There can be some hit-or-miss batches with their items as proven by a number of customer reviews online and among the DIY community, but the overall opinion of Trex is highly positive these last years. Discover high performance decking products from Trex. (Source: DeckMastersNw) The good that came from this difficult manufacturing process was the introduction of new product, new regulations, and the creation of overall better products. As for how Trex performs, there are mixed reviews out there that we firmly believe should also be considered besides our own. But only Trex composite decking is worth every penny. They range from a muted gravel-grey to a warming rum, each board holding multiple tones of colour in the protective capping to lend more to the ‘natural wood’ aesthetic. Trex decking materials are the answer for those who want a durable, reliable and beautiful deck - without the added work of keeping it looking new year after year. You must gap Trex® decking, both end-to-end and width-to-width. Typically these can be a good option for homeowners on a budget as, despite there being a little more of a lean towards a ‘cheaper’ feel to the boards from some suppliers, they do still tend to perform better than timber and are worth the investment with the right care. That being said, we do agree that some Trex products – from the batches we have had in the past – can prove to be more brittle and prone to damage over time than other manufacturers. Trex Composite Decking samples. Problems With Trex Decking. When picking up a sample pack (which are available via the Trex website and other reliable stockists), the first thing you will notice is that the surface of Trex Transcend is textured to replicate natural wood, and most colour choices feature multiple tones through the capping to further create the illusion that you are looking at real timber when installed. Choose from decking products at Gaza Timber or give us a call if you need some free advice or a quote. The water-resistant WPC decking boards are quick and easy to install. The Trex composite deck system is one of the most weather resistant decking products on the market. We found that the Transcend boards offer a great composite option for those looking for something that looks more realistic, but the boards are single-sided. It’s not wholly noticeable – the boards still look fantastic when laid down. Labour and installation account for nearly two-thirds of total costs. It’s hard to have a conversation about decking without it. In 1996 Trex launched its line of composite decking products to rave reviews and revolutionized the decking industry. If a warranty that will keep you covered is what you are looking for, they are definitely one of the best to choose from. So Trex agreed to replace the defective decking but decided as a matter of ‘policy’ that they … Trex Protect Joist and Beam tape is a self-adhesive butyl tape designed to protect the top of your timber joist or beam. Shop our variety of decking options for creating your outdoor living oasis! : £40.19 inc vat [ View] If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. See How AZEK Stacks Up Against The Competition. Discover what Trex has to offer online today. Since that time Trex has diligently worked to revise, expand, and perfect their line of composite decking products. A larger decking area project can prove to be a significant investment, and you’ll be wanting to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money in terms of quality. Trex Composite Decking range is available to buy from the following UK suppliers: UK wide online retailer stocking NewTechWood Ultrashield decking in Antique, Grey, Teak, Walnut, and Ebony. Composite Decking Boards | Plastic WPC Decking | UK's #1 Supplier And deck framing. It is one of the best warranties of its kind available for composite decking. The home of composite decking reviews. We can’t guarantee that any board from any manufacturer will be guaranteed not to have issues – unfortunately that is all down to individual production runs! Use our find a stockist tool or contact us. It is something we see time and again: the cheaper options fail more often than those at a higher price point, and for good reason. Steel elevations are the most secure option available, even above timber. The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from £82 - £113 per square meter, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. Cut costs, not corners. They are so confident about their product that they back it with a 25 year limited residential warranty against material defects. Expert opinions and guides on buying WPC decking in the UK. Due to the popularity of Trex and its wide availability worldwide, there are more reviews for this composite decking product than any others. The home of composite decking reviews. It’s not difficult to find the information you need in regards to it, something that we appreciate, and there are areas of the warranty that we found extremely positive when compared to other composite decking manufacturers. When buying your decking boards, it is always best to buy more than you need – Trex is no exception to this