Contact If all the world was blue there would be no colour blue.". "' alt='' title='LiveInternet: показано число посетителей за"+ Tubular Bells 2003 — მაიკ ოლდფილდის სტუდიური ალბომი, რომელიც გამოვიდა 2003 წელს. Released 26 May 2003 on Warner United Kingdom (catalog no. That’s not to say that the energy present in the piece has diminished, if anything the louder passages such as ‘Fast Guitars’, ‘Thrash’ and ‘Caveman’ have even more impact today. The thirtieth anniversary of the original presented the opportunity to do so, as did the lapse of a twenty-five year contract that prevented him from re-recording the album. Mike Oldfield, -The mark of a good musician is to play one note and mean it-, "The beauty in life is in the embracing of the variety of things. Ironically given its age, there is deeper bass in the SACD release of the quad version and it lacks a separate LFE channel! The entire demo tape section runs for a hair over forty-two minutes and therefore can legitimately be described as an entire work unto itself. Whether the multi-channel mix adds any value will depend on one’s own tolerance of its failings, but at some point in the future I hope a version without all the gratuitous panning will be released. Mike Oldfield – ‘Tubular Bells 2003’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson October 13, 2003 ‘ Tubular Bells 2003 ’, the updated version of Mike Oldfield’s seminal instrumental album will be released by Warner Music Group as a DVD-Audio disc, complete with a newly-created multi-channel mix, and as a DVD-Audio/Video anniversary box set, sometime in early 2004. The busiest, hectic parts clearly benefit from modern technology and meticulous approach. High Fidelity Review Febbraio 2, 2004 NOTIZIE 2004 , Articolo , High Fidelity Review , Tubular Bells 2003 Giuliano Plenevici Un interessantissimo articolo che parla dell’uscita del DVDAudio di Tubular Bells 2003 ed intitolato “ Mike Oldfield ‘Tubular Bells 2003’ DVD-Audio Release Dates ” è stato pubblicato sul sito di “High Fidelity Review”. During the main body of ‘Finalй’, instruments are announced by John Cleese from the front right channel – the exact opposite to the position taken by Viv Stanshall in the quad mix – and as each enters, it drifts from front right to front left and then back towards the centre (the bass guitar ends up over one’s right shoulder). It’s odd and somewhat disconcerting to someone intimately familiar with the original album that they’re presented out of order (the sequence should precede both ‘Caveman’ passages), but one solution is to program them back into the ‘right’ order via your remote control – or an order that is more familiar, should I say. Rather than allowing the music to be presented for what it is, a superb work from a master composer and musician, this gilding of the lily is both highly distracting, fatiguing and, at times, downright annoying. Instruments, be they electronic or acoustic, are authoritatively conveyed and have a great deal of presence, so those who like to follow individual elements of an Oldfield recording will be thrilled with what’s presented here, by the multi-channel mix especially. Undoubtedly this is also Mike Oldfield’s most celebrated work, it put him, Richard Branson and the Virgin empire on the map, but Oldfield’s musical style can run the whole gamut from dance music to classical and there are times when one feels his lesser-known releases are equally deserving of such attention, from the challenging, spot-the-hidden-message ‘Amarok’ (not recommended for cloth-eared nincompoops) to the new age acoustics of ‘Voyager’ and experimentation of ‘Guitars’. Sitemap | Conversely, those who have expressed a sense of foreboding by the presence of John Cleese as master of ceremonies will be delighted by, what is for him especially, a restrained performance, one that might even be considered an attempt to imitate his late comedic friend Viv Stanshall, who died in a house fire in March 1995. Instead of being able to appreciate the notes of an acoustic or electric guitar for what they are, one has to mentally chase those instruments from ‘speaker to ‘speaker, not only across the front of one’s room but also front to rear and diagonally from corner to corner. A word of warning here, the lighting, including innumerable neon ‘Space Canons’ and video effects is guaranteed to induce epileptic fits in those who are even remotely susceptible. Wallpapers Tubular Bells 2003 is a re-recording of 1973's Tubular Bells, released just after the binding 30 year contract had ended. Even if you don't have a multi-channel setup you can still enjoy in spectacular stereo.
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