The teddy bear is under a sewing machine, covered in blood. In TranZit, you will begin inside a bus station. Karma will be saved. "So I guess you're famous now for... saving the world. Shooting the person in both knees (or anywhere other than the head) will save Alex Mason. After the wing suit cutscene, you will reach a facility with lots of enemies. Find the three hidden oil cans on the Mob Of The Dead map, and interact with them by crouching near them with your reticule over the oil can and pressing X until you hear a sound. I played this campaign in Recruit (which is contrary to popular belief that you cannot achieve the best ending in Recruit). Дами и господа, благодарим Ви за гледането! If you shoot him enough times, he will say 'I hope you're sorry, asshole. Try looking in the saloon next to the power room, or in the starting room. "Old Wounds" - Resist killing Kravchenko in order to learn about possible mole in CIA. Cordis Die (kor-dis dee-ay) requires Mason Junior's team to protect Madame President and other G20 leaders from The teddy bear is sitting upright near the ledge. When you begin the assault on the mansion, look to the right to see a bell tower. If even one of them is not met, the ship will sink (second picture above). Eventually, you will reach an overturned armored transport, where you will be able to acquire mortar shells. You can actually jump onto the broken section of stairs above, and climb up onto the platform. The part should be inside. Then, go to the prison. The first oil can is inside the library, in the back right corner. Interact with it once you see the 'Take Candy' prompt. Go up the stairs to find a t-shirt kiosk that says 'Wes's' with the intel on the bottom shelf. 'He' looks like an electric zombie and has a 50% spawn chance in the area with the thunderstorm. Using the Time Bomb, you can revert to an earlier round. Turn around, and hug the left wall. Once you get the golden shovel, dig more up to get the golden hardhat. Most are empty, but one near the center is full of candy. By picking up chalk and filling in the question mark symbols, you will get several thousand points for each. Step on it quickly, and it will take you to the top level of the skyscraper. 21. Buy the 'Speed Cola' perk for 3,000 points to get the 'Happy Hour' achievement. It will save you a lot of time. This intel is in the room you start in. For example, get the Gold camouflage for all Specials (Assault Shield, Ballistic Knife, Combat Knife, and Crossbow) to unlock the Diamond camouflage for all Special weapons. 22. The parts can be found at the following locations: To find the first part, you must construct the turbine item to blow up a door in the bus station. Go up them, turn around to the right, jump into the next shaft and go forward. Continue down the stairs to find a maze. It is on the top bunk. Use the electric charge on the grate and fall down on the man. Whether you are doing it solo or with a group, you will need to free Leroy from his prison cell and unlock every door to the mansion before using the Time Bomb. Let a Denizen jump on you, then run toward the nearest green light. Search the lower levels for the wire. After this you must go through and successfully complete the Strike Force mission Dispatch. Just left of that barrel is the teddy bear. The result of your actions from the previous mission will be apparent during the briefing (pictures above) and in all missions except the next one (although the information about this fact will be given in the guide only at this point). If you don't manage to get to DeFalco on time, in the upper left corner you will see a cutscene showing DeFalco entering the airfield. Before going down, look to the left to see shelves against the wall with the intel on once of the shelves. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. The intel is in that room on the floor in the back left corner, behind some boxes. The second oil can can be found inside a small infirmary on the way to the roof. The third teddy bear is in the town, near a pool table inside a building where a perk can be purchased. When you hear that dialogue, keep to the far right of the road (approximately 50m from the objective) to avoid Harper getting burned by the flame and having to get plastic surgery. Find the three hidden teddy bears on the TranZit map, and interact with them by crouching near them with your reticule over the teddy bear and pressing X until you hear a sound. Once you reach the green light, the Denizen jump off and burrow into the ground, leaving a hold behind. The second teddy bear is inside the candy shop. Is there any way around this? Enter the room downstairs with the perk machine, and look in the dark corner by the bookshelf and love seat