A similar poll last year showed 52 percent favoured. use "retention" in a sentence The retention of information is aided by repetition. Research has shown that the highest rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with 100% whey protein. Without water retention the land becomes baked. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. The use of artistic elaboration appeared advantageous with the longer retention interval of one week. The primary reason for this retention is that nothing approaching the difference in dispersive power between ordinary crown glass and ordinary dense flint glass (a difference of i to 13) has yet been obtained between any pair of the newer glasses. shrinking the prostate brought benefits like reducing the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and urinary retention and need for surgery. 0. Once the statutory retention maximum time frame has passed, you can destroy them as you see fit. The retention of information is aided by repetition. Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division. He opens with an attack on " the rather hysterical reaction of successive health secretaries " over PM organ retention. b : the holding in place of a tooth or dental … Define retention. n. 1. Studies also show that most elementary school teachers overestimate the academic benefits of retention. So he presided at the trial of John Claydon, Skinner and citizen of London, who after five years' imprisonment at various times had made public abjuration before the late archbishop, Arundel, but now was found in possession of a book in English called The Lanterne of Light, which contained the heinous heresy that the principal cause of the persecution of Christians was the illegal retention by priests of the goods of this world, and that archbishops and bishops were the special seats of antichrist. All Rights Reserved. How To Use Retention In A Sentence? The retention of the escrow account signals continued delays and bureaucratic red tape that will hamper the functioning of the economy. The UN will vote on the retention of sanctions against Iraq. Through some misunderstanding, he reported on his return that the count had accepted all the terms offered, including the retention of the tricolour flag; and the count published a formal denial. However, retention of a course found to … Retention of clients or money is the process of ensuring that a policyholder remains a customer of the insurer or that money to be paid out remains in the insurer's accounts. As a surgeon, Simon's work came second to his interest in sanitary science, but he claimed priority over Cock in the operation of perineal puncture of the urethra in cases of retention from stricture. 17), the use of leaven in sacrifices (25a), the retention of the sacrifice until the morning (25b), 5 and the seething of a kid in its mother's milk (26b); and en j oins the observance of the three annual feasts and the Sabbath (18a, 21-23), and the dedication of the first-born (19, 20, derived from xiii. Vitamin B6 may decrease fluid retention, fatigue, irritability, and mood swings. Keywords: student retention, student attrition, student support, parents, prospectus. The Ottawa river was chosen as the main boundary between them, but the retention by Lower Canada of the seigneuries of New Longueuil and Vaudreuil, on the western side of the river, is a curious instance of the triumph of social and historical conditions over geographical. The parent 's consent has gone and the retention becomes wrongful. The Agent operates with a set of parameters defined by the data retention policy of the firm. Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid, 10. effective customer retention strategy is central to the success of any business. In Locke we find, with a retention of certain antievolutionist ideas, a marked tendency to this mode of viewing the world. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. You can find my dataset in a csv format at the end of the article. The offence will also cover cases of dishonest, 22. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences However are not march cross-section snapshot population with less retention of eligible. You are the master of your own analysis! In those especially sensitive to the effects of sodium, excess sodium can also cause significant water retention throughout the body. The Lamellibranchia are mainly characterized by the rudimentary condition of the head, and the retention of the primitive bilateral symmetry, the latter feature being accentuated by the lateral compression of the body and the development of the shell as two bilaterally symmetrical plates or valves covering each one side of the animal. Retaining workers of all age groups will be increasingly important for organizations looking to maximize the retention of skills, knowledge and experience. The sejm of 1766 not only rejected the dissident bill, but repealed all the Czartoryscian reforms and insisted on the retention of the liberum veto as the foundation of the national liberties. Retention in a sentence. 0. It was well known that proper names are usually transcribed from one language into another with a tolerably close retention of their original sounds. They are usually included in Oomycetes, but their simple structure, minute size, usually uniciliate zoospores, and their negative characters would justify their retention as a separate group. Compost, animal manure, grass clippings or raked leaves are just a few of the many free soil amendments you can add to your garden soil to increase nutrient content and water retention. The needs of the central government lead to its retention of the more profitable modes of procuring revenue. Enjoy also the retention of breath. No matter how many contests and appreciation luncheons you hold, if your workers do not feel comfortable in their work place, your employee retention will be low. Retention alone is not creative. The payment will be costed gross and any, 25. These effects include: persistent gains in achievement test scores, fewer occurrences of grade retention, and less placement in special education programs. Benefits include enhanced customer service, retention of skilled staff, improved morale and less absenteeism. Another word for retention. In these