I had salmon and corn pudding, which were great. Allow the pap to cook for 10 – 15 minutes. Note that there is alcohol in the domes. God, it's so good, I could just drink it. The flavors are authentic but all these dishes would never be served in the same meal. Because it's so popular with tourists and locals alike, you do need reservations, and don't come here for an intimate meal because it's always packed. Cook the onion over medium heat until just translucent. Overall, this place was absolutely dynamite. The food is pretty eclectic but leans toward African and Indian flavors. Boma is an African-inspired, buffet-style restaurant located inside the Jambo House building at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort. The ingredients almost always include grated carrots, chopped garlic, chunks of green pepper, sliced onion, cauliflower florets, chopped chillies, curry powder and a tin of baked beans. If was absolutely delicious. It was so simple but they were cooked perfectly! See recipes for Easy homemade chakalaka, Baby marrows chakalaka too. i went there for my first time for breakfast and it was amazing. That is in addition to the countless vegan items already available at the buffet. Regardless, Boma has enough to get your taste buds worked-up. It's a buffet style restaurant. Boma Flavors of Africa. It serves breakfast and dinner, and while dinner is fantastic my favorite meal is breakfast. The hummus is what we enjoyed next (Sambal and Sun Dried Tomato) with pita and crackers. It didn't  look like Nutella, more like caramel. I skipped the traditional tossed green salad station, and went straight for the soups: spicy Nigerian peanut soup, coconut-chicken-curry soup, and carrot-ginger soup to name a few. Since we were in the process of switching hotels, the bellman desk was nice enough to hold our bags during our meal. Traditionally chakalaka is made using tomato and onions and is often served with pap, but we think it is a great accompaniment to most dishes if you’re looking for a spicy kick. Boma Flavors of Africa. All I can say is, try it if you haven't. It was that delicious. The buffet also offers different kinds of breads and salads, delicious soups, a variety of vegetables, and traditional dishes like bobotie, chakalaka, fufu and sambal. There was a kiddies section with Mac & Cheese, chicken nuggets, pasta & meatballs, and other sorts of rugrat grub. Pap. Although it was primarily served with corn-based porridges such as pap or mieliepap, making it a well-rounded vegetarian meal, chakalaka became a quintessential part of … The service is good also. I don't question it, I just eat them and smile. 4 to 6 servings My mom can tend to be like that, so I like to take her to places like Boma for that very reason. I tried it just because it was so much fun to say, but found I really enjoyed the contrasting flavors and textures. Speaking of drinks, the juice they have there is really tasty. After our meal, one of the waitresses answered our questions and told us a little about her country of Zimbabwe. Move over Girl Scouts, I've found something better than Thin Mints!We were all pleasantly surprised by the very delicious food, and the friendliness of everyone working the buffet lines. As Disney buffets go, this is one of the better ones with choices like Pap and mulligatawny soup (delicious), offering both African and South Indian dishes as well as American options. It's solid. We had the breakfast buffet there this morning and it was my favorite meal of our trip! Depending on the region and preferences, the spiciness of chakalaka varies from mild to very hot. Dinner is $60 per person, and while I really do like the dinner buffet that's a little pricey for me. My kiss enjoyed that alongside their Mickey and Simba waffles. Spiced Sweet Potatoes . Spiced Sweet Potatoes. My fiancé opted for the African side of the buffet and really enjoyed the red stew (chakalaka) and pap as well as the plantain chips.
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