A complete and functional female flower consists of a single ovule with two integuments, the inner of which is prolonged into a narrow tubular micropyle, like that in the flower of Gnetum. Positional isomerism, an example of structural isomerism, occurs when functional groups are in different positions on the same carbon chain. However, like so many prestigious but essentially workaday buildings, only rather functional and not very prepossessing brick backs the impressive façade. The functional character and exploitation of Portulaca oleracea L. 4. 4. The company produces matching raincoats and umbrellas that are functional and adorable for toddlers to tweens. Example sentences with the word functionalism. Example sentences with the word functional. functional brain imaging has the potential to breach the privacy of a person's own thoughts. ‘The functional differences between the two genes are discussed with respect to their possible history in these two fungi, which are very distant in terms of evolution.’ ‘Only genomic DNA, however, can help scientists understand the functional differences between extinct and living species.’ In general, choosing the right one is simple, at least from a functional standpoint. Fully functional Web sites, complete with product images, descriptions, prices, special offers and discounts, have made ordering important products - such as heavy equipment and furniture - as easy as phoning for a pizza. Kitchen area rugs are functional and can add color and texture to your kitchen. Designers use this product to reflect innovative styles because it can be routed, carved, sandblasted and even thermoformed to create the unique and functional kitchen or bath you desire. Computational Biology and Functional Genomics Laboratory, Harvard University, USA. The May-flies are remarkably primitive in certain of their characters, notably the elongate cerci, the paired, entirely mesodermal genital ducts, and the occurrence of an ecdysis after the acquisition of functional wings. Western shirts are not only functional, but also fashionable. Instead of wide aluminum tracks and fixtures with covers that look like tin cans or spotlights, trimmer, multifunctional functional track lighting has become a task lighting solution worthy of another look. The fact that functional bracing does not immobilize the joints adjacent to the fracture makes early restoration of motion possible. Building on its original focus of creating cosmetics that gave photo shoot subjects a veritably perfect, flawless look, the burgeoning line is now chalk full of products that are both stylish and functional. functional foods in a sentence - Use "functional foods" in a sentence 1. If you are wearing heels, be sure to practice walking in them and choose something that is both cute and functional. 0. 2. ; The accepted function of carbon bisulphide in the great Southwest is to kill off prairie-dogs. dependencysupports a few language extensions, such as the FFI, multi-parameter type class, functional dependencies, and so on. Although it might sound odd, these highly functional dimensions are intended to project a subtle feeling of power through the design. We also exploit a wide range of assays and functional studies to determine the precise role that the protein plays in trypanosome biology. You will want cute clothes for taking the baby into the world, as well as functional baby clothes that allow you to undress and dress the child quickly for diaper changes. The influenza virus nucleoprotein: a functional RNA-binding protein pivotal to virus replication. the (n 2 1) in variants (f l, fk) 2, (iv.) In the natural order Rosaceae, the series Querciflorae, and the very anomalous genus Casuarina and others, instead of a single macrospore a more or less extensive sporogenous tissue is formed, but only one cell proceeds to the formation of a functional female cell. He shows that the Ummo language is different from any other language we know in that it is a "functional" language. This is especially true of table decorating, because you have a limited space that has to look good AND be functional. phyletic distributions, functional class, tertiary structures and functionally important residues. Technology has advanced the design of the functional curtain to new heights resulting in a ton of options. Wheater's functional histology - A Text & Color Atlas 4th edition Churchill Livingstone 1999. holomorphic functional calculi, Journal of the London Math. Slide into a pair of cargo pants when you want something that looks more interesting than blue jeans while being functional, too. Functional morphemes. We produce functional thin film materials using the technique of pulsed laser deposition. His approach to architecture is minimalist. tooling techniques can be used to turn a non-functioning model of a part into a functional prototype. The Center has a major program of structural and functional studies on several classes of membrane proteins, including membrane transporters and ion channels. You can narrow down your choice considerably by deciding if you want sexy swimwear or something more modest or functional. If not suppose we have two systems which are functional isomorphic at level n but are not functionally isomorphic at level n-1. The functional teeth are reduced to one From Flower, Quart. The office was large and functional rather than welcoming. In relation to algebra, the graphic method is mainly useful in connexion with the theory of limits (�� 58, 61) and the functional treatment of equations (� 60). Whether you choose to continue the theme found in the rest of your home, style the space based on the type of business you're in or