This special issue of Regional Studies, Regional Science examines the methodologies, new technologies and innovations in regional graphics. This special issue invites researchers and practitioners to contribute on the emerging areas of FinTech and Artificial Intelligence. Social science research to understand and solve the COVID-19 pandemic. Announcing the inaugural Global Food History Prize for an Emerging Food Historian, with publication in the journal, pending successful reviews and revisions, and $100 in cash. A building requires rigor in practice and conception. The school community has become nimble in reaching out to students. Taylor & Francis eBooks hosts an extensive collection of online research within a single destination. Often a journal will promote a special theme or topic in this section, but most journals remain open for general submissions year-round. This is a special issue on health and healthcare sector of the Chinese economy. Book reviews should include detailed synopses and evaluations of the books and give an account of the books’ aims and remits. This special issue from Cogent aims to explore the production and application of biochar to underpin sustainable development goals. We are in the process of editing a volume titled “Deep Learning for Remote Sensing and GIS: Frontier Advancements and Applications”. This special issue from 2019 Impact Factor1.184Energy Sources, Part A aims to explore the impacts of COVID-19 and its effects on Environment and Energy. This SI aims to document cases of sustainable entrepreneurship across the world and to accelerate knowledge about what works and could be amplified. This special issue aims to explore eXtended Reality (VR/AR/XR) use cases, established and innovative solutions and research in the era of COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue aims to explore the meaning and function of real-time identity processes and provide insights into mechanisms of identity development. This special issue addresses consumer experiences in a new environmdng and how does consumer interact with brands in this era. We are calling for systematic reviews and scoping reviews in speech, language and hearing that have students as first authors. This special issue calls for papers that can offer transformative solutions, moving forward, by rethinking and redeveloping tourism for the new normal. This SI examines research on the application of blockchain in cloud computing and applications addressing privacy preserving features/functionalities. Therapeutic Failures in Counselling/Psychotherapy, Pandemic Lockdowns and Social Work Response, Prediction of COVID-19 using data science, From Medical to Wellness: Challenges and Opportunities for Spas, Teaching and Learning the Age of Covid-19: Cognitive Dissonance in a Pandemic, Food and Health Economics: Epidemics, Risk, Behavior and Policy, Special issue on the Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Slender Structures, Entrepreneurship and Innovation within Hospitality and Tourism, Pandemics, Planning and Impact Assessment, Black Markets in World War II (1939-1945), Environmental debates in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic: Media, communication, and the public, Hyper-Adaptability for Overcoming Body-Brain Dysfunction, General Principles/Analytical Frameworks in Geography/GIScience, Visual Impairment and Low Vision Rehabilitation, Biology and Technology: Guarding, Nurturing, and Governing Life, The Role of Leadership in Human Resource Management: Perspectives and Evidence from Asia Pacific, The prism of Brazil: Informal Practices in Politics and Society, Museums, Art Galleries and Digital Innovation Challenges: Emerging Issues and Amazing Alchemies for the Future Research, Feminist Perspectives on Learning, Media and Educational Technology, Mechanisms and mediators of addiction recovery, New HRM Models for Supporting Managing Emotional Labour During Emergencies, Emerging Trends in Twenty-First-Century Horror, Smart Clothing for Assistive and Preventive Care, Call for Papers: Statistical Perspectives on Analytics for COVID-19 Data, COVID-19: Economic Implications for New Zealand and the Pacific, Human Resource Management in Times of Crisis, Language in International Human Resource Management: Current Research and Future Directions, The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Foodservice Industries, Local, Regional, Domestic: Re/scaling Tourism Mobilities, The Brontës: Sickness, Contagion, Isolation, The Drive for Equity and Quality in the Time of Covid-19: Considerations and Implications for Teachers and Teaching, Transforming Construction: The multi-scale challenges of changing and innovating in construction, Operational Research in times of crisis: Experiences with COVID-19, Cyber-Physical Systems in Pandemic Monitoring and Management, In a new world of research, what do we already know?
2020 taylor and francis call for book chapters