to find the teddy bear. Have 10,000 to 20,000 points while on a team to be safe, or attempt to do it solo. Next, the player also has to ensure Farid survives " Achilles' Veil ". If you fail a strike mission once, do not worry. Instructions on using COD Black Ops 2 saves: 1. It will randomly spawn in multiple areas around the map. There is an LSAT against the wall to the right. After freeing Leroy from his prison cell, give him booze to break into the armory. Exit right, and enter the maze. For Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Karma mission question **CAMPAIGN SPOILERS**". Suffer With Me: Menendez is not able to manipulate Woods. Use the bookshelf to find a secret passage leading deeper into the mansion. And for Karma to survive. Odysseus: Save Admiral Briggs / SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones / USS Obama survives long enough for SDC reinforcements / Karma and the USS Obama survive the attack. Instead of buying a weapon in this area, you can pick up chalk and place it on new question mark symbols that appear around town. In Zombies mode, get a collateral head shot with a single bullet to permanently unlock the Deadshot Daquiri perk in Zombies mode. You will land near a Quick Revive machine. In the mission “Karma,” you have to successfully save Karma and prevent DeFalco from escaping, and kill him. Once you gain control of the drones, go through the alley. With these story-based conditions established, completing Odysseus will unlock this achievement/trophy. So apparently to get the best Black Ops 2 ending you have to kill Harper. However, beware of the ghost, as she will steal 2000 points every time she hits you. Your driving of Ziggy needs to be top-notch here. If you fail this mission, you have a second chance of saving Karma by doing the “Strike Force” mission of saving Karma. Note: There are spoilers here, so you have been warned. 3. Mason will say that without Karma Menendez won't be able to work Celerium out. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Game Guide & Walkthrough by, Call of Duty: Black Ops II Game Guide & Walkthrough. There will be a staircase on your right. Select save files, right click on them and choose Copy. Your driving of Ziggy needs to be top-notch here. Time Bombs are randomly given at the Mystery Box. Collect it to regain your lost weapons and perks and get the 'Dance On My Grave' achievement. 8. Go down the steps, and break open the lock protecting a digital number display. Beyond the hoop are some basketballs lined up. Once you activate all three oil cans, the 'Rusty Cage' secret song by Johnny Cash (originally performed by Soundgarden) will begin playing. In Zombies mode, revive the same teammate at least fifteen times in the same round. The intel is inside the building. When Round 1 begins in the Die Rise map, leave the first room. Find the file containing all the intel about the CIA mole in the Time and Fate mission. Against the back wall of the large room, there is a large switch. Go deep into the cornfield to find the first Zombies mode survival map from. After freeing Leroy, go to the Candy Shop. The third teddy bear is located inside the haunted mansion. This decision has partial impact on the end of the campaign - if you don't save Karma, you can do it during the next strike … in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Diamond camouflage for all weapons in that class. Unlock the bunker door, go upstairs, and search under the bunk beds that are against the wall. Jump down, and exit through the door on the right. After purchasing the LSAT, it will cause a trapdoor to open, immediately dropping you into the mines. Use the thermal scope and flash bang grenades to see the hammer's outline since the cave is very dark. Leave the passage, and cross the hallway outside the room until finding a destroyed floor opening up to reveal a garden. Look for the intel on a desk near the windows, on the right side of the room. If other players join the game after a Time Bomb has been placed and saved, they will keep all weapons and points after being restored. Look above, and make sure to grab it on that floor. The chicken has an attack damage of two, making it the weakest creature in the game. Black Ops 2 changes up the formula for the Call of Duty games a bit by introducing alternate endings. At the end of the mission when you, chasing DeFalco, go outside and get closer to your target for not less than 100 meters (picture above), it will mean taking another decision - you can catch up with DeFalco and kill him, which means saving Karma, or let him get away with her. The intel is on the roof of the second house. It is possible to shoot Mason in the head, which will get you to what I called the 