A refund for an exchange order that has been exchanged for a rail pass before the validity period begins will only be handled by the sales location that provided the pass. >> JR All Kyushu area pass offered by JR Kyushu. The JR West Rail Pass is available exclusively to travellers visiting Japan from abroad on a non-Japanese passport for sightseeing, under the entry status of ‘Temporary Visitor.’ Australian residents travelling on a Japanese passport are not allowed to purchase the JR West Rail Pass. JR SANYO SAN’IN NORTH KYUSHU 7 DAYS. [How to determine child's age] (*) Target travel agency (excluding some branches):JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, JALPAK, JR Kyushu Jet Ferry, Doctortour, Korea Railroad Corporation, MODE TOUR, Hana tour, Cosmo Travel, myrealtrip, EGL Tours, Package Tour, cola tour, LION TRAVEL, KLOOK, Fliggy, Ctrip and their affiliate travel agencies/shops, For regarding eMCO/MCO (voucher) that enables pre-booking service for reserved seats, click here. Take a look at the website for more details on routes and fares - JR West : JR-West Rail Pass (Intercity / Regional, Western Japan) details. Get your Japan Rail Pass, a multi-use all-you-can-ride discounted rail ticket through JTB Travel! As a reservation fee, we will charge an additional charge of Â¥ 1,000 per seat. JR West Kansai – Hokuriku Area Pass. JR Hokkaido Pass JR EAST Pass JR Central Pass JR West Pass JR Shikoku Pass JR Kyushu Pass. ・Green Car (first-class car) only. Reserved and non-reserved seats for all limited express trains within the designated covered area. Japanese Passport holders cannot use this pass. How to use JR-West. 10% of sale price (japanese yen) will be charged as a handling charge, and the remaining amount will be refunded. - WEST JAPAN JR Bus (Local buses inside Kyoto City and in the Obama and Fukuchiyama areas), - Chugoku JR Bus (Route Bus in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi), - Station Rent-a-Cycles within the Coverage Area (For adult only). For example: 3 consecutive days validity such as Jan.1, 2, and 3. JTB USA is the official Japan Rail Pass distributor in the US. This route runs from “Hakata” to “Nogata”. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email ; Booking Guidelines. Reserve Now!(Agree and Submit Reservation). Sanyo-San’in – northern Kyushu Pass area Pass Read this guide for a better idea of which JR Pass … If the young child will be traveling alone. How to purchase here, <Applicable Trains> * Infants younger than 1 year old do not require a pass. JR Kyushu Rail Pass can be passed through the automatic ticket gate. Points of Sale. >>For details please check here. For example, a one-way train ride from Fukuoka to Kumamoto already cost more than ¥4,500. Line Symbol/Color and Station Number Usage Guide; JR-WEST Usage Guide from Kansai International Airport; Train and Station Manners; Tokaido-Sanyo-Kyushu Shinkansen Seats with oversized baggage areas FAQ; Ticket Deals and Passes. NOTE: The green ticket-vending machines at stations with passport readers only allow you to exchange products that can be exchanged at the station in question. : If the pass is received on May 2, the pass must be used before June 1. (*When you are unable to operate, please do not do the refund operation on your own, please be sure to request from format). Please offer refunding at the issue windows of station by one day before the starting of valid date of the pass. >> JR All Kyushu area pass offered by JR Kyushu. ・Shinkansen(Hakata - Kagoshima-chuo) เช่ารถในญี่ปุ่นและเที่ยวญี่ปุ่นอย่างสะดวกสบายกับ Easy & Save. The Japan Rail Pass also allows the holders to obtain discounts when staying at JR Group Hotels. The JR West Pass (JR West-Kansai Pass, JR West-Sanyo Pass, JR West-Kansai Wide) which is the most convenient, efficient, and economical way to travel in the West Japan Area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and more). JR West Rail Pass. If you can not get on the train due to inability to operate etc., please ask the staff of the station. Japan Rail Pass. The JR Kyushu Pass gives you access to JR Kyushu trains for 3 or 5 consecutive days, allowing you to discover