We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Pretty much any vegetable can be used in vegetable beef soup- zucchini, squash, lima beans, spinach – whatever you have on hand and you’d like to get rid of. Mix in your beef broth, tomatos, tomato soup, worcestershire sauce, italian seasoning, vegetables and potatoes. Soup just happens to be one of those ones I enjoy all year, you can check out my French Onion Soup, Sausage Corn Chowder and this Italian Wedding Soup. I am such a soup lover. Vegetable beef soup is one of my favorite meals to whip up on a cooler day. Bring to a boil. I am making it right now ……just simmering im the crock pot and it’s sooo delicious . Add in potatoes, broth, tomatoes, tomato soup, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings. It’s quick and easy. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/24417/old-fashioned-vegetable-soup ), Italian seasoning blend (this is just a spice mix of different Italian herbs), and salt and pepper. You can also stir in some cooked macaroni noodles to make this a Beefy Vegetable Noodle Soup! This Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe has amazing, but not overpowering flavor with simple ingredients, which make it one of those recipes that you will want to make over and over again. If you have leftovers you can freeze, just bring to temperature slowly when reheating. Heat the oil in heavy large pot over medium-high heat. I’m one of those people that don’t think that there has to be any specific season to enjoy your favorite foods. salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Italian … Use any type of potatoes you like, we regularly use russet for this recipe. Instructions. Now this soup literally has been made in our family for ages, adjustments have been made over the years, but the recipe has pretty much stayed the same from generation to generation. Soup is coming up quick, well, in all reality I believe all year is soup season. This tasty vegetable beef soup recipe is made with meaty soup bones and a variety of vegetables. Definitely a new staple for the winter! Add a quick grilled cheese sandwich and you have Southern comfort food at its best. Reminds me of my grandmother’s vegetable soup! Then it hardly takes any extra time to brown the beef. This soup can be store in the refrigerator in an airtight container, we usually use a Tupperware container and should last about 3-4 days. Slow-cooking top round steak with tomatoes, garlic, onion, and Worcestershire sauce creates a succulent soup full of tender beef. This Vegetable Beef Soup is one of my kids most requested recipes when it does come to soup. This soup is loaded with so many great flavors….that’s just how I like it! Such a great way to use up what’s left from your garden. Comfort food! It was so amazing I am excited I have left overs! Serve warm with bread or corn bread I love all the veggies in this soup! Since homemade vegetable beef soup has beef in it, a pressure canner is required in order to process the soup correctly to avoid spoilage. Instead of ground beef, I used hot Italian sausage and beef bone broth. Using frozen vegetables in this Vegetable Beef Soup recipe make is quick and simple and cuts back on cooking time. In large pot or dutch oven add your ground beef, onion and garlic. Thank you! Looks such a comfort food! If you want you soup spicy, just add a couple shakes of Tabasco Sauce sauce or a few pinches of red pepper flakes. So easy to make and so flavorful! Hamburger Soup is a quick and easy meal loaded with vegetables, lean beef, diced tomatoes and potatoes. Simmer … by Tornadough Alli August 31, 2020 20 Comments. Allow this to simmer for about a half hour. Your email address will not be published. This soup freezes really well so put some away in the freezer. In large pot or dutch oven add your ground beef, onion and garlic and cook until meat is no longer pink and onions are translucient. It’s great made ahead of time, budget friendly, reheats well and freezes perfectly.
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