Simba is the reigning King of the Pride Lands, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the nephew of his evil uncle Scar, the mate of Nala, the adoptive son of Timon and Pumbaa, and the father of Kiara and Kion. A tarsier comes out of the bushes to warn that a predator is on the loose. The herds follow Kion to Mizimu Grove, where Makini's baobab tree seed has survived the fire. Rate. The rest of the Lion Guard gathers around him, and Simba assures them that he is uninjured. Scar approaches and manipulates Simba into believing that he is responsible for his father's death, claiming that Simba's roar had caused the stampede and that if it hadn't been for Simba, Mufasa would still be alive. He is also an austere but caring father. Simba and Nala task their daughter Kiara with presiding over The Royal Buffalo Wallow. After the cubs make a quick exploration, Zazu catches up with them, though Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed soon show up. They also met Akula, his lieutenant and his warriors who were captured too. Perhaps because he is so overprotective of Kiara, Simba is paranoid and unwilling to forgive, segregating the Outsiders for supporting the late Scar (though it was later revealed that Zira had attacked Simba). The Pride Landers disapprove of his dishonesty, though Ma Tembo notes that she understands why he'd kept it a secret. In his later adult years, Simba grows larger in size and build, and gains more rounded features. Leaving Scar, Simba goes to his best friend Nala, who is being bathed by her mother Sarafina, opposite Simba's own mother Sarabi. In this way, he is somewhat stuck-up and pompous. Most of his distinguishing features from his infancy grow more noticeable; his head tuft grows longer and more tousled, his eyebrows become thicker, and his tail tuft lengthens. Still young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, his curiousity got the better of him, leading him to go to explore the Elephant Graveyard and consider the consequences only after the fact, nearly getting himself and his friend Nala killed as a result. Mufasa tells his son that he has forgotten who he is and his own place in the Circle of Life. The four tumble down the slope and dislodge Simba's log, causing it to roll toward the ostriches' nest. Soon after, Bunga notices a tunnel in the side of the sinkhole. At times, this attitude gets the better of Simba, as his enemies take advantage of it to bait him into dangerous situations. Along the way, he worries over having to give a tribute in the elephant language, and Zazu brags over his own skill in mastering animal languages. He is the King of the Pride Lands, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the adoptive son of Azima and Jahi, the adopted brother of Jike, Uma, and Maisha, the mate of Nala, and the father of Kiara, Kion, and Nguruma. Back at Pride Rock, Simba, Nala, and all the other lionesses watch as Rafiki blesses the union of Kiara and Kovu. When she asks who he is, Simba tells her his name, and the lioness is surprised to recognize her childhood friend. Upon seeing news reports about Bartholomew's escape from Dr. Simba's PridePride LandersLion Guard (Reserve) Later that night, while Pumbaa and Simba are asleep, Timon shakes in fear as he hears Simba saying "meat." Though he may seem a bit over-protective at times, Simba cares greatly about his family and the future of the Pride Lands. Rolling can also be used to access hidden areas and dodge attacks. A reflection of Simba is shown as Rafiki tries to make Zazu realize the one animal he forgot to count on his list. Simba arrives with his mate, Nala, and daughter, Kiara, as well as the lionesses of his pride, for the Ukumbusho Tradition in Mizimu Grove. Despite this, Simba is good at heart and longs to become the wise king that his father is. During the long walk, Simba explains to Kovu how Scar's hatred had led to his demise. At the beginning of the film, a newborn Simba lies curled in his mother's paws. The lion snatches it away from him and throws it into the grass. In Disney California Adventure, Simba makes an appearance in a segment of World of Color. After embracing her, he sings to her that they are one. Later that night, while visiting the lion's den, Both Timon and Pumbaa come up with various ways to make their plan work, such as asking favors, blackmailing, and teeth extraction, all which end in failure. Later, Ono laments having caused Makuu's float to awaken early. He later comes back for them and saves them from the coils of Joka. That night, rain descends on the Pride Lands, and Simba asks Timon and Pumbaa where Kiara is. mtv. Kiara then quarrels with her father, pleading with him to reconsider, but Simba replies by forbidding her to leave Pride Rock unescorted, saying that Kovu used her to get to him and that he knows Kovu is following in Scar's pawprints and that he must follow in his father's. Simba (as an adult) appears at two puzzles: at one, he and Nala are shown looking at each other in love, and at the second one, he is shown with Pumbaa, Timon and Zazu durong a rain storm. Presently, Ono grows tired of the violence and flies away from the mashindano to avoid watching the fight. The ostriches bow to