rule. Trex is the world's largest manufacturer of high performance composite decking, railing, and lighting products. Trex is the industry-leading manufacturer of composite decking which is a high-performance decking material that will not rot, warp or peel. Jul 16, 2020 - Explore Dawn Gilbert's board "Trex Decking Ideas", followed by 391 people on Pinterest. CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD LIVES OUTDOORS. Our Trexperts set the record straight on a few myths about composite decking. If you want to play it safe, don’t cut corners with the cost. Transcend is available in a variety of colours, all of which can be sampled. It only takes a look at their boards to know that you are buying into a product with a fairly rich history and a lot of trial and error to get to where they are today. Not only do the Transcend range of boards look far better, but their heavy-duty protective polymer outer shell (capping) makes this range particularly suitable for decking projects that are a long-term commitment. After years of manufacturing and pioneering the composite decking industry, Trex has introduced the Transcend range into the gardening and decking market. -UltraShield Composite Decking -TREX Composite Decking -Decking Boards -Non Slip Decking -Decking Kits -Decking Handrail Parts -American Chunky Decking Handrails ... For over 30 years we have been the leading suppliers of decking in the UK. If it is stored outside, the product mush be covered and protected from the elements. Raw materials could include a substructure, decking, railing, hardware and add-ons. Other customers who have purchased and installed Trex products over the last 20 years will be able to advise on the condition of their boards after season upon season of exposure to the weather. This could be due to the boards in our supply being from older batches. Wanting to buy timber decking or Trex composite decking products? Trex provides everything you need for the perfect outdoor space, from decking to outdoor lighting designs. 99 The main accessory to any project that we were particularly happy to see, and elevates (sorry, pun) Trex above the rest in this category, is their own brand of steel elevations available. It is also for this reason that Trex’s new products are seen as their best yet – taking the flaws of their prior products to create something bigger and better. Garden decking is also related to fencing and landscaping because it is done outdoors, usually, the extra space beside your property is converted decking … If we were to pin down the look of Transcend, it would be in the grey-area between unrealistic and natural. Wet weather is the bane of any composite decking owner and unfortunately it does somewhat show through in Trex as, due to the smooth surface, Trex can become a little slippery if not given adequate cleaning. This is to ensure the product is delivered to the end-user in a pristine condition. They are a great choice for those who don’t have time to focus on deck upkeep. The polymer capping provides a layer of protection and design detail that their other ranges simply don’t replicate, but there is an issue that the boards end up looking slightly too plastic when up close. Go for the top of the range that is proven to perform better from tried and tested review sources. (Be aware that uncapped boards may require more maintenance than capped boards due to the entire board material being exposed to the elements. (Source: ) The good that came from this difficult manufacturing process was the introduction of new product, new regulations, and the creation of overall better products. – but there appear to be less issues with the higher-value Transcend range. While timber has been the traditional material for decking in the UK, more and more people are now turning to Trex® composite decking as an alternative due to its eco-friendly design, low maintenance and long life span, below we will lay out all the aspects of Trex® which make it an excellent choice in decking material for your garden and home. We can help you find a builder, or you can do it yourself. Trex is an American decking company based in Winchester, Virginia, USA. Decking is an architectural project involving the installation of a flat surface on top of an existing ground—typically an existing barren lawn. Possibly a pergola. For high level and commercial decks please contact us. Much like other composite decking brands, Trex also offers a fantastic warranty that they make well-known to their customers. Regarded as one of the pioneers of composite decking, they have long-since prioritised the outdoors in their designs, aiming to create a range that is ideal for the consumer who simply wants to have a luxurious place to relax in the warmer months. Learn about our variety of composite durable decking options for creating your outdoor living oasis. Composite Decking is stronger and denser than wood, making it a more reliable alternative. Trex supply their Enhance (Basic and Naturals) range as their budget option, though we would agree that they would not be our first choice compared to the Transcend boards. The most difficult point of installation will likely