Not sure if we can do ten days or a full two weeks, but we're thinking of paddling the eastern side of the lake. Lake Baikal is located in southern Russia, near the border of Mongolia.Its depth of 5,300 feet (1,615 meters) makes it the world's deepest lake. Deep Bay is 220 metres or 720 feet deep, but the average depth is just 56 feet . The bay was formed in a 13 km wide impact crater.The age of the crater is estimated to be 99 ± 4 million years (). Stick to Numabin Bay see if we can get to the top end of this arm in a couple days (65km). 92% of its waters belong to northeastern Saskatchewan, whilst the remaining are part of northwestern Manitoba.. Geographic Facts. Lake Baikal Is a Geological Phenomenon. Concerned about the direction of the winds and the exposure we'd face, we decided to head pass north of the islands to the north of the bay as we headed toward the eastern shores of Reindeer Lake. This is a haven for big Trophy Northern Pike, big Lake Trout, Walleye, and Arctic Grayling. Private bath not really necessary since thick smoke and distance made for poor visibility from across the bay. Reindeer Lake is well-known for its world-class fishing for Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, and Grayling. Straddling the Saskatchewan - Manitoba border, Reindeer Lake is the 9th largest lake in all of Canada, so it’s no surprise that it hosts a broad diversity of fish. The size of the lake causes our location to have equally sizeable Canadian fish, such as our 73-pound record lake trout , and there are rumours of a real monster living in Deep Bay. Packages include a fully modern log cabin, all meals including mid-day shore lunch, roundtrip floatplane transportation from Southend to the lodge, 18-ft. Lund deep transom boats … Geography. There is also a legend about a giant creature that lives deep in that crater. This map also covers the following Wildlife Management Units: WMZ 73. Reindeer Lake has been designated a Catch and Release 1 lake, which is the largest C&R 1 lake in Saskatchewan. (from: wikipedia - reindeer lake) Reindeer Lake is home to some captivating geological formations, including Deep Bay, a huge, water-filled crater created by a meteorite that struck that part of Canada 140 million years ago. The second-deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika in east Africa, is 4,710 feet (1,435.6 meters) deep by comparison. Reindeer Lake is one of the most productive lakes in the north because it drains a very large portion of northeast Saskatchewan and northwest Manitoba. It left an impact crater 720 feet deep, making it the deepest lake in Saskatchewan. This lake has a very deep circular part called Deep Bay Crater that was made when a large meteorite crashed into the earth. 8. DEEP BAY MONSTER: Nessie's cousin: imfamous lake monster of REINDEERLAKE Imagine yourself driving along in a boat the sun setting in a distance. The First Nations Cree tribes that inhabited the area have stories of a monster living in Deep Bay, a circular, 220-metre deep impact crater formed during the Cretaceous Period. Located on Reindeer Lake, this fully modern camp has a floatplane for fishing nearby lakes, day camps and excellent remote outpost camps. Fishing Reindeer Lake is like fishing a thousand small lakes filled with huge fish. On Reindeer you will not lose fishing time because of wind. On its E shore is the community of … Deep Bay is a bay near the south-western tip of Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. [1] The bay is strikingly circular and very deep (220 m) in an otherwise irregular and shallow lake. Slept in! Stay away from Nordic Lodge as this is based off the mainland near the town of Southend and is lower in quality with regards to cabins, boats, motors and fishing. Reindeer Lake (Southend to Kinoosao) July 2002. We too heard the story of the coastal paddlers who come here to the lake regularly. Consequently, the food source for game fish is very good, better than most of the smaller lakes, which is why Reindeer Lake trout fishing is so incredible. Just on the side – it is said that a river monster lives in the … Lake Baikal in Russia covers an average area of 31,500 square kilometre6s. Reindeer Lake is also home to Deep Bay formed by a meteorite about 140 million years ago. These reduced limits should ensure that the superb fishing you enjoy today will still be available for … Extensive belts trend northward f r om the main belt al ong the west side of t he area t o Macoun Lake and a second one extends northeast ward along Reindeer Lake through Amiskit I sland. Reilly Lake meanders through 23 miles of rock cliffs, weedy bays and numerous islands until it flows into Reindeer Lake’s Vermillion Bay. Reindeer Lake has a heavily indented shoreline and contains numerous small islands. Reilly Lake is a very unique lake in the sense that it is part of the huge Reindeer Lake water shed. If you are interested in history, you can view the historic native pictographs and an ancient meteorite crater in Deep Bay. Reindeer Lake (about 170 km from Southend to Brochet) 18 June 27, 2002 Thursday, smoky, hot. At 1,637 meters deep, it is the deepest lake in the world. It is a tributary of Reindeer Lake with two major rivers flowing in and one flowing out. The depth of Deep Bay is 710 feet, making it the deepest area of Reindeer Lake. 8 talking about this. More than 700 feet deep and 6 miles across, the Reindeer Lake body of water remains cold long after the heat has driven trout down to … [1]References Reindeer Lake is the second largest lake in Saskatchewan