Simba after he saves their eggs. Kiara races ahead of her parents just as a sinkhole appears, luckily Simba is able to throw Kiara over to Nala to safety, but becomes trapped in the sinkhole. Growing up without worries, Simba soon proves to be a difficult cub to handle, and Timon and Pumbaa find it hard to be adoptive parents. He has reddish-brown eyes, dark red-brown whiskers, and a pink nose. Before the two can depart, the king catches wind of Outsiders invading his kingdom and so must cut the walk short in order to dispose of the problem. As Zazu is on his back, a mole pops up beneath him and informs Zazu and Mufasa that there are dangerous hyenas in the Pride Lands. Rafiki approaches Simba again and listens to him discussing how he will have to face his past if he is to return. While trying to work out a comprise between Bupu and Makuu, Kion pounces on Makuu again and when he sees both sides walk away unwilling to try again. The gem was in turn found by Leon, who kept it as a "lucky charm", and was eventually given to Sora after Leon told him about the hearts of Worlds. Ma Tembo confirms it, and apologizes for the disturbance, explaining the reason for their fear. Since they are just children, they find it weird. Feeling betrayed, Simba angrily snarls at Kovu, now believing him to be behind the plan. That lion later turns out to be Simba. Although not seen, Simba says, "I'm okay," after the animal pyramid falls down. They turn up at Hakuna Matata Falls, where he notices the "strange-looking (Christmas) tree". That night, Simba looks down on Kiara and Kovu stargazing together and asks Mufasa for guidance. Just as she and Kiara leave, the Guard returns with a giant log, tipping it into the sinkhole. All the king says is that Makuu is a new leader and he invited him here to build his trust, Kion insist that the Makuu wants to ruin the summit, and Simba responds by blaming Kion of ruining it. Bunga notices a tunnel which Simba believes might led to Nandembo Caverns and points this out to Kion, who agrees to meet his father and Bunga there. Dad (by Kiara & Kion) Daddy (by Kiara) Lion number one (by Bunga) King Zimba (by Hafifu & Majinuni) Your Majesty (by Pride Landers) (King) Bro (by Bunga) My baby (by Timon) The King (by Pride Landers) My Son (by Mufasa)Big ol' Scaredy Cat (by Bunga)Good King Simba (by Pride Landers)Sire (by Zazu & Ono). Zazu then comes to the cubs and says that he will take Nala home. Kion gathers not a team of lions, as tradition has dictated, but his own Lion Guard comprised of Bunga the bravest, Fuli the fastest, Beshte the strongest, and Ono the keenest of sight. Simba begs his uncle to tell him what it is, but Scar walks away after teasing him about practicing his "little roar." Zira, realizing that she is losing, tries one more time to attack Simba, but as she jumps for him, Kiara leaps in her way and fights her off. As Timon tries to restore Pumbaa's memories after the warthog gets struck by lightning, he brings in Simba, along with Scar, Rafiki, and Piper. Together, he and his mate Nala l… Later, Simba is moved into the den and is watched over by Rafiki, Makini, Kiara, and Nala. Simba and the other animals fear Makuu's wrath, but the crocodile merely prompts Simba to let the Summit go on. He then bids them goodbye and leaves them to wait for Simba. Immediately, Mufasa rushes to the Gorge to save his son, who desperately manages to jump and cling on to a branch while the wildebeests thunder below him. Rafiki then comes in, cradling their newborn cub in his arms, and Simba and Nala watch happily as Rafiki lifts the cub up for all the animals to see. Hoping that his father isn't dead, he tries to revive him. However, when he stands up, Kiburi declares to the onlookers that his followers have killed Simba and that he is now the ruler of the Pride Lands. Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba happily get out of the cave and Simba realizes that Timon actually thought that he was going to eat him and Pumbaa. He is long-bodied, broad-shouldered, and muscular, and proves his ability to hold his own physically in the final battle against Scar and the hyenas. The Lion Guard try to use a large log to help Simba and Bunga escape, but it smashes to pieces when it hits the bottom of the sinkhole. Just then, Makuu reveals himself and announces to the gathered animals that he had come to the Summit with the intention of helping his float and the Pride Lands, but had only received distrust and hostility. Simba is trapped amidst a wildebeest stampede. In another early draft, Simba killed Scar through brute force. That night, Simba has a nightmare about the stampede in which he had lost his father years ago. The Good Dinosaur Arlo teaches The Lion Guard how to trap animals. Simba is mentioned when Kion explains that his father didn’t want the Pride Landers to know that Scar had returned, believing the news would frighten them. Zira laughs menacingly and tells Simba that they have barely begun. Living carefree in the jungle, Simba gets into all kinds of mischief that Mufasa and Sarabi would have never allowed, such as jumping down from dangerously tall trees, swimming down steep and deadly waterfalls backwards, and spinning Timon around like