I woke up with an ultra-glowing complexion that I didn’t even know my skin was capable of. I got the minis package to try the line - def. . The 25% AHA and 2% BHA are mixed with tartaric, lactic, and citric acids; a blend of chickpea flour and pumpkin for extra brightening; matcha tea… The Framboos Night Serum is an AHA/BHA gel blend that includes glycolic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic acids which are all fantastic for rejuvenating dull skin and improving acne by helping to shed dead cells. I applied it all over my face, neck, chest and the backs of my hands after I let my acne treatment dry. There's no recommended number of pumps you use but I found you only need 3 to 4 pumps to form a thin, even layer over your entire face. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. And, boy, was I right! potent antioxidant properties neutralizes pollution, free radicals and other damaging environmental stressors. when some of them are gone, it left a big dark mark on my skin. My face was on fire. You apply the mask as the last step to your skincare routine, after your face has been thoroughly cleansed and dried. Yes, I have broken out every time I’ve used the Sakura Baby Facial. It’s seriously like drunken elephants made the products. This Marula oil has changed that for me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I have bought several products from Drunk Elephant, mainly because of all the rave reviews.After trying out a lot of their products, I think I can finally tell you if it is worth the price.. has antioxidant properties, improves dryness and soothes redness. - gram / chickpea flour:balances and brightens skin’s appearance while combating dullness. It leaves my skin feeling: Sometimes acne treatments can dry out the skin, and oils just seem to be counterproductive for my acne. 2.5 Meals Donated With Every Order This Week! Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Anyone experience the same thing after using Drunk Elephant products? super-absorbable oil, high in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, helps hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate skin. exfoliates surface dead skin cells and revs up surface turnover to smooth and brighten the appearance of skin. We chose chickpea flour over clay for brightening and balancing without over-drying and pumpkin ferment for amazing enzymatic action.Niacinamide, a “cell-communicating” ingredient, effectively revives a healthy look and feel to skin as it brightens and tones. You can’t see how much product is in the darn thing, I wish there was at least a little see through side bar that showed you how many uses you had left. The name Drunk Elephant comes from well… elephants! - cactus extract: soothes redness and sensitivity, helping to calm skin while using topical AHAs. This is the one product of Drunk Elephant’s that’s NOT safe while pregnant, so just a heads up! The Drunk Elephant Acid Trip Kit that I received contains three sample-sized products: Some kits also contain the Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial. Bonus! The C-Firma Day Serum is a blend of antioxidants such as l-ascorbic and ferulic acids, and vitamin E. It is supposed to protect the skin from damaging free radicals and improve the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. away! - pomegranate extract: potent antioxidant properties neutralizes pollution, free radicals and other damaging environmental stressors. going with the glycolic but not the C. i use a few of the DE products. Hey, speaking from my experience the concept of purging is very misunderstood and often used incorrectly. DE ran clinical studies testing 104 women ages 25 to 55 and found that: - 94% found skin to be deeply cleansed and resurfaced, - 93% found skin texture baby-soft and smooth, - 93% found skin appeared brighter and radiant, - 92% found skin appeared to have a healthy glow and boosted clarity, - 91% felt skin appeared fresh and youthful, - 90% found skin appeared clearer and more even. Hi! The tiny elephant logo stamped on the plain white containers with bright lids certainly look pretty, but packaging isn't the only reason why the brand, founded by Tiffany Masterson, retained a cult-like following. I am not sure which product is causing this massive breakouts? . Super smooth super clear just glowed!!! Bad news is that means this will be my last product review for at least a month (boooo!). Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Sephora and, fine lines and wrinkles are plump and full, complexion is even instead of blotchy and irritated, Mixing it with the Marula oil meant I didn’t experience.
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