the charms of the third largest island in the land of the rising sun. Paying at a station is not possible. Fares & Passes> Seishun 18; Go to the renewal website. JR Kyushu Pass ตั๋วรถไฟในเขตคิวชู ฟุกุโอกะ,โออิตะ 02-022-0933 เปิดทำการทุกวัน 09:30 - 18:00 น. * Does not apply to tickets reserved via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION. If you are using an automated gate when entering Japan、please offer to the airport staff and receive a certificate from your passport with a stamp or seal. When refunding the pass, a charge of 10% of the sales price will be required, and the remaining balance will be refunded. Please refund yourself at "JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking" by 23:00 on the day of using the pass. Entdecken Sie Japan mit einem Japan Rail Pass, ein Ticket für unbegrenztes Reisen! ・Shinkansen(Kumamoto - Kagoshima-chuo) Copyright © WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY all rights reserved. The Pass is also valid for travel on the JR WEST Miyajima Ferry between Miyajima and Miyajimaguchi, buses operated by JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Tohoku Bus, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, JR Kyushu Bus, and the Tokyo Monorail. *JR Kyushu Rail Passes do not apply to Shinkansen (bullet train) rides between Hakata and Kokura since this portion is a part of the Sanyo Shinkansen operated by the JR West. The Northern Kyushu version of the pass is not valid south of Oita and Misumi, while the Southern Kyushu version is not valid north of Kumamoto and Nobeoka. If the young child will sit alone in a reserved seat. A child price (6 to 11 years of age) is available for this pass. This trip of approximately 1,000km is one of the longest train trips you can make in Japan. * Information current as of December 2020. The pass is not valid on the Sanyo Shinkansen, sleeper trains or JR Kyushu buses. Unsere allgemeinen Rückerstattungsrichtlinien gelten für Rückerstattungen außerhalb Japans. Things To Note Confirmation. Type passes and price. The terms and conditions of the rail pass exchange orders are determined by the issuing company’s provisions and agreements. Click here for details on exclusive benefits. ・Local trains 主頁 » Japan Rail Pass » JR West Pass. Guide to use route bus. * The pass must be used within one month after exchange. West Japan Area. Rail pass covering one of the four main Japanese island of Shikoku $ 187.00. Known as the “Land of Fires”, Kyushu is a mountainous island in the South of Japan famous for its active volcanoes and natural hot springs; all which surround the region’s rich culture. Your JR All Kyushu area Pass [Exchange JR Station]; Hakata, Kokura, Mojiko, Saga, Nagasaki, Sasebo, Beppu, Oita, Kumamoto, Kagoshima-chuo, Miyazaki, and Miyazaki airport. Before entering Japan, obtain an exchange order for a rail pass from a travel agency or other source. JR West offers a number of passes too, so if you are traveling to Kyoto and Osaka, further west to Toyama and Kanazawa, or down to Okayama and Hiroshima, there will be a pass to match your travel destinations. JR West-Kyushu Pass. Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Japan Rail Pass ( JR Pass ) – Covers All Japan; JR West Pass; JR Hokkaido Rail Pass; JR Central Rail Pass; All Shikoku Rail Pass; JR Kyushu Rail Pass; Japan Rail Pass FAQ; Japan Rail Pass Collection; Travel Agent Booking; Suica Quick Guide; Escorted Tours. Ex. JR Pass for that particular area. Japan Rail Pass. * The exchange order will be valid for three months from the date issued.Ex. See here for details. You can purchase a good price 2way ticket for 1,500 yen between Hakata and Wakita Onsen. *2 Kyushu Shinkansen rides with a Southern Kyushu Area Pass are limited to the portion between Kumamoto and Kagoshima-chuo. Jungfrau Passes; Gornergrat Bahn ; Point to Point Tickets; Reservations for Passholders; Scandinavia. The Japan Rail Pass (ジャパンレールパス, japan rēru pasu), also called the JR Pass, is a rail pass for overseas visitors sold by the Japan Railways Group, and is valid for travel on all major forms of transportation provided by the JR Group in Japan, with a few exceptions.The Rail Pass is designed to stimulate travel and tourism throughout the country. There are two types of passes: the All Kyushu Area Pass and the North Kyushu Pass . 