The species is known generically as limba—an African wood related to mahogany, but imported under the trade name Korina. Quick view. There is no such thing as a white or black limba tree. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. Wood with such darker reckoning is ascertained as Black Limba, whereas plain unfigured wood is called White Limba. There is no such thing as a white or black limba tree. Am I wrong? For guitar bodies, Joe Balaguer at Balaguer Guitars in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, uses mahogany from Africa or East Asia; alder, ash, roasted ash, and swamp ash from the United States; and white limba from Africa. heartwood might be a light-weight yellow to a golden brown, usually with grey to simply regarding black streaks and veins. Subscribe. I like the look and am thinking of custom ordering my next guitar with a black limba body and maple top. Bocote (OS) Brazilian Cherry (OOS) Bubinga. The wood works easily and is excellent for many fine woodworking projects. I made my first acoustic guitar!! Canadian Cypress. There's no reason why Gibson shouldn't have a korina Exprorer and Flying V in their Custom Shop program at all times, and offer a Moderne limited run from time to time. Classical; Jumbo; 11 Bindings/Purflings; 3 Bone Nut; 1 Bracing Stock; 2 Bridges. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The reason I started dabbling in the realm of woodworking was so I could make my own guitar. Blog; From The Factory Podcast; Owner Resources; Service Packages; Guitar Care Videos; Learn To Play Videos ; Step Forward; Warranty Information; CITES & Customs; Intro to Slide Guitar; Ebony Project; Store; Search form. RSRD Member. 72 Acoustic Guitar. This tonewood is found in acoustic guitars at Breedlove Guitars. Good 4/10 . Your Price: $39.95 Available In Stock - Douglas Fir Soundboard - Jumbo / Dreadnought. But, much of the Korina/Limba I see more recently such as Black Limba/White Limba (Like on the Thorns,, has a completly different look to it than the wood used in the 50's by Gibson. BYOGuitar offers a wide range of "Build Your Own" Guitar kits. Nov … The third limba, which is the somewhat more rare heartwood, has varying degrees of irregular black streaking,that can create some beautiful patterns. Search . Western Red Cedar. It is used for back an sides for guitars, where it's light weight allows it to compare to mahogany. Messages 4,970. C $25.01 shipping. Ft.-20.95% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. Black limba is about the same as mahogany in weight, hardness and texture. C $105.52. Your Price: $55.00 Available In Stock - Black Limba Baritone Uke Set - Quarter Sawn. Limba grows in Africa Weight 2.83 lbs /Bd. Red Oak . Species selection can, however, be a determining factor in the creation of a very special guitar or a guitar designed for a specific purpose. The third limba, which is the somewhat more rare heartwood, has varying degrees of irregular black streaking,that can create some beautiful patterns. This wood is found in the equatorial forests of West Africa. 26 Back & Sides. Seems like Black limba wood would share some tonal characteristics of mahogany. It was first introduced to the world as a tonewood in 1958 By Gibson. It grows up to 30–60 feet (9.1–18.3 m) tall, has a single erect trunk, commonly without branches for 10–40 feet (3.0–12.2 m), and a crown that can be wider than the tree is tall. Jul 17, 2013 … We also carry Guitar parts and finishing supplies. The wood is either a light (white limba or korina) or with dark stripes (black limba) hardwood. Black Limba is an exotic medium-light weight wood grown in tropical western Africa. Customers in the USA - Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or if this is a personal order , your Social Security Number. Dubbed the 'scrapnought'. (670mm x 115mm x 19mm or 20.3mm).Bass size: 34.5" x 4.5" x .750". Korina is darker brown or white I have never seen it flamed. Equally important are the design of the guitar, the skill of the maker, and the quality of the individual pieces of wood from which the guitar is made. Quick View. Some of the finest tonewood comes from the US Pacific NW and our guitar wood is hand-selected to be highly resonant, beautifully colored and figured - to look and sound it's best! I highly recommend exotic wood … (OS) =OUT OF STOCK (NA) =NO LONGER AVAILABLE (CS) =COMING SOON . > Wood Blanks Information Timeline and Shipping About us Specials Maple/rosewood U2 guitar neck ... Black or White Limba Neck Blank High quality, flat sanded to 120 grit.Guitar size: 26.5" x 4.5" x .750" or .800". The pores are small enough that one can finish the wood without filling it. Quartersawn Fiddleback White Limba (Korina) Lumber. Black korina / limba one piece guitar body blank. More. White Korina is a medium to heavy weight wood Korina has a naturally waxy feel to it. An excellent tonal choice for hollow chambered bodies. DRS Member. C $59.53 shipping. Some of the most stunning Breedlove custom guitars have been crafted with walnut back and sides – on occasion, even walnut tops. I think they'll be similar. Weight: Medium . Our tonewoods selection will vary over time as some woods are harder to source for guitars. Limba is ideal for guitars as the wood is slightly less dense than Mahogany with excellent tonal properties. Filter Results. 