cases, retention is usually carried out with the knowledge and support of the student and his family and is not likely to carry a social stigma, as would be the case if the retention were for academic reasons. Retention Payment means the occurrence of an event of default of a Clearing Member (as this term is defined in the Clearing Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Clearing Member") or a default of a Trading Member (which will be deemed to occur following the occurrence of one of the events listed in paragraph 2802/11 of the Exchange Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Trading Member"); Medical Definition of retention. Grade retention is an excellent predictor of who will drop out of high school. Moreover, park-cattle display evidence of their descent from dark-coloured breeds by the retention of red or black ears and brown or black muzzles. Not Calculating Retention at Different Stages of Customers' Lifetimes. Clanvow's retention by the Crown brought him a variety of employments. Theoretically, no doubt, this is correct, but the typical members of the two groups are so different from one another that, as a matter of convenience, the retention of the two families seems advisable. It's a simple shoe without flashy effects, made to reduce water retention. If you are looking at employee retention projects, EAP's are a smart place to start. Against these losses the retention of Euboea, Nisaea and Pegae was no compensation; the land empire was irretrievably lost. He strongly opposed the evacuation of Egypt; he insisted upon the exclusive control by Great Britain of the Upper Nile Valley, and also upon the retention of Uganda. Or “weekly” and “week” and so on. In the autumn of 1907, however, as the latter's retention of office became more and more improbable, it became evident that no other possible successor had equal qualifications. in a sentence. 3. The effect of substratum surface roughness on the retention of microorganisms. This intellectual discovery requires sensation and retention of sensation; so that sense (ea-Ono-Ls) receives impressions, imagination (0avravLa) retains them as images, intellect (Van) generalizes the universal, and, when it is intelligence of essence, is always true. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "retention" in a sentence The retention of information is aided by repetition. By the operation of meteoric agencies, iron pyrites readily pass into limonite often with retention of external form; and the masses of "gozzan" or "gossan" on the outcrop of certain mineral-veins consist of rusty iron ore formed in this way, and associated with cellular quartz. The retention list of example sentences with retention. The average of retention … The power of graphic description of phenomena in the Hippocratic writings is illustrated by the retention of the term " facies Hippocratica," applied to the appearance of a moribund person, pictured in the Prognostics. This is perhaps as good an apology as could be made for his character and 1 In his report on the Ionian Treaty presented to Lord Castlereagh at the congress of Vienna in December 1814, Sir Richard Church strongly advocated, not only the retention of Parga, but that Vonitza, Prevesa and Butrinto also should be taken from Ali Pasha and placed under British protection, a measure he considered necessary for the safety of the Ionian Islands. The use of a written sealant policy and protocol for sealant application and equipment maintenance could further improve retention rates. 🔊. The " Instrument " drawn up by the Lower Estates implied the retention of all their rights; and the king, in accepting the gift of a hereditary crown, did not repudiate the implied inviolability of the privileges of the donors. The retention of information is aided by repetition.. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on.. Diuretics are used to reduce water retention. Gravity will cause fluid retention most commonly in your feet and legs. The swindler was a pretentious man who claimed to be descended from royalty. retention of an ultimate deterrent or ultimate guarantee of national security is a political given - but its scale is not. Retention sentence examples. Schools feel pressure to adhere to academic standards, while at the same time being fully aware of studies that show retention is counter-productive. In order to acquire the knowledge of the true and primary principles of scientific knowledge, and especially the intelligence of the universal essence of the subject, which is always true, the process of knowledge consists of (I) sense (a'lcO o s), which receives the essence as individual, (2) memory (uvi j), which is a retention of sensible impression, (3) experience (cµirecpia),which consists of a number of similar memories, (4) induction (brayw-y), which infers the universal as a fact (TO iTC), (5) intellect (vas), which apprehends the principle (apxit); because it is a true apprehension that the universal induced is the very essence and formal cause of the subject: thereupon, scientific syllogism (i rcnf µovucos vvXXoycvµos), making the definition (opeg ios) of this essence the middle term (TO, c Vov), becomes a demonstration (6.7rOSee es) of the consequences which follow from the essence in the conclusion. 2. Owing to liability to necrosis, the permanent retention of such a mass of dead bone would be dangerous; and the antlers are consequently shed annually (or every few years), to be renewed the following year, when, till the animal becomes past its prime, they are larger than their predecessors. The retention of something is the keeping of it. A parallel case is the retention of small quantities of water soluble substances in the soil. The mere retention of the same crystal form by homologous substances is not a sufficient reason for denying a morphotropic effect to the substituent group; for, in the case of certain substances crystallizing in the cubic system, although the crystal form remains unaltered, yet the structures vary. 🔊 Sarah obviously does not have a retentive memory because she … Visual material aids the retention of information. Besides, the Left stood for anticlericalism and for the retention by the State of means of coercing the Church, in opposition to the men of the Right, who, with the exception of Sella, favored Cavours ideal of a free Church in a free State, and the consequent abandonment of state control over ecclesiastical government. 