'bittersweet' ending. The Sliquifier can also be obtained through the Mystery Box. It is located past the graveyard, or through the debris covered alley near the power room in the town area. 26. Allow the robot to step on you, and you will teleport inside the robot. Then, enter the Afterlife by using the electricity box at the top of the spiral stairs. The third part can be found either in the town or diner. First, turn on the power at the power station, and some devices in town will light up and turn green, which are teleportation stations. Instead, look for stairs leading up into the tower on your left, before reaching the streets. If you manage to run up to him, you'll have to kill him. Find the prison key. The jet engine will appear about halfway through the tunnel. Karma Saved Completing the strike-force missions To save the ship (first picture above), along with the entire crew (including Karma, provided, of course, you saved her), you must meet all the conditions below. It's all about rescuing Chloe (Karma) and see her surviving the 9th Mission "Odysseus". Once you have 2,000 points, purchase the Tombstone perk at the Power House, located in a vending machine upstairs on some ruined catwalks. Interact with the door after getting the key to open it. Go up the steps to find the intel on the floor. Navigate to game installation folder and paste copied files to "players" directory. Locate the window display with a tray full of candy. Additionally, you need to keep her alive by keeping Farid alive in Achilles Veil. 29. When a robot steps, it will bury him in the ground. If Harper did get burnt, Salazar will tell him that his face doesn't look too good. Have Leroy destroy all debris barriers to get the 'I'm Your Huckleberry' achievement. Follow the chain link fence to find the oil can hidden behind a tall wooden crate. Karma Challenges 1 Obtain retina scan in less than 60 seconds. Once you go around a corner, there will be an enemy shooting at you from a window. Once you buy your way out, or construct the turbine to open the doors, you will find a bus with a robot driver. During the Black Ops II campaign you are able to make specific actions that will have a reaction later on in the game. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. Kill DeFalco in mission "Karma"; this will save time and you will only have to complete 4 Strike Force missions instead of 5 2. The doorway leads out onto the ledge. Hug the wall (it does not matter which way you go) to find the intel on a crate. On the ship's flight deck, you will see two VTOLs with their doors open. This Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough is for its non-zombie campaign mode. 3. 2. The strike-force mission entitled Second Chance will be unlocked - as the name suggests, this is the second (and the last) chance to save Karma. Open the 1250 point door to get inside, and look inside the barrels straight ahead. I only failed in 'Second Chance' once. Follow the route to the workshop through the trenches, and locate the sign that points to No Man's Land. Generally you have 6 strike teams for you to play with, which means you have six chances to get it right. After driving out of the large glass building, there will be some dialogue that says a 'chain reaction' has begun. This perk increases the head shot multiplier. Download desired Call Of Duty BO 2 save file to your desktop and extract it. He may attack you with shock/electricity attacks, but as long as you do not die, you will get the 'You Have No Power Over Me' achievement. Also David Mason killing him isn't cannon, cannon is: Shoot Harper so Fahrid lives to save Karma (who you would've had to save first) then you CAPTURE Raul Mendez and he releases the virus which Karma stops. The second is up the stairs from the prison. Give him the booze while he is facing the gate to smash open the gate. Karma will disagree, saying that it will only delay him, but he'll get what he wants anyway. If you do nothing for a lil he will get hit on the head by a peice of metal and he will live and so will Chloe ( aka Karma ). Look for the double doors in the garage. 2.) For example, get the Gold camouflage for all Specials (Assault Shield, Ballistic Knife, Combat Knife, and Crossbow) to unlock the Diamond camouflage for all Special weapons. You must attach the plow to the front of the bus, the roof hatch to the closed escape door on the roof, and the ladder at the back left exterior. The first green rock can be found in the spawn room at the corner near the Generator Room 3 door. Get EMP grenades from the Mystery Box in TranZit mode, which almost always spawns at the second bus stop, the Diner. The final one is on the second floor of the courthouse. Cordis Die (kor-dis dee-ay) requires Mason Junior's team to protect Madame President and other G20 leaders from Inside the dark cave is Thor's Hammer embedded in rock. Then, go down the stairs, while avoiding the holes in the stairs, to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine. Please help There are two ladders leading up to the top. 4. There is a locked cell with a large hillbilly inside named Leroy. Before the first of these bridges, look for a small path leading up to a raised rocky area. The first teddy bear is on a bench, in the bus station right near where you begin. 