be the joist measuring and building, but this is true of all composite decking companies’ products. Taking their experience to go hand in hand with their business practices, they … Gapping is necessary for drainage and the slight thermal expansion and contraction of Trex decking boards. Cheaper composite decking boards tend to be more cheaply made which is what allows them to be offered at their less costly price point to consumers. With sizes from 2.2m to 5.4m, 2020 UK Composite Decking Reviews & Comparisons. We have browsed thoroughly through forums and reviews and made our own views from our experiences wrapped up with those of other experts. This is not particularly a bad thing as most rainwater will drop away from the sides, but when compared to 360degree capped boards, it feels a no-brainer that you would want the additional protection when considering complaints of mould and other internal damage are rife among their cheaper boards. For high level and commercial decks please contact us. DO NOT store directly on the ground. Decking is often associated with gardening, landscaping, and similar outdoor jobs. From garden furniture pieces to decking lighting and pergolas, Trex composite can be found almost everywhere. See charts below. Far from the worst composite boards we have worked with, but in terms of looks, we do still prefer UltraShield. Decking in Kent, TrexPro, Trex composite decking Installers, trex decking, Trex custom curve, TrexPro platinum installers, trex london, trex kent, trex surrey Learn where to buy Trex® decking materials and the supplies you need to complete your luxury Trex® Deck. It is definitely in the upper tiers of our compared composite decking boards, and compared to the Enhance boards there is clearly more attention to the detail of the board that we don’t see in the cheaper alternatives. Compare them to other samples to find the colour and underfoot texture that works best for you. The beauty of the Trex® composite decking system is how quick and easy to install, providing a long-lasting finish. Trex Transcend Island Mist Grooved Composite Decking Boards 4.88mts IN STOCK! 100+ Trex Decking Ideas in 2020 | deck design, backyard, decks … We will need to keep an eye on the longevity of them as we reach Trex’s 10th year since their introduction. Find an Australian Trex® Dealer nearest to you. In 2010 they released their Trex Transcend range, building on their already-established business model and reputation to bring forward possibly their most ambitious – and best-received – product to the market. Manufactured from recycled products, c omposite decking b oards are designe d to be friendly to the environment. Every Trex ® piece can stand on its own with our signature blend of style and strength, or come together as one weather-shrugging, long-lasting, easy-to-care-for outdoor oasis. Visit for more information. The South East's Largest Stockist of Trex Hidden Fastener Systems, in stock for next day delivery or immediate collection 01342 337161 My Account Trex seem to have put a lot more care into their latest range, and so far we believe the boards live up to much of their hype. Trex undoubtedly has the biggest and best hold on the composite decking market to date. Our woodgrain composite decking boards are designed to suit all types of garden, patio or balcony.. From positive to negative, there are opinions aplenty on Trex’s own branch of composites, and for the uncertain DIYer that can be both a blessing and curse. Composite decking will transform your outside living space and give it a real wow factor.It's hard wearing with no need to stain, seal or sand it. Taking their experience to go hand in hand with their business practices, they are industry leaders in all things composite. We completely understand and agree with that vision – it’s why we do what we do, building composite decks and keeping up with everything about them. Stocking everything you … The Transcend boards feel relatively sturdy underfoot upon installation, providing little give when walking atop them. Some will fade faster, others may be more flexible, and some could wear down far quicker than others. On one hand it means there is a world of information out there to refer to when making a decision on which decking to buy; on the other a whole lot of confusion with mixed reviews holding different weight behind them. In other customer reviews and in forum discussions between DIY experts, there is a general consensus that Trex performs best with its Transcend range and anything less than this from them may be far more likely to fail. With a product that is distributed in more areas globally, and generally more widely available, there are bound to be far more customers of said product and therefore a more visible negative image should a select batch of product be under the usual quality threshold. Being able to give their own fantastic steel joist work to support composite decking leaves a fantastic impression on us as project managers. Other consumers will have their say from installed projects – and some already have. Decking Products & Composite Decking TREX Decking Hardwood … The Trex composite decking range is