3. In other cases, where the buds themselves contain a sufficiency of nutritive matter for the young growths, the retention of leaves is not necessary. Each row is related to a player’s activity in one day. A strong movement was set on foot for the " retention of Uganda," and on the 10th of December Lord Rosebery despatched Sir Gerald Portal to report on the Portal's best means of dealing with the country, and a Mission. Any retention made by the first mortgagees should also be deducted. Consequently to ensure the long term future ability of the trustees to provide for its charitable objectives some retention of income was deemed prudent. Water retention - You could gain 3 to 5 pounds during the first week after you stop smoking. Referring the collapse of the empire to the retention of feudal forms and to the action of religious animosities, Hegel looked forward to reorganization by a central power (Austria) wielding the imperial army, and by a representative body elected by the geographical districts of the empire. The result in the vote against the development and for the, 28. The more significant is the retention of his faith in God. primacy effects may lead to the retention of items coming first in a series. With this in mind, I led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period. The desirability of this punishment, by and large, depends on the nature of the crime and the circumstances associated therewith. 3. One great charm of his character, was its perfect retention of the freshness of youth. PSI also improved longer term retention of the material learned. This display of loyalty will be vital to the retention of team cohesion. It was agreed between the parties that the evidence established a case of wrongful retention under the Convention. Dentatus Titanium Posts - Surface treated for improved retention. Rubber mulch is said to provide better moisture retention. Once the retention period of three months has passed, you can claim the found money at the police station. The more serious effects include acute confusional states, tachycardia, urinary retention, and aggravation of glaucoma. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. bucket understanding schip retention program must pay. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. Therefore, its retention in the pores of the wood is a positive advantage. You are offline. Cardiovascular status Hypertension may be a primary problem, secondary to chronic salt and water retention or to excess renin production. Inspired by an ancient Aztec remedy for chronic gout, these delicious treats have been scientifically proven to fight the affects of water retention. Reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, improved productivity. 2. How to use retention in a sentence. The deeper the mulch, the better job it does at water retention and weed prevention. Five days later the representatives of the elected delegates had an interview in London with the colonial secretary, the duke of Newcastle, who informed them that it was now too late to discuss the question of the retention of British rule. Use "retention" in a sentence. The term "retention" in regards to school means repeating an academic year of school. 🔊 With my retentive mind, I can easily remember important historical dates. Verbs for retention include retain, retained, retainest, retaineth, retaining and retains. Examples of Pretentious in a sentence. Mostly Ghanaian News stresses cultural retention and investing back into the home country. The customer retention definition in marketing is the process of engaging existing customers to continue buying products or services from your business. of safety lay in their retention of office. A pilot cohort of 356 adult diplomates was recruited the previous year and with whom panel recruitment and retention strategies have been developed. Research suggests that social promotion and grade retention are not educationally effective policies. The retention by women in Europe of the tropical garb can be explained by the fact that her sphere has been mainly confined to the house, and her life has been less active than that of man; consequently the adoption of the arctic dress has been in her case less necessary. Studying is one of the best ways to increase your retention of information. The retention, however, by Copernicus of the antique postulate of uniform circular motion impaired the perfection of his plan, since it involved a partial survival of the epicyclical machinery. The skilful manoeuvres of the French, whether due to Louis' own generalship or that of his advisers, resulted in the speedy capture of Ghent and Ypres (March), and the retention of the prizes in the usual war of posts which followed. Has to do income eligibility for coverage under medicaid bucket understanding schip retention. Some patients even gain weight because of fluid retention. He settled the affair in his usual downright manner, telling the commissioners bluntly that they must take back their legitimate king, and refusing - perhaps with more questionable wisdom - to allow the retention of the tricolour flag,which to him was a "symbol of rebellion.". Even though Jake was a millionaire, he avoided hanging out with pretentious people who liked to flaunt their wealth Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division. Talent retention programs can bring significant savings to a company. How to use retention in a sentence. employeel improve recruitment and retention, and employe relations. After having a stroke, my grandfather had problems with his memory retention and found it difficult to recall dates and times. 3. The medicinal properties of burdock root also include reducing blood glucose levels and water retention. The time must eventually arrive when the Boers will be in a small minority, as the country is very sparsely peopled; and would it not therefore be a very near-sighted policy to recede now from the position we have taken up here, simply because for some years to come the retention of 2000 or 3000 troops may be necessary to reconsolidate our power.
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