and the 9th largest lake in Canada. Deep Bay is a bay near the south-western tip of Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.The bay is strikingly circular and very deep (220 m) in an otherwise irregular and shallow lake. Fishing is an important economic activity for the people living in the lake region. Its amazing depth makes it the world's largest freshwater lake in volume, as well as being one of the largest by surface area. Reindeer Lake is almost 2,000,000 acres and is rated as the world's 22nd largest fresh water body; 9th largest in North America. km. Reindeer Lake, 6650 km 2, elev 337 m, max length 233 km, located on the border between northeastern Saskatchewan and northwestern Manitoba, is the second-largest lake in Saskatchewan and ninth largest in Canada.It has a heavily indented shoreline and contains numerous small islands. The site of a large meteorite impact with the Earth, the Deep Bay, is located at the southern end of Reindeer Lake. Located on Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan, Lawrence Bay Lodge offers some of the best fresh water northern pike, walleye, arctic grayling, and lake … 5500 islands and more than 5700 miles of shoreline (combined islands and shoreline) provide you with an endless array of protected fishing spots. Discover Reindeer Lake Lodge. 230 km long by 60 km wide at its broadest point, Reindeer boasts in excess of 6500 sq. This crater consists of a near-circular bay, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) wide and 220 meters (720 feet) deep, in the otherwise shallow Reindeer Lake. Such deep circular lakes are unusual in this region, which is dominated … One section of Reindeer Lake, called Deep Bay, was created millions of years ago by a meteorite. Lake Facts: Total water area: 2,045 sq. Deep Bay. Energy Mines, Misc. The monster reported to live in the murky depths is said to look like a big snake by some who have seen it. The beautiful breathtaking scenery is resplendent in the unspoiled Saskatchewan North. Rep. 98-4. Reindeer Lake is about 160 miles long, covering an area of nearly 2,500 square miles. I got up at 6:30 for a private bath then back to bed and slept until 8:30 – wonderful. For your additional comfort, we have added 18' deep transom boats and 40 horsepower Mercury motors! Northern pike and walleye fishing on Reindeer Lake at Lawrence Bay Lodge has never been better! Fishing in Reindeer Lake with professional and experienced fishing guides and charter captains will make an avid angler out of you. [1]References Reindeer Lake - Saskatchewan comes in both Print and Digital Versions. Reindeer Lake is more than six miles wide, and the scenery is simply spectacular, one of the main aspects of unspoiled Northern Canada. Theres a 1300m distance between Reindeer and Nokomis Lake … Deep Bay is a bay near the south-western tip of Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.The bay is strikingly circular and very deep (220 m) in an otherwise irregular and shallow lake. On its eastern shore is the community of Kinoosao, at its northern end Brochet, Manitoba, and at its southern end, Southend, Saskatchewan and Deep Bay, which covers an astrobleme which probably formed 100 million years ago. The bay was formed in a 13 km wide impact crater.The age of the crater is estimated to be 99 ± 4 million years (). The next biggest lake is Reindeer Lake in Canada. There is always a protected place to fish. Some of the rock formations around Reindeer are Precambrian, the oldest on earth. Its six miles across and a whopping 700 feet deep. Be sure to visit Deep Bay in Reindeer Lake, which is more than 700 feet deep and 13km wide, and was created by a meteorite strike. One of our prime Lake Trout areas is Deep Bay, one of the world's largest ancient meteorite craters. After camping the first night near Deep Bay, the second day we ventured into the bay itself. You are sure to enjoy the spectacular scenery, relaxing pace of the unspoiled north and the fragrant fresh air. Fisherman like it as the waters stay colder than the rest of the lake, but I was happy to admire its contours on a map, especially as any crossing in its vicinity could be very dangerous if the wind … Shading your eyes you sheepishly skim the surface of the water. Fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan on beautiful Reindeer Lake. Local legend has it that it is home to a lake monster. Also Lawrence Bay lodge is good but a bit more $$$. ... by the outstanding wonders of nature will be more than thrilled to know that this is where they can find the famous Deep Bay which is over 700 feet deep. It is one of the oldest lakes on Earth, having appeared more than 20 … Reindeer Lake Trout camp is on the southern end of the lake near deep bay. This map includes Reindeer Lake, Wollaston Lake, Goldsand Lake Area Of Special Interest, Geikie River, Perry Lake Ecological Reserve, Deep Bay and more. Deep Bay on the south side of Reindeer Lake was created by a meteor impact 140 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The lake is supposedly named after the caribou that would come that far south during the winter migration. miles Number of islands: 5,500 approximately Mean depth: 59 feet Maximum depth: 785 feet (Deep Bay) … Located on the southern part of Reindeer Lake, Deep Bay was created by a meteor strike during the Cetaceous period. The proof … The lake drains into the Reindeer River and the water outflow here is regulated by the Whitesand Dam.

deep bay reindeer lake

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