27. Cross the interior room to the shelves opposite the stairs into the store. You will see a desk on your left with computer monitors on it. Then, collect some booze, and lead Leroy to the gate of the haunted mansion. The intel is at the base of the flag. To build the Sliquifier Wonder weapon in the Die Rise map, you will need five parts found near the power room. Harper and Section then listened to Woods telling the story of his adventures with Section's father, Alex Mason, in 1986, and how Menendez came to be the man he is today. Wire: At the power station, you will be able to construct an electricity trap. The mansion area can now be accessed. Once you activate all three teddy bears, the 'Always Running' secret song by Kevin Sherwood and Malukaha will begin playing. Find the prison key. Karma: Save Karma / DeFalco dies. First, enter '. To upgrade the LSAT at the Pack-A-Punch machine, you will first need to free Leroy from his prison cell. To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane's wing under the nearby pay phones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window. To destroy barriers with Leroy, lead Leroy near a barrier, and line him up with the debris. 16. Saving Karma. Keep in mind this can also save Woods, Mason, Briggs and countless others! It is okay not to discover every clue within the campaign or burn Harper by accident (but you will not be able to find who the CIA traitor is until it is revealed to you). Put the LSAT into the machine to get the FSIRT and the 'FSIRT Against The Wall' achievement. Unlock the Gold camouflage for all weapons in a specific class (e.g. There is a locked cell with a large hillbilly inside named Leroy. Harper first appeared in the prologue, where he, along with his teammate David "Section" Mason and several other JSOC operatives, arrived at The Vault to investigate the retired Frank Woods and his connections to Raul Menendez. 'He' can only spawn where the thunderstorm is happening. Go up the stairs, and the intel will be on your right on a small table. Once you get out of town and are on the cliffside, there will be two white houses. You can now access all blocked areas with Leroy. 25. 24. The Sliquifier explodes zombies in a single shot, and leaves behind a slick area on the ground that makes any pursuing zombies trip. Interact with the door after getting the key to open it. Unlock the Gold camouflage for all weapons in a specific class (e.g. It is a few feet in front of a neon sign that says 'LKH' on it. Ударете лайкче и събскрайбче , ако може и коментарче! Then, go into the elevator shaft, and wait until it drops down to the bottom floor. It is also not necessary to kill DeFalco (someone else will do it for you). The second teddy bear can be found by taking the stairs into the fallen chunk of skyscraper that is left upside-down. Eventually, you will meet and rescue a scientist. Take the steps down to the showers, and unlock the door to the Citadel tunnels. It's very rare that we actually have a celebrity that's done something." Alternatively, you can commit suicide … 1.) These decisions change the outcome of the story. If you are quick enough, you can avoid the ghost and still have 5000 points leftover. When the meeting ends inside the cave, look to your right before leaving. It is a very large item, but it is easy to miss. Drop down through the ceiling to enter the prison. To get the 'Undead Man's Party Bus' achievement, you must find the three upgrades (plow, roof hatch, and ladder) for the bus in TranZit. the perect ending is … 30. Once you activate all three teddy bears, a secret song will begin playing. To your right, after activating the power, two elevator doors will open. Jump into the hole to randomly be teleported to one of the green light locations and get the 'Fuel Efficient' achievement. With these two factors, during the server room sequence in " Odysseus ", Farid will sacrifice himself to protect Chloe and ensures her survival, no matter what the other variables may be. 20. In the back corner, go down the stairs. First, turn on the power in Round 1 by using the 'Turning on the power in Round 1 in Die Rise' trick.
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