7 days of unlimited travel from Osaka/Kyoto to Northern Kyushu at a great price!! ดูรายการเพิ่ม . Reserving via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION, (JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION Pick Up Stations). * Up to two young children (1 to 5 years old) are covered free of charge by one adult or child pass. Always keep your passport with you when riding the train and present it to an attendant if requested. *3 E-MCO exchange and receipt of products reserved with JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION is at the JR-West Ticket Office. <Applicable Trains> Details are subject to change. Explore the Kansai area of Japan with the Japan Rail West Pass Kansai. You may not use non-consecutive days (interval in-between). JR West bietet Reisenden mit dem Sanyo San'in Area Pass eine Reisemöglichkeit mit unbegrenzter Nutzung der Strecken von JR West in der Region Chugoku und von Strecken in Kansai an 7 aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen. JR Kyushu Rail Pass. JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass. The North Kyushu pass is valid on all JR Kyushu lines above the line formed by Kumamoto, Aso and Bungo Taketa.  This ticket cannot be used to pass through automatic ticket gate. Non-Japanese citizens who are visiting Japan for the purpose of sightseeing and traveling on a temporary visitor visa. Before departing the designated train, we will offer you to the "JR Kyushu ticket counter(Midori no Madoguchi)", and we will refund the fee (340 yen) after accepting it. Rail pass covering Japan’s Southwest region of North Kyushu ... (between Shin-Osaka and Hakata), limited express, rapid service, local trains, JR-West … You will receive confirmation of your booking instantly via email. After arriving in Japan, use the following to receive a pass from a station ticket machine or a station ticket counter. Norway in a Nutshell Tour; Sognefjord in a Nutshell Tour; Japan. : If the exchange order is issued on May 2, it will be valid until August 1. This pass unlimited train travel on 3, or 5 consecutive days. ・Local trains *"36+3" operates on different sections depending on the days of the week.See here for details. Convenient & cheapest way to explore Japan easily! * Passes are also valid for Nozomi and Mizuho trains of the Sanyo Shinkansen. The terms and conditions of the pass are set by JR-West and Kyushu Railway Company, by the provisions and passenger carriage contracts of the lines of each company, and by the laws of Japan. Reservation of designated seats of Kyushu Shinkansen and Limited Express trains within the Kyushu Rail Pass Area to be purchased is possible. WEST JAPAN JR BUS route map and timetable, JR-WEST Rent-a-car & Rent-a-cycle "Ekirin Kun" Services, 11:00 - 19:00 (reception closes at 18:30), Nippon Travel Agency TiS Shin-Osaka Branch, Nippon Travel Agency TiS Osaka Branch (Travel Service Center Osaka), Ticket Office (Tsutenkaku Tower Gate [East Gate]), Nippon Travel Agency TiS Sannomiya Branch, Nippon Travel Agency TiS Hiroshima Branch, JR-West Ticket Office (Shinkansen Central Gate), JR-West Ticket Office (Shinkansen Hikari Square Gate). West Japan (Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kyushu) 7 days sample itinerary by Japan Rail Pass 7 days Posted on May 22, 2011 August 3, 2015 Author Takeshi (JPRail.com administrator) Categories 7 to 9 days , Chugoku Area , Kansai Area , Kyushu Area , World Heritage Tags Aso , Beppu , Hakata , Hiroshima , Kokura , kumamoto , Kyoto , Miyajima , Nagasaki , Osaka You can use the JR Kyushu Rail Pass for unlimited rides on JR trains in the island of Kyushu (except the Sanyo Shinkansen) for 3 or 5 consecutive days. Zuerst einmal kann man mit dem JR Pass alle Züge des JR Streckennetzes benutzen. * This pass can be used for "Hello Kitty Shinkansen", Limited express, express, Special rapid service, Rapid service, and local service trains within the area. All Kyushu Area Pass: Yufuin no Mori, Yufu, Sonic, Kamome, Midori, Huis Ten