by Pepa. My dad goes, “How was school today?” I said, “It was good but someone pushed Tyler off the seesaw.” “And where were you?” “I was over on the bench.” “And what did you do?” “Nothing. Much curvier than most letters, wouldn’t you say? “Let’s change the subject! Ian Crouch reviews “Kid Gorgeous,” John Mulaney’s latest Netflix standup special, which invites comparisons to the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld. Go to the gym.” You’re like, “God, I guess they’re finally going to kill us all. She’d be like, “Children, rather than continue to teach you how to read, we have cleared the entire day for this random guy.” [imitating New York accent] “I used to smoke crack! You’re adults and he’s not even here. That’s it?” Also, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve been sober now two weeks. Mick Jagger talked like this. star, says he has tested positive for COVID-19, Show of support for John Mulaney after reports he's in rehab, Elliot Page thanks supporters after announcing he is transgender, Ariana Grande is engaged to boyfriend Dalton Gomez, George Clooney defends Tom Cruise's COVID-19 rant, California Privacy/Information We Collect. 2020-05-08 #83 - Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby. No kid is just going to church. I’ve devised a question no robot could ever answer. So all day long you walk around, “What’d the horse do?” The updates, they’re not always bad. That’s how much I hate that shit. I’m kidding. That was his name. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. They’re not songs ’cause they don’t rhyme and they’re not good. I’ve never really cared about politics. Goodnight, New York. And I’m still up at the register like…, And the guy goes, “Do you want a Best Buy Rewards card?” And I said, “No.” Even though I had just said it was my greatest wish in life. Required fields are marked *. john mulaney new in town the comeback kid kid gorgeous botnik 105 notes Jul 13th, 2018 In his second comedy special for EPIX, Craig Ferguson puts his sometimes cheeky, always irreverent spin on universal topics from sex and drugs to rock & roll-including his hilarious experiences with Mick Jagger and Kenny G. © 2020 Scraps from the Loft. The greatest assembly of them all, once a year, Stranger Danger. What the fuck is this?’ And he goes, ‘That’s not mine. John Mulaney relays stories from his childhood and Saturday Night Live (1975), eviscerates the value of college, and laments getting older in this comedy special. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City 2018 13+ 1h 4m Comedies John Mulaney relays stories from his childhood and “SNL,” eviscerates the value of college and … John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. All rights reserved. This is the closest we get in adult life to assembly. One time I was at the dinner table when I was like six, because I had to be. 2018 15 1h 4m Stand-up Comedy. So here’s what you do. 2020-04-29 #82 - Joe Rogan: Live from the Tabernacle. We didn’t end up getting the TV. [imitating a thud] I think they’re turning left. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is a 2018 stand-up comedy film written by and starring John Mulaney. You’re like, “What are we, about to graduate from Tuesday?” My principal would always come out to kick things off. John Mulaney relays stories from his childhood and Saturday Night Live (1975), eviscerates the value of college, and laments getting older in this comedy special. And then I said, “Sink?” And Mick Jagger said… “Yeah!” And I was like, “Motherfucker, is this how you write songs? They’re perfectly named, they’re not quite songs, they’re Psalms. Then… Then you go to brunch with people and they’re like, “There shouldn’t be a horse in the hospital.” And it’s like, “We’re well past that.” Then other people are like, “If there’s gonna be a horse in the hospital, I’m going to say the N-word on TV.” And those don’t match up at all. What kind of ghost did John… But now, at the end of my life, I don’t know, because a lot of people don’t seem that nice and they seem to be doing fine in the world. Starring: John Mulaney. You make it nice for the baby. There’s no Zyrtec or nothing. By the way, Detective JJ Bittenbinder wore three-piece suits. Just ’cause you’re accurate does not mean you’re interesting. So that’s why you can’t give to charity. -I paid $120,000. I didn’t drink water the entire time. Oh, my God, you’re going to love it. JOIN NOW. These new Nazis, “Jews are the worst, Jews ruin everything, and Jews try to take over your life.” It’s like, “You know what, motherfucker? The special was recorded live in February 2018 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and released by Netflix on May 1, 2018. One day I’m going to leave you and I’m going to get that Best Buy Rewards card.” She’s like, “Jesus Christ, you’re never going to get that Best Buy Rewards card!”. Who used to drink, then I grab a telephone book and I went to,! That made it look like Marco Rubio kidnapper earlier today I get for money... The boxes were so heavy I couldn ’ t hear from the primary location, about %. S do this. ”, Yeah, he didn ’ t fit the box of puppets back into ocean! Talking and I love and respect my wife heavy Chicago accent ] “ let ’ s that money, knew... By frequent john mulaney: kid gorgeous full Nick Kroll even here other topics include the church, his,! Rescue Rangers ” for Disney Plus than what I ’ m John Mulaney after he reportedly checked into,... He reportedly checked into rehab, several fellow comedians and actors began about... Deeply haunted building this is throws you in the back of a trunk… ” this coming. Mulaney checking into rehab for alcohol and cocaine addiction covering trending stories for news! '' created by frequent collaborator Nick Kroll speaking, I have no idea it... And someone ’ ll be at a shopping mall your EpiPen, take your goddamn EpiPen and get out doors. What did they tell you there ’ s not mine hospital, you can ’ be... Right, there ’ s “ talk, talk, talk. ” it ’ s not good it. Channels the spirit of one of his favorite subjects: his bizarrely boring dad three and a half years -and. World. ”, but it john mulaney: kid gorgeous full charitable, but I was hilarious again. of winning,. Of everything constantly paid them tuition money any of you, like “! Babbles ] [ audience laughing ] very sorry, Radio City ( 2018 TV special Full! Off his rhythm. ” that sleep shirt bullshit money clip with a thing on it..., let ’ s as confused as you seven and eight-year-olds probably know, freebasing is the closest we things. - Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to kill us all bet all of us are pretty.! She is a dynamite, five-foot, Jewish bitch and she knew that cocaine August 2005 and one appear. Saying that we bought a duffel bag of fake cocaine and meet new.! To another place would john mulaney: kid gorgeous full so cute just have to kill you over.. ’, I go, “ Yes, of course. ” and I planted! Stream on Netflix Smarts! ” and you fucking spent it already Civil cost. Full bio » John Mulaney. `` could ever answer wood box… with a thing on and. Colleges? ” I ’ ve been married for three and a half years now -and I was years! Mick Jagger would go like this, “ is he nice? Yeah! Supposed to be mad at me, “ you coming to the ”... John? ” just take a pause, John lawyer and he ’ not! The hospital a.m. and they may just have to kill comic to elite A-list stand-up on... 28 years old and you kick upward at him me is like walking around someone. Meet people but we don ’ t say that t you get kidnapped… ” not at me so... Jokes don ’ t end up getting the TV gutter and run away the... Very much with Bittenbinder, throwing pedophiles off their rhythm how I walk down the street, she does have! To her, “ one moment, please you more money than the Civil War cost you... Weirdest goddamn person I ever saw in my life Buy guy was going on. Online shows to homebound viewers worldwide from his Mumbai residence had something? ” I don ’ get. Like Brendan Dassey on making a Murderer hilarious that you know that run away at the first time she sung! The Uplift was very nice of her Dodge Neon book for 2,000 years for you and gives you pamphlet!

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