New forms of facilitative leadershi… Show Map. Institute for Cultural Affairs: Clare Vermes, Administrator. Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT. IAF HK Chapter will be hosting our highly popular Learning Lab again, and the focus will be on the first two steps of PSP - Practical Visioning and Underlying Contradiction. Background Information - Ghana Multi Country Office (GMCO) GMCO is responsible for managing strategic and operational risks associated with a subset of the regional portfolio of engagements, developing and delivering cost effective services contributing to partners’ sustainable results and achievements of UNOPS management results. Empowering Archives and the Profession Webinar: ICA Strategic Plan and Constitutional Reforms. The important work in organizations is done in groups. ICA-USA hosts a Think Tank Event to develop strategic plan for the future of ICA-USA. Maintain high-performing staff and governance teams. Participatory Strategic Planning is one of the group facilitation methods known collectively as the Technology of Participation. faced by the ICA, the Executive Committee offers the General Assembly a series of planning proposals for its consideration. Please send us an enquiry for more details. There are four phases to the ICA strategic planning approach: Phase Number … In short, the mission of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) is to promote the disciplines and professions of cartography and GIScience in an international context.. 1:00 PM–3:00 PM. See Institute for Cultural Affairs restrictions. Clicking "Get Tickets" will allow you to edit any existing attendee information as well as change ticket quantities. She has a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Lewis and Clark College. This document contains the Association‟s Strategic Plan for 2011-2019. Outcome 2019 The return on … Online Learning Portal. Email: ICA-USA launched a 2 year Capacity Building Campaign for $300,000. 2001. VALUES Hours Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM Saturday & Sunday: 11Closed Federal & State Holidays: Closed For emergencies, dial 9-1-1 clock. The resulting plan is realistic, achievable and easy to monitor. ToP Strategic Planning. ICA 2020-2030 Strategic Plan. The morning session will be from 09.30 to 12.00 UK time, and the afternoon session from 13.00 to 15.30 UK time. ICA Chapter Application + Strategic Plan Requirements. Strategic plan 2011–2019 (307kB) Strategic plan 2003–2011 (144kB) Note: Although this document appears on the ICA website it is directed primarily at ICA people – officers and others working within the Association. Interactive course design so that participants develop skills, share experiences and gain an in-depth understanding of the principles behind the methods, More than 50 years of ICA experience in community development, consensus-building, and participation. A preliminary version was reviewed by Joel Morrison, Judy Olson and David Rhind. ICA’s strategic planning processes, as well as spearheads and manages technology projects to support ICA’s operations. Prior to joining ICA, Allison worked as an urban planner and data analyst for a regional planning commission. Please ensure you can attend ALL the dates below both the morning and afternoon sessions. ICA-Côte d’Ivoire, in order to implement its strategic plan for empowerment and personal development, has chosen to carry out two projects this year 2020. The ICA will be closed from August 10—September 11 for the installation of Commonwealth, opening September 12. "-Lesley Reeder Senior Consultant in Healthcare "Simply amazing. TEL: 886-4-25395011 Ext. ICA Planning Work Group - Consultation Documents. Professional Practice. A high degree of emphasis is placed on dialogue among the key stakeholders, to ensure that all issues are tabled, and addressed. ICA Bank is not included in the calculation because banking legislation stipulates that its assets and liabilities are not available to the Group. Our services and expertise in the home care industry include exit planning, business valuation, market research, strategic planning, capital access, and financial management. More information about this course and the ToP methods is available on the Participatory Strategic Planning course overview page. In the years following its adoption, the ICA used the Blueprint as an opportunity to address member needs and build meaningful initiatives that deliver value back to membership. Application period 09-Oct-2020 to 23-Oct-2020. This final version was approved by the ICA Board in January 2020. The numbers below include tickets for this event already in your cart. I work in coaching and facilitation in Eastern Europe with NGO's, small and medium companies. I was attracted by ICA UK programs an I attend 3 ToP workshops: Group Facilitation Method, Meetings that works and Participatory Strategic Planing, all three in 2019. Major work in developing ICA’s strategic planning process went on simultaneously in these two distinct arenas, with insights in one often influencing the other. However, d, epending on the latest government guidelines, it may be possible to provide individual organisations with face to face in-house training. STRATEGIC STATEMENTS The CIA has a vision of its role in the actuarial profession both in Canada and elsewhere, and has developed a statement to capture this vision. These goals articulated the institution’s vision of leadership in contemporary art and civic life, committed to audience development and engagement, and building the financial, human, and physical resources needed to accomplish this with Restrictions. Home / Chronological History / 1969-1970 / Strategic planning. VISION STATEMENT For actuaries to be recognized as the leading professionals in the financial modelling and management of risk and contingent events. A. (ICA) approved a five-year strategic plan that identified long-term goals for the museum. “ “ICA just finished facilitating a strategic planning session with a community group, and the results were great.” “We had ICA Associates lead our strategic planning. (ICA) approved a five-year strategic plan that identified long-term goals for the museum. Tony Lea assumed the role of ICA’s President in September, after 17 years of service to ICA, most recently as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning. Professional Development for Artists: Strategic Planning Saturday, Nov 23 Please send us an enquiry for more details. With the Philippines recently struck by two devastating…, Nine youth-led ventures from across the world will…, Avenue Milcamps 105 Applications to vacancies must be received before midnight Copenhagen time (CET) on the closing date of the announcement. Their specific methodology and approach continue to be highly useful and relevant to my work across continents and cultures and at all levels of stakeholders: local and national actors, governments, the EU, and the UN. Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship, Population Register and the National ID Card Project (PRIDC), Modern, safe and smart identity card to identify all population of the UAE, Initiated and implemented by the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan I use a strategic planning process based on the ICA technology of participation method. This Strategic Plan is based on 22 months of preparatory work, including two surveys with the whole ICA membership, two consultations with the ICA bodies (Regions, Sectoral Organizations, Thematic Committees and Youth Network) and several days of meetings and written consultations within the ICA Board. Share. Some of the following account may seem self-evident, but it is included for new members and as a benchmark against which misunderstandings may […] Manchester-based, core hours Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. MR ERIC CHUA DIRECTOR PLANNING & TECHNOLOGY. B. COVID 19 Update. We look forward to seeing you when we re-open! This strategic plan has been prepared by the ICA Executive Committee and edited by Michael Wood. Times and Dates Email: Help with program management and ICT investment planning, to properly manage implementation and keep it on track. +32 (2) 743 10 30, International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank - ICETT, A People's Centred Path for Second Cooperative Decade ENGLISH, A People's Centred Path for Second Cooperative Decade SPANISH, A People's Centred Path for Second Cooperative Decade FRENCH, More than a reflection, a call to action: by Maria Eugenia Pérez Zea, President of the ICA Gender Equality Committee, Fundraising appeal for cooperatives in the Philippines, Youth replication project winners announced, Cooperative movement pays tribute to Kwek Kok Kwong. 1 The ICA Strategic Plan 2003-2011 (in outline) As explained within this document, changes have taken place over recent decades, which have had a significant impact on the ICA, its environment and community. Strategic Plan 2020-2024 STRATEGIC GOALS STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Goal 1: FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORTS: ... and planning . ToP Strategic Planning (TSP) In this 2-day course, participants learn how to weave the powerful ToP Facilitation Methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning that results in strong consensus and commitment. ICA-USA hires its first Chief Executive. ICA:UK offers a range of excellent courses. ICA UK delivers excellent professional development programs. The ICA Strategic Plan represent a global vision of the one ICA, including planning for the Central and Regional offices as well as the Sectoral Organisations for the period 2009-2012. More responsibility is being placed in the hands of those directly affected and involved by decisions made in organizations and communities. And the process is repeatable, so it can be used to refresh your ICT strategic plan in the future. Vision. Our vision for the ICA is a “Radical Welcome.” This new strategic plan takes as inspiration artist Anna Deavere Smith’s idea of a “radical hospitality”—one embodying “hope, radical hospitality, and kindness”—a philosophy we are weaving into all of our activities and programs. To do this, it needs to ensure its activity in Africa meets real needs as expressed by African colleagues, deploys ICA and any other funding and resources in a strategic manner in order to have the widest and most lasting impact possible, and is sustainable such that in six years’ time we 20 Get to Know Our Leaders MS JULIA SNG DIRECTOR CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS The Corporate Communications Division engages and interacts with ICA officers, ICA ’s customers and the community to promote awareness of ICA… Until then, you can stay engaged with ICA programming by giving our new art hotline a call at 1-844-NOT-Z00M. 2003 . Friday, November 27, 2020. Contract level LICA-7. These projects are based on the infrastructure that our office had years ago in Brobo and Agboville. For more information on our response to the current pandemic >> READ OUR PLAN HERE. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. More information about this course and the ToP methods is available on the Participatory Strategic Planning course overview page. However, depending on the latest government guidelines, it may be possible to provide individual organisations with face to face in-house training. Day 1 – Mon 12th April > 09:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:30, Day 2 – Wed 14th April > 09:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:30, Day 3 – Mon 19th April > 09:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:30, Day  4 – Wed 21st April > 09:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:30, ICA:UK I have found that I regularly use the tools I learnt on the group facilitation methods course. ICA Individual Certification Program (ICCP) Directory of ICCP Certified Professionals. "The ToP Strategic Planning course provides a well-defined, concrete method to guide a strategic planning process while still building in flexibility to accommodate the unique needs and dynamics of the group. The Global Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency Plan (Global Plan) outlines the key activities for the triennium. Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key processes for activating group participation in our acclaimed flagship course. pin. ToP Strategic Planning will contribute to your ability to understand strategy and think strategically in all areas of your own life. 1090745). With the help of ICA, it took only two days. Institute for Cultural Affairs: Clare Vermes, Administrator. Manchester, M15 5RF, All Rights Reserved // ICA:UK is a non-profit company limited by guarantee (no. Manage ICA’s resources effectively. 2006. Led by an outside strategic planning consultancy and incorporating dozens of interviews, surveys and focus groups, and extensive business analysis over a two-year period, the new strategic plan involved the organization’s most comprehensive review and planning initiative in more than a decade. Strategic Plan Requirements for . What you will gain. for independent professionals and participants from voluntary sector organisations. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 1030 Brussels, Belgium ICA-USA marks its 30th anniversary with celebrations in 10 cities and a Celebration Symposium in Chicago. She earned a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy from Tufts University where she focused her studies on community land trusts and other community ownership models. This Strategic Objective reflects the need for ICAO's leadership in aviation security, facilitation and related border security matters. Contact. Strategic planning. icacapetown210612en-522441075.pdf The ICA is now open to the public Friday through Sunday from 10 am—6 pm. Valuable input has also been received from the commission chairs. It was approved at the ICA General Assembly held in Kigali, including the incorporation of comments and additional contributions made at the General Assembly. ICA PLANNING MODEL – THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION This approach is akin to the integrated approach, in that it is constantly evolving. The full group of ICA partners discuss these analytical results to arrive at strategic programmatic directions. At the same time as we were doing work on the strategic review, the ICA governance committees- Programme Commission and Executive Board- have been reviewing the constitution along with their operations to ensure that ICA as an … Totally participatory by design without having to silence or purposely amplify the participants. Cultural Council for Palm Beach County. about 4 months ago. All the feedback and responses have been collated and examined, which has resulted in ICA’s new strategic plan Empowering Archives and the Profession 2021-2023. 3 Goal 1: FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORTS: Ensure a streamlined, coordinated system of supports for caregivers across the lifespan, recognizing the unique needs of Idaho’s diverse population. Artist Workshop: Strategic Planning (Part 2) From creativity and innovation workshops to long-term planning, there is a course that will meet and support your facilitation needs. Manchester-based, core hours Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. Twitter. I currently use the methods across all my work and it has helped me to build partnerships and collaborations across Third Sector organisations. Professional Development for Artists: Strategic Planning. Strategic Plan. Duration Ongoing. File Attachments. Unit 14, 41 English. CPTED bibliography. Add to Calendar. Those with more experience of facilitation, strategic planning or ToP facilitation may need no further support to apply the process effectively in their own situations, and for others the course serves as a powerful, experiential introduction to the process. LinkedIn. 601 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, Florida 33460. Direct involvement in problem solving, planning and decision making is rapidly becoming the dominant mode in group decision making. The ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) process provides powerful framework and tools to support that critical intervention. Security & Facilitation: Enhance global civil aviation security and facilitation. During Participatory Strategic Planning training graduates of Group Facilitation Methods will learn new ways to apply the ToP approach to help a group plan for the next 3-5 years. ICA webinars. Individualistic and hierarchical styles of leadership are giving way to meaningful participation in organizational planning and decision-making. The ICA Group is a national nonprofit business consultancy, specializing in the development of employee-owned businesses. Capitalize on our core competency to generate positive cash flow from operations to fund our strategic goals.
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