5.6 lb | 45-1/4" x 9" x 7/8" -$205.12 X. Great deals on Guitar Body Blanks. OSMO Wood Wax Finish (Colour) 11 Rubio Monocoat; Supplies; 5 Supplies and PPE; 151 Instrument Parts. Korina LSR EB-1. Botanical name: Terminalia superba. Its true name is Limba from Africa. Wood&Steel Explore our in-house publication in a new digital experience. Sometimes it can be flamed the color is a reddish brown. Exotic wood zone offers customers to buy Guitar Making Hardwood, Guitar Tonewoods, Buy Musical Tonewoods, Buy Luthier Tonewoods, Exotic Tonewoods from wide varieties of Bowl Blanks in the USA With a Vintage Tint Gloss on it, it resembles the famous Korina Flying Vs of the late 50s. The wood might be a pale achromatic to yellowish-brown, not merely differentiated from the wood. See a Bellucci White Limba HERE>> Bloodwood . I would broadly characterise the tone of Limba … A guitar builder as well as the IT director at Ed Roman Guitars in Las Vegas, Brett W. Bertram is also a limba/korina fan. It was only briefly used then, but it has never been forgotten. Chechen (OOS) … It is held in very high regard by guitar builders. Messages 394. Custom Bodies. Black Limba has wonderful tonal properties and is suitable for both solid-body guitars and acoustic guitars. See a marvelous Bellucci Bloodwood guitar here → Bloodwood is a Tropical South American wood with extreme density, and has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. Black Limba 3 piece Solid Body Guitar Blanks Terminalia superba Beautifully variegated and colored, Black Limba is easy to work and finish. Great sustain and punch in every Black or White Limba guitar I built to date. Black Limba is a moderately priced, premium guitar wood that will build a responsive, clean sounding guitar. Ease of Finishing. Good 4/10 . Fine 4/10 . Claro walnut is a medium-sized tree of short bulky proportions. Whether it's an Electric guitar with a solid body or drop top, a Bass guitar with custom wood, or an Acoustic guitar that requires that perfect tone wood, we understand what you need. This is called "black limba". Limba/Korina electric guitar body blank. Korina (well, African Limba, if you want to get technical) is a great sounding and great looking wood. Subscribe to our Newsletter. This Grand Auditorium is made from a custom-selected set of black limba wood for the back and sides with a solid European spruce top. Select grade. Guitar Head Plates; Ukulele Head Plates ; ON SALE; Mailing List. Red Oak . Redwood Curly Bookmatch Set Musical Guitar Luthier Wood .37 x 7.5 x 23 - 817R. Black Limba / Korina Electric Drop Top - Quarter Sawn. Limba is related to mahogany, and has similar tonal characteristics with warmth and resonance, along with excellent sustain. This is called "black limba". (880mm x 115mm x 19mm) $40.00 More. Guitar Luthier CURLY BIRDSEYE MAPLE Tonewood Acoustic Back Sides Set L122 . This wood is grown in the tropical regions of western Africa and has a very interesting and appealing grain. Black Limba is the heart wood of the tree, while White Limba is the sap wood of the same tree. This is required by US Customs … The right choice of guitar wood will effect the tonal qualities, amplitude, weight, stability, playability and appearance of your next guitar. 8 items. Korina White Limba Body Blank Bass/Guitar Multi-piece 22" x 15" x 1.78" C $89.26. African Blackwood (OS) Amazon Rosewood (NA) Ancient Kauri (OS) Birds Eye Sapele (OS) Black Acacia (OS) Black and White Ebony (OS) Black Limba. View Full Size. C $79.18. That wood appeared to be very straight grained and somewhat "amber" in color when finished, while much of the wood today has much more figuring, color streaking etc. View Full Size. Koa only grows in Hawaii. For necks, he uses mahogany and limba from the same sources, plus maple and roasted maple from the United States, rosewood from India, and wenge from the Congo in Central Africa. 1600 Windsor, California 95492 Toll Free: 1-800-477-4437 International: 707-687-2020 International or Local: 707-687-2020 Messages 11,516. Filter. Nov 14, 2011 #5 I have found the black limba is not as aggressive as mahogany. Kiln-dried. It’s a fairly light hardwood with a fine grain that’s usually enhanced in the finishing process to appear as an attractive array of long, thin streaks. Looks good whether finished in tung oiled, satin or gloss. Wood Properties and Sound . View Full Size. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at It is a drop in tonal replacements for Mahogany. " ft.) Hardness 490 Janka Rating -62.02% softer than red oak (1290 psi) Density 0.45 Specific Gravity -29.69% less dense than red oak (.64) General Workability. Our expert instrument wood specialist also has hundreds of choices that you won't find online. In Stock Add to Compare. Korina/Limba: Korina is sometimes confused with Koa. Guitar Tonewood - Ovangkol is a plentiful wood, visually similar in tone to rosewood used for making acoustic guitars. The connection to 50's Gibson modernistic guitars is just an added bonus. The pores are small enough that one can finish the wood without filling it. The remarkable grain structure of the back wood provides a beautifully striped, organic look, highlighted with bloodwood binding and rosettes, gold Gotoh 510 tuners, and a subtle edgeburst finish treatment. Easy to work and takes a nice polish. 119 Guitar Family. Tim Mcknight says:" I have used Black Limba. Black limba is about the same as mahogany in weight, hardness and texture. Some made in the USA in our custom shop. Red Oak . Wood Texture. Korina, is the wood that Gibson used in the late 50's to make some of their most resonant guitars. C $171.58. W116347. H. hodad Member. The tone is very similar to Mahogany with added mids. Featured Products. Unsubscribe. The owner is all about customer service.I wanted a guitar neck blank and he showed me detailed photos of over a half dozen options.The quality of the wood was better than anything I've ever seen.I've been searching for this kind of quality for 10 years.He shipped it out right away. It is used for making furniture, table tennis blades (as outer ply), and musical instruments and prized for its workability and excellent colour and finish. These are two different species.
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