Whether you are looking for boy, girl, or famous horses names, there enough nicknames here to find the perfect one for your mare… Animal Kingdom: This was the American Thoroughbred horse who won first place at the 137th Kentucky Derby. 50 Cool Names for Your Native Indian Appaloosa Horse Its colorful leopard-spotted coat and other distinctive physical characteristics make the Appaloosa horse breed quite popular as pet. Whether you are looking for boy, girl, or famous horses names, there enough nicknames here to find the perfect one for your mare… Good Horse names reflect how we view our horses. The Best Names To Use On A Horse. … Valentines kiss – Another unique idea for mare. 0 0. Steel would be such a cute grey horse name! Horse name generator . 21. Well, you’re in luck, because here at Horsemart, we’ve created a list of the best, most popular and most unique horse names that have featured on our site over the years. Scirocco (think its spelt. or race horse all in one place. a hilarious horse name. You will find many great namely titles for your irish, indian, miniature, quarter. Horses are often a valued companion in many works of fiction, as well as in real life. We have complied the largest horse name list on the web. by: Hoofbeats I need names for horses that will be in one of my stories! Names based on the typical colors of a Palomino horse, which range from creamy yellow to gold, are very fitting. 20. The horse is the one animal species that played an extremely important role in the development of America. However, Brownie would be a good name for a horse that has had a great windfall of good luck in his past. 0 0. If you own an Appaloosa horse and need a name for your beautiful mare, start your name search with our top list. Anonymous. Upvote 23. The Ultimate Good Horse Name List. Spanish Horse Names; French Horse Names; Unique Horse Names; Color Coordinating. French horse names Like France and the French language? It has to be memorable, it has to suit their personality and, most importantly, it has to be creative! You will find many great namely titles for your irish, indian, miniature, quarter. Cool Horse Names. ☆ READ ME ☆Hello! Horse names can tell the world we think our horse is beautiful, a friend, or that we think the horse is wild. Beautiful cool horse names arranged alphabetically from A to Z. The Friesian horse also resembles with Appaloosa horse so name selection should be easy. or race horse all in one place. Names that mean horse, mare, steed, fleet-footed, etc. haha I know 3 horses named cisco And 2 named buck I want somthing unique sorry I don't have any pics the lady i'm getting him from removed the craigslist ad but I will lokk for some on google that look kinda like him . Here you’ll find special cool horse names all over the world. Unique Horse Names. This horse name generator will generate 10 names for horses, but focuses on more heroic sounding names. For those who are American-bred, having a Native American name … Here's a site chock full of horse names: Horse Names . Home Site Map: Welcome to the Horse Stall : Horse Apparel Gifts ... All gifts have a unique horse design that horse lovers and pony owners will appreciate. Equine-related names. Cyntia Monica Spangled Glamour Pia Star Power Celestina Spotopia Estella Libera Spotlight Diva Iris Simona Molly War Admiral: In 1937, this horse won the U.S. We have compiled a long list of popular names and grouped them into the following categories: Orianna - This unique name means "sunrise" in Latin. When you've just bought a new horse or pony, there's a lot of pressure to choose the right name for him. Burbank - This was the name of Danny Glover's cat in the 1987 movie "Lethal Weapon." I have a palomino mare what name do you think would be best for her. If you intend to keep one, we would like to help you find a name for him. Here is a list of names and French words! Horse Names For Girls (Mares and Fillies) The horse names below are "girl" names for mares or fillies, or are gender neutral. Dawson – This is a name for a star. Find the name that corresponds most to your horse, pony or mare. Anonymous. I know that I've already submitted this comment before but the following horses need unique barn and show names! Source(s): unique horse names mare: https://biturl.im/n6SVX. Whether your focus is to choose a single or multi-part name for your new pony, this list of unique ideas has lots of new names to ponder! Related Articles. Some names are pretty common, but there are some new ones too. Unique animal names with charisma and class.. We provide plenty of cool horse names to guide the search for the perfect horse name.. Below is a list of the horse names. Roan horse names. When you are naming a horse there is a lot to look into and this list of 100 will give you all that you need to make a decision. In the horse world, most horses named "Brownie" get the name because of their brown color. 