you decorate based on your interests and passions, your home office can be both functional and attractive. He was one of the early founders of the theory of determinants; in particular, he invented the functional determinant formed of the n 2 differential coefficients of n given functions of n independent variables, which now bears his name (Jacobian), and which has played an important part in many analytical investigations (see Algebraic Forms). They 're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they 're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. The four basic sentence functions in the world's languages include the declarative, interrogative, exclamative, and the imperative. palatable food can almost always be achieved within the narrow functional confines of a pub. omega-3 (fatty acid)ant lipids for human health: development of functional land-based omega-3 fatty acids. functional example sentences. b, spiracle on prothorax; c, protruded head region; d, tail-end with functional spiracles; e, f, head region with mouth hooks protruded; g, hooks retracted; h, eggs. Summer Workwear: Lightweight and functional, these all-purpose garments make working in the scorching heat just a little bit more tolerable. Selenium Cholesterol Scanning for Conn's Tumors INDICATIONS For functional lateralization of Conn's tumors. Actually, it's nice that there are a couple of eco-friendly choices that keep perfectly functional but old countertops out of local landfills. 259+6 sentence examples: 1. Otherwise, take a good look at the space to determine which is most functional. Following subtotal distal gastrectomy functional long-term results might be generally better in comparison to total gastrectomy. Armory pieces they sale include chainmail, decorative armor, leather armor, and functional armor. Unfortunately, the skull is incomplete, and the rest of the skeleton very imperfectly known; but sufficient of the former remains to show that the socket of the eye was open behind, and of the latter to indicate that in the hind-foot, at any rate, the upper bones of the two functional toes had not coalesced into a cannon-bone. 5. autoantibody production in the elderly may be linked to the functional changes in T cells described above. The term hypertrophy is used when the individual tissue elements become bigger to meet the demands of greater functional activity; hyperplasia, if there is an increase in the number of these elements; and pseudo-hypertrophy, when the specific tissue element is largely replaced by another tissue. Decorative throws are the functional chameleon of interior design. Definition of Functionality. No functional illiterates; no stoners; no trenchcoat mafia. While not all jackets are in the spotlight this much, a warm and functional jacket can also be one of the beautiful and/or cute items in your daughter's closet. Thus, in the Phyllopoda, the antennal gland develops early and is functional during a great part of the larval life, but it ultimately atrophies, and in the adult (as in most Entomostraca) the maxillary gland is the functional excretory organ. The telephone was out of order, but is. Whether it is quirky and fun, sweet and sentimental, or just plain functional, with a little thought, you're sure to give the perfect unique wedding gift. The lesions mentioned are in many instances necessarily accompanied by functional disturbances or clinical symptoms, symptoms. There is much talk in the health food industry about functional foods. Work-Dry Products: Manage moisture, stay dry and nip odor in the bud with this collection of functional tops and bottoms. A pyriform organ is present in most Gymnolaemata as well as the sucker by which fixation is effected. Wippette is known for its functional and fun rainwear for kids. One problem is to work out how to make best use of the purely declarative nature of functional languages. Use the adjective functional to describe something that is made to do a specific job, such as the functional … Similar to an iPhone, you can get thousands of apps for an iPad, turning it into a functional and entertaining-and possibly indispensable--device. Examples of Functionality in a sentence. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Function" in Example Sentences Page 1. These award-winning design consultants are experts in the commercial food service industry and can help you with everything from supplies to equipment to functional and sleek interior design. Pharmacology is a branch of biology; it is also closely connected with pathology and bacteriology, for certain drugs produce structural as well as functional changes in the tissues, and in germ diseases the peculiar symptoms are caused by foreign substances (toxins) formed by the infective organisms present in the body. In functional grammar, we recognize that grammar is not a set of rules, but a system for making meaning. 17 examples: Common to such analyses is a rather "holistic" approach to the functional… The reason for a functional neck dissection is to remove cancerous lymph glands in the neck dissection is to remove cancerous lymph glands in the neck. Practical Tuscan kitchen accessories like potted herbs, olive oil bottles, and ceramic canisters are functional as well as beautiful. Measured functional management, 12. - The functions $n2 and f 3 are… If you're intimidated by this aspect of a formal setting, just remember that the set-up is supposed to be functional and make it easier for you to serve your meal and spend time with your guests. Not only are your golf favors reflective of your personality, but they can also be functional. Although the very first cell phone was an innovative product, it’s bulkiness effected its functionality. mousean>Knockout mice of PAK5 show no apparent phenotype potentially due to functional redundancy with other PAKs. These versatile furniture pieces are very functional and practical. functional neuroanatomy of nitric oxide signaling in the thoracic nervous system of the locust L. Owens, Q. Specialists who operate in the silos of their expertise don't always think beyond their functional boundaries. But here, I will focus on the functional classification of sentences. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The design allowed the light to be swiveled to focus the illumination in a variety of directions, making the lamp extremely functional as a desk lamp. Most of the time, these carts are "as is," which means that someone onsite probably looked at them and made sure each individual unit was functional and didn't pose any safety issues. That's not the way a functional relationship works, she said, anger building. The formal conception of pure logic, then, is modified by Lotze in such a way as not only to be compatible with a view of the structural and functional adequacy of thought to that which at every point at which we take thinking is still distinguishable from thought, but even inevitably to suggest it. Depending on the decorative and functional needs of your room, hard and soft window treatments can be used alone or in combination with each other. Will your window seat be a functional piece of furniture or just a decoration? Carnivorous, desmognathous, nidicolous, without functional caeca. The telephone was out of order, but is, 20. 9. Before you can get down to deciding what your mud room is actually going to look like, you have to decide on what you will need in your mud room so that is most functional for you. Examples of Functional in a sentence The expensive dress was out of the accountant’s budget, but she convinced herself it was functional and could be worn to other events. Sentences Containing 'functional' Geometric and Functional Analysis (journal) Organic molecules with more than one functional group can be a source of confusion. contacts to AlGaN/GaN FETs, dilute nitrides, spintronics. In addition to this replacement of a single pair of functional teeth in each jaw, it has been discovered that marsupials possess rudimentary tooth-germs which never cut the gum. - Procoelous; parietals united; eyelids functional; clavicles expanded as in the true geckos which they resemble in other respects. Project work is used to integrate material and make knowledge functional. Futons have evolved from those first uncomfortable ones into pieces of furniture that are fashionable and functional. While western shirts have always had a lot going for them in terms of functional clothing features, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of this style. In the present work we have made an attempt to construct an accurate approximation to the functional for the exchange-correlation energy of density-functional theory. The same goes for tiles, roll-away cabinets and many smaller, yet functional sinks. By 2004, the Supertram is expected to be fully, 6. This ability to follow contours makes monorail lighting a functional choice with a designer touch available in a number of attractive finishes and accent colors to compliment your decorative choices. This style sought to evoke a feeling of pride in the achievements of modern industry, and the highly functional nature of art deco reflects a desire in people to move beyond the frivolous, over-ornate trappings of previous movements. Making candles to decorate the dinner table is another activity that is not only fun to do, but creates functional items. These online programs are functional and user-friendly. 4. Determiners They function as adjectives to modify nouns and go in front of a noun to show the reader whether the noun is specific or general, such as in … Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. With the exception of the aberrant long-snouted phalanger, the members of the family Phalangeridae have the normal number of functional incisors, in addition to which there may be one or two rudimentary pairs in the lower jaw. We have f One reason parents like it so much is because it looks fashionable with a cute fabric pattern, making it both stylish and functional for feeding baby. Good kitchen island design will ensure that your island is not only beautiful, but functional as well. ‘Yogi Bear may find a Picnic basket next week’ Propositions, though they can be conveyed in one, are not sentences. A controlled virus taxonomical and functional classification has been used for all the proteins and protein families in the database. The research group is working on conditionally immortalized cell lines by analyzing their structural and functional biology in both health and disease. It is a functional not a structural classification. It's functional and certainly clear, but as with the picture it's pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. of the abdominal pleura) which when pressed together form a tube whose point can pierce the surface film and convey air to the hindmost spiracles which are alone functional in the adult. x n / I l yl, y2,���yn Theorem.-If the functions y 1, y2,��� y n be not independent of one another the functional determinant vanishes, and conversely if the determinant vanishes, yl, Y2, ...y. Look for adjustable features make interiors both flexible and functional. But in none of these latter cases have the wings to be changed from a position inside the body to become external and actively functional organs.
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