— Barrel about not playing anymore pranks on Roxas. Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist in the Tim Burton-produced stop-motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas.. Role in the film. In Kingdom Hearts, they assist Oogie Boogie by stealing Jack's experimental heart. SHOCK ", Jack sends Lock, Shock, and Barrel to "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" (the Halloween Town residents' mistaken name for Santa Claus). Ummm! His mask is a faded red devil's face with horns that curve upward much more than Lock's hair. From shop PlainPaperStudio. — Lock upon the trio eavesdropping on Sora and company. When he comes a-sniffing we will She wears a pink dress with a dark purple hem, as well as black boots and dark purple gloves. Shortly after Jack defeats Oogie and rescues Santa Claus, a hatch above opens and Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear, having led the Mayor to Oogie's lair. Let's pop him in a boiling pot Shock is seven years old and the most cunning, intelligent, and dangerous, and the only female of Oogie's minions. Snap the trap and close the gate They are children from Halloween Town. Whether they’re Oogie Boogie’s minions or Jack Skellington’s semi-reformed lackies, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are among the most recognizable residents in Halloween Town. is a popular song by The Coffin Caddies | Create your own TikTok videos with the Lock! His chin is rather large and the top of his head is quite flat. Her face and neck are quite long and her nose is enormous and pointed, taking up most of her face. Then see if he talks In the inevitable chase afterwards, the heroes discover the truth when they tell them about Dr. Finkelstein's Experiment. This song is sung by Lock, Shock, and Barrel, also known as “Boogie’s Boys” (although one of them, Shock, is a girl). LOCK AND SHOCK Lock: Make me! They usually work for Oggie Boogie. Perhaps he'II make his special brew I wanna do it Tie him in a bag Lock, Shock, and Barrel are introduced as Oogie Boogie's "little henchmen. Unlike his friends, Barrel doesn't seem to wear gloves, but his feet are oddly shaped, with three toes of the same length. Barrel! April 28, 2014 Isabella . The mask's mouth is curled into a ghastly smile, showng sharp teeth. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a trio of trick-or-treaters from Halloween Town. LOCK, SHOCK, AND BARREL SHOCK She is usually quick to patch up any arguments between her and the boys, if not with the nicest methods. They wear masks, despite them being almost exactly the same as their real faces. And then jack will beat us black and green He loves being large and in charge, and gets upset when others insult him or take the lead. One, two, three — Lock after throwing another pumpkin bomb at Roxas. Sandy Claws will be no more — when the Prison Keeper swallows all three of them. Sold as a Set. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. LOCK,SHOCK,AND BARREL Hiding in a coffin in the Graveyard, the trio overhear Jack Skellington's plan to create a heart to control the Heartless and decide to report their findings to Oogie Boogie. The song was performed by Lock, Shock, and Barrel's voice actors: Paul Reubens, Catherine O'Hara, and Danny Elfman, respectively. jack said we should work together When Roxas turns around, they throw a pumpkin bomb at him, which explodes in his face, then run off laughing. Barrel is five years old, Oogie's "star pupil," and considered the stupidest of the three troublemakers, despite his protests to the contrary. His ears are set rather low on his head, and his eyebrows are the same shade of red as his clothes, while the rest of his hair is a darker red-brown color. Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy I've got something, listen now That he will cook him rare They become green in fact, and your hair has a slightly sea weed look to it. He also likes to eat pumpkins. 1. kidnap the sandy claws! She also knows how to bake. It isn't clear if they are part of his costume or his real feet. And yes, the cover picture is Gerard Way from MCR being hit in the face with a pancake. Kidnap the Sandy Claws, chop him into bits We're his little henchmen and around And stay on his good side At first, they accidentally capture the Easter Bunny, whereupon Jack apologizes to it and orders the trio to take the bunny home. The mischievous trio appears again in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, repeatedly playing a trick on Roxas. What should we do? BARREL Lock, Shock, and Barrel are introduced as Oogie Boogie 's "little henchmen", being 6, 7 and 5 years old respectively. Lock! The excitement and the mischevious air is perfectly encapsulated when we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas by the town's trick-or-treater trio, Lock, Stock, and Barrel. We do our best to please him His nose is very small when compared to Lock and Shock's, and it is upturned. foto of Lock, Shock, and Barrel for fans of Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 1. Lock Shock Barrel SVG, Nightmare Before Christmas Svg, Halloween SVG, Ghost Svg, Jack and Sally SVG, zero svg PlainPaperStudio. key. LOCK Your body also doesn’t decompose the same way in water. nightmare. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a group of pranksters. Unlike the other residents of Halloweentown who scare people just for fun and don't really mean to cause lasting harm, Oogie Boogie is a sadist as shown by the fact that the interior of his fortress is essentially a torture chamber with a casino-like twist as well as the fact that he loves bets with lives on the line as Oo… — talking about one of Dr. Finklestein's machine parts. shock. In the deleted scenes, a sequence shows Lock, Shock, and Barrel spectating as Oogie tortures and teases Santa Claus and Sally the rag doll. That he'II reward us too, I bet The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun, https://theunitedorganizationtoonsheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Lock,_Shock,_and_Barrel?oldid=18627, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge, (previously) Evil, childish, naive though also mischievous, "Yeah, I sure did! Browse through and take lock shock and barrel quizzes. The only time their names are mentioned in the movie is the scene they say them to the mayor, arguing that Jack had sent for them by name. ", "We promise we won't pull any more pranks! A botched card game in London triggers four friends, thugs, weed-growers, hard gangsters, loan sharks and debt collectors to collide with each other in a series of unexpected events, all for the sake of weed, cash and two antique shotguns. He also unintentionally bothers Jack when asking him a number of annoying (and somewhat embarrassing) questions. Kidnap the Sandy Claws In Kingdom Hearts II, they wreak havoc … Throw him in the ocean They are three little trick-or-treat themed ghouls notable for being malicious pranksters. First, Oogie Boogie appears as a shadow on the moon during the opening song, This is Halloween. Now and forever
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