Bosch, A-TRAIN, Aso Boy!, Kyushu Odan Tokkyu, Aso, SL Hitoyoshi, KAWASEMI YAMASEMI, Hayato no Kaze, Ibusuki no Tamatebako, Umisachi-Yamasachi, 36+3*, Kyushu Shinkansen (Hakata - Kagoshima-chuo), Northern Kyushu Area Pass: Yufuin no Mori, Yufu, Sonic, Kamome, Midori, Huis Ten Bosch, A-TRAIN, Aso Boy!, Kyushu Odan Tokkyu, Aso, 36+3*, Kyushu Shinkansen (Hakata - Kumamoto), Southern Kyushu Area Pass: A-TRAIN, Aso Boy!, Kyushu Odan Tokkyu, Aso, SL Hitoyoshi, KAWASEMI YAMASEMI, Hayato no Kaze, Ibusuki no Tamatebako, Umisachi-Yamasachi, 36+3*, Kyushu Shinkansen (Kumamoto - Kagoshima-chuo). Notice about the suspension of train operation � 【After Nov.1st】Notice on suspension of some trains due to effects of the new coronavirus disease Regional JR Passes offers unlimited travel within a given area or route for a fraction of the cost of a Japan Rail Pass and offers excellent value for money. From the "JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking", reserved seats for the following limited express trains can be booked in advance. Fuji, Kyoto & Nara. *The pass cannot be used for the portion between Hakata and Kokura. One of the best ways to explore the wonders of Kyushu is via the Japan Rail (JR) Kyushu Rail Pass. Cr: JR Kyushu Pass. JR Sanyo San’in (山陽山陰) Area Pass includes JR West lines, Sanyo Shinkansen (Nozomi, Mizuho, Hikari, Sakura, Kodama), Limited express trains incl. The Seishun 18 is a limited-time offer. We can not refund after train departure. JR West Passes. - Klook Hong Kong Kyushu Pass Destination: Fukuoka, Beppu, Mt. Buy Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) with us and travel in Japan, whether on a super-fast Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or a more local train is one of the best ways to see the country It is generally expensive to travel around in Japan, unless you take full advantage of the JR Passes. Reservations are accepted via JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION up to one month before boarding (starting at 10:00 am (JST) on same day of preceding month). Why get the Sanyo-San’in Area Pass: For maximum flexibility on the JR West network, free seat reservations and maximum length of use for any JR West pass. * The purchased pass cannot be changed with another type. West Kyushu. The purchased pass can only be refundable at the above-mentioned locations if the pass has not been used before the expiry date. Setouchi Pass. JR Kyushu pass. 7 days. Book your JR Kyushu rail pass today and travel hassle-free all over Kyushu. You may wonder, how far is Fukuoka from Tokyo? (Section of 25 km or less and SL Hitoyoshi 840 yen / half price for children). A fairly new addition to the collection of JR West passes, the Setouchi Area Pass is like a mini version of the Sanyo-San’in Area Pass, allowing five days of travel around Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and Fukuoka (basically cutting out the Tottori, Matsue and surrounding bits, as well as the broader Kansai area). ■Until the Day Before the First Day of Valid Period. Please reserve a designated seat at JR Kyushu ticket counter. Some of the travelers even fully make use of Kyushu JR Pass and travel extensively from Fukuoka with day trip within the validity period. *Shinkansen(between Kokura and Hakata), subways, buses or private railways are not applicable. If you are traveling in only 1 specific area, you can opt to buy a Regional Japan Rail Pass for that particular area. * Passes can be received at Nippon Travel Agency TiS locations or at either Travel Service Center Shin-Osaka or Travel Service Center Osaka. Up to 10/16 free seat reservations can be made for the 3-day/5-day passes. Before departing the reservation train, please pay by yourself at "JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking". Pick up your pass at Osaka Kansai Airport for discounted train travel around Osaka, Kyoto and beyond with the JR West Kansai Rail Pass. (JR Bus : JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, JR Kyushu Bus) The PASS is not valid for travel on express bus routes operated by JR Bus. * A child pass is required for each young child beyond the first two. Pick up your pass at Osaka