Please let us know if you have any other questions. 2. Call in to EMC Isilon Support at 1-800-782-4362 (For a complete local country dial list, please see this document: iiq_data_export fsa list --reports ,, The switch was to resolve a bug where importing large exports would time out. I am aware of the procedure for increasing datastore size for linux VM's. Hi. NFS export the same datastore to the new VM. Imagine if you have 3 months worth of data.. and moving forward I dont want to go to insight everyday for download the CSV file. We try to capture each customer's proposed use case and engineer a solution that fits most. Each ESXi box mounts datastore 1 over node 1’s IP, datastore 2 over node 2’s IP etc. InsightIQ 3.2.1 enables you to specify which statistics you want to collect, so you have more room on your hard drive for videogames. Note: The directory specified in the filter rule "TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx" -- this directory exists on the cluster as "/ifs/TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx". path[directory:/ifs/],dir_cnt (count),file_cnt (count),ads_cnt,other_cnt (count),log_size_sum (bytes),phys_size_sum (bytes),log_size_sum_overflow,report_date: 1444168813, nfs-shares,272737,7593935,0,54654,44072371405990,55915296110080,0. You would need to stop insightIQ services, copy over the datastore to isilon, start the insightIQ services again and finally point InsightIQ to use the new datastore on isilon. As per EMC recommendation - use smartconnect zone name if it includes CPU load balancing, if not use IP addr of cluster or a specific node. Select the check boxes for each datastore to be imported and click OK. As we've put the InsightIQ datastore on an Isilon though, the available space seen by InsightIQ is many TiBs, so InsightIQ will never see the datastore as full, and start throwing away old data. This page describes how to export and import Firestore in Datastore mode entities using the managed export and import service. InsightIQ begins deleting older data from the datastore when the datastore becomes 92% full. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I am looking to increase this local datastore from 65GB to 200 GB as i have three cluster for InsightIQ to generate reports. These quotas can be setup on the cluster itself through the WebUI. What you are referring to -- the RBAC of viewability of specific reports and directory/contents -- has been on the radar of product management for a while. Going forward, we urge customers to use the Isilon API (old name "Platform API") to query for performance metrics from the cluster itself, instead of trying to mine the datastore in InsightIQ. I'm a Technical Marketing Engineer, working on the Isilon product line. Also, 3.2.1 doesn't work quite right, so make sure you're on 3.2.2. i guess i will be staying on 3.1.1 unless 3.2.2 will allow me to get the data i wanted automatically.. For some reason, EMC/Isilon doesn't support just dropping the data into a new instance of IIQ post upgrade, so if something goes wrong, you'll be up a creek. Description of the illustration GUID-03D47EFF-6B9F-4A2F-96F1-80B06C88608C-default.gif. Thanks Katie, would you happen to know if those reports can be sent via email automatically? The InsightIQ Administrator account can manage InsightIQ monitored cluster, data store, email, and file system settings by using the InsightIQ web application. Also, you can check out our InsightIQ - Isilon Info Hub for more information!