available in three options to suit any project or budget; Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance Naturals and Trex Enhance Basics.. There’s more choice than ever before so you can discover the right Trex decking for you.. See and feel the Trex decking difference with the Trex inspiration sample pack. Trex ® at its very best Unparalleled Beauty: Trex Transcend Colours. Now for what everyone wonders – just how good do Trex boards look when stacked up against the competition? We would always say that it is up to you to choose whether or not you believe a composite board to be worth any ‘hype’ surrounding its name. Both help determine the materials and labour costs of your composite deck. The Composite Decking is a UK based decking company, with a London head office. If you are using multiple composite brands, be aware that they may not all perform exactly the same. Melanie opted for Trex Transcend® Decking in Lava Rock and Trex® Signature Railing in Bronze. No need for any specialist tools as they fix with our T clips and screws which allow the boards to expand and contract in varying temperatures/weather conditions. However, with a company as internationally known and widely distributed as Trex, there is something to keep in mind. Melanie Lissick, author of the UK design and DIY blog “Melanie Lissick Interiors,” recently remodeled her deteriorated and dysfunctional garden deck with Trex composite decking. Gapping also allows for the shrinkage of the wood joist system. Taking the Transcend range once again as our review reference, we can see that there are a multitude of available colours when buying direct from Trex. The Trex composite deck system is one of the most weather resistant decking products on the market. Warranty covers staining and fading – something that competitors struggle to keep up with. See more ideas about Trex composite decking, Composite decking, Trex. The advantage of buying Trex is that their warranty helps to cover extreme colour fade, up to 25 years in fact. This can be grounds for the promotion of mould on the boards if not properly cared for, hence the usually lower price point of uncapped boards.). Take all the necessary precautions and follow care tips for the longest lifespan possible. -UltraShield Composite Decking -TREX Composite Decking -Decking Boards -Non Slip Decking -Decking Kits -Decking Handrail Parts -American Chunky Decking Handrails -Glass Decking Handrails -Fortress Metal Railing System -Deck Fixings and Weed Control -Decking Skirting (covering under raised deck) -Decking Joists, Posts & Postmix -UltraShield Deck Tiles Decking Products. This is on top of an already great 25-year warranty that is shared with other suppliers like NewTechWood. Along with using Trex Protect flashing tape during construction to cover your bearers and joists, you’ll need to care for your decking boards by sealing them regularly. With composite decking, there tends to be a trend that the cheaper the decking boards on offer, the worse of a performance you are likely to get. View Our Trex Decking. This is the product we would recommend from Trex, without a doubt. This is especially true in climates where harsh sunlight is more common throughout the year. £33.49 Trex Tiki Torch Transcend (Solid) Grooved Composite Decking Board 3.66mts x 25mm Thick x 140mm Wide: STRAIGHT DEAL! Trex's Color Selector can help you choose the ideal color for you, your deck, and your home. Trex Signature ® Railing is available in two colours and provides a durable and stylish outdoor railing system.. All Trex railing systems are for residential decks with a deck height up to 600mm from ground level. Always try to keep your composite decking as uniform as possible. Trex is the world’s #1 decking brand and the inventor of timber-alternative composite decking. Trex railing systems. The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from £82 - £113 per square meter, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. Like any composite decking board, there are some definite issues that can be a problem depending on the level of care given to the board and the weather conditions. An area where Trex really shine with their products is in the sheer variety of products they have on offer. Individual suppliers will have varied selections. Your deck is more than just composite boards. Trex Transcend Tiki Torch Grooved Composite Decking Boards 3.66mts IN STOCK! Size and shape make a big difference. So fall in love with one wisely. Up closer or walking on them, however, you definitely notice a difference. A well thought-out decking project can enhance any outdoor area. In 2010, Trex unveiled their Transcend range – the revitalised, stronger, and overall better composite decking range that took on all of their past experience, providing the top of their range with a product to be proud of. Trex was designed with the beauty of timber decking, but not all the maintenance. There is something timeless about a timber decking area that is difficult to replicate and can be where most composite decking boards stumble in the search for a better look for themselves.
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