Kansai Airport for discounted train travel around Osaka, Kyoto and beyond with the JR West Kansai Rail Pass. * This pass can be used for "Hello Kitty Shinkansen". To add to the confusion, the various regional companies that constitute JR (JR East, JR West, JR Central, JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku and JR Kyushu) all have their own passes! Information > Eligibility > How To Use The pass holder has to carry his/her passport at all times. Not available to Japanese citizens residing outside of Japan. *If you purchase a voucher for a JR Kyushu Rail Pass overseas: the age of the child is as of the date of purchase. JR Kansai area pass Das Unternehmen JR West bietet den Kansai Area Pass an für unbegrenzten Zugang zu allen JR Zügen der Region an 1, 2, 3 oder 4 aufeinander folgenden Tagen. Visit charming sightseeing spots with JR! Australian Residents travelling on a Japanese Passport are not allowed to purchase a JR West Pass. Travelers without a passport with an IC chip will need to receive their pass from a ticket counter. JR West Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass ... San’in Okayama Area Pass. It cannot be transferred between multiple persons. Nur die Nutzung der Miyajima-Fähre (JR-WEST) ist enthalten. ・Shinkansen(Hakata - Kumamoto) Refund the fee (340 yen) Payment will be refunded after acceptance. *Pass price for children (age between 6 and 11) is half of the adult price. Discover Japan 14 Day Tour; Explore Japan by Rail 21 Day Tour JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South) Information, To purchase for JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking, To purchase a Voucher for while outside Japan, JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide) Information, Recommended by JR Kyushu staff! Home > JR Kyushu Rail Pass(All, North, South). You will receive confirmation of your booking instantly via email. The following sites can provide you with more details about the regional passes. 6-Day Japan Combination Package from Tokyo (Round Trip Plan): Tokyo, Mt. As an official JR reseller, we have a lot of experience and a team ready to help you. * A passport with an IC chip is required to receive a pass from a ticket machine. * Children: Individuals between 6 and 11 years old when the exchange order for a rail pass is issued or when purchasing. * Payment must be made by credit card when submitting the reservation. Validity. Regional Rail Passes are also available for JR-Hokkaido, JR-Central, JR-East, JR-West, JR-Shikoku, and JR-Kyushu lines. JR Kyushu do not make a refund for it. Sanyo-San'in Northern Kyushu Pass. This pass is recommended for those who want the maximum flexibility and comfort travelling on the JR West network. The All Kyushu Area pass is valid on all JR Kyushu lines. Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi Area Pass. Tokyo is located on the main island of Honshu, while Fukuoka is on the southwestern island of Kyushu. KYUSHU REGION. There are different types of JR Passes for every itinerary. *Use of Green Car (first-class car) is allowed but subject to an additional charge. This pass offers foreign travellers travel at a special discounted price. *Shinkansen(between Kokura and Hakata), subways, buses or private railways are not applicable. *1 JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, JR Kyushu Bus. * Passes can be received or purchased during the business hours of each office. The following sites can provide you with more details about the regional passes. Other Pass. Please be sure to enter Japan with a non-Japanese passport and obtain a "temporary visitor" stamp to be eligible to exchange your voucher. Enjoyable trip routes, ■ JR Kyushu Rail Pass Reserved Seat Application Form, Kyushu Shinkansen (Mizuho, Sakura, Tsubame). Trains stated below within the area including Shimonoseki All Shikoku Rail Pass. If there is any doubt regarding conditions of carriage written in a foreign language, the Japanese version of the conditions will be regarded as the official wording. In order to use your JR Pass, you will ride either the Sakura or Hikari trains.
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