a play toy. After scolding her friends, Kiara asks for permission to help Ma Tembo, and Kion tells her of the probability of her inability to help. Kiara reminds Simba that they are "one" and asks if he sees any differences between his pride and the Outsiders. However, this changes when he grows into a young adult, with his childhood friend Nala reminding him of his responsibilities back home. Finding out that Kion roared at the aardwolves, Simba is shocked. The next day, Simba partakes in the "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" performance. His fur is brownish-gold, while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are creamy tan. Simba says that everyone makes mistakes. Simba, however, pays little attention to their constant drills, confident in his abilities to take on dangerous predators. He promises this to her, but he once again sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch her anyway, thus deliberately breaking his promise. Simba is brave, sturdy, full of courage and kindness, and does his best to make his father proud. He recalls that Mufasa had promised to show him the kingdom. However, he gains a long red mane that extends from his forehead to his upper chest. Simba is excited at the prospect of an adventure but promises his uncle that he won't visit the graveyard. Makuu protests that he had been invited and Simba confirms to Kion that he had invited Makuu to Pride Rock himself. Moments later, the ghost of Scar emerges from the smoke and taunts Simba and claims that Kion died in the fire. Simba, as a very young cub, makes a brief cameo in the episode "Safety Smart: Goes Green," in which Timon misunderstands a CFL light bulb as a "cute, fluffy lion." Both characters lose their father at a young age and later encounter his ghost, and both struggle against a lion enemy who is scarred across one eye. Later, whilst speaking with Kongwe, he expresses bewilderment at her answer of defeating Scar, until Fuli clarifies that they'll find an answer eventually. kids can recreate the adventures of the lion guard with these highly detailed deluxe 3" figures! The main inspiration for the final version of Simba is Prince Hamlet. When Simba is too busy to take his son Kopa to the top of Pride Rock, Rafiki tells a story about Mufasa and Scar when they were cubs, convincing Simba that keeping promises is important. When Kion reacts with confusion, Simba gently explains that his presence is needed at a funeral in Kilio Valley for Aminifu, a wise old elephant who has passed away. Mufasa then comes to him and tells him to go back. Before the log can reach the bottom of the slope, Beshte leaps forward and stops it from crushing the eggs, but Ono warns that the eggs will now be caught up in the mud. Simba and Nala leave Kiara in charge of presiding over the Royal Buffalo Wallow. Just then, a large boulder tumbles down from the top of the rock pile, and Fuli heroically saves Bunga from being crushed. In addition, Simba's vocabulary changes drastically (as he now says "Father" instead of "Dad", and "Scar" instead of "Uncle Scar"). He had light spots on his head and body, as newborn lions usually have. After Simba sadly tells him that Mufasa had died a long time ago, Rafiki tells Simba that he is wrong again and explains to him that Mufasa is still alive. Rate. Simba and his father climb to the top of Pride Rock, where Mufasa explains to his son that everything the light touches is their kingdom. Though Ono begins to anxiously preen and fret over the state of the Lair, Bunga assures him that he has nothing to worry about, and sings "When You're Running With the King", in which he explains what Simba is like. Feeling trapped, Scar resorts to accusing Simba of killing Mufasa, and the young lion doesn't deny it. Tired and dehydrated, Simba wanders into the desert. Simba then takes Kiara and walks away, sending Nala and the rest of the pride ahead so he can have a word with Kiara. Just in time, the Lion Guard arrives and thwarts the crocodiles' efforts to assassinate Simba. Following the success of the film, Julie Taymor created a musical version of The Lion King. After playing together under the sky, Mufasa tells Simba about the Great Kings of the Past, who are looking down on them from the stars. His main pelt is a rich gold, while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are cream. This inspires the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar. Without thinking, Bunga leaps over the sinkhole and plummets down, landing softly on Simba's mane. Several years later, Simba spent an episode of "The Lion Guard" stuck with Bunga ("Bunge and the King") and to say Bunga wore him down would be an understatement. Rafiki refuses to leave him alone, so Simba asks him who he is. Additionally, his face becomes more triangular in shape, with tufts of fur growing in on either cheek, and the bridge of his nose darkens to a light brown. He later realizes that it's his old childhood friend. When Kiara and Kion squabble over a tree, Simba approaches and tells Kion to back away, for Kiara is going to serve as queen for the day. He then reminds Simba that he is his son and the one true king.
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