5 years ago. 19. Here’s a list of the most popular names for horses right now in the U.S.A. compiled by data from equine web sources. Also see Fire Names for names that mean Flame, Fiery, etc. Nov 29, 2019 - Looking for a name that is both unique and elegant for a horse or mare? The mustang is a breed of hardy, free-roaming horses that are believed to have descended from the horses brought by the Spanish conquistadors. Female horses are often given names that end with an “E” or “Y”. Stallion Names. in Featured,Horses. Great unique and compelling horse names for the barn or the show ring. A horse that outshines other horses of his calibre. angel on September 16, 2019: sunday, shaka, Jeanne on September 14, 2019: A girl who loves horses March 10, 2019 at 9:37 pm. Give your fortunate pet this name +-Sage. Just like there is with human baby names, horse names follow trends of popularity. First one: He will be a liver chestnut gelding with a blaze. (Mare or gelding/stallion) Reply. You have a horse (male or female) and would like to find a nice French name? Their names can be a big part of their identity too, or at the very least hold importance to the owner of the horse. Due to recent alphabetizing of this list of over 8,000 horse names, credit for many names others have sent me has been lost. By Chris Churchill, Five Star Ranch Staff Writer. Appaloosa is the most beautiful breed, looks catchy and well trained. Sort by Popular Sort by A-Z +-Lucky. There are many ways to choose a name for your horse. Davis – This is a good choice for a horse that is always your companion. Some are completely unique, but others are common and used for geldings and mares across the country. Camie like – if you love to capture pictures of your mare , camie like is actually camera like. Your horse is unique and you want a unique horse name for him/her. this but anyway its pronounced Shirocco - which is a hot desert wind, perfect for a beautiful, elegant, fast and athletic wonderful thoroughbred!) Some other horses I know are: Tuck(er) Gunner Lightning Lucky Tango Mirage Legend George Sugar Chewy Banjo Strongbow Helen Tree. While many of the names on this page are unique, these ones are inspired by the animal itself, and the sound it makes! Horse Names, Equine Names Names for horses, burros, mules, donkeys, etc. Gypsy, Ebony, Faye, Freya, Rain. Find the perfect Irish name to call your horse! Here is a list of over 200 of the best names for horses and mares, plus ideas 36. Any names sent from here on out will be credited, though, and please send me all the names you can think of! It’s one the most unique horse names for mares. Unique horse names needed! Written by Danielle. The same goes for a black female horse which can be a little more of the challenge because the darker colors typically inspire people to come up with more masculine names. My name is Corinne and I'm 21 years old. Celestia – If you have dapple gray horse , never miss celestia. Upvote 25. I was thinking of "Spitfire", "Spartan" or "Hornblower". Like Molly, Rosie, Lady, Bonnie, etc. 9 years ago. There is not separation in name selection for this horse. There are just so many male names for horses that you will easily find something that suits your horse. or Dancer; Ok, we get it. Choose something unique that's striking, impresses strangers, and worthy of your new pride and joy. I have a friend with a black/white mini horse named Zoe. We have included the meanings of some that you may not be familiar with. We have over 400 popular names for stallions and mares. Destiny – This is the name for the horse … We have complied the largest horse name list on the web. Unique Horse Names. Pearl – For silver dapple. Unique Pony Names It is quite common and popular in professional equine circles to give horses multi-part names. We would recommend you to go through the lengthy list of mustang horse names if you plan to own the magnificent beast that roams the plains of Western America. Tesoro - This name means "treasure" in Italian, and treasure is always golden. Man o’War: This racehorse is widely considered to be the greatest American racehorse ever. We’ve assembled a complete list of Irish horse names that honor this unique heritage while celebrating your pet’s personality. When you give your horse a name with mythological significance, it can add to the bond you share with your beautiful and unique equine companion. In fact, the horse is especially revered for its role in the American West. Triple Crown. It's also a good horse name for a horse that acts like a star. 37. Each name is accompanied by a meaning, description, or a bit of history or trivia about that name. Top 100 Horse Names. Here are some best suggestions for you. By Katie Davies. What’s more, we’ve got the top 10 names for boys and the top 10 names for girls, as well as a rundown of the most popular names … ... Miniature horses are such a unique animal and absolutely adorable. We believe that you can find here your perfect name idea. 35. Shadow – Shadow is another cool name for blue roan, dapple gray or any other rare color. 22. Whether you are looking for a feminine name to suit your Mare, a funny name to suit an energetic Pony, or a cute name to suit a newborn Foal, we’ve got loads of choices to suit your horse. Your horse is one of a kind, so you want to find a unique or cool horse name as special as he or she is. Even though cars are now the norm and horses have become a hobby rather than a life necessity, the role of the horse is honored through books, movies, and television shows.
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